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Spanner 11.1: Dream Love Babylon

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 1: Dream Love Babylon (Final Revision)

Definition of puritanism:
The haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy.

H. L. Mencken

Fight! for your right! to party!
Beastie Boys Lite Beer

26 september 2014.
copco seattle.
The MIAA’s Lord Mendelson smiles smugly down on Governor Brinkman, his lawyer son Marshall, Luke Everson, Misty Everson Thorwald, and Oliver Thorwald. “I have heard about Shira Thomas’s devastating victory in last night’s song battle. Poor Miss Fresh shouldn’t have Challenged her if she didn’t want nightmares in her sleep. The Fashion-Industrial Complex can no longer ignore her.”

Oliver says, “I know for a fact that Shira Thomas stole my Intended from me. She’s now her lesbian lover. I know because I saw them commit their outrage against all morality with my own eyes.”

Brinkman snaps, “Oliver! Do not speak ill of—”

She’s bringing disgrace to your clan! I demand a virtuous bride! If you can’t give me a virtuous bride, then I refuse to follow your clan into disgrace!”

Everson glares at Brinkman. “You heard what he said, Walter.”

Lord Mendelson clears his throat. “We have the solution to your Shira Thomas problem.”

“Is it legal?” asks Marshall.

“You know we are the masters of the Law. Whatever we do is perfectly legal because we command the Law. You above all should know this, young Mr. Brinkman.”

Brinkman asks, “So you’ll get rid of our problem?”

“We will own her.”

“I like it,” says Oliver. “But what about Leila, huh, your lordship? What’cha gonna do to rid me of her?”

“We have learned that she is an unfinished project of the Eugenics Institute who should not have survived 12/21. I say we have Captain Becket summon all the men at his disposal and return her to the Eugenics Institute so Dr. Heiler can complete his project and have his will of her at last.”

Oliver grins evilly. “Even better.”

Marshall says, “Easier said than done, your lordship. It was not so much my half-brother’s interference as Leila’s sheer stubbornness that has kept her alive this long. She even arranged her suicide attempts so that Dr. Heiler could not touch her blood, much less Dr. Becket. If young Mr. Thorwald is right and Leila is having a homosexual fling with none other than Shira Thomas, her extreme emotionalism almost guarantees the failure of not just Dr. Heiler’s plan, but yours as well. We may be forced to resort to more drastic measures lest their homosexual fling cause a scandal that blows up in our faces, as Oliver implies.”

Unperturbed, Lord Mendelson says, “My young prince, it is a known fact that without her treasonous liberal cousin Karen Kubota as her morality pet, Shira Thomas is completely amoral. We shall give her a choice: fame, wealth, and complete immunity from Eugenics Institute morality regulations; or prosecution for counter-revolutionary conspiracy or worse: Intellectual Property violation. To sweeten the bargain, we can let her keep her lesbian lover. In truth, there is only one choice. Shira Thomas’s sheer perversity knows no limit. She shall become the supreme diva we know she can be. Our research is infallible.”

Brinkman says grimly, “Your research has failed before, but my grandmother’s psychic vision has never failed. Shira Thomas is beyond amoral. She is an agent of chaos. Her perversity is indeed infinite. But if we do not deal with this threat as soon as possible, her perversity shall be the end of us.”

“How much are you willing to bet, Governor?”

“Ten thousand dollars. In gold.”

“So be it.”

telesphere. A public service message from your Imperial masters. But isn’t everything on the Corporate media?
[A black-and-white montage of scenes from old movies: teenage boys and girls, all white, flirt with each other, make out, smoke tobacco and marijuana cigarettes, play videogames, among other activities held in disrepute by the righteous patriarchs of the Party.]

Announcer: All across the world, disobedient teenagers continue to violate America’s worldwide ban on fornication. The divinely inspired ancient patriarchal wisdom contained in the Book of America reveals that unsanctioned sexual behavior always leads to spiritual degradation, the dysgenic horrors of miscegenation and homosexuality, and, worst of all, the wholesale murder of preborn children.

If you witness any shocking sexual behavior by anyone of any age, report it to the Eugenics Institute immediately so the Chosen Race can be saved in order to bring salvation to the world and conquer the infinite kingdom of space. The number is...
technosphere. Posted to LocaFantoma99’s Profile on September 25, 2014:
Funny the Eugenics Institute finds it urgent to flood the lamestream airwaves with paranoid PSAs. Apparently we perfidious puny humans just ain’t jumping high enough when our superheroic masters crack the whip. Now we find out that kissing while black is a horrible crime even more heinous than driving while black. Also, it’s illegal to say “ain’t.”

