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Spanner 10.2: She's Got the Look

The new Second Revision opening to this installment was inspired in part by a writing prompt. The prompt was “something under the bed.” A child’s monster? Who knows... UPDATE: And while expanding it for the Third Revision, I took the opportunity to give villain Oliver Thorwald the deadly combination of So Beautiful, It’s A Curse and Screw The Rules, I’m Beautiful; the surprise for me as author turned out to be that, because Leila loathes him so much, he’s become the story’s first true yandere. I bet you thought Charmian would go yandere first, over Shira. Go figure...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 2: She’s Got the Look (Revision 3)

24 september 2014.
Shira’s apartment.
Ayla hides under Shira’s bed while Shira makes love to her hot new girlfriend Leila. She wonders what Leila has that she doesn’t, and worries that she has lost Shira’s love forever.

Jennifer quietly closes the door and returns to the living room and sits down on the couch next to Sparks. He finishes off the last of his current cup of coffee and prepares to pour more. “Does this kind of thing happen to you a lot?” he asks her.

“What do you mean?”

“Shira sleeping around on you.”

Jennifer smiles sweetly. “Of course she does. It’s her nature.”

Sparks cocks his eyes. “Meaning?”

“The first thing you need to know about her is she’s polyamorous. Meaning she’s incapable of loving just one person at a time. She needs to love at least two. That used to be me, Cory, and Dexter. Now it means me, you, and Leila.”

“Does Leila mind?”

“Do you?”

“No. Not really.”

“I bet you’re probably wishing for a threesome.”

“Who knows? I might even join you girls for a foursome.”

“You know, you might actually be right.” Jennifer winks.

Ayla runs out of Shira’s bedroom, picks up an unwilling Mikan, and flees to the spare bedroom. “What’s with her?”

“I say we go and see.” The bedroom door is open, so they go in and see Leila on the bed on her back, legs wide open, buttocks raised to expose her cunt. Her skin is covered in beads of sweat; her cunt drips a stream of sticky fluid onto a towel below. “Uh, Shira darling, is this for Oliver?”

Shira holds a digital SLR camera. She winks. “No. Art.” She gets in front of Leila and takes pictures of her buttocks and cunt at various distances and from various angles.

“I asked her to be my Mapplethorpe,” says Leila.

Sparks says, “Theme must be ‘what depraved prudes like Ollie Thorwald fear most.’ Did you know Mapplethorpe took pictures of penises in guillotines?”

“Hmm. Maybe sticking metal skewers through my cunt lips would be an excellent female version.”

“I bet you’d enjoy the pain.”

“That’s why I’d do it.”

“Sounds more than a little insane to me.”

“I’ll take that as a sign we’re doing things right.”

Thorwald penthouse. The vidphoned head of Governor Brinkman stares ominously at a clearly disturbed Oliver Thorwald from his brand new big-screen TV. The cleaning robots have cleared away all the debris from the previous one. “So you’ve been hearing about Leila.”

“Mr Governor, I’ve been hearing from Leila. She’s sending me perverted pictures of herself. Pictures of her naked in pornographic poses, her having sex with other men, with four men at the same time — do you realize the pure horror of it, Mr Governor?”

“Oliver, do you realize she’s living in sin with another woman?

“Oh, do I ever know. They gave me a live performance last night just to spite me. She even told me she was doing it because she hates me. She hates me, Mr Governor! Do you realize the torment I’m in?”

“We do not care about your personal misery, only about the security of Our Nation.”

Nobody understands what a torment it is to be so handsome, popular and rich! Women throw themselves at me! Fags throw themselves at me! Women beg me to kill ’em just so they can say they got killed by such a handsome dude! I live such a tormented existence filled with torment! And that backstabbing bitch rejects me, for another woman? And a fucking mudblood at that! Leila doesn’t know what she’s throwing away!”

“I regret having to add to your already great torment, Oliver, but Shira Thomas has already publicly stated her intention to destroy the Eugenics Institute, and thus the purity of blood that keeps our race, and therefore human civilization, alive. I’m afraid she’s trapped you in the middle of a political crisis. Shira Thomas is a dangerous subversive we’ve never been able to catch, and whenever we do we’re never able to hold onto her for long because of that accursed lawyer of hers.”

“You’re telling me Leila’s trying to commit treason? Now that’s something we can kill her for! Can I do it?”

“She’s my blood, Oliver.”

Thorwald grins and waves his finger. “She’s a pollution of your blood, Mr Governor. And you know what we do to pollution, don’t you? Like, what the Eugenics Institute recommends?”

“And what is that?”

“Purge it.”

“Easier said than done.”

“And how’s that?”

“She possesses powers you are clearly not aware of. She can destroy things and deflect projectiles with just a thought. She is as invincible as I am. You are merely immortal, and only as long as your clone supply holds up. Foolishly self-destructive as he was, at least your father had admirable foresight when it came to you. I’m willing to rescind the marriage arrangement for your sake, and find you another. Then I can deal with my Leila problem once and for all. Otherwise, you should be concerned for your safety.”

No!” Thorwald trembles, breathes heavily, waves his shovel around, and barks crazily, “I want that bitch! I’ll kill everyone she loves just so I can have her! Me and only me! I’ll even kill her, just so she’ll never leave me again! And the world will forgive me ’cuz I’m so handsome and rich! I love Leila, and I’ll make her love me if it’s the last thing I do!

“Then you are already dead.”

“Ha. I’m immortal, remember? You said so yourself.”

photographer’s studio. Click.

Shira makes love to the camera. She wears black lacy bra and panties, black fishnet stockings, high-heeled black patent leather boots; her hair is styled and professionally tousled; she wears gold earrings and locket pendant. She lies on her back, caressed by the fluffy blankets on the bed, seducing the camera. Click. She turns on her side, bending her waist and legs, gazing sideways, keeping her eyes on the lens. Click.

“Beautiful,” says Pierre Moretti, the man behind the camera.

She sits up and braces her arms on the bed behind her. Click. She raises her leg so that her foot rests on the bed; she puts her arm around it and rests her head on her knee. Click.


After the shoot ends, Pierre inserts his camera’s memory card into his laptop and shows Shira the raw photos on its screen. “Wow,” she says, “they’re beautiful.”

“I believe this is the best shoot I’ve done yet. And that’s only because you’re the best. You’re a natural. You could rise to the level of Cindy, Linda, and Tyra before you turn seventeen.”

“I’ve had a bit of practice, really.”

“Keep it up. Even at your young age, you’re a total professional.”

“I pride myself on it.” She winks.

The pictures will be printed only in Europe. In prudish America, the Church of America condemns fashion, and pictures of women in their underwear are banned as pornographic. Americans consider Cascadia to be European; to them, this is not a good thing.

Warren Avenue Bridge. A beautiful sunset greets a sober Leila as she takes a leisurely stroll across the bridge. The cool wind whips her hair and skirt.

When she reaches the center of the bridge, she takes off her backpack and opens it. She takes out the big plastic bottle of antidepressant pills and opens it. She shakes the jar: still half full. Two hundred capsules of suicide remain. She reaches across the railing, holds the jar over the water, and tips it so that the pills fall out, then lets go of the jar and its lid. She watches them fall until they disappear. She knows she might be fined for littering if anyone bothered to report her. But she feels even another minor charge on her criminal record would be better than throwing herself into the water below.

None of the preoccupied motorists speeding by her notice.

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[Revision 2, 7/31/11: Added new opening scene, inspired by a writing prompt.]
[Revision 3, 10/23/11: Extended opening scene (from “Ayla runs out” on), added new Thorwald/Brinkman scene.]

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Spanner Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown (Revision 3)

Chapter 9

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown (Revision 3)

Minty Fresh returns, and she wants revenge! So she Challenges Shira to a Song War. Shira being Shira, all chaos proceeds to break loose. Meanwhile, Shira and Leila find themselves forced to defend their love for each other, and Shira uses her Charmer power on a pair of heavily armed delinquents hellbent on a massacre...

Unusually, I wrote the opening Interlude last. It was hard to write, since my intention was to write it in a pop-musical style (actually swiped from Barry N. Malzberg’s psychedelia-influenced 1973 New Wave science fiction novel The Men Inside), but I’m convinced it was worth it.

Table of Contents:
  1. Interlude 7: Pop Will Eat Itself (August 4, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
  2. Song for Minty (July 30, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
  3. She’s Got the Look (July 31, 2011, revised 10/23/11)
  4. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (August 1, 2011, revised 10/23/11)
  5. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (August 2, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
  6. Battle of the Pop Idols (August 3, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
  7. Vengeance and Fashion (August 4, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
The introduction to the original chapter remains almost perfectly relevant, except for two things: 1) I renamed the Fashion War plotline to the Pretty City Arc; and 2) I never finished the first-draft version of Chapters 22 and 23, so I never posted them (I’ll finally be posting the revised and expanded versions in October 2011).
Here’s the first major episode in the “Fashion War” plotline that will be running throughout Spanner. Once again, I’ve cobbled together several fragmentary scenarios and pulled them into a coherent whole. The music video (narrated, of course) and the “fashion war” itself are new; but the “school shooting,” “serial killer clique,” and “Pie Kill” scenarios, the “Wild Style” idea, and the characters of Arvid Shield, Minty Fresh and Lala Sun-Microsoft come from the early-’00s Project Notebooks (numbers 11-14) from before I started doing NaNoWriMo.

