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Spanner R4 Update: The Break Is Over, The Editing Resumes, Chapter 11 Starts 10/1

I ended up taking a week off from editing Spanner. Now my muse is rested enough for me to resume editing. It helps that physical labor (in this case, helping my brother move furniture for our mother) idles the mind enough to let the imagination roam free.

So once I got home and turned on the computer, instead of reading online news and downloading programs, I decided to get back to editing. Actually, it was mostly writing new scenes, since Chapter 11 Revision 2 is less than half the Revision 4 chapter size that approximates the length of an hour-long TV episode script. And all the new scenes are in continuity — in some cases, all the way back to Chapter 1.

I decided I'd complete the first installment. I battled the temptation to give up and leave writing the new scenes till later, and I wrote all the new scenes so that 11.1 is now finished and ready to post. As I promised last post, I'm posting it tomorrow.

A word on the schedule: With NaNoWriMo coming up in just one month, I want to make October a "SpaNoEdMo" dedicated to nothing but editing Spanner all the way up to Chapter 16. Since I can't edit an old novel while I write a new NaNo one, I need to keep it going all the way through November. So I'll be posting new Revision 4 installments only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the rest of the year. On January 1, I'll take it daily once again.

On a related note, for the first time since 2007, I won't be taking part in NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month, which doesn't seem to have a site this year now that spambots have completely taken over the old site's forums). December will be another "SpaNoEdMo" so I can finish Book 1 Revision 4 before JanNoWriMo, which I will be doing. The current release schedule will get me to Chapter 16 in early December, giving myself enough leeway to get through NaNoWriMo without falling behind on editing Spanner.

It begins again...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spanner R4 Update: Taking the Week Off to Plot Phase 2

Phase one of the Spanner Book 1 final edit is over (mostly): all 10 chapters that got a Third Revision are now upgraded to the Fourth. Now, to avoid burnout and serious continuity errors, I'm taking this next week off. The first thing I did was avoid the story altogether this weekend, except to take a few notes. Here's the rest of my agenda for the week:
  1. Reread all 10 of the chapters I've finished so far. I will use this as an excuse to convert to ePUB-compatible XHTML those chapters I haven't yet converted.
  2. Correct any continuity errors I see during my reading. This includes reinserting forgotten characters that got lost in certain scenes where they should have been important (e.g. Ayla in Chapters 9 and 10). If I see any opportunities to insert foreshadowing for later events, I'll take them.
  3. Plot Chapters 11 through 15. Work out an outline. I'll be working from that. I need to make sure all the plot elements follow from what has gone before (i.e. in Chapters 1-10); this may mean editing previous chapters yet again to make sure all plot threads lead up to the events of Chapter 15.
  4. Draw up a quick outline of Chapters 16 through 23, continuing the threads from the previous chapters. This may also require edits on the first 10 chapters.
Once all that's done, I'll start work on Chapter 11, and resume posting new Revision 4 installments on October 1. In the meantime, I need time to catch up with the story so I don't lose it (i.e. allow careless continuity errors to sneak in).

Chapter 11 R4 starts October 1. But right now the real work begins...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spanner Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown (Revision 4)

Chapter 9

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown (Revision 4)

Minty Fresh is back — for revenge! Shira puts a “lust song” on the Darknet just to bait her, and she answers with a Challenge to a song war. But Shira has to deal with more than just one angry pop idol. Unwanted fiancé Oliver wants to steal Leila back, preferably violently. The head of Seattle’s Russian mob wants to steal Leila from both. The Klown gang known as the Badd Boyzz want her just plain dead...

Table of Contents:
  1. Interlude 7: Pop Will Eat Itself (August 4, 2011, Final Revision 8/30/12)
  2. Song for Minty (July 30, 2011, Final Revision 12/10/12)
  3. Exploding Youth (July 31, 2011, Final Revision 9/15/12)
  4. She’s Got the Look (August 1, 2011, Final Revision 9/17/12)
  5. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (August 2, 2011, Final Revision 9/19/12)
  6. Battle of the Pop Idols (August 3, 2011, Final Revision 9/19/12)
  7. Vengeance and Fashion (August 4, 2011, Final Revision 9/20/12)
Moved from Chapter 4: the “exploding Klownz” scene. New major characters: Frank Becket, Misty Everson Thorwald, Christina Lopez (final appearance), and Vitaly Rodchenko (first appearance). New thread in Fourth Revision continuity: Shira’s new neighbours introduced in 10.1, who will become important starting in Chapter 12.

