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Spanner Chapter 7: Love Missile (Revision 4)

Chapter 6

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 7: Love Missile (Revision 4)

Jennifer, having hit it off with Brandi, passes her final test and joins the Slasher Hunters group trying to recruit her since the Blake Island incident. Shira and Hope discuss what to do with their adoring unwanted visitor. Debbie asks Shira what her trick is in scoring goals. All America stops its business for September 11, “Patriot Day.” Disaster strikes the football field at Dictel Stadium even as Shira pulls one of her legendary pranks. Shira’s birthday arrives, and she receives a special gift — not the car, nor the Python-powered Furby — that leads to the first of a whole string of disasters that will have major political significance...

The trouble’s now coming fast and furious. Can you handle it?

Special Guest Stars: Vice President Sarah Palin AMERICA! and her dog Spot! soon-to-be ex-husband...

Table of Contents:
  1. She Shoots, She Scores (July 16, 2011, Final Revision 8/22/12)
  2. The Marriage Exception (July 9, 2011, Final Revision 8/23/12)
  3. Through Being Cool (July 11, 2011, Final Revision 8/24/12)
  4. The Birthday Party (July 12, 2011, Final Revision 8/25/12)
  5. Patriot Day (July 13, 2011, Final Revision 8/26/12)
  6. Seize the Day (July 14, 2011, Final Revision 8/27/12)
  7. Interlude 5: Approaching Solstice, December 2012 (August 29, 2012)
Moved from Chapter 8: the Ayla thread, originally 8.1 “Pretty Baby” in Revision 2; the football game and Shira-Falconer confrontation, originally 8.4 “No Blood, No Foul” in Revision 2. Moved from Chapter 6: the final two scenes, now revised for Revision 4 continuity. Added from the Revision 1 notes: the Shira soccer match, now accompanied by Debbie’s lacrosse match.

The introduction to Revision 1, with revision updates [note: original First Revision title was “Here Come the Brides”]:
Okay, yuri fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Originally Chapter 5 in the original JulNoWriMo 2010 draft, this entire chapter is pure yuri in concentrate. Ironically, it has nothing about the story’s central relationship, the one between Shira and Leila...

Even though I wrote this chapter from scratch in July and all its story ideas are new, it has its roots in the mid-Nineties origin of Spanner. First I read Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae in 1992, then I found the infamous yaoi manga Desperate Love 1989 (Zetsuai) in fan translation online in 1996. The combination was as explosive as the chemical reaction that results when you put metallic sodium in water, and Spanner began to take its mature form as the yuri manga I wanted it to be. You can consider this chapter an aftershock of that mind bomb.

Second Revision Update: The original chapter intro still holds true. Except for the part about this chapter having nothing to do with the Shira/Leila relationship; I corrected that issue, since the two have now known each other since Chapter 3...

Third Edition Update: You’ll notice a major change in the section order. The former 8.1 is now in its proper place as the first part of this chapter, as the new 7.1 immediately followed 6.6 in the first draft (when they were the end of Chapter 7 and the beginning of Chapter 8). Leila now has a greatly expanded role, since she is the star of Chapter 8. Ayla’s name has been corrected from “Aira” for reasons explained in 7.1. And the opening sequence of Part 19.6 has been changed as part of this chapter’s revision.
Chapter 8

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