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Spanner 11.6: Friday Night Slumber Party

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Everybody’s Talkin’ ’Bout
Part 6: Friday Night Slumber Party (Final Revision)

red house. Seven women sit naked around the coffee table: Charlie, Sylvia, Yasmin, Elsie, Kitty, Sally, and Chris. Only the first three are comfortable. “This’ll take getting used to, says Elsie.”

“It also happens to be forbidden by the Law,” Chris timidly adds.

Charlie sighs. “Which is exactly the problem. The Law strangles human realities with legal absolutes.”

“It treats worker rights the same way as moral purity violations,” Yasmin says, “then treats women’s rights into a combination of the two.”

“Insubordination plus moral purity violation.” Charlie shrugs. “The game’s rigged by masters.”

mudlark house. Shira, Jennifer, Leila, Fiona, Polly, Brandi, Marina, and Arisa enter, their school clothes covered in blood and grime. They find Willa, Courtney, Schuyler, Harumi, Fuyumi, Lorelei, Mimi, and Desiree waiting for them already nude. Harumi cheerfully asks, “What took you so long?”

Shira pulls Leila close. “We had a little problem to deal with.”

Leila deadpans, “Little is the word to describe it.” Everybody laughs.

Jennifer shuts and triple-locks the door. At once the girls still in clothes strip them off as fast as they can and race to the showers.

warehouse. Oliver struggles to his feet. Scotty pulls John and Lance to their feet. Lucy rests Lady’s head in her lap; as usual, Lady fainted. Christie rolls into a seated position, holds her head, and moans, “What happened?”

Debbie, still untouched and standing, says scornfully, “Y’all got your asses kicked. No, it wasn’t just Team Bremelo and friends packing sound blasters. Shira Thomas fighting rule number two says, if you’re already fighting when she attacks, she’ll use the other side against you. Rule number one is of course, when the clothes come off, the big can o’ whoop-ass is about to come out.”

Oliver whimpers, “How’d you know about that?”

“You told me yourself. Should be hard to forget when Shira Thomas is stealing your girlfriend. Now y’all excuse me while I go find our girl. And don’tcha dare stop me, or I’ll kick your asses myself. Christie, get to your place and tell the others.”

mudlark house. Everybody watches the cat. A big beautiful tortoiseshell Maine Coon cat named Boadicea rides her cat-size Roomba and swipes at her barking growling rival, sweet-tempered pit bull Judge Anderson, Catalina’s mother, harassing her alongside a surly Pekingese as the robot moves back and forth to vacuum the carpet. She rides her mechanical mount like a feline knight with claws unsheathed, hoping to sink her claws into canine flesh and do serious damage. Ayla is enchanted by her beauty. “We named her after an ancient Celtic warrior queen,” says Jennifer, “’cos she loves to torment dogs.” The others laugh.

“I’m in love with her already,” Mimi sighs. Boadicea protests as the girl picks her up; she looks annoyed at the many human hands petting her.

They hear multiple splashes behind them. Brandi and Arisa lead a stampede into the pool. Shira winks at Mimi. “Swimming is best naked.”

“But what if you drown?”

“People drown in their clothes all the time. Now let’s go.” Shira leaves to dive in the pool; Mimi hesitates, then follows her in.

red house. As soon as Elle, Melody, and Ayla leap through the door, they throw off their clothes. “You too, Ruby,” Charlie tells her sister, Elle’s mother and another flaming redhead.

Elsie protests, “Do we have to bring them into this?”

Charlie smiles. “It’s called body-positive upbringing.”

“If we don’t let our kids grow up comfortable with their bodies,” Ruby adds, “they’ll grow up to either kill people or make therapists rich.”

“Which goes against the Law yet again,” says Chris.

Charlie triple-locks the door. “The body is the tomb of the soul, so saith the Law.” She hugs three overjoyed girls at once.

Yasmin deadpans, “The flesh is evil, the gun is good, go forth and kill, ditto.”
Sylvia says, “That sounds insane.”

Charlie looks her in the eye. “To the point where sanity requires a revolution.”

mudlark house. The music began before the swimming ended. Now the girls are out of the pool. They decide to give each other wet hugs. Shira pulls Marina into her embrace and gives her a big wet kiss. Marina gasps and grins. “Damn, I feel so naughty.”

Shira winks. “You get used to it eventually.”

Brandi says, “What’s this I’m hearing about Stylers?”