The original introduction and revision notes:
First Revision (2010): Here’s the first major episode in the “Fashion War” plotline that will be running throughout Spanner. Once again, I’ve cobbled together several fragmentary scenarios and pulled them into a coherent whole. The music video (narrated, of course) and the “fashion war” itself are new; but the “school shooting,” “serial killer clique,” and “Pie Kill” scenarios, the “Wild Style” idea, and the characters of Arvid Shield, Minty Fresh and Lala Sun-Microsoft come from the early-’00s Project Notebooks (numbers 11-14) from before I started doing NaNoWriMo.

This is the last chapter of Spanner Book 1 that I wrote during the 2010 editions of JulNoWriMo and AugNoWriMo. Starting next chapter, I’m using NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month) as my excuse to finish the rest of Book 1. This is, in fact, the first new chapter to use material written during FiMo. (The expanded Chapter 2 contains the first material I wrote for FiMo ’10.)

This time, I’m not just throwing in the usual wild plot pyrotechnics here. Now we’re getting into Wild Style!

Oh yeah: this time there’s songs, too...

Second Revision (2011): Minty Fresh returns, and she wants revenge! So she Challenges Shira to a Song War. Shira being Shira, all chaos proceeds to break loose. Meanwhile, Shira and Leila find themselves forced to defend their love for each other, and Shira uses her Charmer power on a pair of heavily armed delinquents hellbent on a massacre...

Unusually, I wrote the opening Interlude last. It was hard to write, since my intention was to write it in a pop-musical style (actually swiped from Barry N. Malzberg’s psychedelia-influenced 1973 New Wave science fiction novel The Men Inside), but I’m convinced it was worth it.

Second Revision Update: The introduction to the original chapter remains almost perfectly relevant [Revision 4 note: not quite so much anymore], except for two things: 1) I renamed the Fashion War plotline to the Pretty City Arc; and 2) I never finished the first-draft version of Chapters 22 and 23, so I never posted them (I’ll finally be posting the revised and expanded [Second Revision] versions in October 2011 [which I finally did]).
Note: This was the last chapter in the incomplete Third Revision. Everything from this point on is revised from the even more inferior Second Revision. Some of the Revision 2 chapters are half the Revision 4 length, so the difference in places will be vast. Just so you know...

Chapter 11 (Revision 2)

Back to Chaos Angel Spanner table of contents...

Copyright © 2011, 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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Spanner 10.6: Vengeance and Fashion

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 6: Vengeance and Fashion (Final Revision)

cafeteria. After the disaster in the arena, the crowd regroup in the empty lunchroom inside the main building. Shira, Leila, Jennifer, and Karen return in their school uniforms. Charmian storms up into Shira’s face, Kelly and Debbie behind her, and screams, “Shira! What in God’s name were you thinking?

Shira grins and leans uncomfortably toward her. “Charms baby, I was thinking of one and only one thing, namely winning. She Challenged me, so I brought the nasty stuff like Felix Rodriguez.”

Kelly protests, “But I love Minty Fresh! I’m her number one fan of all time!” She wags her finger at Shira. “You won, you know. You destroyed the bestest pop idol ever, and that was with just the song. Minty would have died a horrible death at the very sight of that horrid costume! That was the closest thing to Rebel Styles live that I have ever seen in my life. I hate you, Shira Thomas!”

“Kelly darling, you sound like eight-year-old me fangirling Miley Cyrus, Bestest Singer Ever, who I even stalked ’cuz I was totally in love with her. I was eight. Come on, girlfriends, if y’all can’t handle the heat, get outta the jungle.” She flashes Kelly and Charmian a wicked wink. They stare at Shira funny, bluch furiously, sigh angrily, then flounce away together in a huff.

Debbie look back at them. Ignoring Leila, she stomps up to Shira, stands on tiptoe to stare into the taller girl’s eyes, and growls, “I hate you.”

Shira brings her lips dangerously close to Debbie and purrs, “I love you too, darling.” Debbie’s eyes go wide, her mouth shuts tight, her skin turns beet red. She trembles with anger but says nothing. She turns and runs away to find her cousins. Shira and her cousins sigh in unison. Leila only goes “Hmph.”

Trishie and Ruthie run up to Shira excitedly holding up brochures. Trishie breathlessly gushes, “She said we could make a living in modelling and—”

Leila swipes the brochures from them and studies them carefully. To their shock, she rolls them up in a ball and tosses them behind her. She puts her arms around Trishie and Ruthie’s shoulders. “Ladies, allow me to explain in detail exactly what going to Pretty City entails.” She walks away with them.

Shira and Karen stare at each other. Shira says, “No wonder we aren’t being hysterically fangirled.”

