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NaNoWriMo 2012 Approacheth; Plus Spanner Chapter 12 Fridays in November

NaNoWriMo 2012 starts tomorrow! It'll be my seventh, and this time I'm determined to make sure there will be no Panic Time. Also, I'm doing something completely different for a change: writing by the seat of my pants, and something non-Spanner-related. So no Chaos Angel Spanner volumes, prequels, or side stories. All new characters, none having anything to do with the "Spannerverse" or engaging in its typical political, criminal, and sexual shenanigans. The reason is so I can get it published through something like Smashwords or Lulu as a first novel I can make a few bucks from. With those bucks I'm going to buy the ISBN numbers that will allow me to keep full creative control over all Spanner publications (those that aren't fan publications, anyway; the fan publications will naturally belong to the fans). So expect something new and hopefully fresh. The editing into something readable is what NaNoEdMo is for.

As for Spanner itself: the new Interlude 8 and the Final Revision version of Chapter 12 will resume on a weekly schedule for November. As it stands now, I've been able to write the new Interlude 9 (which comes before Chapter 14), but the already written Interlude 8 (it was originally an incomplete short story from AugNoWriMo 2010) has been a bitch to edit. Chapter 12 has been no less difficult because the Revision 2 version (Revision 3 stopped at Chapter 10) is more a crude outline than a finished story, and a large number of elements new to Revision 4 are absent. Writing a new and unrelated NaNo novel naturally cuts down on my editing time. And so I'm posting new installments on Fridays at the usual time (5pm PST) until sometime in December when I feel I can catch up.

The first Spanner Friday installment will be the new Interlude 8, which I've finally managed to finish! Taking its cue from Interlude 7, it (and Interlude 9 after that) is written in a song-derived structure. Spanner's still a going thing, faithful readers!

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Spanner Chapter 11: Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout (Revision 4)

Chapter 10

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout (Revision 4)

People have come to believe that Shira defeated Minty in last night’s song war. But now her classmate Nancy, never the most stable student at Bangor High, has gone mad: Leila must die for her ’ship! Oliver has also decided Leila must die, and he may have done something to Nancy. So Leila brings Team Bremelo and the Slasher Hunters together to deal with Oliver. Meanwhile, Nancy’s psychosis is becoming an embarrassment to the Student Council, so they try to come up a way to deal with her themselves...

Table of Contents:
  1. Dream Love Babylon (August 5, 2011, Final Revision 10/1/12)
  2. Psycho Fangirls (August 6, 2011, Final Revision 10/3/12)
  3. Let’s Make a Deal (August 7, 2011, Final Revision 10/5/12)
  4. Lead Us Not (August 8, 2011, Final Revision 10/8/12)
  5. Crash the Murder Party (August 9, 2011, Final Revision 10/10/12)
  6. Friday Night Slumber Party (August 10, 2011, Final Revision 10/12/12)
  7. Interlude 8: Rebel, Rebel (November 2, 2012)
The original introduction and revision notes:
First Revision: Now three episodes into the middle “light novel” of Spanner Series One, Shira faces a huge offer from the biggest rap tycoon in the Fashion-Industrial Complex, Leila seeks revenge against the serial killer her grandfather Governor Brinkman is still trying to force her to marry, her beautiful twin brother Rob finds himself facing his most psycho fans, and Shira and Leila so intensify their already intense love affair that they threaten to provoke the Law itself. Then Jennifer brings all her female friends to her house for some hardcore female bonding when tragedy strikes...

Second Revision Update: This is the first full chapter I’ve written during the 2010 edition of NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month), the writing month that follows NaNoWriMo. There are two scenarios here from earlier: the sleepover scene, heavily modified from the original scenario I recorded in the early-’00s Project Notebooks; and the serial killer scene that came to me after Steve Irwin’s death, now the climax to a complete sequence combined with another post-notebook scenario involving a school clique of outcasts latching onto a serial killer, and featuring not only the plucking of the knife and the ensuing quip from Shira, but also NaNoWriMo’s infamous Travelling Shovel of Death. Everything else is new material I wrote to fill in the plot.

This chapter introduces a new Slasher Hunter character I didn’t introduce in Chapter 8. It also introduces Marina Reyes, another of the original Team Spanner members I came up with back in 1992-5 while I still belonged to my college’s anime club; this leaves only one more Team Spanner original left before the original team is complete at last. Rap producer Jayzus dates back to 2000 or so, as do his rivals in the Wu-Tang-like rap group called the Chi-Sah Gang whom I’ll introduce later.

