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Spanner 6.1 R4: The Head and the Tail

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 6: Teenage Wasteland
Part 1: The Head and the Tail (Final Revision)

Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates.
Ernesto “Che” Guevara

I’ll be watching you...
The Police Lockheed Northrop Boeing Dynamics

3 september 2014.
The pretty yet empty talking heads of the MSM parrot the official spin. Let’s check ESPNBC:
Amanda: COPCO and the City of Bangor Parks Department have issued a press release stating that last night’s disturbance was a gang conflict that was quickly brought under control by the heroic actions of COPCO police agents. The death of a Bangor High School teacher was officially ruled the result of a domestic dispute. His remains have been claimed by his widow.

And now back to our top story: Lindsay Lohan has beaten up yet another ESPNBC reporter...
principal’s office. Principal, Falconer, Spiekerman, and Mobley stand before the plump stern unforgiving face of their boss, Peter Ross, glaring down on them from the big screen. “Tailism, my servants,” Ross warns. “You must not allow tailism to develop. I am the head and they are the tail, understood? I am the boss and you are my representatives, and as my representatives, you must be the head and not the tail.”

Principal manages to look grim without losing his perpetual smirk. “Easier said than done, boss. You see, our enemy has managed to infiltrate her own daughter into this very school.”

“My school!” wails Spiekerman. “Why did that bitch have to pick my school?”

“And that cheerleader cousin of hers,” Mobley adds, “she belongs to a whole cult of tailists, chanting even, ooga-chucka ooga-chucka.”

Falconer growls, “I’ll show no mercy to those little whores the second they get out of line.”

Ross says, “Rumors have reached me of a Student Union.”

The principals gasp in unison.

“The wild card remains Shira Thomas. Keep your eyes on her at all times. You cannot let her escape your sight. Do not let her make your tail run riot. Do not let her cut off your head. You are the head and not the tail. Am I understood?”

The principals reply in unison: “Yes, boss!”

mudlark house. When Jennifer wakes up to a beautiful morning, Willa is still asleep beside her in their bed. Jennifer stretches and yawns. She struggles out of the bedcovers, then unwraps Willa from them. They are both nude; it isn’t right for a married couple to have anything between them when they sleep together, no matter what those fools at the Eugenics Institute may think. Willa rests peacefully on her back. Jennifer gently puts her hand on Willa’s breasts.

You’re so beautiful, my bride. To me you’re still the most beautiful woman in the world, no matter what anybody else says.

Moving slowly and gently, Jennifer sits atop Willa’s hips. She cups Willa’s breasts in her hands and firmly caresses them. She leans down so she can kiss each soft firm breast one by one, planting a long, firm, gentle kiss on the right nipple and then the left.

“Mmmm,” says sleeping Willa.

Jennifer moves up Willa’s body, presses her lips to hers, gives her a long passionate kiss. Willa lets out another soft moan, but remains asleep. “I love you, Willa,” says Jennifer.

She sits up and gently squeezes the beautiful breasts of the woman she calls wife. She wonders whether she should wake her up. But then a mischievous idea comes to her. Something Shira would think of...

She smiles mischievously. “Well, sleeping beauty,” she says to Willa, “I’ll make love to you in your dreams.”

Keeping Willa’s breasts firmly cupped, Jennifer moves down to kiss them. She showers her breasts with kisses. Then she puts her right breast into her mouth, applies gentle pressure with her teeth, and slowly sucks upward until she is holding up the nipple by her teeth and tickles it with her tongue.

Willa, still dreaming, moans with unconscious pleasure.

dreamspace. Leila cannot move. Mark Bernkastel rises from his grave in floppy hat and flowing duster, charred face unmasked. “You fool,” he death-rattles, “you ruined everything.” The Blade Knight takes his Confederate sabre and raises it to cut her in two.

A shovel suddenly impales him and pulls itself out. Bernkastel falls to reveal Oliver Thorwald standing behind him enraged and hysterical. “What the fuck you trying to do, Leila?” he shrieks. “I’m your last hope for salvation!”

A gunshot, and his head explodes and he falls down. Debbie waves her pistol gangster-style sobbing hysterically, “You’re torturing me! Stop it!” She tries to pistol-whip Leila—

—but a reality distortion field forms around her and takes her away—

shira’s apartment. Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. Leila throws off the covers to cool off her sweaty body and glares up at Shira, who smiles down at her. She blushes furiously. For several seconds, she says nothing. Then she rolls to face away. “I’m not supposed to be here.”