Jennifer says, “I hear a big long squee.”

Karen points at the eager crowd near the main hallway. “Over there.”

They stop a few meters away from the hopping and squeeing crowd. They look at each other, then in annoyance at the trendy kids surrounding a young woman. They can hear the words “Pretty City” squealed by girls in the crowd. Jennifer peers into the crowd to see who the woman is. When she recognizes her by the curls of her long dark brown hair, she goes cold. “Oh, great.”

Shira turns to her and says, “What is it?”

Jennifer whispers the name into Shira’s ear. Shira’s eyes go wide and her mouth twists. She rolls her eyes and says, “Oh great.” She turns to Karen, puts her finger to her mouth, and nods. Karen’s mouth falls open; she turns toward the scene but makes sure to keep her distance.

Christina leaps and whoops from out of the crowd as if she has just won the lottery, holding a ticket. The instant she sees Leila, she sprints over to her, laughs contemptuously, and waves the ticket in her face. “I’m going to Pretty City and you ain’t, ya loser!” She raises two middle fingers at the entire crowd. “See y’all on TV, suckahhhz!” She runs out of the building, never again to return to Cascadia.

Leila calls after her, “’Bye, poser! Hope to see you dead on video!”

Jennifer and Shira march toward the young woman and the crowd surrounding her. When they get close enough, Shira yells, “Oh; emm; gee; doubleyou tee eff—

The woman turns to see where the voice is coming from. “Shira?” Girls move out of their way so they can get a clear look at each other.

Lala Sun-Microsoft possesses the anonymous beauty of the surgically Resculpted. She was born plain, but she longed to be beautiful as long as she can remember. Her tekcorp executive father, Elliott Sun-Microsoft, bought the services of the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to Resculpt her. He transformed her into closest thing to the perfect average of every pop idol in Asia possible with the most modern technology and plastic surgery techniques. She is rich, eccentric, and nineteen. She’s surrounded by trendy kids as eager as Christina Lopez to follow their strange pied piper to Pretty City. Surprised at the reunion, Lala opens her arms wide for a hug. “Jennifer! Shira! How are you!”

Shira crosses her arms and gives her an annoyed stare. “Well! How nice of you to hijack my victory party. Now they’ll never know how bad I owned Minty Fresh. Please tell the Molotovs I said fuck you very much.”

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Spanner 10.5: Battle of the Pop Idols

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 5: Battle of the Pop Idols (Final Revision)

locker room. Like all the Nike Arenas built for SPEC, Bangor High’s has its own logo-infested locker rooms. Charlie, Desiree, Sally, and Kitty strip out of their civilian clothes down to their underwear. Jennifer and Leila change into civilian clothes. Shira wears a long blue T-shirt with the strange twisted logo adopted by Team Bremelo in white. Sally asks, "So how we gonna beat this DisneyPop act?"

Kitty adds, “Yeah! Minty’s got all the corporate professionals.”

Shira grins. “Sure, she’s got all the professionals DisneyPop’s money can buy. She’s also got three producers too many and a committee of ten songwriters who can’t write their way out of a paper bag.” She walks over to put her hands on their shoulders; Charlie, Desiree, and Jennifer slip in behind her. “We’ve got authenticity, Stylism... and surprise.” She winks.

nike arena. A big Challenge deserves an arena to match. But not even the more than ten thousand seats of Bangor High’s basketball arena can contain the Challenge its most famous graduate threw at its most scandalous student tutor in an impulsive rage.

The lights go dark for the opening act. The curtain opens and the spotlights illuminate a rainbow set. The music that plays over the PR system is light pop that is bouncy and positive without being saccharine like too much DisneyPop and J-Pop can be. Karen Kubota dances onto the stage; behind her, two lines of girls in white T-shirts and knee-length shorts run on from opposite directions. She wears the same T-shirt, but with an unpleated miniskirt. The design on the T-shirts is an abstract design of a rainbow-colored world surrounded by angular silhouette children; it says “Youth for Peace.” All the songs she’s written relate to her strong Buddhist beliefs and her organization’s worldwide peace activism. As her dancers move in near-perfect unison behind her, she sings in her sweet voice:
Too many people suffer in silence
They cry and hurt and struggle alone
Too many people lash out in violence
They hurt each other too close to home
It’s up to us to be each day
Examples of a better way

Friends across the world!
Youth united in harmony!
Friends across the world!
Let’s come together as friends for peace!

tour bus. SPEC CEO Ross glares at Minty and her DisneyPop crew. “You shouldn’t have let your client be this impulsive, Marshall.”