What’s with all the sexual incorrectness? Why do some characters don’t care about what gender one’s lover is or bother to wear their clothes at home when both are illegal and viciously punished? There’s a point to this that will be revealed later. Ever since I started plotting Spanner in 1992, the Culture War has been one of its major themes. Time to sit back and watch the war play out...

There’s now one significant change to the original chapter from the first draft, called “Bad Girls Can’t Win” (now next chapter’s title): the knife-plucking scene in the serial killer scenario has been replaced with something else entirely, connected to the new second scene of Chapter 1 part 1. Otherwise, the original intro remains fairly accurate, and the Official NaNoWriMo Travelling Shovel of Death remains...

[The Revision 2 title of this chapter was “Talk of the Town”. This is the first chapter for which there was no Third Revision.]
Chapter 12

Back to Chaos Angel Spanner table of contents...

Copyright © 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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Spanner R4 Update: Halfway Through the Month, Only One Chapter Edited

For the October before NaNoWriMo 2012, I gave myself the challenge of editing two months' posts worth of Spanner chapters in one month. I made it easy for myself by taking a week off and then reducing my post schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Piece of cake, right?

As of the halfway point of this month, I've only edited one chapter out of four. And that one chapter was surprisingly difficult. Yeah, Chapter 11 is finished except for (at this writing) one Interlude. But so far Chapter 11 is all I've finished.

So it's time for me to get myself into WriMo Mode and edit those four other chapters. I do have crazy enough ideas. But I should be able to at least edit a chapter a week. So I guess that's exactly what I'm going to do. And to make it even easier for me, I'm posting the new Interlude 8 and the Chapter 11 index on Monday and Wednesday. But it's up to me to do the rest.

For Chapter 12, I'm giving myself a week. In fact, I'm starting work on 12.1 tonight. I'll post another update when I'm done editing Chapter 12.

Stay tuned...

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Spanner 11.6: Friday Night Slumber Party

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 6: Friday Night Slumber Party (Final Revision)

red house. Seven women sit naked around the coffee table: Charlie, Sylvia, Yasmin, Elsie, Kitty, Sally, and Chris. Only the first three are comfortable. “This’ll take getting used to, says Elsie.”

“It also happens to be forbidden by the Law,” Chris timidly adds.

Charlie sighs. “Which is exactly the problem. The Law strangles human realities with legal absolutes.”

“It treats worker rights the same way as moral purity violations,” Yasmin says, “then treats women’s rights into a combination of the two.”

“Insubordination plus moral purity violation.” Charlie shrugs. “The game’s rigged by masters.”

mudlark house. Shira, Jennifer, Leila, Fiona, Polly, Brandi, Marina, and Arisa enter, their school clothes covered in blood and grime. They find Willa, Courtney, Schuyler, Harumi, Fuyumi, Lorelei, Mimi, and Desiree waiting for them already nude. Harumi cheerfully asks, “What took you so long?”

Shira pulls Leila close. “We had a little problem to deal with.”

Leila deadpans, “Little is the word to describe it.” Everybody laughs.

Jennifer shuts and triple-locks the door. At once the girls still in clothes strip them off as fast as they can and race to the showers.

warehouse. Oliver struggles to his feet. Scotty pulls John and Lance to their feet. Lucy rests Lady’s head in her lap; as usual, Lady fainted. Christie rolls into a seated position, holds her head, and moans, “What happened?”

Debbie, still untouched and standing, says scornfully, “Y’all got your asses kicked. No, it wasn’t just Team Bremelo and friends packing sound blasters. Shira Thomas fighting rule number two says, if you’re already fighting when she attacks, she’ll use the other side against you. Rule number one is of course, when the clothes come off, the big can o’ whoop-ass is about to come out.”

Oliver whimpers, “How’d you know about that?”

“You told me yourself. Should be hard to forget when Shira Thomas is stealing your girlfriend. Now y’all excuse me while I go find our girl. And don’tcha dare stop me, or I’ll kick your asses myself. Christie, get to your place and tell the others.”

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Spanner 11.5: Crash the Murder Party

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 5: Crash the Murder Party (Final Revision)

ferry. The fast foot ferry speeds across the bay. Commuters crowd both decks. Desiree hides in plain sight among them, just a professional-looking woman with short red hair and a pretty face. She sips her tea and runs strategies through her mind. Then business calls. No caller ID. This must be our client. She puts the phone to her ear. “Hello?”

