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Spanner 9.6: She's My Man

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 6: She’s My Man (Final Revision)

23 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
They shut the door behind them. Shira locks the door, locks the deadbolt, locks the chain lock. “AEGIS! Anybody here?”

“No. You and your girlfriend are alone.”

She smiles at Leila. “Good. Soundproof it. Black the windows.”

The flat goes dark. The lights automatically come on. Shira commands, “Set to ‘romantic.’” The lights dim slightly and take on a warm yellow hue. She feels Leila’s stare. She looks into Leila’s eyes and caresses her cheek.

Leila asks, “Are you really Rebel Styles?”

Shira goes to the coffee table to slip on the datagloves she left there, then turns to the big TV. Waving her hands like a symphony conductor, she turns on the TV and computer, activates a virtual machine in a sandbox, types startx to bring up a minimal desktop with one file manager window open. Each file is an OGG-format video. She points at one file, and it plays full-screen...

First video: Rebel Styles lies on her left side on the bed, knees bent, both hands hiding her sex. The hair is lighter, the nose smaller and cuter. “Hello again, boys. Miss me? Rebel Rebel’s back, just for you.” This girl is charismatic, seductive, irresistible. She rolls over onto her back, hands still between her legs, and stares up at the camera with Shira’s familiar wide-eyed seductive look.

Leila’s eyes and mouth are wide open in utter fascination. Shira says, “I was Rebel Styles.”

Second video: Rebel introduces another girl who looks exactly like her. “Kira?” Shira sadly nods. Rebel rolls onto her twin sister Cleopatra, kisses her with undisguised lust, kisses her way down the moaning girl’s body, reaches her bare little cunny, turns herself around so that they take 69 formation, are obviously and gleefully making love—

Leila gasps.

After Shira plays a few more videos, she closes the video window and stands up to face a stunned Leila. She puts her hands on Leila’s shoulders, pulls her close, and smiles. “Any secrets you wanna tell me?”

“I’m Factor Positive.”

Now it’s Shira’s turn to be stunned. “What?—”


“Impossible! None of ’em survived 12/21!”

“I did. There was this prophecy that if even one Positive were allowed to develop powers, the Synarchy would fall.”

The realization slowly dawns on Shira’s face; her eyes grow wide, her mouth slowly drops; a plan suddenly emerges, and she smiles— “I think we can make it happen!”

“Now that’s impossible.”

“You wanted to destroy the world for our love?”

“Uh... yes.”

“Are you my forever lover?”

“Yes. I love you forever.”

“Will our love destroy the System?”

The shock of realization hits Leila. “Yes!”

Shira kisses her, then grins wickedly. “Let’s show Ollie what he’s lost.”

Video call to the late Dr. Thorwald’s number. Oliver appears on screen. Shira flashes her naked body and trademark cockeyed smirk at the camera. “Go awaAAAAHH!!!

She waves cheerfully and sings, “Hi, Ollie. Remember me?”

What the fuck do you want?!

“You had what I want, so I decided to just go out and take her for myself.”

“Gimme back my Bunny head!”

“I have Leila.”

He freezes. He stares at her, his face paralyzed at the point where a grimace turns into a scream. For an endless moment, he moves not a muscle. Finally he squeaks, “How much are you asking?”

Shira laughs at him. “Ollie darlin’, I’m keeping her. Forever. But I’ll be more than happy to take the money anyway.”

His face twists with rage. He grunts hoarsely, “You can’t take what’s mine. You’ll never get away with it.”

“My lawyer says your many documented violent sexcrimes should be sufficient to nullify your marriage arrangement. Besides, Leila gave her heart, soul, and body to me as an extra-special birthday present. I’m about to make love to her, and she so wants you to watch.” Leila comes over equally nude, smiles and waves at Thorwald, then plants an open-mouthed kiss on Shira’s lips.

“That’s it! I’m comin’ over and—”

Shira shoots Thorwald a sudden hard look that makes him jump. She fixes him with her full Charmer power. He falls silent, then slack. “Think of this as Rebel Rebel Live. You will watch me make love to my girl. You cannot take your eyes off us. You will know that you have lost her forever to me. Now watch.” She kneels sideways in front of the camera, has Leila sit on her lap, and kisses her deeply on the lips. Thorwald’s perspective: Shira right, Leila left. As they grow more excited, they start to lose control of themselves; the kiss turns open-mouthed, they plunge their tongues deep into each other’s mouths, Leila begins to moan as Thorwald watches them, paralyzed with horror.

