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Spanner Interlude 4: The Rules of Tournament

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Chaos Angel Spanner
Interlude 4: The Rules of Tournament

the law of social darwinism.
Natural selection has failed. Man has grown weak. His genes are at war with themselves. He is on the verge of extinction.

Compassion, sentiment, and love are the poison that is destroying the Race. The poison has given rise to a conspiracy named Humanism that promotes a doctrine called Liberalism it has enthroned as the dysgenic horror of Communism; the sacrifice of the superior genes of the best so that the worst may live and feed at their expense.

The best must seize control of the machinery of evolution for themselves. They must purge the Race of the poison of blood-destroying sentimentality from the human genome and enthrone once more Eugenics as queen of the sciences forevermore.

The only way to save Man from extinction is to establish a dictatorship that will reverse the damage the cult of Humanism has inflicted upon the Race. It shall purge the Race of the weak, promote profits over people, and raise the best beyond humanity to godhood.

Thus shall Man fulfill his destiny: to wield absolute dominion over Earth and conquer the infinite kingdom of Space.

the conservative revolution.
Shortly after the Corporates and Patriots teamed up to overthrow American democracy, the new ruling Conservative Revolutionary Party found themselves beset on all sides: by rival factions and criminal Syndicates without, by factional and personal rivalries within, and by the masses of “inferior races” and “race traitors” they overthrew. They needed a revolutionary solution.

In the spirit of the Law of Social Darwinism, to strengthen their race, and to cut down on the number of gangsters, dissidents, and other undesirables, the CRP Central Committee decreed a permanent war of all against all. They named it: Tournament.

the rules of tournament.
  1. A man must earn the name of Man by fighting in Tournament. Any man who does not dedicate himself to Tournament is declared unworthy of manhood and called a Girl.
  2. Superiority means superior fighting, in business or in combat. Those who do not fight, and those who lose, are considered Girls and not Men.
  3. A Man possesses the sovereign right to commit any crime against any man un-Manned by defeat in Tournament, and anyone not a Man.
  4. Any woman and any male of inferior race who attempts to enter Tournament is subject to punishment unless (s)he can earn the name of Man through victory.
  5. A gangster is forbidden to turn down a Challenge. Any gangster who does is proclaimed a Girl and loses face.
  6. A gangster must throw a Challenge to anyone he encounters in order to earn the title of Bad. To not Challenge all comers is to lose the title of Bad and lose face.
  7. A gangster must fight to the bitter end, to the death if necessary, for to surrender is to lose face.
  8. Anyone declared a terrorist by the Law shall be designated a gangster and automatically subject to Gang Rules.
  9. No gangster can leave Tournament except by leaving his gang, thereby losing face. Face can only be restored through victory in Tournament.
  10. A Champion can turn down any Challenge from fighters beneath him. He fights at his own sovereign will and pleasure.
  11. Whoever defeats the Champion shall be declared Champion regardless of previous Tournament ranking. Beat the Man, and you shall be the Man.
  12. If there is no Champion, a Tournament must be held to determine a new Champion, and the social hierarchy shall be determined by the new Tournament ranking.
  13. All is tournament. There is no escape.

bangor high school: dictel stadium. 25 august 2014.
Every year, the local Conservative Revolutionary Party committees hold a fighting tournament at every school in America. First Challenge: the contestants fight for a ranked position on the teams that chose them. Team Challenge: the teams fight each other for the championship. Final Challenge: The Team Champions fight each other for the Grand Championship.

The final ranking determines the hierarchy within each school. The winning Team will, along with the Corporate-dominated Student Council, constitute the student level of the school administration. The Grand Champion is crowned Head Boy — and for the next year, his word is law.

Shortly after instituting Tournament, the Party discovered it to be the ideal method of gang control, so they instituted the Gang Rules. But a proper Team that loses to a Syndicate shall lose face...

