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Spanner 19.6: Drag You Down With Me

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 19: Hackers of Reality
Part 6: Drag You Down With Me

20 october 2014.
after school.
Colette removes the textbooks and materials she needs from her locker in the main hallway. She hears footsteps behind her. She turns to see Shira. “Hi, Shira. Can you help me with this?”


Colette gives Shira her backpack to hold, puts her books and materials in it, and zips it up. She turns around so Shira can put it on her. “Thanks.”

“No problem. I’d really love it if you could join us in the girls’ locker room next to the pool.”

She gives Shira a puzzled look. “How come?”

“The girls and I figured, since you came back with a new body, we need to have a good look at it, so we need you to be naked for us. Okay?”

Colette sighs. “Okay. I’ll do it, just this once.”

locker room. Their friends are already naked when they arrive: Karen, Jennifer, Leila, Fiona, Polly, Brandi, and Marina from Team Bremelo; Lorelei, Chuck, Lyssa, and Lorine from the GSA; exchange students Fuyumi, Harumi, Anna, Régine, Elena, and Sana. They strip Colette naked, hug her one by one, cry together with her, shower her with kisses. When Shira’s turn comes, she sighs with relief to see her naked. Their love for her overwhelms her. Finally, she throws herself into Karen’s arms. They hold each other as tight as they can and cry together with all their heart. Still crying, Colette stands on her toes and gives her a long hard sweet kiss for a minute or more. Their friends cheer them loudly.

When the kiss ends, the girls fall silent so Colette can speak. “Karen, I never realized how much I love you until they took me away from you. If you ask me to marry you, there’s no way I can say no.” She kisses Karen again, and the girls cheer them again.

Karen and Shira help her onto the closest bench. Karen says, “I noticed you’re an inch shorter than before you disappeared.”

“The body they gave me was thirteen or fourteen equivalent. But I’ll gladly take this over brain damage and severe trauma any day.”

The girls study Colette’s body closely, looking at her, feeling her smooth skin, squeezing her soft flesh, making themselves familiar. The ones familiar with her former body — Karen, Shira, Jennifer, Polly, and Lorine — make comparisons between her new body and the old. Then they kiss her body all over; Lorelei, Chuck, Lyssa, and Harumi join them.

After she comes down, Karen says, “Colette, we want you to know that you belong to us. We totally love you and we’ll always be here for you, always.” The girls shout, whoop, howl their agreement. Through free-flowing tears, Colette silently mouths the words: I love you.

Then the boys come in, themselves nude: Kio, Dexter, Cory, Rob, and Connor. Colette shrieks and tries to hide her nakedness from them. Kio strokes her hair, then gently moves her arms so he can see her body. He takes her in his arms and kisses her deeply. Her body shudders with sobs and pleasure. Once he lets her go, she shyly allows the other boys to see her body. She studies their

Shira and Polly cover the hard wooden bench with a soft layer of towels and gently guide Colette onto it. She lies on her back, her body open for all to see; she blushes hot and red. First Kio makes love to her gently, then Shira more roughly, then Dexter, Leila, Cory, Jennifer, Rob, Lorelei; they fuse together in the heat of ecstasy until she forgets about Connor.

Karen shakes her out of her waking dream. Gently she lies on top of her friend. They stare into each other’s eyes. Colette asks, “You too?”

“If you want.”


Karen nods happily, then presses her lips to hers. She kisses down Colette’s trembling body, all over her breasts, down to her sex, makes love to her with her tongue, drinks deep...

bus. The two sideways seats in front of the back seat each seat three: Jennifer, Shira, and Polly on one side; Lorelei, Harumi, and Colette on the other. “Why didn’t Karen wanna come?” asks Colette.

“She wants to meet us back at my place. She’s ordering the food.”

Lorelei puts her arms around Colette. “You all right now?”

“I guess I am now. I love you guys.”

Washington Avenue. Karen decides to walk the short distance between the ferry terminal Shira’s apartment. She walks slowly so she can enjoy the crisp cool autumn evening air.

But when she reaches the Burwell Street light, people flee from her screaming. Suddenly she finds herself surrounded by enraged cops.

“Freeze! Get down on the ground now! You’re under arrest for insubordination and treason!”

