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Spanner Interlude 5: The Law of Social Darwinism

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Chaos Angel Spanner
Interlude 5: The Law of Social Darwinism

The principle America lives by is The Law of Social Darwinism. Those who use the term tend to identify as “Objectivists,” or at least “radicals for capitalism.” Those who do not believe in evolution call it the “Principle of Rugged Individualism.” America’s Conservative Revolutionaries believe:
  • Every individual is an infinitely impenetrable orb.
  • Every man for himself.
  • Compassion, benevolence, and other social feelings are acts of treason against the sovereign individual.
  • Competition is the law of nature. Only the fittest deserve to survive.
  • Your win-loss record is your worth. Those who win are those who win the right to rule.
  • The race can only survive by picking the winners and throwing away the losers.
  • This applies to corporations, nations, and races as well as individuals.
  • All is war, and war is everything. Peace? What’s that? Real Men laugh at you.
Nobody bothers to mention the atrocities that the collectivists of twentieth-century Eurasia committed in the name of improving the race. Even today these collectivists, called “national socialists,” despise the individualism of their American imperial overlords — and consider it a mark of their inferiority.

(Note: Charles Darwin himself largely disproved the population dynamics theory of Thomas Malthus and considered his eccentric and snobbish cousin Francis Galton’s eugenics impractical. “Social Darwinism” is Richard Hofstadter’s term, and it properly refers to Malthus and Galton, not Darwin. Its meaning is a misunderstanding of Herbert Spencer’s term “survival of the fittest” by self-satisfied British imperialists — like Galton.)
Before the Conservative Revolution of 2012, the voters of several American states threatened to legalize marijuana and start putting an end to the Drug Wars that had been ravaging the US for decades. After the coup, President Goldman Sachs & Co. decreed a total and “eternal” ban on illegal drugs, and that the sole penalty for dealing would be death.

This turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Mafias. The American imperial government gave them everything they ever wanted, and then some.

Soon, crime syndicates took control over not just the drug trade, but the alcohol and tobacco industries as well. The draconian censorship régime allowed them to seize control of those parts of the media industry not under direct government control. They built a huge network of slave factories and brothels manned by poor foreigners, war captives, and political prisoners. They created a massive gambling network with which they took control of high-school and college sports altogether and extended their tentacles into even Little League baseball. They developed new and dangerous kinds of recreational drugs and unleashed them onto a jaded and decadent underground counterculture.

Since the Cold War, Dictel Research has been developing drugs for the American military, drugs intended to turn soldiers into supermen. Now the Mafias want to steal Dictel’s secret formulas in the hope that military superdrugs will make them invincible...
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