Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Project Site Is Up...Finally!

At last, I've finally put up the Spanner's World project site — after many, many years of delay. I only put it up last week, so it's still crude and still has hardly any content yet. But at least it's up. Now I have a central site for all my projects in the Spanner "universe". From now on, when I mention any of my fiction projects here in this blog, I'll make a direct link to the project page on my new site.

Now, the hard part is thinking up exactly which content I'll post. I need to come up with story synopses and character profiles, and these take some thinking. Another challenge is the character designs I'll need for each profile, and the cover designs and logos I want to create for each story. I'll need to do this pretty soon.

Now I have no more excuse to delay my art or my site updates. (None except early burnout due to lack of sleep, something I've been struggling with recently due to the fact that I now have to wake up early, and I'm normally very much a night own...) Another thing to spur me back to the drawing table is my new DeviantArt page, which right now still doesn't have content — something I will correct very soon as well.

More project and WriMo updates coming very soon!

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