Dr. Mina Tatsumi, interim CEO of Biotron, answers. “Did you get what I sent you for?”


“Do you have it on you?”



“And you’re not getting even a microgram of it.”

“You treach—”

A tone of cold menace enters Desiree’s voice. “If any harm comes to my daughter, I will end you. If she dies, your death will be exceedingly slow and painful. You will give her back to me alive, unharmed, and unbrainwashed, or I will take her by force. Got it?”

Tatsumi abruptly cuts the call.

Desiree shows an ironic smile. “Hmph. Thought so.” She finds herself the object of all the nearby passengers. She smiles at them sweetly. She will do them no harm.

middle school. The school buses will only take them home. Elle and Melody want to take Ayla to downtown Bremerton. Ayla says, “The classes are a lot easier here.”

“That’s ’cuz you’re not supposed to learn things here,” Melody replies.

“Quote-unquote ‘Real Americans’ hate what they call ‘book larnin’,’” Elle complains, “’cuz it gets in the way of their blind faith. It’s not like in Asia, where the governments want their kids to be smarter than the kids in all those other Asian countries. It’s not even like in Europe, where they at least have a culture. All America values is money and empire.”

“It’s just another Caliphate, only run by a rival cult.”

Suddenly Shira’s Mustang stops at the side of the street. The door opens and Leila leans her seat forward; Ayla gasps at the sight of Arisa Saionji sticking her head out from the back seat already dressed for nudefighting. Arisa grimly orders, “Ayla. Get in. We need you.”

Ayla stares at Arisa, then looks back at her new friends. She sighs, then climbs over Arisa into the back seat. Leila leans her chair back, she and driver Shira wave at the cousins, and the Mustang drives away. Elle and Melody wave back and say “’Bye!”

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Spanner 11.4: Lead Us Not

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 4: Lead Us Not (Final Revision)

lobby. The crowd hold their breath when Shira emerges out the office door. All eyes are on her; they do not bother to notice Jennifer, Leila, and Brandi. Their hearts sink when they realize she’s not screaming with joy or assaulting them with arrogant ego satisfaction. In fact, she’s perfectly calm. She crosses her arms and throws them a Get real look.

They disperse with a disappointed groan.

She laughs.

Kwame chides her. “What you doin’, Shira? You was supposed to sign and get rich and famous, not fag out on almighty Jayzus!”

“Yeah. Obey my manager. Obey my producers and designers and shit. Obey the tone-deaf executives at the record company.” She sighs. “You know a diva’s gotta do that, all, the, fucking, time? I couldn’t live like that. I’m not pliable enough. I’d go terrorist just outta frustration.”

He tilts his head and looks at her strangely. “Girl, you crazy.”

“Like a fox.” She gives him a wicked wink.

detention. Someone is coming, says the voice. You must kill him and escape.

Nancy smells food. She ignores her protesting empty stomach. Nancy hears: the key enters the lock, the lock releases, the door opens to let in some light and a uniformed guard carrying a standard fast-food lunch. “Hey sweetheart, time to eat.” They are the only people in the detention center.

Kill him now.

She jumps on his back, puts her arms around his neck, squeezes as hard as she can till the voice tells her he is dead. She runs out as fast as she can.

lockers. “Okay,” says Jennifer, “what now?”

Shira selects the books to put into her backpack. “Angie should be taking his lawyers’ calls starting right about now. If you mean they’re gonna punish me for rejecting arrogant yet thoroughly constrained celebrity by charging me as a subversive... well, Angie should be taking their calls starting right about now.”

Debbie calls, “Leila!” They turn to see her approach.

Leila stares at her suspiciously. “What do you want, Debbie?”

Debbie waits until she gets in whispering range before she answers. “I called Oliver about the Nancy problem. He refused to deny he was behind it. He was so smug about it, the bastard. Must be on drugs or something.”

Jennifer declares, “He was behind it.” She puts a hand on Leila’s shoulder. “Leila darling, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your Intended has decided he wants you dead.”

They turn to face her. She is not smiling. She nods. Their blood goes cold. Leila goes hot with rage and struggles to control herself. Shira takes her into her arms, lets her cry, and kisses her cheek.

Brandi takes out her phone and makes a call. “Hello, John?” She turns the speaker full volume so they can hear.