Leila gasps, “Shira, I love you!” Shira kisses her neck, making her moan, gasp, and squeal. “Fuck me, Shira!” As Shira kisses down her chest, she motions her to get out of her lap up onto her knees so she can caress, squeeze, knead, and kiss her soft breasts.

Thorwald begs, “No no nooo no no no no—”

“Yes,” Leila moans, “yes! More!” From this point on, he can only watch helplessly as his hated enemy performs the vile and perverted crime against marriage and all that is holy upon his Intended — and makes his Intended her eager accomplice in the crime—

Shira languidly sucks on Leila’s left breast, caresses it, says “You’re delicious.” Leila loses herself in the rising pleasure, lets out a cascade of moans, cries out her love for Shira. Soon Shira squeezes the left breast hard and sucks the right, making her scream, angling her body to give Thorwald the best view, squeezing and sucking; she moves her right hand down to her buttocks, squeezes, lifts it upward to signal her to rise to her feet; she kisses down her rising body, kisses all the way to her cunt, licks and sucks and bites her into unbearable ecstasy, squeezes the soft buttocks hard, bites her clit, plunges her tongue inside, drinks deeply of her nectar, makes love with her to her tongue until she explodes inside her body — then Shira turns her around so her beautiful trembling buttocks face the camera and hits her, hits her again over and over, spanks her arse red she screams sobs in pain begs for more don’t stop screams in violent orgasm, and she collapses into Shira’s arms, onto her knees, sits on her lap, peeks at Thorwald and grins evilly at the trail of vomit seeping out of his mouth.

She puts Leila’s hands on her breasts and eases her left breast into Leila’s mouth; Leila gives in to pure lust, sucks Shira hungrily, caresses sucks squeezes bites as Shira directs, bites the hard nipples making her scream; Shira lowers Leila’s hands to her buttocks and rises to her feet so Leila can “eat me! eat my cunt!” she sucks hard bites licks and Shira directs her through her ecstasy “bite my clit!” she bites rubs the hard sensitive organ she screams “stick it in! now!” she plunges her tongue deeply into her fucks her with her tongue squeezes her arse hard fucks her...

Shira collapses into Leila’s lap exhausted and panting. They regain awareness that a serial killer and a Furby are watching them. Thorwald chokes. They laugh.

They embrace hard and kiss violently. Shira picks Leila up and throws her onto the bed, jumps her, straddles her, fondles her breasts, squeezes them so that the hard points of her nipples point up. ”Leila, you have beautiful nipples.” Leila’s nipples are painfully hard; Shira caresses their painfully sensitive dark skin with her thumbs, making Leila scream in exquisite agony. She continues to stroke the hard nipples till Leila shudders in a screaming orgasm.

Shira goes down to put her mouth over Leila’s right breast, sucking and biting; Leila screams, cries, shakes violently, explodes in violent ecstasy over and over as Shira attacks her right and then left breast. Shira moves her exploring mouth down to Leila’s flowery cunt, bites it repeatedly, licks inside, clamps her hard clit with her teeth and rubs them back and forth hard on it, sticks her tongue into her waiting slit; orgasmic ecstasy so overcomes Leila that she forgets who she is. Then Shira mounts her, sticks her middle finger up Leila’s cunt and her thumb up her own, finds the hard sensitive spots in the vaginal walls and digs in hard, attacks Leila’s clit with her own, Leila cries with pain and desire and unbearable pleasure that hurts her oh sweet agony it hurts and then it explodes—

Shira falls beside her gasping. Leila leans over her to check on Thorwald, who is now emitting a series of squeaks. Leila laughs uncontrollably, making Shira laugh. Leila struggles to control herself, but succeeds. She shoots a wicked grin at him and purrs, “My turn.” She grabs squeezes Shira’s breasts, attacks the right breast (closer to the camera) with her mouth, kisses sucks bites first one then the other and back, sucks her cunt drinks deep the nectar bites her clit bites sweet pain and tonguefucks plunge deep in out she moans screams do me harder more, mounts her presses their clits together presses the hot buttons inside them, her body takes over and fucks her with unleashed frenzy attacks her pours out her lust, screams turn to music pleasures merge they lose all sense of reality and together their bodies explode into pure white light selves vanish souls merge bodies fuse become one—

The signal is dead. Thorwald cut the call. Shira closes the videophone app and shuts off the monitor. She picks Leila up, carries her to the couch, drops her, attacks Leila’s cunt with her own — they make love on the kitchen table, in the shower, on the bed, losing consciousness of their own bodies, of reality itself — and then the alarm goes off—

Shira sits bolt upright, shocked to find herself in the bed in her ruined shrine to Leila. She hammers the alarm clock to shut it up. “Whoa...”