This is the last chapter of Spanner Book 1 that I wrote during the 2010 editions of JulNoWriMo and AugNoWriMo. Starting next chapter, I’m using NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month) as my excuse to finish the rest of Book 1. This is, in fact, the first new chapter to use material written during FiMo. (The expanded Chapter 2 contains the first material I wrote for FiMo ’10.)

This time, I’m not just throwing in the usual wild plot pyrotechnics here. Now we’re getting into Wild Style!

Oh yeah: this time there’s songs, too...
Chapter 11

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Spanner 10.1: Song for Minty

Note: Shira mentions something called “50/90.” That’s short for 50 Songs in 90 Days, a NaNoWriMo-inspired yearly contest which you try to win by, well, writing 50 songs in 90 days, starting on July 4.

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 1: Song for Minty (Revision 3)

Fashion springs from absolute necessity,
unbounded by the constraints of conscience, mercy, pity...

24 september 2014.
tour bus.
Minty Fresh screams. Her manager and her many handlers race to her sleeping compartment. They find her fully dressed, staring angrily at her laptop, listening to a song being strummed on an acoustic guitar in a distinctly non-acoustic style. The singer’s voice: unmistakably that of Shira Thomas.

“What’s wrong?” asks the manager.

“I hate that woman!” rages Minty, “hate her, hate her! We’re making a stop in Bremerton so I can show her who’s the real star around here.”

“No you can’t—”

“Shira Thomas is openly lusting after me. Do you want her to keep insulting me without any consequences? You do what I say. I’ll beat that bitch at her own game.”

The manager sighs. “If you say so, Minty. But you can’t say we didn’t warn you.” The bus makes the detour off I-5 at the Bremerton exit in Tacoma.

technosphere. Posted by LocaFantoma99 to MyTube on 24 September 2014 at 6:00 a.m.:
[Shira is wearing: parti-colored feathered headdress that makes her hair stick up; short blue and gold matador jacket, open; black bustier.]

I know you’re asking the question, “Will she or won’t she?” [grins evilly] Molest Minty Fresh on camera, that is. Yes, yuri fangirls, I’ve been reading your comments. No, I won’t do Minty on MyTube. Sorry to disappoint you, fangirls. But don’t flame me! I’ve got the consolation prize right here. It’s a song I wrote during 50/90 just for her. Here it is! [winks wickedly]

[She reaches back to pick up her left-handed acoustic guitar and straps it on as she turns forward again. The camera pulls back to show that she is wearing a “Catholic schoolgirl” themed microskirt and fishnet pantyhose. She strums the opening chords enthusiastically and dances with the funky song.]

She’s the hot pop idol on the Internet
She’s so damn pretty she makes me sweat
I’m so obsessed I blew my game
And Minty Fresh is her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
She’s so pretty she makes me scream
I wanna get right into her flesh
I wanna make love to Minty Fresh

I’ll make sweet love when the sun is bright
I’ll love her harder in the dark of night
I’ll love her and love her till she exclaims
And then I’ll scream out her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
I wanna love her hard and make her scream
I wanna bite her butt and suck her breast
I wanna make love to Minty Fresh

She sings those songs so sweet
She makes me break down and cry
Sweet agony of defeat
But I can’t lie
She makes me fly

Her songs make her sound so innocent
But she knows how much she makes me wet
She’s so hot she ignites my flame
And Minty Fresh is her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
I want her so bad she makes me cream
I’m the only one who can do her best
I’m gonna make love to Minty Fresh

[She extends the final chord into a full Rock Ending, then blows a kiss at the camera.]

Leila’s house. The Governor tries to call his wayward granddaughter. He gets her mother. Taylor says, “What do you want, old man?”

“I want your eldest daughter on the line, right now.”

“Sorry, Daddy-o, she’s busy with her girlfriend right now.”

Brinkman glares at her in a rage that could make him turn full werewolf at any second. “That’s what I was afraid of. I was about to order her to stay away and obey her patriarch and future husband—”

Taylor laughs at him contemptuously. “Tell her? Just the other night she was about to kill herself so she wouldn’t have to obey you and that filthy rich loser you’re trying to force on her just so you can have his money.”

“Suzanne, she’s committing treason—”

“It was kill herself, kill Ollie-Ollie, or this. I say she’s made the right choice. I say if she marries anybody, it’s Shira Thomas or nobody. That’s what I say, O patriarchal piece o’ shit.” She smirks at him triumphantly.

He glares at her. “Very well. I may have to disinherit her along with you. Fortunately, your eldest brother still knows his place in the order of things, and so does his daughter. I must arrange a more suitable alliance that will reinforce our power. Goodbye, you filthy whore. May your daughter’s corpse be the last thing you see when I come to eat you alive.” He abruptly cuts the call.

“Hmph! Keep fighting that lost cause, old cur. You won’t live to see it destroyed.” She switches to video of backstage incident at Bumbershoot, with unwilling Minty trapped in Shira’s arms. “Now I’d give anything to see Shira actually molest that girl...”

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Copyright © 2011 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

[Revision 2, 7/30/11: Unchanged from the first draft.]
[Revision 3, 10/19/11: added new opening.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/25/11: added new final scene.]

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Spanner 9.6: She's My Man

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 6: She’s My Man (Final Revision)

23 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
They shut the door behind them. Shira locks the door, locks the deadbolt, locks the chain lock. “AEGIS! Anybody here?”

“No. You and your girlfriend are alone.”

She smiles at Leila. “Good. Soundproof it. Black the windows.”

The flat goes dark. The lights automatically come on. Shira commands, “Set to ‘romantic.’” The lights dim slightly and take on a warm yellow hue. She feels Leila’s stare. She looks into Leila’s eyes and caresses her cheek.

Leila asks, “Are you really Rebel Styles?”

Shira goes to the coffee table to slip on the datagloves she left there, then turns to the big TV. Waving her hands like a symphony conductor, she turns on the TV and computer, activates a virtual machine in a sandbox, types startx to bring up a minimal desktop with one file manager window open. Each file is an OGG-format video. She points at one file, and it plays full-screen...

First video: Rebel Styles lies on her left side on the bed, knees bent, both hands hiding her sex. The hair is lighter, the nose smaller and cuter. “Hello again, boys. Miss me? Rebel Rebel’s back, just for you.” This girl is charismatic, seductive, irresistible. She rolls over onto her back, hands still between her legs, and stares up at the camera with Shira’s familiar wide-eyed seductive look.

Leila’s eyes and mouth are wide open in utter fascination. Shira says, “I was Rebel Styles.”

Second video: Rebel introduces another girl who looks exactly like her. “Kira?” Shira sadly nods. Rebel rolls onto her twin sister Cleopatra, kisses her with undisguised lust, kisses her way down the moaning girl’s body, reaches her bare little cunny, turns herself around so that they take 69 formation, are obviously and gleefully making love—

Leila gasps.

After Shira plays a few more videos, she closes the video window and stands up to face a stunned Leila. She puts her hands on Leila’s shoulders, pulls her close, and smiles. “Any secrets you wanna tell me?”

“I’m Factor Positive.”

Now it’s Shira’s turn to be stunned. “What?—”


“Impossible! None of ’em survived 12/21!”

“I did. There was this prophecy that if even one Positive were allowed to develop powers, the Synarchy would fall.”

The realization slowly dawns on Shira’s face; her eyes grow wide, her mouth slowly drops; a plan suddenly emerges, and she smiles— “I think we can make it happen!”

“Now that’s impossible.”

“You wanted to destroy the world for our love?”

“Uh... yes.”

“Are you my forever lover?”

“Yes. I love you forever.”

“Will our love destroy the System?”

The shock of realization hits Leila. “Yes!”

Shira kisses her, then grins wickedly. “Let’s show Ollie what he’s lost.”

Video call to the late Dr. Thorwald’s number. Oliver appears on screen. Shira flashes her naked body and trademark cockeyed smirk at the camera. “Go awaAAAAHH!!!

She waves cheerfully and sings, “Hi, Ollie. Remember me?”

What the fuck do you want?!

“You had what I want, so I decided to just go out and take her for myself.”

“Gimme back my Bunny head!”

“I have Leila.”

He freezes. He stares at her, his face paralyzed at the point where a grimace turns into a scream. For an endless moment, he moves not a muscle. Finally he squeaks, “How much are you asking?”

Shira laughs at him. “Ollie darlin’, I’m keeping her. Forever. But I’ll be more than happy to take the money anyway.”

His face twists with rage. He grunts hoarsely, “You can’t take what’s mine. You’ll never get away with it.”

