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Spanner 9.3: Spider Spins a Web

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 3: Spider Spins a Web (Revision 3)

22 september 2014.
Just as cheerleader practice is about to begin, Kelly accosts Charmian and takes her to a hiding place just behind the folded-up bleachers. She whispers, “Charmian, Shira knows about us.”

“Why is that something to panic about, Kelly?”

“She’s threatening to blackmail us if we don’t let her have her way with Leila.”

“She can only ruin herself by associating herself in such a way with that insane Eurotrash whore. Besides, our love is pure and chaste. Those two would only live in sin and vile lust.”

“You don’t know what that woman is capable of, especially with that scary lawyer of hers!”

“Shira is a suspected subversive. Leila has disgraced herself totally. We can use their sick infatuation to destroy them.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Trust me.” Charmian takes Kelly in her arms, dries her tears, and kisses her sweetly on the lips. “Now I have to get back to practice before the others start to worry. Okay?”

Kelly nods, then leaves. Outside the gym entrance, Debbie runs up to her. They put their arms on each other’s shoulders. “They’re threatening to out you two, aren’t they.”

“You too?”

“I thought the bitch was gonna rape me in front of everybody else! She’s evil, I tell ya!”

“We’ve got to do something about her!”

“But what?”

locker room. Charmian decides to let the other cheerleaders shower, or choose not to shower and leave for home early, so she can take off her clothes and shower alone without having to worry about any possibility of lesbians leering at her like men and making her feel uncomfortable, and especially Shira. She told their coach, so the coach leaves her alone and leaves for home without looking at her. But what neither of them know is that Shira has sneaked back in. Shira hides in the darkest spaces in the locker room where she can see Charmian. If necessary, she will hide right in front of her, where normal people would be fully visible.

When her body is liberated at last from all the pretentious regalia she burdens it with, Charmian is a sleek pale beauty. She is relieved that no one can see that her body is as hairless as Shira’s; true, she followed the athletes’ example, but today’s stricter post-revolutionary moral standards associate body shaving with whores. Confident that she is safe, she walks casually to the shower, picks the closest one (the one Shira normally uses), and turns it on. Warm water feels good on hot skin. She soaps her skin with her hands (the same way Shira does) to wash the drying sweat off her skin. She turns around, back and forth, to wash the soap off her body. She takes her time washing the long waves of her blond hair. At last, she shuts off the shower nozzle, moves her hair away from her face, and searches for a towel.

She feels for the softest clean towel she can find. Once she finds it and takes it out of the towel bin, she dries herself while she walks back toward her locker. When she gets there, she dries her skin off thoroughly, then puts it around her hair and takes as long as she feels she needs to dry it. She puts the towel on the bench, takes her brush off it, and brushes her long hair until it takes the shape she wants. She reaches into the locker, takes out her clothes, and places them neatly on the bench beside the towel and hair brush. She doesn’t notice Shira sneak in behind her.

Suddenly, Shira grabs Charmian from behind, holds her against her own naked body, grasps her breasts firmly with her hands. Charmian gasps and stiffens up in sudden terror. Seductively, Shira purrs, “Charmian darling, do you realize just how beautiful you are?”

Charmian screams. She struggles to escape Shira’s embrace. When Shira lets go, Charmian spins to slap her hard on the cheek. She dresses as fast as she can and flees the locker room in haste. Shira dresses herself casually, then takes her time leaving.

Mimi meets her at the door. Noticing the red slap mark on Shira’s face, she touches her cheek. “Shira, what happened to you?”

Shira grins mischievously. “Love tap.”

“Did you do anything to Charmian?”

Shira gently puts her finger to Mimi’s lips and purrs, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.’ She winks.

Down the hall, Shira hears Polly scream. She looks in the direction of the scream to find Debbie carrying her over her shoulder. Polly desperately screams and sobs and struggles to escape. Shira races after them.

When Debbie hears Shira’s footsteps, she quickly turns around to face her and then bodyslams Polly onto the hall’s hard floor. Fortunately, Polly knows from her judo training to breathe when she hits the floor. Debbie snarls, “That one’s for Charmian!” Then she points at Shira. “Fight me, you bitch, or I’ll beat up your witch!”

Shira grabs Polly by the hand, lifts her up, pulls her behind her, and gestures her to run. As Polly runs toward the front door, Shira turns back to Debbie, crosses her arms, flashes a mischievous smirk, and says, “No.”

“What? You a coward?

Shira laughs. “Sorry, I’m just not in the mood, so don’t bother Challenging me. I won’t accept.”

Debbie stares at her, eyes wide open in amazement. “You ain’t even accepting an Answer Challenge?”