Major Falconer has none of their patience. Before the cops can tase Karen, she leaps out of the nearest squad car, jumps her, and holds her from behind with a knife to her throat. “Now I got you, little witch! I’m gonna kill you myself and all your peacenik traitor friends!” She bites Karen’s ear as hard as she can, hoping to bite it off.

“Honey! Don’t be a fool!” shouts Admiral Fleer. Alan James Fleer is a big man, tall and stout, a former weightlifting champion and professional wrestler. He towers over Karen and Falconer like a Viking warrior king and glares down at Karen with the Berserker’s blood fury. “Peace,” he spits. “You want peace.” He grabs Karen by the throat, right out of Falconer’s arms, and holds her up by one hand to his hate-contorted face. “You’re desecrating the sacred honor of all the warriors who ever sacrificed their lives for America! That’s worse than treason! That’s blasphemy!

With his mighty fist, Fleer punches Karen in the stomach as hard as he can.
Karen is bound and gagged. Someone kicks her forward. It is Alan Fleer, in full uniform, the one-star flag of the American Empire behind him.

Admiral Fleer:
Attention, liberal traitors of Cascadia. You have betrayed America for the last time. I have possession of one of your own. If you do not surrender collectively and unconditionally to the eternal dictatorship of Jesus America immediately, I will treat her the way a traitor should be treated. She will suffer the torments of hell while she still lives. Then she will die.

I will do the same to all of you, one after another, until you surrender to my will and proclaim me your king. You will also bring me the head of Shira Thomas. You have only twenty-four hourse.

ESPNBC: Admiral Alan Fleer has announced he has put the liberal traitor Karen Kubota under his personal custody—
Leila gasps in horror — Colette screams — Polly faints — Shira’s eyes narrow, her face hardens — Jennifer says, “Our move. Think fast—
The eight-bit mask of Spanner appears in front of a pixilated and jerkily animated Imperial flag.

Well, well, well. Big Al was never a subtle one. He’s publicizing his latest crime. It’s a kidnapping. He’s got a hostage, and she’s a pretty one, mmmm, mmm. Considering what you’ve already seen of him, bets are he’ll use her as a play toy. Maybe, just maybe, he might even drink her blood. He always wanted to be a vampire like the Beckets, with their amazing superpowers. That’s why he married one.

But before Big Al has his fun, he has a use for her. I wonder what his demand is? Chances are, you already know. In fact, he’s just bragged about it to the whole world.
Fifteenth Street. Rachel Brinkman and her brother Bob walk up the hill as they go home from school. Suddenly they find Leila in their way. Rachel asks, “Leila, what’s wrong?”

“Tell me you don’t have anything to do with this.”

Bob shrugs. “We don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s Karen.”

Rachel gasps in fear. Bob grabs Leila by the arms. “What happened to her?”

“She’s been kidnapped. It was Falconer. And Fleer. They used COPCO agents.”

Rachel screams. Bob holds Leila tight. “Oh my god—”

“Is she okay?” asks Rachel.

“Probably not,” says Leila. “What Fleer’s about to do to her, he already did to me.” A black van skids to a stop behind her.

Lars Izquierdo leans out the passenger-side window. “Hey, gorgeous. You called?”

“You guessed right,” says Leila. Arisa opens the sliding door and pulls Leila in. She waves to her cousins, then pulls the door shut as the van speeds off.

Slasher Hunter van. Arisa buckles Leila in and holds her tight. “You don’t look too happy tonight,” she says.

John Peck says, “I gather you heard the news.”

“Everybody did. Fleer announced it on the news.”

Through tears and gritted teeth, Leila explains, “Fleer was the one who kidnapped me from Pretty City. You don’t know about it ’cos my grandfather kept it quiet. He held me for ransom. While he had me, he beat and raped me. Grandfather caved in. Then he trapped me in a marriage arrangement to a serial killer. I’ll never forgive Grandfather for that. But it wasn’t Thorwald of Biotron who trapped me. No. It was Fleer. For that, he needs to die. Slowly.”

Peck says, “I’m afraid he’s protected by his position.”

“And the entire Party. You wanna know what their precious revolution’s really like, look at Fleer.”