“My lawyer says your many documented violent sexcrimes should be sufficient to nullify your marriage arrangement. Besides, Leila gave her heart, soul, and body to me as an extra-special birthday present. I’m about to make love to her, and she so wants you to watch.” Leila comes over equally nude, smiles and waves at Thorwald, then plants an open-mouthed kiss on Shira’s lips.

“That’s it! I’m comin’ over and—”

Shira shoots Thorwald a sudden hard look that makes him jump. She fixes him with her full Charmer power. He falls silent, then slack. “Think of this as Rebel Rebel Live. You will watch me make love to my girl. You cannot take your eyes off us. You will know that you have lost her forever to me. Now watch.” She kneels sideways in front of the camera, has Leila sit on her lap, and kisses her deeply on the lips. Thorwald’s perspective: Shira right, Leila left. As they grow more excited, they start to lose control of themselves; the kiss turns open-mouthed, they plunge their tongues deep into each other’s mouths, Leila begins to moan as Thorwald watches them, paralyzed with horror.

Leila gasps, “Shira, I love you!” Shira kisses her neck, making her moan, gasp, and squeal. “Fuck me, Shira!” As Shira kisses down her chest, she motions her to get out of her lap up onto her knees so she can caress, squeeze, knead, and kiss her soft breasts.

Thorwald begs, “No no nooo no no no no—”

“Yes,” Leila moans, “yes! More!” From this point on, he can only watch helplessly as his hated enemy performs the vile and perverted crime against marriage and all that is holy upon his Intended — and makes his Intended her eager accomplice in the crime—

Shira languidly sucks on Leila’s left breast, caresses it, says “You’re delicious.” Leila loses herself in the rising pleasure, lets out a cascade of moans, cries out her love for Shira. Soon Shira squeezes the left breast hard and sucks the right, making her scream, angling her body to give Thorwald the best view, squeezing and sucking; she moves her right hand down to her buttocks, squeezes, lifts it upward to signal her to rise to her feet; she kisses down her rising body, kisses all the way to her cunt, licks and sucks and bites her into unbearable ecstasy, squeezes the soft buttocks hard, bites her clit, plunges her tongue inside, drinks deeply of her nectar, makes love with her to her tongue until she explodes inside her body — then Shira turns her around so her beautiful trembling buttocks face the camera and hits her, hits her again over and over, spanks her arse red she screams sobs in pain begs for more don’t stop screams in violent orgasm, and she collapses into Shira’s arms, onto her knees, sits on her lap, peeks at Thorwald and grins evilly at the trail of vomit seeping out of his mouth.

She puts Leila’s hands on her breasts and eases her left breast into Leila’s mouth; Leila gives in to pure lust, sucks Shira hungrily, caresses sucks squeezes bites as Shira directs, bites the hard nipples making her scream; Shira lowers Leila’s hands to her buttocks and rises to her feet so Leila can “eat me! eat my cunt!” she sucks hard bites licks and Shira directs her through her ecstasy “bite my clit!” she bites rubs the hard sensitive organ she screams “stick it in! now!” she plunges her tongue deeply into her fucks her with her tongue squeezes her arse hard fucks her...

Shira collapses into Leila’s lap exhausted and panting. They regain awareness that a serial killer and a Furby are watching them. Thorwald chokes. They laugh.

They embrace hard and kiss violently. Shira picks Leila up and throws her onto the bed, jumps her, straddles her, fondles her breasts, squeezes them so that the hard points of her nipples point up. ”Leila, you have beautiful nipples.” Leila’s nipples are painfully hard; Shira caresses their painfully sensitive dark skin with her thumbs, making Leila scream in exquisite agony. She continues to stroke the hard nipples till Leila shudders in a screaming orgasm.

Shira goes down to put her mouth over Leila’s right breast, sucking and biting; Leila screams, cries, shakes violently, explodes in violent ecstasy over and over as Shira attacks her right and then left breast. Shira moves her exploring mouth down to Leila’s flowery cunt, bites it repeatedly, licks inside, clamps her hard clit with her teeth and rubs them back and forth hard on it, sticks her tongue into her waiting slit; orgasmic ecstasy so overcomes Leila that she forgets who she is. Then Shira mounts her, sticks her middle finger up Leila’s cunt and her thumb up her own, finds the hard sensitive spots in the vaginal walls and digs in hard, attacks Leila’s clit with her own, Leila cries with pain and desire and unbearable pleasure that hurts her oh sweet agony it hurts and then it explodes—

Shira falls beside her gasping. Leila leans over her to check on Thorwald, who is now emitting a series of squeaks. Leila laughs uncontrollably, making Shira laugh. Leila struggles to control herself, but succeeds. She shoots a wicked grin at him and purrs, “My turn.” She grabs squeezes Shira’s breasts, attacks the right breast (closer to the camera) with her mouth, kisses sucks bites first one then the other and back, sucks her cunt drinks deep the nectar bites her clit bites sweet pain and tonguefucks plunge deep in out she moans screams do me harder more, mounts her presses their clits together presses the hot buttons inside them, her body takes over and fucks her with unleashed frenzy attacks her pours out her lust, screams turn to music pleasures merge they lose all sense of reality and together their bodies explode into pure white light selves vanish souls merge bodies fuse become one—

The signal is dead. Thorwald cut the call. Shira closes the videophone app and shuts off the monitor. She picks Leila up, carries her to the couch, drops her, attacks Leila’s cunt with her own — they make love on the kitchen table, in the shower, on the bed, losing consciousness of their own bodies, of reality itself — and then the alarm goes off—

Shira sits bolt upright, shocked to find herself in the bed in her ruined shrine to Leila. She hammers the alarm clock to shut it up. “Whoa...”

Leila rolls over to face Shira, letting the bedcovers roll off her bare body. She gazes up at her in adoration and silently mouths the words I love you.

Making love to Leila energizes Shira the way good boy Dexter and bad boy Sparks never did. “I don’t think we’ll be tired today,” she deliriously muses. She falls onto Leila, and they kiss as hard and passionately as they can, and it begins again...
bellevue: Oliver attacks his television with his shovel as the video of Shira making love to Leila plays over and over—
bangor subdivisions: Frank Becket broods, realizing his ticket to immortality now belongs to his deadly enemy, the one known as Rebel Styles—
drusilla’s temple: Drusilla laughs at Luke Everson and exults, “Now nothing can stop me from taking her blood!” — Everson endures her stoically and plots his revenge—
copco headquarters: Walter Brinkman swallows his dignity and allows master propagandist R.G. “Rat Bastard” Litton to tell him his latest plan—
biotron labs: Dr. Mina Tatsumi stares down triumphantly at the captive Lucie Stenbeck and plots the recapture of Leila Shelley—
boston: Henry Becket watches his mother convulse, scream, and foam at the mouth in a grand-mal seizure triggered by a full-force psychic attack—
dictel tower: Richard Becket places the telephone receiver back on its base and tells a stunned Locke Holmes staring at the video, “I believe you have a problem“—
bellevue: Oliver collapses into his mother’s loving arms and wails like an abandoned woman; Misty Everson Thorwald plots her revenge against Leila Shelley—
...and Leila dreams of a magical girl whose despair threatens to devour the world. A beautiful red-haired female angel appears to her, uncovered copper skin glowing with a metallic sheen, ruby wings outstretched. The angel takes her in her arms, puts her soft lips to hers, and drives away all her despair with her wings. Leila gives her heart to the dark angel in the form of a sapphire pendant and vows eternal love. For the first time in her short troubled life, Leila Shelley sleeps in peace.

bellevue. He had the penthouse reconstructed after the blast and demanded the new furnishings be identical to the old. Now Oliver Thorwald sits on the couch in the exact spot where his father died. On the big widescreen TV, he watches as his promised wife commits fornication, yea, adultery, with his mortal enemy Shira Thomas. She burns with hot desire for his father’s murderer. In the heat of the loathsome lesbian act, she cries out her desire to murder him.

He watches the whole horrific scene from beginning to end, for hours and hours and hours. He watches with revulsion and loathing and hate. He burns the horrible images into his brain. Soon he will show the Governor his granddaughter’s true evil nature.

Leila sent an email as she was about to begin the abominable act: “Dearest Oliver, I show this to you as a token of my hate. I want you to know that I hate you with all my heart and want you to die. I belong to Shira Thomas now. I have given her my heart and my body. From now on, I will never obey a word you say. I obey only her. I will die before I defile myself by letting you so much as touch me. With sincerest heartfelt hate, Leila.”

He throws the remote at the screen. It bounces off and spins to a landing several yards away. He takes his shovel and murders the TV, smashes the screen, bends the metal frame, and still he attacks with the shovel until he exhausts himself. For several minutes he just stands there, leaning on his shovel over the ruined television, and catches his breath.

He storms over to the double door, flings it open, runs to the railing, and shouts at the night. Over and over, he screams. The indifferent night neither listens nor responds.

