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Spanner Interlude 6: Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Chaos Angel Spanner
Interlude 6: Total Eclipse of the Heart

The news reports the incidents:

A man suspects his wife of sleeping around on him and kills her. He then kills himself.

A woman catches her husband sleeping with his secretary and burns her house down with them in it. She takes off in his car, leads the police on a wild chase which nearly kills three drivers, five passengers, six pedestrians, and two cops, and dies in a fiery collision with a gasoline truck.

A man known for being overly religious attacks couples for their crimes against his morality. He tells the cops they’re arresting the wrong person for the wrong crime.

A woman murders her boyfriend and her former best friend because he changed his Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “single” and back. She tells the arresting officer they deserved it.

“I just don’t get people like that,” says Ada Paulette. “What the hell are they thinking?”

“That’s the thing,” replies Keenan Sasser. “They aren’t thinking.”

Ada turns to Keenan and coos, “What would you do if I dumped you?”

Without a pause, Keenan answers, “Change my relationship status to ‘Single’ and start dating.”

Ada laughs. “That’s why I like you. If you were like that guy, I’d shoot you and plead self-defense.”

“You’d probably have to get my gun out of my mouth first.” They laugh, then they kiss.

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