Arisa says, “So you wanna bring him down and cash him in?”

“I’m not like Shira. I don’t care for the money.”

Lars says, “I saw that supervillain ransom note of his. I sensed an ulterior motive.”

“Karen’s the head of our school Peace Committee. She’s heavily involved in organizing the Student Union. We plan to hold a student body peace rally on Halloween, not because of the day, though Samhain’s more than a little inconvenient, but because it’s the Friday before Election Day. This is exactly the kind of bullying we plan to protest against. Now I so badly want it to happen for Karen. But how?”

“You know what he’s doing, don’t you?”

“Putting out fires with napalm. That’s how Shira would put it.”

“Now think about this: what would Shira do?”

I light goes on in Leila’s eyes. “Hmmm.”

Mudlark House. Once Willa drives her van into the garage, seven girls get out. Following Polly, Fiona, and Harumi, Shira helps a sobbing Colette out and holds her tight; Jennifer and Lorelei hug her from behind, and the other girls turn it into a group hug. “Colette, it’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is.”

“It’s Fleer’s fault, not yours.”

Then why don’t you kill him?!

“And make him an immortal martyr? He doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing to Karen.”

“But he’s killing her!”

“We’ll bring her back. But we can’t kill Fleer.”

“Why not?”

“You don’t fight fire with napalm. You put it out with CO2.”
Alan Fleer is holding a beautiful hostage. [show school picture of Karen] He is demanding unconditional surrender. He is threatening to kill Karen Kubota, a high-school peace activist, if the so-called liberal traitors of Cascadia don’t surrender to him and his god unconditionally. He is an Admiral of the United States Navy, yet he is acting exactly like a terrorist.

[show official Navy picture of Fleer in front of the flag, complete with medals]

Guess what? He is a terrorist. The uniform, the medals, the honors, the patriotism, the years of faithful service? All of it is a lie.

In my hands I possess the death of Alan Fleer. If he brings harm to young Karen Kubota, if he rapes her like he did her best friend Colette Rosewater, if he orders an attack on the so-called liberal traitors of Cascadia, I will show you his true nature right here on this channel. I will expose him to the burning sun of public awareness. And then, like a vampire in sunlight, Alan Fleer will die.

You have already had a preview of his death. Here’s more.

Another one of Eden Fleer’s adultery tapes plays. This time, a naked Honey Sue Falconer sodomizes him with a cattle prod. Electrical clamps on his penis, painful in themselves, connect it to a car battery. He begs her to up the voltage. She complies.
Eleventh and Callow. The intersection is blocked by the collision of a COPCO squad car with a black stretch Hummer. A block away, the Slasher Hunters get out of their van and run toward the crash. They find Sparks holding his pistol to the head of Arvid Shield.

Leila runs to Sparks and tries to pry the gun out of his hand. “Stop it! Stop it!”

Arvid says, “Leila! Calm down.”

She lets go of Sparks’ arm and sighs in despair.

“You really should put the gun down, Jim. You need my help more than anything.” To the Hunters he says, “I’m glad you came.”

“Fleer’s out of control,” says Peck.

“I gave the videos to Shira. I told her to make good use of them. Fleer is overreacting. We should have expected this.”

Sparks holsters his pistol. Leila runs into Arvid’s arms. “Looks like she can’t pull it off by herself anymore.”

“She isn’t.”

“She has us.”

“She also has Eden Fleer.”

admiral’s house. Dorian and Christian stare each other down. “Father should have killed the bitch right there,” Christian snarls.

“Really,” says Dorian coldly. “He’s making America look like a banana republic.”

Charmian screams, “Stop it, you two!”

“You’re a damn fool!” shouts Christian.

“Father’s lost his mind!” yells Dorian.

The three sisters stare at each other angrily. Tears stream down their faces. Julian cowers in the corner of the room. They remain silent for a seeming eternity.

Suddenly they hear a scream from the bathroom. The four of them run together. Lillian is slumped in the doorway, unconscious. While Julian tries to wake her, the others spot blood stains on the shower curtain. Christian opens it.

In the bathtub, they find their mother — naked, bloody, dismembered, dead — rope burns, saw marks, signs of torture—

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