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Spanner 9.4: Nymphetamine

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 4: Nymphetamine (Final Revision)

evergreen park. Shira and Leila detour the long way through Bremerton’s big downtown park, walking hand in hand through the darkness, through Evergreen Park and down the boardwalk toward the access to Sixth Street and Shira’s flat. They feel the cool autumn wind in their hair and on their skin. “I don’t feel quite real,” Leila confesses. “My head’s spinning.”

“Change can do that to you. Me, I haven’t felt this real in ages.”

“I’m not taking my meds anymore. I wanna feel this, even if it kills me.”

A rock whizzes between them. They spin to spot an old Patriot lady, wrinkled face ugly with holy hatred. Leila smiles at Shira. “Shall we kill it?”

“Darling, that would be mercy,” Shira replies. “I say we show this jihadi what real terrorism is.” She takes out her loaded Go-Yo and throws it down; it spins threateningly.

“Stop!” a man shouts behind them. The old woman escapes to report back to Everson.

“And who are you?” Leila demands. The man, sports tousled hair, rumpled suit, and wingtips, approaches slowly. He seems polite enough, but his eyes betray madness. She takes a defensive martial arts stance, just to be careful. Shira summons the Go-Yo back to her hand, crosses her arms, and looks at the man skeptically. When he comes close enough, a few meters away, he stops. Then he says, in a French accent:

“Excuse me, but are you Leila Shelley?”

Leila stares at him suspiciously. “What do you want.” Shira holds out her Go-Yo hand in attack position.

The man holds up his hands and pleads. “No! No! I have no intention of hurting you! I only want to talk to you. This is very important. It may save your life.”

She stands up, drops her head, and sighs. Then she looks back at him. She doesn’t want to take any chances. “So what is this about, that it may save my life?”

He looks at Shira suspiciously. “Do you know this woman?”

“I am in love with her.”

“That is exactly what I was afraid of.”

“So what’s the problem? Is she in any trouble? Are you a cop or something?”

“Yes. You could say that. I am an Interpol agent. Or at least I was once. My name is Étienne Niemeyer. But you can call me ‘Steve’ if you prefer.” He looks at Shira.

Leila looks at Shira, then at Niemeyer. “You’re after her, aren’t you.”

“Yes... actually, I was... once. But then I saw what she was, and... I saw her true nature, and I almost did not survive... Let me put it this way: Have you ever heard of Rebel Styles?”

“I think I heard about her once or twice from a gangster I... was once involved with. He said she was some kind of child porn star. I noticed he was afraid of her when he mentioned her.”

“He is right to be afraid. Rebel Styles has driven men to madness, even to murder. Do you know how she does it?”

“Please tell me.”

“By projecting a reality distortion field. There is one other person who projects precisely that reality distortion field, and that is Shira Thomas. This is, I discovered at my great cost, because the two are in fact the same.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?”

“You are exposing yourself directly to that very same reality distortion field, and to the one who generates it. I can see that she has already disordered your sense of reality.”

“I see you really are mad.” Leila tries to run away from this Steve Niemeyer, but Shira catches her and spins her around behind her. She now stands between Leila and the mad ex-agent Niemeyer.

He speaks to Leila as if Shira were not there. “Please listen to me! That woman is a dangerous drug! She will ruin you, even as she has ruined me! Do you know what we call her at Interpol? Do you know what codename we gave her?”

“I... I’d have no idea...”

Niemeyer’s mad eyes pierce into Leila’s. Slowly, with special emphasis, he pronounces: “Nymphetamine.” He holds up his phone, and the video plays...

18 june 2014...
The girl in the Flash video has smooth cinnamon skin and wild copper hair. She is curled up on the bedsheets and looks at the camera seductively. She is charismatic. She is completely nude. She is only eight.

“Who produced these videos?” asks Special Agent Diana Shockley.

“She did,” says Jean Étienne Niemeyer. His specialty in Interpol is child pornography. This video is just one in a huge collection he’s built up over the years, all of them starring an impossibly seductive young girl who goes by the name of Rebel Styles.

“She couldn’t have. No one that young can.”

“Turns out she did.”

“Someone must have forced her to do it.”

“No one. She did it all by herself. Just look at what she’s got in her hand.”