“Brought to you! exclusively! by the United! States! Police! Foooorce! Defending American interests against terrorism worldwide! Sign up at a U.S. Armed Forces Recruiter near you!” The screens show a black-uniformed USPF soldier saluting in front of the Flag, the cue for the crowd to stand up, salute, and cheer. Then the giant Flag is carried to the middle of the field. “This is America! Let its Manifest Destiny unfurrrrl!” And the Flag is unfurled, and the spectators hold up their hands in worship and cry out their love of the Nation in the Unknown Tongue...

first challenge.
For the Bangor Party committee’s team, called Team Valiant after a comic strip hero. Round one: Ronald Tremayne, arrogant son of the late Chief Shepherd, rips off his shirt, holds out his arms, and roars. But Scotty Waters’ drugs are superior; he throws Ron out of the ring. Kenneth Partridge uses the same drugs against football captain Barton Green; but Bart uses his superior skills and strength to tie him into a submission hold. Donald Murphy attacks his opponent with kick after kick; but R. Becket Skeever is the wrestling team captain: Beck grabs Don’s kicking leg, takes him to the mat with a sweep, and rolls him into a pin. The colorless but effective Lance Walker kicks Egbert Smith out of the ring; Bert is so enraged he defects to a Syndicate team, disqualifying him. Rex Corson pins John Paine.

Round two: Ken pummels Beck, but Beck took more drugs and doesn’t feel a thing; he throws Ken out of the ring, eliminating Ken with a broken leg.

Round three: Lance eliminates Don by throwing him out of the ring. Rex eliminates Ron with a submission hold while laughing at him. Bart and Beck pin John and Scotty.

Round four: Green versus Skeever. Beck makes multiple takedown attempts, but Bart counters by relentlessly punching his head and kneeing his midsection till he gets the knockout by roundhouse kick.

The Team Valiant standings:
  1. Barton Green (Champion)
  2. R. Becket Skeever (Second)
  3. Rex Corson
  4. Lance Walker
  5. John Paine
  6. Scotty Waters
Eliminated: Ron Tremayne (concussion), Don Murphy (broken ribs), Ken Partridge (broken leg), Bert Smith (disqualified).

Disqualified in advance: Deborah Becket (wrong gender).

Not present: Robert Shelley, Connor Blair, Corwin Belmont Jr., Kio Marques.

team challenge.
First fight: Team Valiant versus Flyen Monkee Klownz. The gang bring all kinds of foreign objects into the ring; but the Valiants pummel them mercilessly and throw all the gang fighters out of the ring.

Second fight: Badd Monsta Klownz. They attempt to overwhelm Team Valiant with overwhelming muscular force. The Valiants finesse them, throw them around, and get six straight pins.

Final fight: Dictel Park Triad. Chinese wushu versus military krav maga. The Triad fighters get the upper hand early with sweeps and flying kicks. The Valiants prevail through brute force, pure hatred, and sheer force of will.

Result: Team Valiant rule over all.

Not present: the team that will become Team Bremelo.

final challenge.
Barton Green versus Syndicate champion “Mad Tad” Gorski: a hundred pounds heavier, all solid muscle. He grabs Bart into a crushing body hold. Bart breaks his nose with a head butt, then focuses on punching and kicking Mad Tad’s joints till the tendons snap. Gorski lies motionless and helpless on the ring floor. Bart is declared Grand Champion.

the coronation.
General “Bud” Peterson, USPF Seattle Commander, gives Bart the trophy. Admiral Alan Fleer, Naval Base Kitsap Commander, gives Bart the sceptre. Princess Drusilla Becket, Chief Shepherd of the Church of America in Cascadia, places the crown upon his head as he kneels before her.

“Bangor High School! Your Tournament Champion for Revolutionary! Year! Threeee! Meet your KIIIIING!!” The platform rises; Bart holds out the sceptre and trophy. “Bangor High! Head Boy! Twenty Fourteen! BAR-TONNN! GREEEEEEN!!!” He throws his head back and howls in triumph.

the consequences.
Millie Kim, rival Central Kitsap High’s biggest gossip, wears its black-and-orange uniform. She gasps, “I didn’t know,” she gasps, “that Tournament Champions can rape anybody they want!”

Shira Thomas’ default Style: baby tee, racing shorts. “Anybody under his dominion, says Rule Three.” The professional disinformation broker winks. “Like a Catholic priest, even.”

As soon as Shira leaves, Millie takes out her Darknet smartphone, the gossip’s best friend, and calls every friend in her address book.

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[Revision 4 Final, 8/11/12: Combined from the original Revision 1 Interludes "The Rules of Tournament" (Interlude 4) and "The Law of Social Darwinism" (Interlude 3 R1, Interlude 5 R3). Massively revised and expanded.]

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