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Spanner 8.6: Closer to the Edge of Night

Third Revision Update: This used to be half the length. But since this is the end of Book 1’s first “light novel” and a major turning point in the series, I needed to make this an ending with a bang. Oh, and it needed a new title, since the old one was too spoileriffic. I put a song title and the name of an old gothic soap opera together and came up with something more romantic, more melodramatic, more like Leila...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 6: Closer to the Edge of Night (Revision 3)

21 september 2014.
The beautiful black cat cries. She is trapped in a cage, and she longs to be released. But the building is burning all around her. There is no way out. It is already too late. Around her, the building burns, and she cries.

Leila watches her. She sits close by but does not unlock her cage. Why, when they are surrounded by fire and darkness and will only get burned? She watches the cat. She watches herself. She waits for the flames and the dark to close in.

The cat still cries for help. But her cries grow weaker...

Leila’s bedroom. She opens the window, not caring who sees her nude. The morning is beautiful and warm. The birds serenade her with their song. The leaves have barely started to turn beautiful bright colors. The flowers kiss her eyes with the psychedelic intensity of their color.

She feels the crushing burden lift from her shoulders. The lightness makes her feel almost dizzy. She has made the right decision, so she believes. For once, she can call herself truly happy. The sight of the sunset over the mountains will greet her once she reaches the bridge as the day touches the edge of night.

She slips into a little white dress she got when she was younger and believed she was destined for a beautiful romantic wedding. But there is not even the promise of romance in Oliver, only the eternal gray tyranny of the viceroy of God. He will not see her until it is already too late for him. She will gaze down upon him and laugh at his despair. On this first day of fall she shall pluck his tail.

Atop her dresser she has neatly constructed a stack of stamped envelopes, each containing a neatly written note to a friend or a classmate. The note reads: If anything happens to me, mail these at once. She closes the window, pulls the curtains shut, leaves the room and then the house into the caress of the warm sun and cool wind. Today is a good day.

Shira’s apartment. Sunday morning is casual time at the flat which Hope Reston shares with her daughter Shira. In code, that means they don’t bother to wear any clothes at home, and neither do the people they let in. All the pious Americans are in church worshipping America the Christ, so they are pretty much left to themselves. This morning, Hope and Shira are alone while Ayla gets ready to bathe.

Shira comes out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel, not bothering to wear a towel around her body. She says to Ayla back in the bathroom, “Please tell me when you’re done, Ai-chan, so I can come and dry you off.”

“Okay!” says Ayla.

Shira strolls by the kitchen where her mother, wearing only a “Piyo Piyo” apron, is frying three bacon and cheese omelettes. She looks into the kitchen and is overwhelmed by the smell. “Mmmmm...” Hope looks at her and smiles. She flings the towel behind her, right into the hamper by the bathroom door, without looking or thinking. Then she turns into the kitchen. Hope suddenly gestures her to stop in the middle of the doorway. She flashes her mother a quizzical look.

Hope smiles. “I want to have a good look at you.” Shira giggles. “You’ve grown so beautiful. I’ll never get tired of looking at you.”

Shira smiles wide and blushes. “I love you, Mom.”

theatre. Willa called on a whim and asks them if they can dress up fancy, go out with her and Jennifer, and see a play at the Community Theatre, just across the Warren Avenue Bridge on the east side of town. Karen agrees to drive Shira and Jennifer, and pick up Ayla from the Tachibanas’ house. Shira sits Ayla on her lap and holds her tight. She also brings Freddy Freakbeak in case the play is bad and the Furby can ruin it with its commentary.

The actors are earnest but bad. The lines they read are so clunky, their earnest sincerity feels fake. The plot is template standard. You already know the moral of the story. Freddy complains, loud and often. It earns its laughs honestly. The Furby steals the show.

After the play, in the parking lot, some of the playgoers glare at Willa and company, blaming them and their obnoxious little Furby for ruining their morality play. Willa, Hope, and the girls say nothing; the boredom was too crushing, at least till Freddy temporarily dispelled it. They look at each other for a minute or so. Then Hope gets in Willa’s car, the girls get in Karen’s car, the engines start, and they drive off.

Warren Avenue Bridge. The sunset is beautiful. The sun shyly hides over the mountains and paints the sky lovely hues of pink, yellow, and purple. Leila walks up the bridge and watches the spectacle. Its beauty takes her breath away and reminds her of love.

When she reaches the middle of the bridge, she stops. For several minutes she watches the sun set. Then she climbs up onto the outer railing and holds her arms out wide to embrace the sky. She stabilizes herself against the wind on her bare feet; this must be no accident. Today is a good day to die...

As Karen drives back toward the bridge, Jennifer says, “I wonder why everybody’s been running so many bad plays lately.”

Shira says, “I don’t think the federal government even allows good plays anymore. Distracts from the all-important anvil dropping.” Jennifer groans.

Ayla cuddles Freddy in her lap. “Wow” the Furby coos. Ayla giggles.

As they drive down the bridge on their way home, Shira spots a familiar figure in a white dress, on the sidewalk mid-span. Leila is looking sad, looking down at the water. Then she puts one leg over the railing...

Shira gasps in horror. “Stop the car NOW!