Shockley stops the video. Clearly, in her left hand, eight-year-old Rebel is holding a remote. “She’s operating the camera herself?

“That’s right.”

The camera zooms in so that Rebel’s face nearly fills it. Even that young, her charisma is nearly overwhelming.

“Hello, lovers,” she purrs. “Miss me? I missed you.”

Shockley gasps. “How can she be that seductive at that age?”

Through gritted teeth Niemeyer says, “She had to be born that way. She is what the Yakuza call a ’loli.’ Already I hate her. She’s worse than any adult child pornographer.”

“How so?”

“Just watch.”

There is seduction in her smile, her voice, and her beautiful green eyes. This child is making love to her viewers. Rebel coos, “It’s bedtime, but I know you don’t feel sleepy. All you wanna do is spend the night with Rebel Rebel. Well, I’m here for you, and only for you.” She giggles sweetly.

The camera zooms out slowly. Rebel turns onto her back and stretches her lithe young body, remarkably taut for an eight-year-old girl. A dancer’s body already. Coyly, she keeps her legs to one side, still bent. She puts her hands behind her head. “I wanna play with you. I’m here and you’re there, but I can still touch you. I’m touching you right now. I wanna touch your heart.”

Rebel turns herself sideways in the picture and rolls over so as to show her full naked backside (Shockley catches her breath). She lingers in the picture for what seems an eternity but is in fact only a few seconds. The camera angle changes: a different camera. She rests her head in her hands, elbows on the bed to either side. She gives the camera her most seductive smile. The remote has disappeared from the picture. “You’re beautiful. You know I’m beautiful. And I love you.” In the final image, Rebel Styles’ beautiful smile is brighter than her perfect white teeth.

The horrified detectives stare at each other silently for several minutes until Shockley breaks the silence.

“How could she have done this for so long without being caught?”

Niemeyer sighs. “Obviously she has to have had some hacker friends. From what we have gathered, this Rebel Styles has been running her site behind a paywall since mid-2006. She does not cater to a nonpaying mainstream audience. She does not want us cops or the religious authorities to catch on to her. She caters entirely to pedophiles. And she’s been making loads of money off them for eight years.”

“This ‘Rebel Styles’ — I know her,” says Shockley through her teeth. “Her name is Shira Thomas, who has been trouble for us since we destroyed the liberals in the Revolution. And now I know how she’s been getting all that money.”

“How do you know it’s this Shira Thomas?”

“By her reality distortion field.”

“Her what?”

“Reality distortion field, or RDF. Certain people are so charismatic that they can distort your perception of reality and warp your judgment. Their power class, we call “Charmer.” Rebel Styles looks exactly like Shira Thomas: the skin, the hair, the eyes, the mouth, that Cleopatra’s nose of hers. But without that charisma, it could be anybody. She could have been Resculpted or virtual. But you felt her charisma. Her image generated a reality distortion field. Face it, she made you want her. She made even me want her.” Shockley sighs. ”I have to warn you, Agent Niemeyer, her reality distortion field is far more intense in person. She can make you lose your sense of reality altogether. If you had been there and not watching, you would have been on her before you realized it. You wouldn’t have been able to control yourself. I’ve actually seen it happen.”

“So that’s how she’s evaded justice all these years...”

“Every time we catch her, she slips out of our hands.”

“I see.” He takes another sip of his martini. “You hate her far more than I ever could.”

“That’s because I’ve had to deal with her in person. The danger for you is that you could fall in love with her and become her slave.”

24 june 2014...
For days now, Agent Niemeyer has been reviewing his collection of Rebel Rebel videos, looking specifically for the reality distortion effect Agent Shockley warned him about, watching them over and over and over...

The words she speaks so sweetly are different in each one. They are not necessarily seductive; he had merely shown Shockley one of the worst. But always, she is seductive. There is no development, no sudden emergence of her sexual charisma at puberty; she is every bit as seductive at six as she is at fourteen. Even worse, the six-year-old Rebel is just as sexual...

He can’t shake the impression that Rebel is speaking to him. He knows Rebel is speaking into a camera, speaking to an unknown audience, one she knows all too well. But if you watch her too long, she draws you in and makes you into one of those anonymous pedophiles, wanting her, lusting for her, falling in love with her, paying to watch her again and again and again...