Shira embraces her tenderly from behind. “But I want you here, Leila.”

“I didn’t want you to save my life.”

She rolls Leila onto her back, lies atop her, and strokes her hair. “I know your true heart’s desire, love.”


“Not die. Live dangerously. My desire is to make yours come true.”

Leila stares her for a long moment. Shira gives her a long gentle kiss. Leila does not resist.

mudlark house. At first, Willa is tickled by giggling pixies. Then fairy dust starts to rain down. The world turns pastel and kaleidoscopic; everything becomes more vivid, reality spins like a whirling dervish whipping himself up into a rapidly building ecstasy. Gods and angels dance the world. The whole universe explodes into light, one two three times. Then Willa wakes up...

...and Jennifer’s sweaty body collapses onto hers. Jennifer brings her hand up so mother and daughter can lick their combined juices off it. When her hand is licked clean, they kiss. Willa caresses her daughter-wife’s sweaty skin, first her shoulders, then the small of her back, then her soft buttocks. Willa never inherited an inborn incest taboo; consensual incest seems to have been a Richter-Thomas family tradition since the day thirteen-year-old Willa seduced her fifteen-year-old brother Cedric back in 1980, shortly before they went rock ’n’ roll. Cedric was so gorgeous then, she would say later, that she couldn’t control herself. Their children inherited their lack. Willa and her daughter knew their marriage would be easily consummated.

“I love you, Willa,” sighs Jennifer. Her blissful face glows gorgeously.

“I’ll have to make love to you while you’re sleeping, too,” says Willa.

Jennifer smiles. “I’d love that.” She kisses Willa again. “I wish we could dedicate our whole lives to nothing but making love.”

Willa lets out a sigh. “Except we have lives outside this room and friends in danger.”

The smile disappears from Jennifer’s face. “Like Colette...”

“Karen and Colette were very brave. So were Shira... and you.”

Jennifer blushes. “Oh, thank you.”

“We have to be brave and very smart if we want to defeat these monsters.”

Jennifer nods enthusiastically, then gives Willa a long deep kiss.

Connor interrupts them. “Hey, lovebirds. Bath’s ready.” They get off the bed without dressing. They always let him look because he can see what a gorgeous couple they are. He follows them to the bathroom.

shira’s apartment. In the shower, Shira lovingly soaps Leila’s skin with her bare hands. “My head hurts,” Leila says. “I might have drunk too much last night.”

“This should help.” Shira winks.

“I’ve never been this... intimate with another woman before.”

“You’ll crave it soon enough.”

“It feels good.”

Shira gently backs her up into the water stream and runs her hands up and down her body to wash off all the soap, then turns her around and does the same on the front. She cups her breasts and holds her tight. “You wanted him to kill you, didn’t you.”

Leila sighs in despair; her whole body goes limp. “It was either oblivion or hell.”

“You ruined his plan.”

“What?” Leila spins in Shira’s arms and stares at her uncomprehendingly.

Shira smiles. “He wanted to kill us then crush the Student Union. He knew where they were meeting; our goal was to keep him away long enough. But there you were. You gave us just enough time to destroy him.”

“I thought that mon was his ex-wife’s.”

“He would have destroyed the meeting place before it reached him. Super soldier, y’know. Meaning you saved my life. Now we’re even.” Shira winks and kisses her.

After they dry each other off, Shira walks to the toilet, stands facing Leila, opens her nether lips, and pisses standing up. Leila stares at her wide-eyed and blushes furiously. Shira smiles at her sweetly.

mudlark house. Slowly, languidly, Willa and Jennifer press their cunts together and rub their ultra-sensitive clits against each other in the hot bubble bath. They moan with shared pleasure. They build up to a gentle climax. They share a long sweet post-coital kiss. As they languorously caress each other’s skin, they talk business.

Willa asks, “So what exactly happened to Karen and Colette?”

“Our super soldier attacked suddenly, Karen says. Colette’s still in a coma, but the doctors say she’s getting better, and at least she’s not alone.”

“Did they get him?”

Jennifer grins. “His ex-wife gave him a little parting gift.”

Willa sighs. “There’s got to be more where he came from. You girls better be extremely careful.”

She gives Willa a reassuring kiss. “C’mon, love, I survived a whole island full of these creatures. Besides, I’m not facing ’em alone anymore. There’s Karen, Shira, and a whole bunch of us willing to fight to make the Student Union work.”

“How do we even know we’re not really dealing with the Syndicates?”

