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Spanner 6.6: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

This was originally the end of Chapter 7, but I realized I’d already written a better ending for that and didn’t know it...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 6: The Head and the Tail
Part 6: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (Revision 3)

6 september 2014.
after midnight.
As the long Friday night stretches into Saturday morning, Jennifer picks Shira up and takes her with Cory and Kio to a warehouse party on Bremerton’s far Westside, where Alex is DJing. Shira confronts two drunken and rowdy sailor boys who came to prey sexually on young female dancers the way “Bremeloes” hunt sailors in sleazy Bremerton bars. When they spot the face of Rebel Styles on Shira’s sexy adolescent body, they go berserk and try to kill her, rape her, or both. She beats them up.

When she spots Leila, she runs up to hug and kiss her. “Oh my god... How’d you get here?”

“We set up a carpool online. Some friends from Seattle picked me up on the way over.”

“Wanna come stay with us?”

“Thanks, but I’ve already got a ride.”

“’Bye, then.” She plants a kiss on a surprised Leila’s lips.

After the party, Leila leaves with a cute sailor she met there. Alex drives Shira home to Hope’s condo. “Damn, redhead,” says Alex, “those guys really had it in for you.”

Shira smiles ironically. “They must’ve been watching too much Rebel Rebel.”

After Shira enters her mother’s flat and locks the door, she finds a surprise waiting for her. A young girl is half-standing in her chair in the living room. A look of total adoration comes over the girl’s face. “It’s you!” She launches herself into Shira’s arms. “I love you!” Shira’s jaw drops.

Her debranded Motorola rings. It’s a video call from Nenene Sasakawa. She takes it. The notorious neopunk kogal, Shira’s bitter Styler archrival back in Japan, wears trashy black goth-loli slut gear with matching eyepatch and grotesque makeup. The Droid gives Nenene’s location as Union Station, Seattle.

“You Shira Thomas?” asks Nenene. Her accent is Kanto, her native dialect Shibuya Styler, her English fashionably yet genuinely broken.

”And you’re Nenene Sasakawa. Long time no see, Ne-chan. So what goes?”

“Where my Ai-chan?”

Shira gives the interloper a skeptical look. “What about your Ai-chan?”

”Ai-chan mine, and she gone. I want back my Ai-chan.”

“Oh, you mean her?” Shira points the phone camera down so it points at Ai-chan.

Nenene’s jaw drops. “What?!” Furiously: “Shira, you bitch! You steal my Ai-chan!

Shira looks into Ai-chan’s face and recognizes it. Aira Izumi is the onetime superstar loli the Yakuza child pornographers replaced Aya Shibata with after Shira reached puberty and returned to America. Nenene Sasakawa, it seems, has imported her and now claims to own her. Aira, it turns out, worships Shira. At only ten, she already speaks English much better than Nenene. Shira kisses the adoring loli hard on the lips.

Nenene screams in rage. “Why you steal my Ai-chan?!

Shira holds out the Droid so its camera shows both her and Aira. “Steal? Who said I stole anything? I’ll bet money that her heart belonged to me long before she even met you.”

Aira holds Shira close to her and happily exults to Nenene, “Rabu rabu neeeeee!

Give back me my Ai-chan, bitch!

Shira grins mischievously. “Sorry, Ne-chan. Life’s a bitch and so am I. Ai-chan, will you be my loli-chan?”

Aira gasps in shock and nearly faints. “Yes! Yes!” Aira and Shira kiss passionately.

They’re still on camera. Nenene lets out another furious scream. Shira and Aira turn to see the videophone picture spin chaotically. Nenene is throwing her phone onto the station floor. When the call disconnects on impact, Shira switches to one of the station’s security cameras. She watches Nenene stomp on her ruined phone with her punked-out hooker boots and scream obscenities in Japanese and English.

She switches off the video and throws her Droid onto the nearest couch. “Now that you’re my Ai-chan, let’s go take a long hot bubble bath. We’ve got a whole weekend ahead of us.”