I stopped watching lamestream TV right when all the good shows were cancelled. Sometimes I lower myself to watch it again. Just one minute of that crap is cure enough. Those preachy morality plays they got instead of actual TV gets so annoying, I find myself burning with nostalgia for those boring old Soviet farmer-tractor romances. At least I can ’ship ’em.
shira’s apartment. The eight-bit audio notification wakes Shira up. Groggily she rolls away from Leila and reaches out till she touches the Droid on her nightstand, fumbling with it till she gets a solid grip on it. She holds it up to see the caller ID. Sender: Debaser; title: “WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING”. She touches the name to open the GPG-encrypted email using his key.
Just got word COPCO plan to deploy shiny new
combots to police the election. They may be
testing some already. Don"t let anybody know
I sent this to you.

“Policebots... hmmm...” She sits up at the edge of the bed, slides out the phone’s keyboard, and invokes the file manager to see what’s lurking in various neglected directories on the phone’s hard drive. She saves the attached 7-Zip archive Sparks sent containing the specifications of the security robot models ordered by COPCO, then opens it to read the technical papers it contains. She laughs when she finds out some of the robots run Windows. “Hmph! I could neutralize those bots just by rebooting ’em.” The rest run iOS. Only traitorware-optimized proprietary systems for the Man.

Leila moans groggily. Shira looks back at her, then climbs back onto the bed, flips the covers off Leila’s naked body so she can get a full view of her, and kisses her gently on the lips.

“What’s going on with the phone?” asks Leila.

“Oh, that?” Shira holds it up so they can both see it. “J.T. just sent me the specs on some of those robots COPCO Seattle bought last month. One-Eye wants to use some to replace human cops, ’cuz bots don’t get sued or go on strike and always obey no matter what, and the others to replace human women.”

“He ordered sexbots?

“Only the most fetishistic models.” Shira winks.

“Good god,” Leila sighs. She turns over and buries her face in the pillow.

“Anyway, Grampa Wally wants Cousin One-Eye to use his copbots to keep the unwashed masses away from the rigged voting machines Diebold’s winning his re-election with.” Shira touches the screen to navigate back and forth through various subfolders. One of them catches her eye, called kits. She opens the directory to look at the files. She recognizes them with a start. “Rootkits?”

Leila lifts her head. “What are those?”

Shira grins wickedly. “Drop ’em into the boot sector and you control the system. Steve Jobs is gonna be rollin’ in his grave...” She starts her phone’s text editor, loads a series of source code files she’s been working on for the past year, opens the one she feels best suited to her needs, and thumbs away furiously at the keyboard. Leila drops her head on the pillow and falls back asleep.

dictel park. Early morning hunting for Brandi Quinn and Arisa Saionji, Slasher Hunters, sporting hunter camo and gear. Their target: a homeless serial killer who lives alone deep within the woods that shield the Dictel Towers. The Corporates who admire Slashers’ complete lack of concern for human life once tried to hero-worship him, but quickly forgot him once they discovered he has no personality and, more important to them, no ego. This should be a quick and easy capture.

Voices approach. They hide behind a shrub patch. They hear Li’l Badd complain, “The bitch blew up four of my men! [They grin at each other.] But nooo, that ain’t the worst of it. She had to lose me a cool million on that bet! How was I to know she was gonna start a riot?”

Arisa whispers, “She won?”

Brandi replies, “Sounds like it.”

Once the Badd Boyzz pass, they track their prey to his hidden lair. They sneak to either side of him. They yell, “Surprise!” When he realizes who they are, he screams. Once they hogtie him, Brandi calls Peck, and Peck calls the authorities to claim their reward.

shira’s apartment. When Shira returns to the second bedroom after eating a morning snack, watching Charlie give Ayla a full-body massage, and taking a satisfying poop, she finds the object of her worship sleeping uncovered on the bed beneath the nude pictures of her that cover the walls. She gazes with pleasure at Leila’s dreaming body, so beautiful, unconscious that her parted legs give Shira the perfect view of her gorgeous frilly cunt. Overcome by desire for Leila and mischief, she lies on the bed beside her and caresses her breasts. Leila moans softly at every touch. Shira squeezes her lovely conical nipples until they turn hard, kisses them, sucks and bites them; squeezes and sucks Leila’s soft firm breasts hard till her moans turn to wails of ecstasy — yet Leila still dreams; then she kisses her way down to Leila’s cunt, kisses her nether lips deeply, plunges her tongue inside, bites the hard sensitive clit hard, builds her to the edge of orgasm — yet Leila still dreams; then she kneels before Leila, legs intersecting, puts her cunt to Leila’s, inserts fingers into both cunts, rides her hard, screams combining in ecstatic harmony, reason vanishes, consciousness gives way, all turns psychedelic and Shira’s dreaming too...

seattle ferry. The delivery is in Seattle. In the decrepit Nazi-owned North End slums where so many of the city’s Muslims are trapped, her shadowy contact awaits. She decides to walk to the view deck so she can at least see the towering heart of the city, the beating heart home to the democracy America was created to prevent. She feels she must at least experience the vision before she enters the city’s hidden darkness.

When she passes the brochure nook, someone pulls her behind the rack of brochures. Frank Becket. She stares at her gangster cousin with undisguised hatred. “What do you want, Frank.”