Debbie stares for several more seconds. She wonders why she can’t get herself to fight Shira, until she realizes that right now Shira completely lacks fighting aura. Thoroughly confused, she turns and runs away.

principal’s office. Charmian runs through the door. “Mr Principal! Major! I need help! Please!”

Falconer reluctantly enters from the hallway behind the office. “What is it this time, Charmian?” she asks impatiently.

Debbie enters at that time. Charmian says, “Shira sneaked into the locker room and groped me while we were both naked.”

The Vice Principal looks down at her for several seconds. “I’m sorry, but her lawyer’s got our hands tied.”

Charmian and Debbie gasp. “What?

“We can’t do a thing about it, and if we did, her lawyer would be all over us.”

“But she sexually harassed me!”

“Well, we’re gonna have to find some other way to punish her.”

Debbie smirks conspiratorially. “Why don’t we get her through her girlfriend!”

Charmian shoots a pained look at her. “Cousin, Shira will still—”

“Forget Shira. I mean, Leila’s being unfaithful to her future husband.”

“That’s right! Her grandfather the Governor personally pledged her to the son of the late chairman of Biotron.”

“He’s richer than God, and I heard he’s a serial killer, even. Bye-bye Shira’s advantage!”

A look of realization comes over Falconer’s face, soon replaced by a harsh smile of triumph. She goes back to her personal office to make a call. The two cousins grin at each other.

In her office, Falconer calls Brinkman. “Sorry, but I’m not — Honey, what are you calling me about at this time of the day?”

“It’s about your granddaughter, Walter.”

“Which one?”

“The prodigal. She has decided to be unfaithful to her future husband.”

He pauses. “And who is the one she is cuckolding Oliver for?”

“A young subversive with a lawyer who has been protecting her from justice. Another girl. Her name is Shira Thomas.”

His eyes open wide, then narrow. “Another girl, you say? This sounds serious indeed.”

“That’s right, Mr Governor. The daughter of the Guild leader has stolen your prodigal granddaughter from her intended husband. This is a political crisis. You must do something about that ungodly mudblood and that traitorous lawyer of hers too, before they start causing serious damage to the Revolution.”

Brinkman strokes his thick black beard. “Hmmm. It may be even worse that we thought, Major. We fought the Revolution in part to restore marriage to its ancient tradition. If they show this degree of contempt for basic moral principles, who knows what else they’ll violate. Have you called Oliver?”

In the main office, Charmian makes a call to Oliver Thorwald. A worried Debbie clings to her. “Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Trust me, it may be the only way to get at those two.”

Thorwald appears on the phone’s screen. “Who is this?” he asks suspiciously.

“This is Charmian Fleer, Student Council President at Leila Shelley’s school, the daughter of Admiral Fleer and granddaughter of Dr Henry Becket. You are Oliver Thorwald, correct?”

“That’s my name, Miss Fleer.”

“Leila Shelley is your Intended, by arrangement and by Law.”

“That’s two for two.”

“Did you know Leila tried to escape your upcoming marriage to her by killing herself?”

“She’s dead?

“No. She survived the attempt. Now here’s where it gets interesting. You won’t believe who saved her life.”

“Who? Tell me.”

“Shira Thomas.”

Thorwald gasps in horror, makes a noise like a death rattle. He squeaks, “Oh. fucking. shit.”

Charmian smiles involuntarily. “And that’s not the worst of it, Mr Thorwald. From what I have seen with my own eyes, Shira has successfully stolen your Leila’s heart. Your precious Leila, I regret to say, has fallen in love with her. Hard.”


“I take it that Shira is a personal enemy of yours?” Thorwald nods. “Well, then. Your personal enemy, out of sheer contempt for you and perverted lust for her, has stolen your rightful property. Now do you want revenge?”

Thorwald’s face twists into pure hate. He growls through his teeth, “Damn fucking right I want revenge.”

“Now try getting it against Shira Thomas. Goodbye, Mr Thorwald.” She cuts off the call. Debbie laughs. Charmian gives her a self-satisfied smile. Suddenly the smile disappears.

“What? That wasn’t enough?”

“It’ll work if he’s sufficiently irrational to murder her himself.”

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[Revision 2, 7/25/11: Nearly unchanged from the first draft.]
[Revision 3, 10/6/11: Leila/Ayla scene relocated here from Chapter 20 first draft.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/13/11: Changed title (from original working title “Trouble in the Locker Room”), made text revisions, removed out-of-continuity Leila/Ayla scene, added opening and ending scenes.]
[Revision 3.2, 10/23/11: Corrected text and continuity errors.]

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