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[Revision 2, 7/28/11.]
[Revision 2.1, 7/30/11: Final paragraph (dream scene) added as a bookend to a new first paragraph in 1.1 in a continuity correction. Also, Leila’s motivation made clearer.]
[Revision 3, 10/6/11: Added new final scene.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/13/11: Fixed continuity errors created by revisions in the rest of the chapter and expanded the Shira/Leila love scene.]
[Revision 3.2, 10/16/11: Changed title (from “Love You All Night Long”); expanded love scene to full extent planned in the original scenario from the Project Notebooks (the end of 8.6 is another version of the same scenario) but using the Oliver scene as a frame.]
[Revision 3.3, 10/23/11: Added one callback to 3.1 and 8.4; corrected text errors.]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/7/12: Condensed the opening scene, edited for Fourth Revision continuity, replaced paragraphs identical to some in 8.6, added new “flash-sideways” sequence, removed redundant character, changed title from “Melt With You” (now the title of 8.6).]

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Spanner 9.5: Eurotrash Girl

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 5: Eurotrash Girl (Final Revision)

evergreen park. “H-how did you get here?” says Niemeyer, panicked.

Sparks quietly chuckles. “Well, Agent Niemeyer, I just happen to have been shadowing you the entire time.”

Leila sashays up to Sparks and says defiantly, “You were going to drop some more dirt about Shira?”

“Actually, I was going to tell your new friends about you. Agent Niemeyer, you don’t realize who you are speaking with.”

“So,” says Niemeyer, “what about Miss Shelley could be worse than what I have just told her about her new friend here?”

“Apparently, Agent, you were so obsessed with putting an end to this Rebel Rebel thing that you missed out on the many scandals surrounding our pretty companion. It’s been all over the press for the past five years or so.”

“So tell me, Agent Sparks,” says Niemeyer grimly. “I’d like to know.”

Shira strides up to Sparks. “Yeah. Tell me.”

“You asked for it.” As Leila looks on in dread, he raises his phone, and they watch...

14 february 2008...
Leila wakes up to find herself bleeding from between her legs. She runs naked and screaming into her mother’s bedroom, convinced that she is dying.

Taylor Brinkman gets herself out of bed to hold her terrified daughter close against her nude tattooed body and comfort her. “Oh, darling. You’re not dying. You’re starting to transform into a beautiful woman. I had the same reaction when I was your age.” She showers Leila’s face with kisses.

Leila Shelley is only nine years old.

5 november 2008...
When Leila and her twin brother Robert turn ten, her body has already changed into a stunning sylphlike form. All the adults and teenagers attending their birthday party praise her beauty. On a whim, she decides to take off all her clothes and appear to them nude for the rest of the night. She captures their sole attention and learns that beauty is power.

After everyone else has gone home, a fifteen-year-old lover of her mother’s named Brian takes her into her bed and puts an end to her virginity. She is so overwhelmed by the intensity of the sexual experience that she makes him swear to be her lover and teach her everything he knows about sex.

12 january 2009...
“Leila, I can’t live with you anymore,” says a desperate Brian.

Leila panics. “Why? You can’t! You still love me!”

“Yes, I still love you. But I can’t handle you. If I stay with you any longer, I’ll go mad!”

“What’s wrong with me?” she wails.

“It’s the drama, Leila. It’s the drama. I just can’t handle your drama anymore. I don’t know if anyone can handle you.”

She throws herself into his arms and holds onto him for dear life. “No! Please don’t leave me! You can’t! I love you!”

He struggles as hard as he can to escape her death grasp. She stares at him in terror as he says, “Leila, please don’t. I still love you, but I’ll hate you if I stay with you any longer. That’s why I have to leave you. Goodbye.”

She screams, “NOOOOOOOO!” She runs into the street, trying to get hit by the first car that comes by. He runs after her and drags her kicking and screaming to safety.

21 june 2010...
Leila stands proudly on the stage, totally nude in front of a huge outdoor crowd but for the white sash that says “Miss Junior Nude Europe 2010.” She waves and blows kisses at the crowd as they cheer, scream, and howl in absolute adoration. Right now the crowd exists only to love her and worship her beautiful naked body. They hail her as the most beautiful young woman in Europe. To her the pleasure feels more intense than any sexual experience she has had so far in her still very young life. The love she feels for them right now is so intense it verges on spiritual ecstasy. She wants it to last forever. She hopes that millions more throughout Europe and the world are watching her on television.

5 july 2010...
The young beauty queen attracts the attention of a youth-obsessed oil billionaire from Texas named Billy Joe Steele. He hides her away in a cottage on one of his properties. He showers her with wealth, luxury, and comfort. He makes her feel wanted. He makes love to her as much as his schedule permits. When he is gone, he leaves specially sworn employees to watch over her and keep her from getting bored or homesick. He chooses men and women he can blackmail.

He is a former CIA man, a master of keeping things secret. He vows his personal employees to absolute silence about her, on pain of death. He convinces the American government that he is working on a top secret project important to national security. His wife suspects nothing.

He has reason to keep his affair with her a secret. The federally mandated age of consent in America is eighteen. Sex with a teenager is legally considered child rape; the punishment is merciless. In less than a year and a half, the crime will be punished only by death, without exception. The Law is absolute and without mercy.

Leila is only eleven.

1 november 2010...
Billy Joe Steele is found dead by a personal employee, having hanged himself after getting drunk at the previous night’s huge Halloween costume party. Leila became increasingly demanding on him, to the point where even his wife could not ignore the stress she put on him. Eventually, his jealous fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Deborah Becket, found out and blackmailed him: she threatened to tell the world about his affair with the younger girl if he did not end it and banish her. He had grown too attached to her. Emotionally, he was her slave. He sent her back to Ireland, then chose to end his life and take his secrets to the grave with him.

But then, driven half-mad by grief, Debbie herself becomes obsessed with the idea that she can save Leila’s soul through pure love alone...

5 november 2010...
Overwhelmed by grief, Leila loses control of herself and attempts suicide by slashing her wrists at her own birthday party. She is taken to the hospital under sedation.

25 december 2010...
Taylor Brinkman takes her three beautiful children Leila, Robert, and Fiona with her to a record company Christmas party in London, attended by rock ’n’ roll royalty decked out in full regalia. In place of their footballer father Ian Shelley, their godfather Rat Scabies goes with them and makes a complete nuisance of himself as usual.

A thirtyish glampunk rocker known as Johnny Dead, notorious for his self-destructive behavior and criminal addiction to jailbait, sweeps Leila off her feet and takes her home with him. They jump into his bed and make passionate love all night long.

1 january 2011...
At the strike of midnight signalling the coming of the new year, Johnny ties her up and introduces her to bondage games. He drips hot candle wax onto her sensitive skin, ending with her nipples and clitoris. He whips her till she screams with pain. He humiliates her. She realizes that she is hardwired for sexual masochism: her nerves turn pain into pleasure. It turns her on so intensely that she begs him to do it again.

20 january 2011...
Johnny Dead crashes his black Ferrari into a wall, hoping to kill both himself and Leila. His corpse is unrecognizable. Leila somehow survives. Maddened by grief, she begins to cut herself.

17 march 2011...
Leila does not like self-identifying Irish-Americans. She does not like their corned beef and cabbage, nor their green beer, and she certainly does not like their Saint Patrick’s Day. She gets herself drunk on unpigmented Guinness ale and finds herself in bed with an Argentine Formula One race car driver named O’Riordan. First name, Carlos. In the morning, she discovers that he prefers his women as dangerous as his cars. She promises to be dangerous for him. He makes love to her until her hangover is gone.

1 may 2011...
Carlos O’Riordan dies in a spectacular crash that kills three drivers and twelve spectators. Leila is nearby when it happens. She tries to get to him in hopes that she will find him alive. When the medics tell her he did in fact die, she breaks down completely in a frenzy of grief. She has to be taken to the hospital under sedation.

18 july 2012...
A man breaks into the Shelley family home in Dublin, rapes Leila, and gets away before she can pick up a knife and kill him. Taylor demands he be brought to justice. Leila coldly vows to murder him.

21 august 2012...
A man who had served time in prison for multiple rapes and was suspected in several more is found dead in a trash-strewn alley in the worst section of Dublin. He was stabbed to death and then fed to rats. Everyone knows Leila killed him in revenge; she had stalked him the entire previous month. Everyone knows no one can prove she did it.

1 april 2013...
Taylor, facing obliteration by legal problems, gives in to her father the Governor’s demands and sends Leila and Robert to a newly opened arcology built on the outskirts of Los Angeles as a new center for the fashion and entertainment industries, called Pretty City. Their extreme natural beauty makes them the favorites of the fashion designers and photographers. But from the day they arrive, the other young residents of Pretty City, who merely possess the anonymous beauty of the surgically Resculpted, envy them bitterly. A group led by two of its leading models, Ian Woon, his sister Marni, and his eccentric girlfriend Lala Sun-Microsoft, welcome them with an especially cruel prank.

