Chaos Angel Spanner

NEW BOOK 1: now undergoing final editing for publication.
NEW BOOK 2: in the initial plotting stage.

After the Conservative Revolution of 2012, a teenage prankster and tomboy slut finds forbidden love with a suicidal Corporate princess and is forced to join forces with an underground “krewe” of hackers, dissidents, and neopirates against the dark alliance of theocracy and corporatism that destroyed the American Republic and now threatens to conquer the world. A modern-day Anglopunk JapaWestern about the death and rebirth of Western civilization in America and beyond.

Chaos Angel Spanner is the manga project that I’ve been working on in some form since 1992, when I spun it off from a still unrealized “Bubblegum Crisis caught in a revolution” series which I eventually called Team Valkyrie (where the villainous Dictel Corporation originated). Spanner took its final name, its structure, and some semblance of its final form by 1999. Since I’ve been unable so far to teach myself how to draw more than pretty female heads, I’m pre-emptively writing the novelization first. When I’ll actually draw and post the manga depends on how much, and how quickly, I can improve my drawing...

The titles of what are now Books 3, 4, 6, and 7 (originally 1, 2, 4, and 5 respectively) are final as of October 20, 2010; those of Books 2 and 5 (originally 0 and 3) on March 1, 2014; the new Book 1 on June 19, 2014. Currently I’m doing the final edit on the new Book 1 ; I’ll consider publishing options when it’s done, but not before then.


Contains Political Incorrectness, Controversial Material, and

Dedicated to all the people at KNHC who do the mix shows
that have kept me writing and drawing since 1992;
to Tony Angelino, Sondra Ertzberger, and Brandon Graham;
and to the memory of:

Robert Anton Wilson
John Peel
Joe Strummer
Philip José Farmer
Satoshi Kon
Ezzy Watkins
Ron Jernberg

The New Series Plan

Starting on June 19, 2014, I’m expanding the series from 6 (originally 5) to 7 books, separating out the "pilot episode" into a new Book 1 and renumbering the books accordingly. The new Book 1 will of course be the first one I publish. The final order:
  1. Enter the Monkeywrench — containing:
    1. Intro (Revision 5 Final)
    2. Interlude 0: Foregone Conclusions (planned)
    3. Pilot: Enter the Monkeywrench (formerly Chapter 1: Spanner in the Works; Revision 5 Final)
    4. Interlude 1: Rocket Ready (Revision 4 Final)
  2. Banned in Japan (the Japan Arc originally planned for Book 0, plus the original Chapters 2-4)
  3. Love Terrorists (the School Arc from the old Book 1, formerly Rock City Blues: the original Chapters 5-21)
  4. Rock City Blues (the originally planned Book 2, formerly Rage of the Prophets: with the original Chapters 22 and 23, but without the Pretty City Arc)
  5. Mad Frontier (formerly Book 3: The Dead Frontier)
  6. Business Is War (formerly Book 4; the Pretty City now goes here)
  7. Revolution Rock (formerly Book 5)

The Original Version

The non-final versions as organized according to the now obsolete 2000 plan. I completed a full draft of Book 1, but never finished the original draft for Book 2. There are only preliminary fragments and scenes for Book 3 (original title: The Dead Frontier). I never even started Book 4 (Business Is War), Book 5 (Revolution Rock), or the Book 0 (Banned in Japan) I later added as a prequel.

Book 1: Rock City Blues (Revision 4 complete)

Book 2: Rage of the Prophets (incomplete draft)

Character Profiles

The profiles of the major Spanner characters, with pictures. The ones listed below are obsolete, contradicting later developments in the series, and need to be completely rewritten. I’ll add new profiles as I get them written.

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