John Peck says, “What is it, Brandi?”

“Thorwald. We got him.”

“Good. Let’s pay him a visit before his lawyers can react.”

A wicked smile grows on Shira’s face. “Well, then! Forget college, ladies, class is over.”

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Spanner 11.3: Let's Make a Deal

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 3: Let’s Make a Deal (Final Revision)

middle school. On their way to lunch, Ayla, Elle, and Melody observe a small teenage-looking girl getting harassed by what seems to be large adult men. Ayla watches the scene with horror. Melody stiffens up and tries to restrain herself from attacking the men. Elle scornfully explains, “Meet your new classmates, Ayla. Those are some of our varsity football players on sports scholarships sponsored by the steroid companies. They think they can get away with trying to rape a fifth-grader just because she had an early puberty.”

Ayla runs after the boys. “We gotta stop ’em!”

“Ayla! No!” protests Elle.

“Aw, screw it,” says Melody. She rushes the huge football players with a blood-curdling kiai. Terrified of Melody’s rage, they run off and abandon their sobbing victim.

Ayla hugs the girl. “Are you okay?”

“Thanks,” the girl says.

“By the way, I’m Ayla. I’m new here.”

“I’m Uma.”

“You look like someone I know.”

Uma gasps, “You know Leila?”

Ayla smiles and nods. Elle and Melody sigh in relief.

clinic. Charlie treats a sobbing wounded Harumi. “I hope you learned a lesson from this, Harumi.”

“Yeah,” Harumi sighs, “fangirls are evil.” Shira, Jennifer, Leila, and Schuyler laugh; Harumi smiles and blushes.

library. Shira, Jennifer, and Leila meet Polly and Brandi in closed session. Lorelei joins in just before Sally locks the door and hangs the “Do Not Disturb” sign. “Okay,” says Jennifer, “now that our fangirls have run out of steam, we can talk about tonight.”

“So are we going out?” asks Polly.

“Pizza Mafia’s giving us free pizzas to celebrate its delivery girl’s shocking victory over Minty Fresh, so Mudlark House it is. We want to get’em there by eight, so make sure to get there by then.”

Lorelei says, “I hear you’re celebrating with one of your infamous slumber parties, right?”

Jennifer winks. “You wanna come, you’re invited.”

“I’m unattached. I think I’ll come.” Lorelei smiles mischievously and blushes. The girls quietly laugh.

“So who’s got our secret guest list?”

Shira languidly waves a piece of paper in her hand. “There’s one more name I wanna add to it.”

“I hope it’s not anyone compromising.”

“No. I made her swear. She says she’ll join us for the weekend if we help her with a few problems.”

Loud static over the PA system says an announcement is coming. “Shira Thomas, please come to the office,” says the receptionist. “There’s someone who wants to see you as soon as possible.”

Shira swears under her breath. She gets up from her seat, takes a deep breath and then lets it out, takes on the calm she needs for potential battle with Falconer, and silently heads for the door. Jennifer and Brandi get up to join her at the door. Everybody’s eyes are on them as they go through the door; nobody says a word.

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Spanner 11.2: Psycho Fangirls

← ...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 2: Psycho Fangirls (Final Revision)

middle school. Ayla is relieved to find she shares the same homeroom as Shira’s nieces, friendly Elle Shears and protective Melody Richter-Thomas. The teacher is a friendly, cheerful, and cute young woman who likes her. Miss Carpenter says, “Good morning, class!”

“Good morning,” the students reply.

“I’m happy to introduce our new student, Ayla Izumi. Let’s give her a big welcome!” Several students stand up to clap, cheer, and say “Hi, Ayla!”

But a girl with long wavy blond hair and a harsh beauty stands up and screams angrily to silence her classmates. Lillian snarls, “This trash isn’t supposed to be here! It’s defiling Our Nation!” Ayla lets out a gasp of shock at such open hatred.

Melody stands up and shakes her fist. “Lillian Fleer, aren’t you supposed to be going to the Bainbridge Academy along with all the other stuck-up rich bitches?”

“Yeah, Lillian!” adds Elle. “You’re not supposed to be slumming, Princesss! You’re a Becket!”

Lillian clenches her teeth. The other students cringe, some even leave, but Elle and Melody stand their ground. “My father is a major investor in this company. How dare you speak ill of my father’s investment!”

“Lillian, this company’s schools all suck.”