14 february 2014...
The resistance of the Resculpted against the Shelley twins for their extreme natural beauty and high emotional volatility becomes so violent that Leila and Robert are forced to choose between full-body Resculpting that would destroy their natural beauty and individual character, and expulsion. They choose to leave.

Sparks puts his phone away. “See? Now consider what happened to Bunny Strakeljahn.”

Niemeyer gapes at Leila in horror. “I... I see...”

Leila stares at Sparks in disbelief. “But that was self-defense! And just because I’ve had a hard life doesn’t mean I’m a menace to society.”

Sparks slowly walks uncomfortably close to Leila and leans into her. “Then explain my face.”

“Jim, you destroyed it trying to kill me.”

“I was stupid then. I’ve changed. But have you?” He turns to Shira. “I’m warning you, Shira. She’s a crazy-maker.”

“That’s what Agent Niemeyer just said about me,” says Shira. “You know why.”

He gets in Shira’s face. “Stay away from that woman.

“Or what? You’ll leave me? kill me? arrest me on the spot?”

“Do you actually love me?

“Of course I do. But there’s one very important little detail you’re forgetting about me.”

“And what might that be?”

“Polyamory, Jim. You should already know that. It’s in my Profile, for dawg’s sake.”

“Okay, I remember now. But do you think you can handle that woman?”

“I might just be the only one who can. But if you insist, I can keep her away from you. Come here, love.” Leila runs into Shira’s arms.

Niemeyer points at Shira and Leila and wails accusingly, “It’s too late! You’ll destroy everything!”

“We don’t have to destroy a thing, Agent. The whole System’s based on a contradiction. Entropy itself is destroying it, and there’s not a thing in the world you or I can do to save it.”

His arm quivers. He stares at them for several seconds. Lost for words, he turns around and runs toward the parking lot.

She says to Sparks, “Maybe you could tell her about Amanda Currie sometime?”

He rolls his eyes, spins around, says “Oh, no...”

“Sorry, J.T., but I gotta take my girl home if I wanna love her tonight.”

“You know she’s arranged to be married to Oliver Thorwald.”

“We’ll inspire him to correct that mistake soon enough.”

He stares at them dumbfounded. He sighs. “Well, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Have fun.” He shrugs, then turns to walk away.

Shira kisses Leila. “Shall we?”

“Let’s go,” says Leila.

The two young lovers walk arm-in-arm down the walkway to the boardwalk, toward the waterfront access to Shira’s street.

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Creative Commons License

[Revision 2, 7/27/11: Edited to fit Second Revision continuity.]
[Revision 3, 10/13/11: Added Shira and replaced Will with Sparks, replaced most of the final scene and expanded it.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/23/11: Added callback to 3.1, made text revisions and corrections.]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/7/12: Final scene and one flashback revised for Fourth Revision continuity. Text errors corrected.]

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Spanner Chapter 9: The Girl You Want (Revision 3)

[Author's editing note to self: Two things begin in earnest: 1) Shira's increasingly intense sexual seduction of Leila, which causes Oliver to complain to Brinkman and is thus the ultimate cause of Chapter 15; 2) in revenge for Charmian and the mean girls' attempt to drive Leila to suicide, Shira turns their own gaslighting strategy back on them.]

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 9: The Girl You Want (Revision 3)

Shira and Leila are in love now, and the central relationship of Spanner has finally been established. Sure enough, neither the school establishment nor the cops are able to take it well...

Third Revision Update ...much less Oliver Thorwald, the evil man to whom Leila was arranged to be married, nor her grandfather, Governor Brinkman, the clan patriarch who arranged her marriage. She belongs to Shira alone now, she defiantly tells them, and they can do nothing about it. Leila’s all-consuming love for Shira threatens the entire fabric of Conservative Revolutionary society, and it will only be a matter of time before society fights back...

Either for Shira and Leila, or for society, this will not end well.

It may be that your whole purpose in life
is simply to serve as a warning to others...

Table of Contents: (final revisions made on 10/23/11)
  1. The Morning After (July 23, 2011)
  2. Making Jesus Cry (July 24, 2011)
  3. Spider Spins a Web (July 25, 2011)
  4. Nymphetamine (July 26, 2011)
  5. Eurotrash Girl (July 27, 2011)
  6. Melt With You (July 28, 2011)
Here’s the introduction to the originally posted Chapter 9, then called “Checkered Pasts”. The “different name” is now the permanent name for 9.4, “Nymphetamine”. Note that I never managed to finish the first draft, since the plot imploded by the time I got to Chapters 22 and 23. First drafts sometimes do that. That’s why we edit...
Back during JulNoWriMo, I wrote this under a different name. The final title — modified from a band, not a song — fit much, much better, even if it eliminated a chapter title drop (which also happened to Chapter 3), though I made up for it in the final section. The lesson for one ex-Interpol agent and one would-be Navy ship captain is: be careful what you ask for, you might get... something completely different...

This is the last chapter I actually began writing during JulNoWriMo and AugNoWriMo. Everything that comes after this will be new — except, of course, unless I take it out of the Project Notebooks from the last decade and a half. (The beauty pageant scene is excerpted from a longer script in the Notebooks; the love scene and the morning after reappear here nearly intact.) And this is the first scheduled to be published during December 2010 — that is, during NaNoFiMo, when of course I’ll write 30,000 words for the win finish Spanner Book 1.

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Spanner 9.4: Nymphetamine

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 4: Nymphetamine (Final Revision)

evergreen park. Shira and Leila detour the long way through Bremerton’s big downtown park, walking hand in hand through the darkness, through Evergreen Park and down the boardwalk toward the access to Sixth Street and Shira’s flat. They feel the cool autumn wind in their hair and on their skin. “I don’t feel quite real,” Leila confesses. “My head’s spinning.”

“Change can do that to you. Me, I haven’t felt this real in ages.”

“I’m not taking my meds anymore. I wanna feel this, even if it kills me.”

A rock whizzes between them. They spin to spot an old Patriot lady, wrinkled face ugly with holy hatred. Leila smiles at Shira. “Shall we kill it?”

“Darling, that would be mercy,” Shira replies. “I say we show this jihadi what real terrorism is.” She takes out her loaded Go-Yo and throws it down; it spins threateningly.

“Stop!” a man shouts behind them. The old woman escapes to report back to Everson.

“And who are you?” Leila demands. The man, sports tousled hair, rumpled suit, and wingtips, approaches slowly. He seems polite enough, but his eyes betray madness. She takes a defensive martial arts stance, just to be careful. Shira summons the Go-Yo back to her hand, crosses her arms, and looks at the man skeptically. When he comes close enough, a few meters away, he stops. Then he says, in a French accent:

“Excuse me, but are you Leila Shelley?”

Leila stares at him suspiciously. “What do you want.” Shira holds out her Go-Yo hand in attack position.

The man holds up his hands and pleads. “No! No! I have no intention of hurting you! I only want to talk to you. This is very important. It may save your life.”

She stands up, drops her head, and sighs. Then she looks back at him. She doesn’t want to take any chances. “So what is this about, that it may save my life?”

He looks at Shira suspiciously. “Do you know this woman?”

“I am in love with her.”

“That is exactly what I was afraid of.”

“So what’s the problem? Is she in any trouble? Are you a cop or something?”

“Yes. You could say that. I am an Interpol agent. Or at least I was once. My name is Étienne Niemeyer. But you can call me ‘Steve’ if you prefer.” He looks at Shira.

Leila looks at Shira, then at Niemeyer. “You’re after her, aren’t you.”

“Yes... actually, I was... once. But then I saw what she was, and... I saw her true nature, and I almost did not survive... Let me put it this way: Have you ever heard of Rebel Styles?”

“I think I heard about her once or twice from a gangster I... was once involved with. He said she was some kind of child porn star. I noticed he was afraid of her when he mentioned her.”

“He is right to be afraid. Rebel Styles has driven men to madness, even to murder. Do you know how she does it?”

“Please tell me.”

“By projecting a reality distortion field. There is one other person who projects precisely that reality distortion field, and that is Shira Thomas. This is, I discovered at my great cost, because the two are in fact the same.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?”

“You are exposing yourself directly to that very same reality distortion field, and to the one who generates it. I can see that she has already disordered your sense of reality.”

“I see you really are mad.” Leila tries to run away from this Steve Niemeyer, but Shira catches her and spins her around behind her. She now stands between Leila and the mad ex-agent Niemeyer.

He speaks to Leila as if Shira were not there. “Please listen to me! That woman is a dangerous drug! She will ruin you, even as she has ruined me! Do you know what we call her at Interpol? Do you know what codename we gave her?”

“I... I’d have no idea...”

Niemeyer’s mad eyes pierce into Leila’s. Slowly, with special emphasis, he pronounces: “Nymphetamine.” He holds up his phone, and the video plays...

18 june 2014...
The girl in the Flash video has smooth cinnamon skin and wild copper hair. She is curled up on the bedsheets and looks at the camera seductively. She is charismatic. She is completely nude. She is only eight.