Star, director, webmaster: she does everything herself. She’s done it all herself since the age of six...

That beautiful lithe child body dances in his dreams. Rebel Styles makes love to him in his dreams. He tries to run away, but she is everywhere. The obsessive thought torments him: A child... she’s only a child...

He’s losing his mind — and he feels it going

3 july 2014...
Agent Niemeyer faces the dangerously sexy young woman Shockley says is behind the sweet seductive little girl who torments his dreams. She looks exactly like an older Rebel Styles, but does not bother to project her Reality Distortion Field. He has a few demands of Shira Thomas.

“Who is Rebel Styles?”

“She’s the girl you want,” Shira answers with an enigmatic smile, “but can never have.”

You are Rebel Styles.”

She smiles innocently. “Actually, Agent, ‘Rebel Styles’ is the name of my company. We sell hoverboard fashion gear. It’s becoming all the rage among the New Rave set.”

He stares at her in surprise. He never expected her to be so honest. But Agent Shockley said: Be vigilant around her. She’s always got something up her sleeve. “It’s the name of a legally recognized entity, in other words. Am I right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well. You must then be the same person as the ‘Rebel Styles’ who has a paid site in which you, uh, expose yourself. To pedophiles. Regular subscribers can see you in various states of undress, and you have a pay-per-view service in which you appear fully in the nude. In all of these, you are unusually, shall we say, sexy. Especially in the early years, when you were still just a child. We have collected every one of your videos and still photos from your site — and yes, we paid full price for them — and we have analyzed them thoroughly. And yes, we realize that you are the sole author. This means, of course, that you have full legal liability.”

“Full legal responsibility, if that’s what you mean. Otherwise, you are correct.”

“Right...” He eyes her suspiciously. She isn’t acting seductively right now, but he can feel her charisma. Shockley was right. “To continue... Most of your site’s paid members are known pedophiles. Some of them have been identified as dangerous predators. Now, Miss Thomas, why would you target such an unsavory audience?”

She looks up to the right and thinks a bit. “Well, this older girl I knew told me about a friend of hers, I forget her name, who was doing this kind of thing. I remember she was making a lot of money off it. So I tried it myself. She was right! My first pictures got so much money that I started doing the videos. I got the hang of it quickly, as you already figured out. Pedophiles turned out to be the perfect captive audience.” She leans forward and rests her head in her hands, elbows slightly apart — just like in the videos. “Now, don’t get the idea that I’m being exploited. I get that crap all the time from those femiNazi types. They want me to be a lesbo-nun or something. The pedophiles, they’re helpless. They can’t help what they’re doing. They’re under compulsion. Me, I know what I’m doing. I’m totally in control at all times. They’re not exploiting me, not one bit. I’m exploiting them.”

Niemeyer smirks triumphantly. “You know, Miss Thomas, that child pornography is illegal, and pedophiles are criminals. That means we’ll have to put you, and them, every single one of them, away for a very long time. This is not about sex, not in the least. This is about evil. There’s no Exception around that. The Law never forgives.” Now I’ve got you, bitch, says the smirk on his face.

She smirks back at him cockeyed. That look, Shockley called it. His own smile disappears. “Well, you want an Exception, here it is.” Now hersmirk is triumphant as she whips out her Incorporation papers. “I’ve got full immunity.” She hands the papers to Niemeyer. “You see, I’m Incorporated.”

Niemeyer screams and screams and screams...

Now do you realize the danger you’re in?”

Shira and Leila look at each other for a time, then they stare back at the former Interpol agent. After a pause, Leila lowers her head, smiles, and laughs. He stares back at her, confused.

“Maybe, Mr. Niemeyer, you should have looked more deeply into my background. If you had known me better, then you would have realized how much I crave danger.”

Niemeyer shrinks back in horror. “But you...”

Leila’s face lights up in ecstasy. She puts her arms around Shira from behind and holds her close. “You’ve convinced me. Now that you’ve shown me who Shira really is, I know for certain that I’ll love her forever!”

“Are you so sure she will?” Shira, Leila, and Niemeyer turn toward the voice and are shocked to see James Sparks.

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