“Yeah,” says Melody, “the Admiral made a bad investment.”

“You’re supposed to be the aristocrat, Lil. Just because your dad owns half the company doesn’t mean you have to consume its lousy product.”

“Besides, aristocrats go to elite boarding schools like the Bainbridge Academy. Especially Imperial Princesses.”

“So don’t make a fool of yourself picking on all the new kids. It’s unbecoming of a princess.”

Lillian ignores the teacher and storms out. Miss Carpenter asks, “Ayla, are you okay?”

Ayla lets out a huge sigh. “I guess so.”

Elle and Melody hug her. Elle says, “We like you, Ayla. You’ll be just fine.” The remaining students sigh in relief.

high school entrance. While the armoured door guards frisk students trying to enter and the monitors inside harass them advertising unaffordable things, Shira takes Leila to the side so they can talk. Leila says, “I’ve been wanting to ask you one thing.”

Shira smiles. “Mmm?”

“Is it true you have a business called ‘Rebel Styles’?”

“Not since the Party stole it from me and gave it to the Molotovs for free.” Leila stiffens in silent rage. Shira hugs her, sways with her, gently pats her back. “That’s in the past. I’m with you now.” She kisses her gently on the lips.

Nancy lets out a blood-curdling scream. Everybody stares at her, then follows her horrified stare to Shira and Leila embracing. Leila asks fearfully, “What was that about?”

Shira says through gritted teeth, “’shipping.”

“Oh, no.”

Nancy runs at them madly wailing, “No, Shira, no! You’re in love with Jennifer, not Leila! You love Jennifer!”

Shira stands protectively in front of Leila. “Nancy, get a hold of yourself!”

But Nancy only pounds her fists on Shira’s shoulders. “You love Jennifer not Leila! Leila’s evil! You love Jennifer!” Two guards pick her up by the arms and carry her away kicking and screaming. “You love Jennifer!” she continues to scream, all the way to the principal’s office. They follow her there through the gauntlet of guards, advertisements, and staring eyes. Shira takes out her phone and calls Jennifer.

principal’s office. Jennifer bursts in asking, “Hey, what’s the—” Then she hears the sound of a gagged prisoner and pivots to see Nancy, restrained by two guards, mouth duct-taped shut, pleading with her eyes. She turns an accusing stare toward the principals. “Excuse me, but Nancy needs professional — oh yeah, I forgot you people think money has magic healing power. Anyway, I suggest you have them take her to the clinic. If they don’t, I’ll do it myself.”

The principals laugh at her.

“Very well.” She glares at the guards. They drop Nancy to her feet. She rushes over to sweep up the sobbing girl into a tight embrace, then whisks her out. The guards follow.

The principals redirect their attention to the students and tutors remaining: Karen, Dexter, Shira, Leila. Principal Principal clears his throat. “Miss Thomas, Miss Shelley, we have warned you to avoid subversive activities against our company, or we will have to dismiss you.”

“Obviously you haven’t read our contract, Principal Principal,” Shira counters. “It says that the college trustees alone reserve the right to hire and fire us, so I’m afraid your company’s gonna have to deal.”

“Very well, then. Our legal department will have to renegotiate your contract to our advantage. But you, Miss Kubota and Mr. Conway, have no such protection from dismissal. Nike was gracious enough to pay for your tuition so you could take part in sports activities. However, subversion against SPEC is subversion against Nike as well.”

Shira winks at Karen and Dexter. “Yeah, back off for a while.”

“But we shall require you to publicly apologize for your transgressions if you want to avoid paying back tuition with added fines, damages, and interest.”

“My lawyer will discuss that with yours. But if you force public humiliation on the two most popular kids in this school, there’s gonna be hell to pay, legal and otherwise. This is Cascadia, not Carolina. You’re not in the Homeland anymore.”

Six principals glare angrily at Shira. Her small smile answers, Deal with it, suckers.

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Spanner 11.1: Dream Love Babylon

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 1: Dream Love Babylon (Final Revision)

Definition of puritanism:
The haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy.

H. L. Mencken

Fight! for your right! to party!
Beastie Boys Lite Beer

26 september 2014.
copco seattle.
The MIAA’s Lord Mendelson smiles smugly down on Governor Brinkman, his lawyer son Marshall, Luke Everson, Misty Everson Thorwald, and Oliver Thorwald. “I have heard about Shira Thomas’s devastating victory in last night’s song battle. Poor Miss Fresh shouldn’t have Challenged her if she didn’t want nightmares in her sleep. The Fashion-Industrial Complex can no longer ignore her.”