Arisa looks her in the eyes. “Brandi, Stylin’ takes clothes.”

“Uh-uh,” says Shira. All three stare at her. “If you can’t Style naked, you’re just a poser. Now let’s go do something with that music.” She runs out to the main room and starts dancing wildly. “This is Stylin’!” Fourteen young women soon turn the main room into a crowded dance floor.

Willa is about to DJ for them when Desiree slips into her seat and takes over the equipment. She sighs. “Okay, I’ll hand you the records.”

Desiree grins and winks. “Thank you.”

dictel park. Debbie watches close by as giggling Klowns surround a scary-looking Nancy listening to her voices. Frank says to her over the phone, “I heard you’re having a crazy-girl problem.”

“Seems Ollie used his psychopath-issue Charm power to trick her into killing Leila. Who just stopped by with friends to deliver him some whoop-ass in reply, and is now busy eloping with her new ‘twu wuv’ Shira, who just smothered Johnny-Johnny to death with her bare ass.”

Frank laughs. “Ah, the things we’ll do for love.”

“Excuse me.” Debbie mutes and holsters her phone so she can face the grinning Klown now hovering over her.

The Klown growls, “You lookin’ for trouble, girly.”

“I’m looking for something that’s mine and I’m taking her whether you like it or not.”

“Fuck you, bitch.” He cocks his arm back. She kicks him hard in the groin and roundhouse-kicks him out. She pops into clear view, whips out her twin pistols, spins, cocks, aims them around and smiles. Another Klown squeaks, “Oh fuck, it’s Annie fuckin’ Oakley!” The Klownz scatter.

Debbie holsters her pistols, smiles at Nancy, and reaches out her hand in friendship. An audible hunch warns her, Be extremely careful with her. You don’t know what her voices can make you do.

mudlark house. Eventually they get tired and take a break. Shira races to the bathroom to make sure she’s first. “Now, watch and learn.” She stands over the toilet; as soon as she’s sure the others are all watching, she opens her nether lips and pees. Jennifer and Leila slip in beside her and do the same thing. “This is the Rocker way to do it. We’ll coach you.” When they’re done, they teach the others in giggling squealing groups of three: Brandi, Arisa, and Marina; Fiona, Polly, and Mimi; Lorelei, Courtney, and Schuyler; finally the Tachibana sisters with Desiree who’s an expert.

Back in the main room, they catch their breath and stare at each other’s sweaty bodies. But several breaths catch as they notice the sexual tension in the room. All the girls realize that some of them are already lovers. All faces turn red with anticipation, fear, embarrassment. Then some of them throw themselves at each other: Shira, Jennifer, Brandi, Arisa, Leila, Fiona, and Marina, embracing violently, kissing wildly, reaching for sensitive spots. The remaining girls shyly pair up.

Shira, Jennifer, and Desiree gleefully pair up the sisters: Leila and Fiona, Courtney and Schuyler, Fuyumi and Harumi; normally averse, they take to each other in the intoxication of the moment; Fiona shocks Leila with the intensity of her suppressed incestuous passion. Jennifer and Desiree throw futons and blankets across the floor; Arisa playfully tackles Jennifer until they’re lost in sexual abandon; Brandi and Shira lustfully admire each other’s breasts with their hands and then mouths; Lorelei and Mimi playfully couple — and soon the whole group have abandoned themselves to the moment, their desire, and each other.

And then they switch: Shira with Arisa, Brandi with Lorelei, Marina with Polly, Jennifer with Mimi, the sisters trading partners; they switch again, three or four or even five girls combining, losing all sense of where one ends and the others begin, all sense of reality outside their bodies; extreme pleasure short-circuits minds, souls flow together and merge, all boundaries vanish in the extremes of ecstasy—

Captured by the spirit of the moment, Desiree slips into Willa’s arms and they kiss. “C’mon, Willa, let’s join ’em.” They do without hesitation and have sex long and sweet like old lovers, Rockers forever in revolt against the morality of the System that hates them.

—flesh turns liquid, blood burns like lava, transgression rebellion and the passion of youth fuel them burn them transmute them into something new—

...then silence... white light... a bliss almost mystical... and silence.

Consciousness slowly ebbs in. Sixteen women, lying in a group among the wet chaos of strewn blankets on the futons, rivers of hot sweat cooling on their skin, stunned. For a long time no one knows how long, they lie motionless, let their consciousness slowly return, breathe, and say nothing. The pets lie nearby, staring at them, falling asleep, bored with humans doing nothing. The sky outside grows dark.