“Who produced these videos?” asks Special Agent Diana Shockley.

“She did,” says Jean Étienne Niemeyer. His specialty in Interpol is child pornography. This video is just one in a huge collection he’s built up over the years, all of them starring an impossibly seductive young girl who goes by the name of Rebel Styles.

“She couldn’t have. No one that young can.”

“Turns out she did.”

“Someone must have forced her to do it.”

“No one. She did it all by herself. Just look at what she’s got in her hand.”

Shockley stops the video. Clearly, in her left hand, eight-year-old Rebel is holding a remote. “She’s operating the camera herself?

“That’s right.”

The camera zooms in so that Rebel’s face nearly fills it. Even that young, her charisma is nearly overwhelming.

“Hello, lovers,” she purrs. “Miss me? I missed you.”

Shockley gasps. “How can she be that seductive at that age?”

Through gritted teeth Niemeyer says, “She had to be born that way. She is what the Yakuza call a ’loli.’ Already I hate her. She’s worse than any adult child pornographer.”

“How so?”

“Just watch.”

There is seduction in her smile, her voice, and her beautiful green eyes. This child is making love to her viewers. Rebel coos, “It’s bedtime, but I know you don’t feel sleepy. All you wanna do is spend the night with Rebel Rebel. Well, I’m here for you, and only for you.” She giggles sweetly.

The camera zooms out slowly. Rebel turns onto her back and stretches her lithe young body, remarkably taut for an eight-year-old girl. A dancer’s body already. Coyly, she keeps her legs to one side, still bent. She puts her hands behind her head. “I wanna play with you. I’m here and you’re there, but I can still touch you. I’m touching you right now. I wanna touch your heart.”

Rebel turns herself sideways in the picture and rolls over so as to show her full naked backside (Shockley catches her breath). She lingers in the picture for what seems an eternity but is in fact only a few seconds. The camera angle changes: a different camera. She rests her head in her hands, elbows on the bed to either side. She gives the camera her most seductive smile. The remote has disappeared from the picture. “You’re beautiful. You know I’m beautiful. And I love you.” In the final image, Rebel Styles’ beautiful smile is brighter than her perfect white teeth.

The horrified detectives stare at each other silently for several minutes until Shockley breaks the silence.

“How could she have done this for so long without being caught?”

Niemeyer sighs. “Obviously she has to have had some hacker friends. From what we have gathered, this Rebel Styles has been running her site behind a paywall since mid-2006. She does not cater to a nonpaying mainstream audience. She does not want us cops or the religious authorities to catch on to her. She caters entirely to pedophiles. And she’s been making loads of money off them for eight years.”

“This ‘Rebel Styles’ — I know her,” says Shockley through her teeth. “Her name is Shira Thomas, who has been trouble for us since we destroyed the liberals in the Revolution. And now I know how she’s been getting all that money.”

“How do you know it’s this Shira Thomas?”

“By her reality distortion field.”

“Her what?”

“Reality distortion field, or RDF. Certain people are so charismatic that they can distort your perception of reality and warp your judgment. Their power class, we call “Charmer.” Rebel Styles looks exactly like Shira Thomas: the skin, the hair, the eyes, the mouth, that Cleopatra’s nose of hers. But without that charisma, it could be anybody. She could have been Resculpted or virtual. But you felt her charisma. Her image generated a reality distortion field. Face it, she made you want her. She made even me want her.” Shockley sighs. ”I have to warn you, Agent Niemeyer, her reality distortion field is far more intense in person. She can make you lose your sense of reality altogether. If you had been there and not watching, you would have been on her before you realized it. You wouldn’t have been able to control yourself. I’ve actually seen it happen.”

“So that’s how she’s evaded justice all these years...”

“Every time we catch her, she slips out of our hands.”

“I see.” He takes another sip of his martini. “You hate her far more than I ever could.”

“That’s because I’ve had to deal with her in person. The danger for you is that you could fall in love with her and become her slave.”

24 june 2014...
For days now, Agent Niemeyer has been reviewing his collection of Rebel Rebel videos, looking specifically for the reality distortion effect Agent Shockley warned him about, watching them over and over and over...

The words she speaks so sweetly are different in each one. They are not necessarily seductive; he had merely shown Shockley one of the worst. But always, she is seductive. There is no development, no sudden emergence of her sexual charisma at puberty; she is every bit as seductive at six as she is at fourteen. Even worse, the six-year-old Rebel is just as sexual...

He can’t shake the impression that Rebel is speaking to him. He knows Rebel is speaking into a camera, speaking to an unknown audience, one she knows all too well. But if you watch her too long, she draws you in and makes you into one of those anonymous pedophiles, wanting her, lusting for her, falling in love with her, paying to watch her again and again and again...

Star, director, webmaster: she does everything herself. She’s done it all herself since the age of six...

That beautiful lithe child body dances in his dreams. Rebel Styles makes love to him in his dreams. He tries to run away, but she is everywhere. The obsessive thought torments him: A child... she’s only a child...

He’s losing his mind — and he feels it going

3 july 2014...
Agent Niemeyer faces the dangerously sexy young woman Shockley says is behind the sweet seductive little girl who torments his dreams. She looks exactly like an older Rebel Styles, but does not bother to project her Reality Distortion Field. He has a few demands of Shira Thomas.

“Who is Rebel Styles?”

“She’s the girl you want,” Shira answers with an enigmatic smile, “but can never have.”

You are Rebel Styles.”

She smiles innocently. “Actually, Agent, ‘Rebel Styles’ is the name of my company. We sell hoverboard fashion gear. It’s becoming all the rage among the New Rave set.”

He stares at her in surprise. He never expected her to be so honest. But Agent Shockley said: Be vigilant around her. She’s always got something up her sleeve. “It’s the name of a legally recognized entity, in other words. Am I right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well. You must then be the same person as the ‘Rebel Styles’ who has a paid site in which you, uh, expose yourself. To pedophiles. Regular subscribers can see you in various states of undress, and you have a pay-per-view service in which you appear fully in the nude. In all of these, you are unusually, shall we say, sexy. Especially in the early years, when you were still just a child. We have collected every one of your videos and still photos from your site — and yes, we paid full price for them — and we have analyzed them thoroughly. And yes, we realize that you are the sole author. This means, of course, that you have full legal liability.”

“Full legal responsibility, if that’s what you mean. Otherwise, you are correct.”

“Right...” He eyes her suspiciously. She isn’t acting seductively right now, but he can feel her charisma. Shockley was right. “To continue... Most of your site’s paid members are known pedophiles. Some of them have been identified as dangerous predators. Now, Miss Thomas, why would you target such an unsavory audience?”

She looks up to the right and thinks a bit. “Well, this older girl I knew told me about a friend of hers, I forget her name, who was doing this kind of thing. I remember she was making a lot of money off it. So I tried it myself. She was right! My first pictures got so much money that I started doing the videos. I got the hang of it quickly, as you already figured out. Pedophiles turned out to be the perfect captive audience.” She leans forward and rests her head in her hands, elbows slightly apart — just like in the videos. “Now, don’t get the idea that I’m being exploited. I get that crap all the time from those femiNazi types. They want me to be a lesbo-nun or something. The pedophiles, they’re helpless. They can’t help what they’re doing. They’re under compulsion. Me, I know what I’m doing. I’m totally in control at all times. They’re not exploiting me, not one bit. I’m exploiting them.”

Niemeyer smirks triumphantly. “You know, Miss Thomas, that child pornography is illegal, and pedophiles are criminals. That means we’ll have to put you, and them, every single one of them, away for a very long time. This is not about sex, not in the least. This is about evil. There’s no Exception around that. The Law never forgives.” Now I’ve got you, bitch, says the smirk on his face.

She smirks back at him cockeyed. That look, Shockley called it. His own smile disappears. “Well, you want an Exception, here it is.” Now hersmirk is triumphant as she whips out her Incorporation papers. “I’ve got full immunity.” She hands the papers to Niemeyer. “You see, I’m Incorporated.”

Niemeyer screams and screams and screams...

Now do you realize the danger you’re in?”

Shira and Leila look at each other for a time, then they stare back at the former Interpol agent. After a pause, Leila lowers her head, smiles, and laughs. He stares back at her, confused.

“Maybe, Mr. Niemeyer, you should have looked more deeply into my background. If you had known me better, then you would have realized how much I crave danger.”

Niemeyer shrinks back in horror. “But you...”

Leila’s face lights up in ecstasy. She puts her arms around Shira from behind and holds her close. “You’ve convinced me. Now that you’ve shown me who Shira really is, I know for certain that I’ll love her forever!”

“Are you so sure she will?” Shira, Leila, and Niemeyer turn toward the voice and are shocked to see James Sparks.

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Copyright © 2011, 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

[Revision 2, 7/26/11.]
[Revision 3, 10/13/11: Leila is now joined by Shira, and Sparks replaces Will. Edited to fit Third Revision continuity.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/23/11: Corrected continuity, text, and HTML errors.]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/7/12: Setting changed in opening scene to fit Fourth Revision continuity. One continuity error corrected in final sentence.]

