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Spanner 7.2: The Marriage Exception

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 7: Love Missile
Part 2: The Marriage Exception (Revision 3)

7 september 2014.
Mudlark House.
When Jennifer wakes up to a beautiful morning, Willa is still asleep beside her in their bed. Jennifer stretches and yawns. She struggles out of the bedcovers, then unwraps Willa from them. They are both nude; it isn’t right for a married couple to have anything between them when they sleep together, no matter what those fools at the Eugenics Institute may think. Willa rests peacefully on her back. Jennifer gently puts her hand on Willa’s breasts.

You’re so beautiful, my bride. To me you’re still the most beautiful woman in the world, no matter what anybody else says.

Moving slowly and gently, Jennifer sits atop Willa’s hips. She cups Willa’s breasts in her hands and firmly caresses them. She leans down so she can kiss each soft firm breast one by one, planting a long, firm, gentle kiss on the right nipple and then the left.

“Mmmm,” says sleeping Willa.

Jennifer moves up Willa’s body, presses her lips to hers, gives her a long passionate kiss. Willa lets out another soft moan, but remains asleep. “I love you, Willa,” says Jennifer.

She sits up and gently squeezes the beautiful breasts of the woman she calls wife. She wonders whether she should wake her up. But then a mischievous idea comes to her. Something Shira would think of...

She smiles mischievously. “Well, sleeping beauty,” she says to Willa, “I’ll make love to you in your dreams.”

Keeping Willa’s breasts firmly cupped, Jennifer moves down to kiss them. She showers her breasts with kisses. Then she puts her right breast into her mouth, applies gentle pressure with her teeth, and slowly sucks upward until she is holding up the nipple by her teeth and tickles it with her tongue.

Willa, still dreaming, moans with unconscious pleasure.
1 june 2013...
“No, you cannot!” shrieks Richard Becket. “It’s not possible, it’s not moral, it’s not...”

“Fair?” mocks Dr Willa Richter-Thomas, his longtime enemy. “I thought that word wasn’t even in your vocabulary.” She waves around a copy of the United Corporations Charter.

The Chairman storms up to her and leans down into her face. Even at 182 cm (about six feet in the British Imperial units the American Empire still stubbornly uses), Willa still looks short compared to the two-meter-tall Chairman. Yet she isn’t the least bit intimidated, so she doesn’t lean back; his nose touches hers as he stares down into her face. He growls, “No, I won’t let you.”

She smiles and shoves the Charter up into his face. “Seems here, Dick, that there’s a loophole right here in your Charter that allows just this. I can easily get any lawyer to cite you the chapter and verse of it. But if you read your American Constitution, you’ll find that any treaty ratified by the Senate and signed by the President becomes the law of the land, in effect part of the Constitution itself. That, as you well know, includes the Eugenics Program. The loophole, which your CEO friends insisted on putting in, allows anyone who is Incorporated to take any mate she pleases, no matter how dysgenic. Therefore, to put it bluntly, there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop me.”

Chairman Becket throws up his arms and storms off away from his onetime sister-in-law. After five ragged paces, he turns back to her, points at her, breathes heavily as he stumbles for words, and finally says, “You know I’ll change it back, Willa. I’ll make it right this time.”

“And then your entire Eugenics Program will collapse. Yet keep it the way it is, and you’ll have every Corporate princeling in the Cartel at your throat in no time flat. And so I have every right to marry my own daughter. I have absolutely no intention of ever letting your sick toadies have my daughter for any reason whatsoever. Eugenics Program or no Eugenics Program, I intend to protect my dear Jennifer from you and all your kind. And so I’m making her my wife, and then I’m going to make love to her every day we remain married. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

21 june 2013...
Willa Richter-Thomas’ wedding dress is simple, but Jennifer Blair’s is exquisite. Jennifer looks like the beautiful angel people have been calling her all her life.

Drunk with ecstasy, Jennifer says, “I do.”

The Mayor of Boston says, “By the power invested in me by the Commonwealth of New England, I pronounce you husband and wife.” The huge crowd bursts into loud cheers. Before the Mayor can say anything else, Jennifer throws herself into her mother’s arms, and they kiss passionately. Mother and daughter are now husband and wife.

Outside the festivities on the Common, Willa’s enemy, the Prophet Drusilla Becket Pernell of Dictel, Incorporated, leads a huge crowd of politically connected evangelicals, Minutemen, neo-Nazis, and “God Hates Fags” cultists in a massive riot. Vice President Sarah Palin herself and other prominent Conservative Revolutionaries walked here arm-in-arm with Reverend “God Hates Fags” in support of “morality.” (Willa: “Pop quiz: What do Corpos mean by ‘morality’?” Jennifer: “Sexual fascism based on [air quotes] ‘traditional’ marriage arranged by Cartel-approved eugenicists [sticks out tongue in disgust].”) But when one of the Minutemen tried to assassinate Willa and Jennifer and was shot dead by a police sniper, the whole crowd outside exploded into mob violence. Vice President Palin and her entourage fled in their stretch Hummers, leaving the rest of the conservative crowd to face the riot police. Before the people inside can go out and dance in the streets, the policemust clean up the Corpo riot. There’s no love lost between the Imperial authorities and local police.