Oliver says, “I know for a fact that Shira Thomas stole my Intended from me. She’s now her lesbian lover. I know because I saw them commit their outrage against all morality with my own eyes.”

Brinkman snaps, “Oliver! Do not speak ill of—”

She’s bringing disgrace to your clan! I demand a virtuous bride! If you can’t give me a virtuous bride, then I refuse to follow your clan into disgrace!”

Everson glares at Brinkman. “You heard what he said, Walter.”

Lord Mendelson clears his throat. “We have the solution to your Shira Thomas problem.”

“Is it legal?” asks Marshall.

“You know we are the masters of the Law. Whatever we do is perfectly legal because we command the Law. You above all should know this, young Mr. Brinkman.”

Brinkman asks, “So you’ll get rid of our problem?”

“We will own her.”

“I like it,” says Oliver. “But what about Leila, huh, your lordship? What’cha gonna do to rid me of her?”

“We have learned that she is an unfinished project of the Eugenics Institute who should not have survived 12/21. I say we have Captain Becket summon all the men at his disposal and return her to the Eugenics Institute so Dr. Heiler can complete his project and have his will of her at last.”

Oliver grins evilly. “Even better.”

Marshall says, “Easier said than done, your lordship. It was not so much my half-brother’s interference as Leila’s sheer stubbornness that has kept her alive this long. She even arranged her suicide attempts so that Dr. Heiler could not touch her blood, much less Dr. Becket. If young Mr. Thorwald is right and Leila is having a homosexual fling with none other than Shira Thomas, her extreme emotionalism almost guarantees the failure of not just Dr. Heiler’s plan, but yours as well. We may be forced to resort to more drastic measures lest their homosexual fling cause a scandal that blows up in our faces, as Oliver implies.”

Unperturbed, Lord Mendelson says, “My young prince, it is a known fact that without her treasonous liberal cousin Karen Kubota as her morality pet, Shira Thomas is completely amoral. We shall give her a choice: fame, wealth, and complete immunity from Eugenics Institute morality regulations; or prosecution for counter-revolutionary conspiracy or worse: Intellectual Property violation. To sweeten the bargain, we can let her keep her lesbian lover. In truth, there is only one choice. Shira Thomas’s sheer perversity knows no limit. She shall become the supreme diva we know she can be. Our research is infallible.”

Brinkman says grimly, “Your research has failed before, but my grandmother’s psychic vision has never failed. Shira Thomas is beyond amoral. She is an agent of chaos. Her perversity is indeed infinite. But if we do not deal with this threat as soon as possible, her perversity shall be the end of us.”

“How much are you willing to bet, Governor?”

“Ten thousand dollars. In gold.”

“So be it.”

telesphere. A public service message from your Imperial masters. But isn’t everything on the Corporate media?
[A black-and-white montage of scenes from old movies: teenage boys and girls, all white, flirt with each other, make out, smoke tobacco and marijuana cigarettes, play videogames, among other activities held in disrepute by the righteous patriarchs of the Party.]

Announcer: All across the world, disobedient teenagers continue to violate America’s worldwide ban on fornication. The divinely inspired ancient patriarchal wisdom contained in the Book of America reveals that unsanctioned sexual behavior always leads to spiritual degradation, the dysgenic horrors of miscegenation and homosexuality, and, worst of all, the wholesale murder of preborn children.

If you witness any shocking sexual behavior by anyone of any age, report it to the Eugenics Institute immediately so the Chosen Race can be saved in order to bring salvation to the world and conquer the infinite kingdom of space. The number is...
technosphere. Posted to LocaFantoma99’s Profile on September 25, 2014:
Funny the Eugenics Institute finds it urgent to flood the lamestream airwaves with paranoid PSAs. Apparently we perfidious puny humans just ain’t jumping high enough when our superheroic masters crack the whip. Now we find out that kissing while black is a horrible crime even more heinous than driving while black. Also, it’s illegal to say “ain’t.”

I stopped watching lamestream TV right when all the good shows were cancelled. Sometimes I lower myself to watch it again. Just one minute of that crap is cure enough. Those preachy morality plays they got instead of actual TV gets so annoying, I find myself burning with nostalgia for those boring old Soviet farmer-tractor romances. At least I can ’ship ’em.