Leila rolls over to face Shira, letting the bedcovers roll off her bare body. She gazes up at her in adoration and silently mouths the words I love you.

Making love to Leila energizes Shira the way good boy Dexter and bad boy Sparks never did. “I don’t think we’ll be tired today,” she deliriously muses. She falls onto Leila, and they kiss as hard and passionately as they can, and it begins again...
bellevue: Oliver attacks his television with his shovel as the video of Shira making love to Leila plays over and over—
bangor subdivisions: Frank Becket broods, realizing his ticket to immortality now belongs to his deadly enemy, the one known as Rebel Styles—
drusilla’s temple: Drusilla laughs at Luke Everson and exults, “Now nothing can stop me from taking her blood!” — Everson endures her stoically and plots his revenge—
copco headquarters: Walter Brinkman swallows his dignity and allows master propagandist R.G. “Rat Bastard” Litton to tell him his latest plan—
biotron labs: Dr. Mina Tatsumi stares down triumphantly at the captive Lucie Stenbeck and plots the recapture of Leila Shelley—
boston: Henry Becket watches his mother convulse, scream, and foam at the mouth in a grand-mal seizure triggered by a full-force psychic attack—
dictel tower: Richard Becket places the telephone receiver back on its base and tells a stunned Locke Holmes staring at the video, “I believe you have a problem“—
bellevue: Oliver collapses into his mother’s loving arms and wails like an abandoned woman; Misty Everson Thorwald plots her revenge against Leila Shelley—
...and Leila dreams of a magical girl whose despair threatens to devour the world. A beautiful red-haired female angel appears to her, uncovered copper skin glowing with a metallic sheen, ruby wings outstretched. The angel takes her in her arms, puts her soft lips to hers, and drives away all her despair with her wings. Leila gives her heart to the dark angel in the form of a sapphire pendant and vows eternal love. For the first time in her short troubled life, Leila Shelley sleeps in peace.

bellevue. He had the penthouse reconstructed after the blast and demanded the new furnishings be identical to the old. Now Oliver Thorwald sits on the couch in the exact spot where his father died. On the big widescreen TV, he watches as his promised wife commits fornication, yea, adultery, with his mortal enemy Shira Thomas. She burns with hot desire for his father’s murderer. In the heat of the loathsome lesbian act, she cries out her desire to murder him.

He watches the whole horrific scene from beginning to end, for hours and hours and hours. He watches with revulsion and loathing and hate. He burns the horrible images into his brain. Soon he will show the Governor his granddaughter’s true evil nature.

Leila sent an email as she was about to begin the abominable act: “Dearest Oliver, I show this to you as a token of my hate. I want you to know that I hate you with all my heart and want you to die. I belong to Shira Thomas now. I have given her my heart and my body. From now on, I will never obey a word you say. I obey only her. I will die before I defile myself by letting you so much as touch me. With sincerest heartfelt hate, Leila.”

He throws the remote at the screen. It bounces off and spins to a landing several yards away. He takes his shovel and murders the TV, smashes the screen, bends the metal frame, and still he attacks with the shovel until he exhausts himself. For several minutes he just stands there, leaning on his shovel over the ruined television, and catches his breath.

He storms over to the double door, flings it open, runs to the railing, and shouts at the night. Over and over, he screams. The indifferent night neither listens nor responds.

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[Revision 2, 7/28/11.]
[Revision 2.1, 7/30/11: Final paragraph (dream scene) added as a bookend to a new first paragraph in 1.1 in a continuity correction. Also, Leila’s motivation made clearer.]
[Revision 3, 10/6/11: Added new final scene.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/13/11: Fixed continuity errors created by revisions in the rest of the chapter and expanded the Shira/Leila love scene.]
[Revision 3.2, 10/16/11: Changed title (from “Love You All Night Long”); expanded love scene to full extent planned in the original scenario from the Project Notebooks (the end of 8.6 is another version of the same scenario) but using the Oliver scene as a frame.]
[Revision 3.3, 10/23/11: Added one callback to 3.1 and 8.4; corrected text errors.]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/7/12: Condensed the opening scene, edited for Fourth Revision continuity, replaced paragraphs identical to some in 8.6, added new “flash-sideways” sequence, removed redundant character, changed title from “Melt With You” (now the title of 8.6).]

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