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Spanner Chapter 6: The Head and the Tail (Revision 3)

Chapter 5

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 6: The Head and the Tail (Revision 3)

Shira and her friends now have their Team(s), and they’re ready to take on the mean girls and Tournament Leaders — but soon they find themselves fighting for their lives: against the Tournament Leaders, invading gangsters, the Church of America, and the Media Industry Association of America...

The burning question: is a leader the head of their people, or the tail? An anarchist like Spanner would say: the people is not a beast at all...

(Third Revision Update: All revisions done 10/1/11. Ayla’s introduction in Part 6 now has some foreshadowing, not just in Part 5 but also in Part 4.5. In the first draft, that scene was at the end of Chapter 7, so the only foreshadowing was near the beginning of the previous scene.)

Table of Contents:
  1. Throw the Gauntlet (July 3, 2011, revised 10/22/11)
  2. It Came from On High (July 4, 2011, revised 10/22/11)
  3. School of Hard Knocks (July 5, 2011, revised 10/1/11)
  4. The School Invasions (July 6, 2011, revised 10/1/11)
  5. By Any Means Necessary (July 7, 2011, revised 10/1/11)
  6. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (July 8, 2011, revised 10/22/11)

The introduction to the first draft of this chapter, originally called “Fight for the Right,” is not really all that descriptive, and the last line is no longer relevant:
One more chapter written during JulNoWriMo ’10 and containing four scenes that originated as scripted manga scenarios in my Project Notebooks from the early Noughts (Notebooks 11 through 14): the bus, the principal’s office, the five-on-one brawl, the girls’ locker room. I changed those scenes somewhat from the early scripts to refine them and put them in their proper place in the plot, but otherwise they remain fundamentally the same as I when I scripted almost a decade ago. All the other scenes are new.

There’s much more fighting here than in previous chapters (though there’s lots of bombs in Chapter 3), mainly because Shira has multiple run-ins with head boy Bart and his Tournament fighters. As far back as the Nineties I wanted to throw lots of fight scenes into the Spanner manga, and they would have looked too cool for words. However, right now I’m stuck with words, so I guess I’ll have to deal for now...

The title is a pun. Bonus points to those who get it.

Chapter 6

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