Marshall Brinkman watches the makeup robots apply Minty’s makeup with robotic precision. “Competition is the soul of America. You know that.”

“She Challenged Shira Thomas, for God’s sake! You’re risking my company’s humiliation!”

“Then why’d you let her in, Pete?” Ross freezes. He has no answer.

dressing room. Jennifer lovingly paints Shira’s naked body. She notices Leila glaring at her jealously and gives her a sweet smile. “C’mon, help me. You can feel her up all you want.” She winks. Leila sighs and picks up a brush.

Shira’s band watch on in, black leather lace-up boots, mobster fedoras, and not-so-matching Picasso-expressionist minidresses:
  1. Charlie: guitar
  2. Desiree: keyboards
  3. Kitty: bass
  4. Sally: drums
Charlie asks, “So what’s the rules of this Challenge?”

Shira replies, “No dialect or foreign languages, no covering corporate-owned songs, no political incorrectness. Other than that, anything goes.”

Sally paces around impatiently. “How come Karen’s gotta start?”

“She asked.” Shira winks.

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Spanner 10.4: For Unwanted Carnal Knowledge

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 4: For Unwanted Carnal Knowledge (Final Revision)

25 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira and Hope summon Ric, Charlie and Desiree for a family conference. Hope muses, “So today’s the day...”

Ric says, “Quite the risk you’re taking there, cub.”

“That’s why I don’t want you two there,” says Shira. “You’re too conspicuous to the mob bosses in the box seats.”

Desiree adds, “We’ll be preoccupied with playing, so we won’t be able to focus on you.”

“If you say so,” says Hope.

Charlie says, “What I’m worried about is how they’ll cheat this Challenge.”

Shira grins wickedly. All eyes fall on her. “Well then, let’s show ’em the true meaning of Rock ’N’ Roll.”

warren avenue bridge. A cool early-autumn morning. A beautiful sunrise. Four days since Shira saved Leila’s life and took it over. Leila’s memory of the last four days is a blur of sex, ecstasy, and defiance: making love on Shira’s couch, in her shower, in her bed, in as many places in the school as they can get away with, in front of Oliver to tell him she is no longer his. The wind whips her hair and skirt. She strolls soberly homeward.

Suddenly she finds herself at the place midway across the bridge where she tried to end her life only for Shira to save it. Now she can divide her life cleanly into two parts: before then, and after then. The sunset over the Cascades was beautiful then. The sunrise greets her over the Olympics now.

She strips off her backpack and opens it, takes out the big plastic bottle of antidepressant pills and opens it, shakes the jar: still half full. Two hundred capsules of suicide remain. She reaches across the railing, holds the jar over the water, tips it so that the pills fall out until it is empty, then lets go of the jar and its lid. She watches them fall until they disappear. Had Cascadia state law been in effect, she’d be fined for littering if anyone bothered to report her. But what’s one more minor crime on her record?

For the first time in her life, it feels good to be alive.

None of the preoccupied motorists speeding by her notice a thing. She walks north as if nothing had happened.

A car stops next to her and auto-opens its door. A red Mustang. Shira says over the loudspeaker, “Get in.” Leila grabs the railing, gracefully vaults the barrier, enters the car and shuts the door in one motion: the Mustang speeds away.

school lobby. Shira and Leila find the rest of Team Bremelo staring astonished at the monitors. As soon as they get past the guards and go through the door, they find out why.

Every single speaker and monitor gives the song-war victory to the reigning Pop Princess of Seattle long before it has even started, with ultra-slick audiovisuals that glorify DisneyPop as if it were a god and throws gleeful anathemas at her challenger for Challenging its champion instead of selling her own soul. Shira laughs. Leila asks, “What’s so funny?”

“They’re claiming victory already?

Jennifer shrugs. “Typical Corporates. Get used to it.”

principal’s office. The Principal tells Shira sternly through his smirk, “You’ve been pushing it as far as you can, Miss Thomas. You know it’s illegal to speak ill of the corporations that make America number one. It is illegal because it is against everything that is moral. But since you have made it into an official Challenge, the authorities have decided to let it pass.”

Spiekerman adds, “But you know there’s no way you’re gonna win.”

Shira asks, “How come you’re so certain about that?”

“You Challenged DisneyPop,” Mobley answers. “Ain’t no way some amateur can beat DisneyPop.”

“Never say never.” She gives them a parting wink before returning to her team.

hallway. Shira walks down the hall like the Tournament fighter she is, her team behind her, fans cheering and haters jeering as they pass. Akane marvels, “This reminds me of Bart taking on Mad Tad!”