In the nineteenth century, “Boston marriage” was a byword for de facto lesbian marriage. Then in 2004, eight years before the coup, Massachusetts became the first state in the Union to legalize same-sex marriage, making the old slang term a legal reality. After the coup, as President Goldman Sachs & Company reconstituted the Confederacy on the Union’s ashes, one of its first decrees was to forcibly merge all the New England states and former Canadian Maritime provinces into one state of New England, in order to limit the liberal influence the “damn Yankees” could have over what was in effect a victorious Confederacy. The new “Yankee Republic” began defying it immediately. Now there is talk of secession — but any Yankee attempt to secede from the Confederacy would be met by war...

Eventually the riot fizzles out, allowing the celebration to begin. Interviewed by a reporter for Boston television, Willa explains: “Our aristocratic Bourbon friends down South and their Copperhead brethren around here managed to slip a little something into the United Corporations Charter, changing the Cartel’s Eugenics Program just a little bit. It seems some of them are so obsessed with the purity of their blood that they refuse to mate with anyone but their own siblings, like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. I must thank them, especially my ex-husband Henry Becket and his beloved sister Drusilla, for making this occasion possible.

“Mothers, it is now possible for you to marry your own daughters, at least in the Commonwealth of New England and other enlightened countries in the American Empire. There’s a whole horde of barbaric Corporate princelings trying to steal your daughters. If you see any chance they’ll take them away from you, marry them as soon as you can. That way you can keep them protected.”

Further north, in her place of exile in the wilds of Newfoundland in far northern New England, where she has fled to escape the state police, Drusilla Becket watches in horror as her nemesis willfully violates the laws of God and eugenics by marrying her own daughter. “This is horrible!” she cries out to her older brother Henry. “Can’t we do something about this obscenity, like destroy Boston?”

The Doctor steps into the living room, still fussing with his tie. “We can do better than that, Drusilla,” he says with absolute confidence. “We can deconstruct.”

Dru gets off the couch, stomps up to her brother, and stands on her toes to get in his face. She shrieks, “Did you see what that woman did, Harry?”

Henry frowns. “What did she do, Drusilla?”

“Your ex-wife is marrying her own daughter.


22 june 2013...
Chairman Becket says to his brother the Doctor, “Now you’ve done it, Harry. You’ve created a monster.”

Henry Becket snaps back, “Don’t blame me, Richard! It wasn’t my brilliant idea to bring back the God-damned Confederacy! I for one never thought you of all people would lose New England!

“Well, it’s gone for all intents and purposes, brother, just because — I can risk saying it now — the ‘damn Yankees’ still want to keep their precious ‘Boston marriages’ legal. And now your dearly beloved ex-wife is using your ‘purity clause’ to spread her insane idea of mother-daughter marriage all over the Empire! All because every redneck oil baron in Texas would be breathing down our throats? Well?”

“It was not about what you call ‘redneck oil barons.’ The Purity Clause isn’t for them. It’s for us.”

Our family?”

“No. Our people. The Dragonites.
At first, Willa is tickled by giggling pixies. Then fairy dust starts to rain down. The world turns pastel and kaleidoscopic; everything becomes more vivid, reality spins like a whirling dervish whipping himself up into a rapidly building ecstasy. Gods and angels dance the world. The whole universe explodes into light, one two three times. Then Willa wakes up...

...and Jennifer’s sweaty body collapses onto hers. Jennifer brings her hand up so mother and daughter can lick their combined juices off it. When her hand is licked clean, they kiss. Willa caresses her daughter-wife’s sweaty skin, first her shoulders, then the small of her back, then her soft buttocks. Willa never inherited an inborn incest taboo; consensual incest seems to have been a Richter-Thomas family tradition since the day thirteen-year-old Willa seduced her fifteen-year-old brother Cedric back in 1980, shortly before they went rock ’n’ roll. Cedric was so gorgeous then, she would say later, that she couldn’t control herself. Their children inherited their lack. Willa and her daughter knew their marriage would be easily consummated.

“I love you, Willa,” sighs Jennifer. Her blissful face glows gorgeously.

“I’ll have to make love to you while you’re sleeping, too,” says Willa.

Jennifer smiles. “I’d love that.” She kisses Willa again. “I wish we could dedicate our whole lives to nothing but making love.”

“You know we’ve got lives we have to live outside this room,” says Willa gently.

“You know how much I’ve always wanted to marry Shira, but I’d still be perfectly happy to be your wife for life.”

Willa caresses Jennifer’s face. “You know I’m doing this to protect you. You’re still very young yet.”

“I know. But you’re still so very fun to make love to.”

Willa laughs, then kisses her. “So how was school?”

Jennifer sighs. “Just the way I expected. We met all the mean kids and some of the evil kids, and we’re starting to get along just fine.”

“Just be careful. I don’t want you to scare me like you did on Blake Island.” Willa takes her daughter’s face in her hands. “I love you, Jen.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m not alone this time. I love you, Willa.” They kiss deeply.

Suddenly the phone screams to interrupt their kiss. Willa picks it up. Her expression turns to horror. “Oh my — is she okay?... I’ll be there as fast as I can. Thanks, ’bye.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Is Leila Shelley one of your classmates?”

“Yes. What happened?”

“She’s been raped. She’s in the hospital right now.”

Jennifer gasps. The two leap out of bed, throw on some clothes, and rush to the car as fast as they can.

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[Revision 2, 7/9/11: New ending added (starting with the ringing phone); everything else mostly unedited from the first draft.]
[Revision 3, 10/2/11: Corrected text and continuity errors.]

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