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Spanner 9.3: Spider Spins a Web

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 3: Spider Spins a Web (Revision 3)

22 september 2014.
Just as cheerleader practice is about to begin, Kelly accosts Charmian and takes her to a hiding place just behind the folded-up bleachers. She whispers, “Charmian, Shira knows about us.”

“Why is that something to panic about, Kelly?”

“She’s threatening to blackmail us if we don’t let her have her way with Leila.”

“She can only ruin herself by associating herself in such a way with that insane Eurotrash whore. Besides, our love is pure and chaste. Those two would only live in sin and vile lust.”

“You don’t know what that woman is capable of, especially with that scary lawyer of hers!”

“Shira is a suspected subversive. Leila has disgraced herself totally. We can use their sick infatuation to destroy them.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Trust me.” Charmian takes Kelly in her arms, dries her tears, and kisses her sweetly on the lips. “Now I have to get back to practice before the others start to worry. Okay?”

Kelly nods, then leaves. Outside the gym entrance, Debbie runs up to her. They put their arms on each other’s shoulders. “They’re threatening to out you two, aren’t they.”

“You too?”

“I thought the bitch was gonna rape me in front of everybody else! She’s evil, I tell ya!”

“We’ve got to do something about her!”

“But what?”

locker room. Charmian decides to let the other cheerleaders shower, or choose not to shower and leave for home early, so she can take off her clothes and shower alone without having to worry about any possibility of lesbians leering at her like men and making her feel uncomfortable, and especially Shira. She told their coach, so the coach leaves her alone and leaves for home without looking at her. But what neither of them know is that Shira has sneaked back in. Shira hides in the darkest spaces in the locker room where she can see Charmian. If necessary, she will hide right in front of her, where normal people would be fully visible.

When her body is liberated at last from all the pretentious regalia she burdens it with, Charmian is a sleek pale beauty. She is relieved that no one can see that her body is as hairless as Shira’s; true, she followed the athletes’ example, but today’s stricter post-revolutionary moral standards associate body shaving with whores. Confident that she is safe, she walks casually to the shower, picks the closest one (the one Shira normally uses), and turns it on. Warm water feels good on hot skin. She soaps her skin with her hands (the same way Shira does) to wash the drying sweat off her skin. She turns around, back and forth, to wash the soap off her body. She takes her time washing the long waves of her blond hair. At last, she shuts off the shower nozzle, moves her hair away from her face, and searches for a towel.

She feels for the softest clean towel she can find. Once she finds it and takes it out of the towel bin, she dries herself while she walks back toward her locker. When she gets there, she dries her skin off thoroughly, then puts it around her hair and takes as long as she feels she needs to dry it. She puts the towel on the bench, takes her brush off it, and brushes her long hair until it takes the shape she wants. She reaches into the locker, takes out her clothes, and places them neatly on the bench beside the towel and hair brush. She doesn’t notice Shira sneak in behind her.

Suddenly, Shira grabs Charmian from behind, holds her against her own naked body, grasps her breasts firmly with her hands. Charmian gasps and stiffens up in sudden terror. Seductively, Shira purrs, “Charmian darling, do you realize just how beautiful you are?”

Charmian screams. She struggles to escape Shira’s embrace. When Shira lets go, Charmian spins to slap her hard on the cheek. She dresses as fast as she can and flees the locker room in haste. Shira dresses herself casually, then takes her time leaving.

Mimi meets her at the door. Noticing the red slap mark on Shira’s face, she touches her cheek. “Shira, what happened to you?”

Shira grins mischievously. “Love tap.”

“Did you do anything to Charmian?”

Shira gently puts her finger to Mimi’s lips and purrs, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.’ She winks.

Down the hall, Shira hears Polly scream. She looks in the direction of the scream to find Debbie carrying her over her shoulder. Polly desperately screams and sobs and struggles to escape. Shira races after them.

When Debbie hears Shira’s footsteps, she quickly turns around to face her and then bodyslams Polly onto the hall’s hard floor. Fortunately, Polly knows from her judo training to breathe when she hits the floor. Debbie snarls, “That one’s for Charmian!” Then she points at Shira. “Fight me, you bitch, or I’ll beat up your witch!”

Shira grabs Polly by the hand, lifts her up, pulls her behind her, and gestures her to run. As Polly runs toward the front door, Shira turns back to Debbie, crosses her arms, flashes a mischievous smirk, and says, “No.”

“What? You a coward?

Shira laughs. “Sorry, I’m just not in the mood, so don’t bother Challenging me. I won’t accept.”

Debbie stares at her, eyes wide open in amazement. “You ain’t even accepting an Answer Challenge?”


Debbie stares for several more seconds. She wonders why she can’t get herself to fight Shira, until she realizes that right now Shira completely lacks fighting aura. Thoroughly confused, she turns and runs away.

principal’s office. Charmian runs through the door. “Mr Principal! Major! I need help! Please!”

Falconer reluctantly enters from the hallway behind the office. “What is it this time, Charmian?” she asks impatiently.

Debbie enters at that time. Charmian says, “Shira sneaked into the locker room and groped me while we were both naked.”

The Vice Principal looks down at her for several seconds. “I’m sorry, but her lawyer’s got our hands tied.”

Charmian and Debbie gasp. “What?

“We can’t do a thing about it, and if we did, her lawyer would be all over us.”

“But she sexually harassed me!”

“Well, we’re gonna have to find some other way to punish her.”

Debbie smirks conspiratorially. “Why don’t we get her through her girlfriend!”

Charmian shoots a pained look at her. “Cousin, Shira will still—”

“Forget Shira. I mean, Leila’s being unfaithful to her future husband.”

“That’s right! Her grandfather the Governor personally pledged her to the son of the late chairman of Biotron.”

“He’s richer than God, and I heard he’s a serial killer, even. Bye-bye Shira’s advantage!”

A look of realization comes over Falconer’s face, soon replaced by a harsh smile of triumph. She goes back to her personal office to make a call. The two cousins grin at each other.

In her office, Falconer calls Brinkman. “Sorry, but I’m not — Honey, what are you calling me about at this time of the day?”

“It’s about your granddaughter, Walter.”

“Which one?”

“The prodigal. She has decided to be unfaithful to her future husband.”

He pauses. “And who is the one she is cuckolding Oliver for?”

“A young subversive with a lawyer who has been protecting her from justice. Another girl. Her name is Shira Thomas.”

His eyes open wide, then narrow. “Another girl, you say? This sounds serious indeed.”

“That’s right, Mr Governor. The daughter of the Guild leader has stolen your prodigal granddaughter from her intended husband. This is a political crisis. You must do something about that ungodly mudblood and that traitorous lawyer of hers too, before they start causing serious damage to the Revolution.”

Brinkman strokes his thick black beard. “Hmmm. It may be even worse that we thought, Major. We fought the Revolution in part to restore marriage to its ancient tradition. If they show this degree of contempt for basic moral principles, who knows what else they’ll violate. Have you called Oliver?”

In the main office, Charmian makes a call to Oliver Thorwald. A worried Debbie clings to her. “Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Trust me, it may be the only way to get at those two.”

Thorwald appears on the phone’s screen. “Who is this?” he asks suspiciously.

“This is Charmian Fleer, Student Council President at Leila Shelley’s school, the daughter of Admiral Fleer and granddaughter of Dr Henry Becket. You are Oliver Thorwald, correct?”

“That’s my name, Miss Fleer.”

“Leila Shelley is your Intended, by arrangement and by Law.”

“That’s two for two.”

“Did you know Leila tried to escape your upcoming marriage to her by killing herself?”

“She’s dead?

“No. She survived the attempt. Now here’s where it gets interesting. You won’t believe who saved her life.”

“Who? Tell me.”

“Shira Thomas.”

Thorwald gasps in horror, makes a noise like a death rattle. He squeaks, “Oh. fucking. shit.”

Charmian smiles involuntarily. “And that’s not the worst of it, Mr Thorwald. From what I have seen with my own eyes, Shira has successfully stolen your Leila’s heart. Your precious Leila, I regret to say, has fallen in love with her. Hard.”


“I take it that Shira is a personal enemy of yours?” Thorwald nods. “Well, then. Your personal enemy, out of sheer contempt for you and perverted lust for her, has stolen your rightful property. Now do you want revenge?”

Thorwald’s face twists into pure hate. He growls through his teeth, “Damn fucking right I want revenge.”

“Now try getting it against Shira Thomas. Goodbye, Mr Thorwald.” She cuts off the call. Debbie laughs. Charmian gives her a self-satisfied smile. Suddenly the smile disappears.

“What? That wasn’t enough?”

“It’ll work if he’s sufficiently irrational to murder her himself.”

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spanner 9.2: Making Jesus Cry

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 2: Making Jesus Cry (Revision 3)

22 september 2014.
homeroom class.
Mr Whitmer says, “In my philosophy classes before the revolution, I always dedicated one class to a particular what-if scenario. For the sake of this discussion, let us assume that there is no afterlife—”

Kelly stands up. “That’s complete nonsense and you know it!”