Frank smiles. “Lucie’s alive.”

“You’re a bad liar.”

“I’m a wonderful liar. I’m only bad at telling the truth.”

“Okay. So what makes you think she survived 12/21?”

“She seduced me. Really.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No. She seduced me, at the tender age when Rebel Styles began her reign of terror. She’s that rarest of flowers, a true loli. So I saved her. That’s why she’s alive and Grandfather remains an old man. I would have returned her to you if Jackie hadn’t stolen her in the chaos. He let you think she was dead so he could pimp her out. That’s why Senator Ryder was murdered.”

Desiree stares at him, eyes and mouth wide open, in shock and horror. “But Jackie’s dead...”

“Only to the world, darling cousin. Auntie Dearest sent the hitmen who killed Ryder and tried to steal her back. She managed to get her at the hospital. But Ariel, bless her heart, was there to kidnap Leila from Auntie Dearest, and sweet Lucie got away. Word has it she’s even right here in your own backyard.”

She says through gritted teeth, “Leila Shelley is the only Factor Positive to survive 12/21.”

“No. There are two more. Lucie is alive, a true loli like your dark young sisters. And there’s another. One the cult missed. Your belovèd wife is romancing her as we speak.”

“I’ll have to meet her. Now what about Kira?”

“I don’t know. The Molotovs are generating too much fog. But Shira... she and I have reached an agreement.”

Her eyes narrow. “What kind of agreement.”

“She and Leila make such a gorgeous couple. So she gets Leila, and I deal with Auntie’s hitman, who happens to be the sorry excuse for a man the Governor’s trying to enslave her to. Who knows, Ollie might be vain enough to sing about Lucie.”

Desiree stares at him long and hard. “I want you to know that I’ve always hated you with all my heart.”

Frank smiles sweetly. “And I want you to know that I have always worshipped you.”

They stare at each other for an endless moment. They share a clandestine kiss. They quickly part, seeming to the world as if they had never met.

shira’s apartment. Leila’s dream turns vivid and erotic, symbols changing to reflect ever more intense feelings, till they disappear entirely and all turns white and her mind explodes—

—and she wakes up hot, exhausted, and drenched in sweat, Shira collapsing on her gasping “I love you” — she panics and tries to struggle out of her embrace. Shira tries to calm her. “Leila, stop it, please.”

Shira! What the holy fuck are you doing?

Shira smiles. “Doing exactly what I want you to do to me.”

Leila stares at her, stunned. “Y-you like this?”

“You were so beautiful, I couldn’t contain my desire, so I made love to you right there. But nobody’s made love to me in my sleep yet. When I’m sleeping and you’re horny, I want you to always fuck me as hard as you can, and let me do the same to you. I want you that much. Do you want me as much as I want you?”

Leila sighs. “Yes.”


“Shira, I want you so much it drives me mad!”

“Will you do it? Please?” Leila nods. “And you’ll let me do it to you?” Leila smiles, then laughs, then nods enthusiastically. “I love you so much!” Shira pulls Leila close and kisses her as hard as she can.

12 september 2014...
Brinkman watches in horror as his grandmother writhes, moans, and foams at the mouth, entranced by her vision. Suddenly she leaps up, grabs his lapels, and wails, “The angel of chaos must not be allowed to reach Babylon! Once she reaches Babylon, she will try to destroy the spirit of our Revolution, and the weapon will be your own flesh!”

copco seattle. Governor Brinkman, his cousin Chief Jack Becket, and Jack’s younger sister Eden Becket Fleer stand together on the roof of the Public Safety Building and stare north at the bustling city. “He called you Captain Jack,” says Brinkman.

Jack chuckles. “That’s media lords for you, always wishing they were pirates.”

“Grandmother warned to keep the angel of chaos away from the city.”

“Shira Thomas is an anarchist. Babylons are hotbeds of counter-revolution and treason. Bring the demon to Pandemonium and she’ll be all trouble.”

“Grandmother meant it in a spiritual sense,” says Eden. Her brother and cousin stare at her. “If someone with the power of chaos is allowed to fuse her power with the city, then she’ll render our powers useless. The Corporates fool themselves. The Conservative Revolution rests not on their money, but our spiritual powers. Without our powers, America’s destiny is lost, and no amount of their money will be able to save it.”

Walter Brinkman, Jack Becket, and Eden Becket Fleer stare in silence at their enemy, the city, whose spirit their caste has always hated.

seattle ferry. Desiree gazes at the city and falls in love once more. The silent concrete and steel giants hide its heart made of people, so many so close together that they are forced to evolve into something higher in this huge cauldron of greatest alchemy. Soon she must leave for the northern slum where the city is not.

The ferry docks. The gangway is lowered. The barrier chain is removed. Desiree leaves the boat with the passenger crowd into the city’s heart. Unlike them, she is directed toward her grim mission.

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