“Mm!” Aira struggles out of her clothes as fast as possible and skips happily to the bathroom.

Shira takes her time walking to the bathroom to join Aira, languidly stripping off her clothes as she goes. Would she have done the same thing had she been in Aira’s situation. Yes. As she strolls into the bathroom to join Aira, she gazes upon the joyful child in the hot bubble bath and revels in the realization that she has found herself a Rebel Rebel of her own.

Forest Lake Park. The sailor drives an unconscious Leila to the darkest corner of the park nearest Bremerton’s punk rock clubs, where Stan Green sells his drugs. His brother Bart meets him there with his lieutenants, Rex and Beck. “You got the money, Ollie?” asks Bart.

“Only if you got the goods,” says the sailor — who is not really a sailor, but ex-Army gangster Oliver Thorwald.

“Rex, give it to him.”

Rex picks up the box. “Prescription strength Ritalin, courtesy of the hot school nurse.” He gives the box to Thorwald.

Thorwald inspects it, takes out a smaller box, extracts the bottle of Ritalin, opens it, takes a sniff. “Well, give my regards to the nurse.” He opens the passenger side door, puts the box on the seat, takes a briefcase from in front of the seat, and opens it. Bart checks the steroids against the light, then opens a jar and sniffs the clear liquid. “Oh, by the way, I brought you a special gift.”

Bart narrows his eyes. “What gift?”

“She’s in the back seat.” Thorwald grins.

Rex and Beck run up to Thorwald’s car and spot the unconscious woman in the back. “Hey!” shouts Rex in surprise. “That’s Leila Shelley!”

“Bitch been cheating on me with Shira Thomas.”

The Valiants gasp. Rex and Beck squeak together, “Oh shit!”

“Also needs punished for what she did to your brother and Bunny Strakeljahn, right, Corson?” Thorwald opens the door to dump her out. “Have at, dudes. See y’all!” He gets back in the car and drives off.

The three Tournament Leaders stare down at Leila, paralyzed but conscious. Rex chuckles evilly. “Wait till Reno sees this!”

Beck says, “You mean he’s alive?

“Barely out of the clone tank.” Rex whips out his phone and calls his brother Vince. “Hey, Vince? Reno there?... Hey, Reno. Who was that bitch killed you and Bunny back at Bumbershoot?... Really? We got her! Get over here!”

“Rachel’s gonna kill us if she finds out...” says Beck uneasily.

Bart’s thin pale lips twist into a smile. “We’re Tournament Leaders. We’re men. Rachel? She’s just a girl. This bitch killed Rex’s brother and cheated on her future husband with Shira Thomas. That’s unforgivable in the eyes of Jesus America. We own her now. We can do whatever we want.”

Just then, Vince Corson’s car skids in. Two men get out. The slower one on the passenger side is his brother Reno. “I hear you guys got that psycho bitch Leila Shelley.” Rex points at the limp young woman. Reno Corson inspects her carefully.

“Ollie said it was a gift,” says Rex.

“Let’s unwrap her, then.” Reno vindictively tears off Leila’s dress. “Well, lookee here. She ain’t wearin’ no undies.”

Bart says, “You can have her. We got what we came for. Let’s beat it!” He leaves for his Hummer; Rex and Beck follow.

Vince waves his arms like wings. “Bawwk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawwwwwk!” The Valiants ignore him. He shrugs. “Kids these days.”

He turns to watch Reno strip down and prepare to rape the helpless girl. Shira’s spycam watches them from the trees above.

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[Revision 2, 7/8/11: Relocated section from Chapter 7 first draft, added final scene and modified rave scene accordingly.]
[Revision 3, 10/1/11: corrected the character “Ollie-Ollie Oxenfree” to Oliver Thorwald to fit Third Revision continuity; corrected text and continuity errors. The “next chapter” link now points to the proper chapter (the old 7.1 is now 7.2).]
[Revision 3.1, 10/22/11: Heavily edited the final scene to fit revised Third Revision continuity (now ties directly into 3.1 and Chapters 7, 8, 10, and 15).]

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