“Miss McLendon, please—”

“There is an afterlife! The Bible and the Book of America say so!”

Dorian shoots her a murderous glare. “Kelly.”

“Sorry I’ll shut up.” Kelly sits down, puts her arms on her desk and her head down onto her arms, and mopes. The other students applaud.

“Thank you, Miss McLendon,” says Mr Whitmer. “To continue. Assuming there is no afterlife and we do not survive death, which choice would you make: one year of perfect happiness, on the condition that you must die at the end of it; or a long and healthy life at the price of perfect boredom?”

“I’d rather be bored,” says Kelly. Several of the students say “Yeah!” in agreement.

Leila stands up. “I would choose the first. If I could have that one year of perfect happiness, I’d gladly die.” Several students gasp.

Kelly snaps, “But you’ve tried to kill yourself five times already, Leila!”

“Because I was trapped in the second option, which I didn’t choose. I could endure extreme amounts of stress at the hands of the family patriarch or the Fashion-Industrial Complex or you, Kelly [some students giggle], or I could take drugs that would reduce everything to a gray blur. I nearly died of both. I’d rather have oblivion than that.”

“Miss Shelley,” says Mr Whitmer, “please explain the reasoning behind your choice.”

“Like I said, I’ve suffered the second option. I wouldn’t want to have to go through it again, even if it meant I’d never have to die. If only I could have that perfect happiness, dying would be worth it.” Leila smiles at Shira. “Who knows? I may have already found it.” Shira smiles back. Kelly gasps; several students gossip.

Mr Whitmer asks, “And what about you, Shira?”

“You’re asking me if I’d prefer dying young to a fate worse than death. Most of you guys are afraid of dying. Me, I’m afraid of endless boredom. The answer should be obvious.”

Fiona says, “If I could spend that year with someone, dying would be worth it.”

Leila winks at her mischievously. “Even if that someone were me?”

“Why not?” The Shelley sisters meet in the front of the room and give each other a big hug and beautiful smiles.

morning classes. Leila drifts through the school day in a dreamy reverie. She cannot even force herself concentrate on classes that not only are boring but get all their subjects wrong. All she can think about is Shira.

Polly looks at her, amazed; she waves her hand in front of her; she tries to distract her with friendly conversation. Then she turns to her friends and says, “I think she’s in love.”

Leila follows Shira around wherever she goes (“like a puppy,” as the girls put it). Somehow they make time and find secret places for making out. Their erotic chemistry is so explosive that no one in the school can ignore it.

Dexter looks crestfallen; at last, he realizes, he has lost Shira to someone else. He knows it was bound to happen someday, since he wants to settle down and she doesn’t. But it still hurts.

Brandi finds herself feeling jealous. She didn’t realize she wanted Shira so much. But still she is shocked by the intensity between her and Leila. However, she can’t help but feel a little lost without the possibility that Shira would turn her attentions to her.

Charmian continues to look down on both Shira and Leila. But Kelly can’t help but notice how they act around each other now. They no longer seem like mere friends. It takes her a while to realize what is going on between them, but finally the realization hits her like a hammer:

“I think she’s in love — with Shira!

She summons up a small troop of her yes girls to confront her in the hope of forcing her to repent of her ways. Before lunch, they find her and put themselves in her way.

“Stop right there!” commands Kelly.

Leila glares back. “What do you want, McLendon?”

“We’ve been hearing some really disturbing things about you today.”

“Why does my choice have anything to do with you?” snaps Leila.

“You’re making Jesus cry! Can’t you feel his tears?”

Leila shudders with an angry sigh.

“Well, the Lord commanded that True Love can only be between a man and a woman, and nothing should get in the way of that!”

“If you remember your Sunday school lessons, Kelly,” replies Leila contemptuously, “the Lord also said he created black people as slaves for white people.”

“Well, even if you were right with Jesus, like you should be, there’s still that... that... that creature! She’s in love with you! Right?!

Now Shira appears and comes toward Leila. “Yes, I am in love with her.”

Kelly points at Shira angrily. “I knew it! I knew you were trouble from the beginning!”

Shira leans in seductively. “Of course you did, Kelly. But you couldn’t stop playing with fire, now could you.”

“Stop it!”

“I’m totally open about my love for Leila, and I’m going to remain so as long as I know your deep dark secret, the one you’re so desperate to hide from the world. I know who you love, Kelly. And it sure as hell ain’t that ugly runt Beck Skeever. You hate me because you’re jealous.” Shira drives a hard taunting smile into Kelly’s eyes. Kelly feels a chill that goes deep into her soul.

lunch. The rumors of Bart’s involvement in Leila’s rape spread throughout the school. The “lesser” students have started looking at the Student Council strangely. They no longer think of the Council as merely corrupt and tyrannical. They whisper the word “mafia” under their breaths and out of the hearing range of the Council’s spies.

In the hall outside the library, Fiona holds her sister tight. “I’m so glad you’re still alive.” She looks into Leila’s eyes imploringly. “Why did you do it?”

Leila drops her head onto Fiona’s shoulder and sighs. “I couldn’t handle the pain.”

Fiona kisses her on the cheek. “Leila, I love you more than my life,” she sobs. “If you let yourself die, I’ll lose all my reason to live!”

Leila looks into her sister’s eyes and starts to cry. “I don’t wanna hurt you, Rob, Mum, and Dad anymore. I promise I’ll be here for you. Besides, I can’t kill myself anymore.”

Fiona looks at her sister strangely. “Can’t?”

Leila nods. “Can’t.” She can see Fiona go red with recognition.

“You mean... Shira put you under a geis.”

“’Cos she’s in love with me. Now I have no choice but to love her forever.” She smiles. Fiona holds her as tight as she can. They kiss each other on the cheek and cry together.

afternoon. Dexter agrees to meet Shira at the Bremer Student Center on the Olympic College campus. Shira’s college classes begin today, so her high-school day ends after lunch. Shira buys him a mocha with whipped cream.

He looks at her sadly. “So it finally happened, didn’t it.”

She smiles weakly. “I’m afraid so.”

“You found... her, and I’ve got...”

“You know, the moment I found her, I knew it was only a matter of time. Besides, I’m a total rebel, and you always wanted a Yamato Nadeshiko.” Dexter laughs. “But I still love you, and I always will. You’re a lovely person, and you’re just plain beautiful besides. It’s just that our temperaments don’t match, and I don’t really make great wife material anyway.”

“At least it was real good while it lasted. We had a great thing going for a while. And I got to give you your birthday present just in time.”

“Once again, thanks.” Shira smiles. “We’re still best friends. We won’t be throwing bombs at each other like my dad and Evil Stepmother.” They laugh.

“So if you’d suggest anybody I could go with, who would it be?”

“How about Karen? I think she’s even your type.” Shira winks.

“You mean a Yamato Nadeshiko, right?” Shira nods. They both laugh. “You still want that date?”

“Sure. I still owe you that at least.”

“You think this new thing with Leila’s gonna last?”

“I don’t know. But knowing her, it’ll be damn exciting.”

library. Leila sits in Shira’s lap in the bean bag chair in one of the corners of the main room. Shira holds her close. Sally takes a short break from shelving books to peek around a bookshelf at them. “Be careful, you guys,” she whispers, “y’all don’t wanna cause too much of a scene.” Shira winks back.

“About this mad love thing,” says Leila. “Have you shared it with anybody else?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been seriously thinking about it. Maybe I was too crazy, or maybe my lovers couldn’t handle it. They either fled screaming or died.”

“Hmm. Anybody else you know that you could share one with? Somebody forbidden, maybe? Like your sister?”

“No, not her. Fiona’s too sane for it. Rob too.” They laugh quietly. “You’re probably already mad for me. Truly, deeply mad, since you saw me nude that one day. I bet you even have a stalker shrine where you hide from the world and wank over my naked pictures.”

“You wanna see it?” They laugh louder. Sally goes, “Shhh!”

“What about you and Mr Whitmer? I sense there may have been at least something between you two.”

Shira whispers into her ear, “That, my love, is a deep dark secret I’ll have to initiate you into.” She kisses her on the cheek, neck, and ear. Leila laughs. “I know you’d die for me, and I’d gladly die for you too. You gave yourself to me for my birthday, which was the best present ever. I want you to live for me. Can I be your reason to live?”


“Let’s live for each other. Let’s give in totally to our desire for each other so that we lose ourselves. I want you to be as mad for me as I am for you. Please?”

Leila turns around on Shira’s lap so she sits facing her and stares into her beautiful green eyes. “What about Oliver?”

Shira gives her a wicked grin. “Let’s love each other so hard, he’ll drop dead the moment he sees us.”

Leila smiles. “I like the idea.”

When Sally takes a peek back at their corner, she sees the two girls kissing deeply. Mr Whitmer told her. She smiles at them, then returns to shelving books and lets them kiss.

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