At last someone feels the strength to break the silence. “Whoa,” says Marina.

Brandi deliriously moans, “Is this the legend we heard about?”

Arisa says, “I so wanna be part of this legend forever.”

“I’d rather be a part of this legend,” says Lorelei, “than Blake Island.”

“Me too,” Jennifer replies.

Mimi struggles to speak her experience. “I... I... never knew girls could love like this.”

Shira caresses her cheek. “Darling, there’s so much you don’t know yet.”

Marina breaks the mood. “Guys, ain’t this shit illegal?”

“Say, you know how you can tell if something’s illegal?”


“Is it any fun?” The others laugh. The tension breaks. But Shira continues: “Seriously, the Law says non-Party members are legal infants and can’t have sex at any age. And if a few crazy old men with superpowers had their ’druthers, they’d kill everybody and start over. Just enjoy the moment and be glad we’re alive now.”

“And we’ve got each other,” Jennifer adds.

“Yeah. We got each other.” Several girls sigh and let themselves relax. All of them pull closer so they touch while they sleep.

fleer house. Debbie drives her yellow Hummer into the driveway of the big house in Bangor’s toniest neighbourhood. “Stop whining back there,” she commands the two Shovel Clique girls in back. Lucy and Lady only moan and harrumph in response.

Dorian comes out to open Nancy’s door and gently escort her in with comforting words. Debbie remote-locks the Hummer behind them. She warns Charmian, “This girl’s got one big fat problem with Thorwald’s name on it, Frank and I got a plan to fix it, so either help us or butt out, okay?” Charmian nods. She looks sadly at Nancy. She can’t keep up the mean girl façade now.

Christie’s pink Hummer drives in beside them. Lillian and Belle leap out, only to freeze in surprise at the sight of Nancy. Debbie says, “Trust me.” They nod. One by one, they file in, Debbie and Nancy last. Debbie takes out her phone to call Frank.

mudlark house. Fourteen exhausted young women lie together on futons and blankets bunched up in the main room, sleeping happily, occasionally tossed by dreams, unaware of the cooling sweat now drying into salt. The cat and the dogs sleep nearby; Anderson whimpers, probably dreaming of chasing Boadicea.

But Willa and Desiree are wide awake in the garage. Desiree is already dressed for the outside world. She kisses Willa on the lips. “I hope you got the poison pill ready.”

“That’s Angela’s department. If Harry suddenly decides to go shield breaking, he’ll be tied up in legal tentacles from now till the Empire falls. The girls are safe.”

“Nobody’s safe.” Desiree slips into her car. “Not while there’s still angry superheroes at war against the world.” She shuts the door and drives off.

No one can see Willa naked now. But she doesn’t take any chances. The garage door autocloses as soon as Desiree is gone. She restores the defense shield to full strength. She refocuses her mind to check for psychic spies. Already she can feel one Trace nearby.

warehouse. Oliver surveys his castle from his gaudy makeshift throne. Gangsters, nudefighters, and Slasher Hunters left a mess that will be expensive to clean up. He counts the dead: six mercenaries Leila slashed with one swing of the shovel; the slasher she impaled with it, surrounded by a black aura of his own sticky drying blood; Johnny-Johnny, smothered to death by Shira Thomas’ bare ass and his own impetuousness.

And Leila is not dead, but worse, worse for him: she is gone, gone away with Shira Thomas to live together in sin and laugh at the Law.

He does not scream. He picks up his phone and calls home. He breaks into tears when he hears his dead father’s voice on the answering machine. He says, “Mother, I need you.”

red house. Charlie cuddles Sylvia in front of the open third-story window. Sylvia says, “It feels so romantic.”

“Here we’ve got a chance to be.”

“Will they find out?”

“Not as long as our defenses hold.”

But outside the subtle force shield that guards Red House, the many eyes of Echelon stare relentlessly, waiting for the chance to deliver unto them Jesus America’s vengeance.

to be continued...

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[Revision 4 Final, 10/12/12: Expanded from a single long scene (now condensed and greatly improved) by extending two story threads from the previous section. Heavily revised to fit Fourth Revision continuity. Some characters were removed from the main thread (i.e. the scene from 11.6 R2) and replaced with R4 characters.]

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