“My point exactly.”

They gaze at each other for a long moment. “You completely sure Shira will stand by us?”

“Of course she’s on our side, darling. She’s in love with us.“ Jennifer winks. “It stands to reason.” She holds Willa tight and kisses her deeply.

shira’s apartment. Shira and Leila wear their uniforms at breakfast. Shira looks extra glamourous with her lava-bead necklace and earrings of crow and dove feathers and silver Japanese coins; Leila knows her beauty is distracting enough, so goes minimalist. She lets herself enjoy her breakfast of oatmeal, strawberries, bacon, and coffee. Hope asks, “How come they pulled a plausible-deniability?” Shira points down at Leila; Leila nods. Hope looks upon Leila with interest. “So... there must be something important about you.”

Shira looks at Leila. “Apparently.” To Hope: “Important thing is, they never found out about the meeting.”

“So the misdirection worked.”

“Bernkastel took his secret to the grave.” Shira winks.

“Still, be careful. I’m hearing the Guild plans on muscling its way in.”

Leila looks up. “What do they have against a Student Union?”

“It’s not under their control. Remember, the Guild sold its soul to Ross.”

She directs a questioning look toward Shira; Shira answers with an unsmiling nod. A terrible realization begins to dawn on Leila’s face.

mudlark house. Jennifer spins around to show off to Willa how good she looks in the Bangor High schoolgirl uniform. Willa says, “They officially denied it.”

“Did they mention anything about a meeting?”

“Not a word.”

“You know what the real danger is?”

“They’ll find us out and shut us down, right?”

“No. The threat is from the Left.”

Jennifer stares at her in surprise. “What?”

“You know how Occupy was destroyed the year before the coup? Hard-left factions hijacked the protests.”

“I thought it was provoker cops acting for the System.”

“Cops don’t assume muggles aren’t heroic enough to take down the System. Left vanguardists do.”

“You’re saying they’re gonna try and pull it on us?”

“Expect it.”

Jennifer catches the backpack Connor tosses her from the hallway. He checks his watch. “Time.”

She gives Willa a quick kiss and joins Connor at the door. “See ya!” Willa winks at them, and they leave.

ferry terminal. “Hey!” exclaims Seika. “There’s Shira and Leila!” He points excitedly at them approaching hand in hand as the buses start to arrive.

Jennifer cries out, “Leila! You’re here!” She runs over to sweep up Leila into her arms and kiss her on the cheek. “I love you.” Leila sighs.

Karen hugs Leila from behind. “I love you too.” She plants a firm kiss on her other cheek.

Harumi crashes into them and pulls Shira in, Seika follows with Fuyumi and Polly; soon enough, it’s a dancing group hug. Rival high schoolers in Bremerton blue-and-gold and South Kitsap black-and-orange glare at the Bangor kids with disdain until the clump spontaneously breaks up.

Jennifer marvels, “We were quite the team last night. Three-on-one, we had him beat.”

Seika blurts, “You mean you started your own Team?”

“Seika!” protests Polly. “Please, not where people can hear us.”

Shira winks at them. “Aw, don’t worry about that. Princesses and Tournament Leaders are way too stuck up to ride the bus, especially from ‘Bummertown.’”

“Come to think of it,” says Jennifer, “I think we’ve got the team to beat Team Valiant already.”

Shira looks across the terminal’s car log and down the bus deck at the the crude and gaudy façades of the First Street sailor bars. With a wicked grin, she announces: “Team Bremelo.”

“Team what?!” gasps Polly.

“What’s a ‘Bremelo’?” asks Harumi.

Shira clears her throat. “‘Bremelo’ is a portmanteau of ‘Bremerton’ and ‘buffalo.’ It means one of those fat ugly women who hang out at the sailor bars outside the Shipyard gates and stalk drunken sailors so they can take ’em home for sex. It’s a tradition as old as the city itself.”

The Tachibanas look at Shira strangely. “Really?” asks Seika. Polly facepalms and sighs. Jennifer successfully restrains herself from laughing.

“Here’s the best part. Bremeloes live for the moment in the morning when their hung-over mark wakes up and finds out what he really brought home.” Shira winks wickedly. Around the girls, people laugh and some groan knowingly.

Polly rolls her eyes and grimaces. “Oh boy...” Jennifer chuckles; Leila laughs helplessly into Shira’s arms.

The girls mix into the small crowd assembling outside the door of the westbound #11 bus. When the last passenger gets off, they move with the crowd and get on.

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