Karen slams down on the brake pedal. The car skids and spins half sideways. Ayla screams. When it stops, Shira bursts out the door and runs out toward Leila as she jumps off the bridge. She leaps over the inner railing, catches the outer railing between her feet, right beside her, and together they descend—

Time slows down when their eyes make contact. They see each other. They look into each other’s eyes. They stare deep into each other’s souls. They fall together, the world turns upside down, Shira reaches out to her, reaches as far as she can—

and catches Leila by the hand. They slam against the side of the bridge. Shira holds on with both hands, Leila involuntarily reaches up, Shira grabs her other hand, holds her securely by both hands—

Leila wails, “Let me die! Please let me die!

Shira shouts, “No! I can’t!

Karen and Jennifer pull Shira back up by the legs. Ayla, terrified, stares over the railing and holds her breath. When Shira is back up, her cousins take a sobbing Leila by the arm and pull her up and onto the bridge. Shira embraces Leila violently and holds her as tight as she can. Karen and Jennifer let out a massive sigh of relief. Ayla jumps and shouts for joy.

The five stunned girls go back to the car and get in, Ayla joining Karen in the front seat. Only when Karen gets back behind the wheel does she notice that her car’s blocking southbound traffic and that it’s been running all this time. Jennifer checks the time: it all happened in less than a minute and a half. Leila collapses into Shira’s arms and cries.

“Shira?” sobs Leila.


“Please don’t leave me.”

Shira stares deep into Leila’s eyes and fixes her with unusual intensity. Jennifer takes off her glasses and gasps when she sees Shira’s reality distortion field. Shira commands, “You can’t kill yourself.” Realizing what she is doing to her, Leila stares at her, open-mouthed, stunned. Shira turns off her power and lets herself cry. “Please stay with me.” Leila nods. Shira holds her close and kisses her as Karen drives them home.

Perched behind them on the rear dash, Freddy says, “Hubba hubba.” All the girls laugh.

Shira’s apartment. Almost before Hope unlocks the door, Shira and Leila slam through without waiting for her and Ayla. Even before the door closes, Shira pulls the straps off Leila’s shoulders; the dress falls to the floor, revealing Leila’s white body nude.

Ayla gasps. Hope snaps, “Shira!”

Shira and her mother stare at each other, Shira in defiance, Hope in angry embarrassment, neither saying a word. Leila slides over into Shira’s embrace. Ayla stares at Leila and blushes furiously. The Furby breaks the silence: “Whoa.”

“What are you doing with her?” asks Hope.

“Saving her life,” answers Shira.

She picks Leila up, carries her into her bedroom, and throws her on the bed. Hope tells Ayla, “You don’t need to see this,” and shuts the door. Shira throws herself onto Leila, kisses her almost brutally; Leila gives herself totally to her, returns the kiss with full force of passion,

suck the sweet soft breast, kiss and suck and bite, she surrenders to the urge to shudder and scream, “hurt me! please!” bite the hard sensitive nipple oh how it hurts “harder! bite harder!” bite down harder, oh yes! the pain feels sweet turns to pure concentrated pleasure till she can bear it no more; suck the other breast, bite it bite the nipple harder harder drink the milk drink the blood oh my god no

She feels sweat ooze hot from every pore, Shira turns her over, licks her smooth soft arse. Leila: “I want you to hurt me.” Shira: “I’ll bite you then I’ll spank you.” Leila: “Thank you.” Shira squeezes her butt cheeks hard, jams her face between them, slips her tongue up the surprisingly sensitive anus, reaches high reaches deep, till she feels the sweet explosion go off inside her body; squeeze her arse cheeks, squeeze them till they hurt, put the squeeze on put the bite on, “yes! oh yes!” bite her harder, harder, oh yes the pain, open handed blows fall hard on her arse like hail, hurting her “oh my god it hurts!” she screams cries begs for more, Shira spanks her harder till it’s as hard as she can, Leila screams and shudders from the pleasure of pain, pain is pleasure she begs for more pain, hurt me hurt me harder oh my god she explodes

Back on her back, drenched in sweat, she pants in exhaustion. Shira feels down her body, caresses her downward, reaches under her to caress her hurt-hot arse, lowers her head to plant her sweet soft lips on her nether lips; Leila moans gently, feels the warm wet tongue caress her lips, caress inside her lips, the teeth on her lips, biting them she shudders, teeth tenderly caress the hypersensitive clit she screams, bite down hard oh yes! bite harder the tongue slips in slips around sets off landmines inside her no please no yes

tickle inside her lips with her nipple, tickle the clit, tickle it gently oh my god it tickles stop it don’t stop, it reaches inside her, she wants to suck it deep inside her deep inside crush it, the breast reaches inside her reaches as far as it can go stick it in jam it oh my god oh no harder please harder

hard black phallus pumps into her, tortures her tender wound sweet torture hurt me please harder, pumps her like a piston, impales no yes more harder sweet hurt, impale her wound her, can’t bear the pleasure language dies self dies reality dies only pleasure darkness light pain hurt me harder harder yes no yes I love you forever let it go on forever don’t stop don’t stop don’t let it

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[Revision 2, 7/21/11: Unchanged from first draft.]
[Revision 2.1, 9/28/11: Corrected Ayla’s name.]
[Revision 3, 10/6/11: Changed title, added new Leila scenes including new climax (love scene, no less), expanded theatre scene.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/22/11: Added one final line (Shira’s use of her Charmer power) to fit the revised Shira/Leila relationship-line continuity.]

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