“Akane-kun, this is bigger than that,” says Shira. “Bart wasn’t going up against one of the world’s most ruthless corporations.”

Team Bremelo’s rivals get in her way one by one. Charmian says, “I can’t beat Minty. Karen can’t beat Minty. Neither can you.”

Debbie gloats, “I bet money on Minty. You know I can’t lose.” Jennifer pats her on the head. “Hey!”

Lucy sneers, “You’re such a fool to challenge DisneyPop. You’re just an amateur. They’re professionals.”

Scotty flips a bundle of greenbacks in her face. “♫ I’m in the money! I’m in the money! ♪“

Kelly goads, “What do you have to say to that, amateur?”

Shira pats her on the shoulder. “Don’t feed the trolls.” She winks. Her team follow her out of the crowd and into the library.

meeting room. Under a full moon shortly after midnight on November 5, 1998, Irish gothpunk singer Suzanne Taylor Brinkman (daughter of Governor Wally, though they have been on strictly screaming terms for years) gave birth to twins fathered by her lover and then-husband, footballer Ian Shelley. First, a beautiful little black-haired baby girl popped out of the womb of Taylor Brinkman. Already she strongly intuited that the newborn would grow up to be an exotic creature, so she gave her the exotic name Leila Renata, blatantly neither Gaelic nor English. An equally beautiful little boy followed her; she named him Robert Louis after her favorite literary Scot whose name is not Byron. (Taylor laughs at the rumor that she named her son after Robert Smith, lead singer of the Cure, whenever it inevitably comes up.)

Taylor Brinkman is the sister of Ariel Shield, a big smoke in the Grail Conspiracy who, ashamed at her neocon father, takes her family name from their scandalous Irish mother. This makes her a Black Princess, descended from Jesus by the female line (or “bar sinister” in the ancient language of heraldry now understood only by historians and Anachronists). The Black Princesses are closely associated with the legendary Holy Grail and are considered by some to be the Grail Family itself. Legendary punk rocker Rat Scabies is more famous today for Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail than he ever was for setting drumkits on fire while playing on stage with the Damned, so of course he became godfather to Taylor’s newborn twins and the redheaded younger sister named Fiona who arrived a year and a half later.

“It sounds weird,” says Leila after explaining it to the rest of Team Bremelo, “but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and everything I’ve just said is true.”

“So why are they calling you ‘Eurotrash’?” asks Polly cheerily.

“’Cos I don’t act American, that’s why.” Her teammates laugh.

“Shira,” Akane asks, “how come Minty was so quick to Challenge you? It’s not like she has Ne-chan’s temper.”

“Yeah,” Jennifer adds, “I was wondering that myself.”

Shira gives them a huge mischievous wink. “I kissed her at Bumbershoot. Remember?”

Leila’s jaw drops, her eyes go wide, she takes in a deep breath. “Oh yeah, I saw that! I thought you were gonna take me away right then.” She sighs.

Charlie side-hugs Leila. “Well! Now we all know you’ve got the Rocker bona fides to run with our pack.” Leila blushes. But then Charlie crosses her arms and her smile disappears.

“But first, we gotta plan our moves.”

“Which one, A or B?” asks Cory.

“A through Z if we have to.”

“These are all potential moves depending on what they do,” Shira says. “What we’ll actually do is what they least expect.”

shelley house. The Governor tries to call his wayward granddaughter. He gets her mother. Taylor says, “What do you want, old man?”

“I want your eldest daughter on the line, right now.”

“Sorry, Daddy-o, you’re calling at the wrong time. She’s at school.”

Brinkman glares at her in a rage that could make him turn full werewolf at any second. “Suzanne, I order you to keep her away from that creature and obey her patriarch and future husband—”

Taylor laughs at him contemptuously. “Really? Just the other night she tried to kill herself so you couldn’t enslave her to that psycho loser you and your priest are trying to force on her.”

“Are you letting her commit sex terrorism, Suzanne?”

“It was kill herself, kill Ollie-Ollie, or this, and she still may kill Ollie-Ollie if I don’t get him first. I say she’s made the right choice. I say if she marries anybody, it’s Shira Thomas or nobody. That’s what I say, thou patriarchal piece o’ shit.” She smirks at him triumphantly.

He glares at her. “Very well. I am forced to hereby disinherit and deny thee, my prodigal, along with your lowborn spawn. Fortunately, your eldest brother still knows his place in the order of things, and so does his daughter. I must arrange a more suitable alliance that will strengthen Our Nation. Go to hell, thou filthy whore! May thy daughter’s corpse be the last thing you see when I come to eat thee alive!” He abruptly cuts the call.

“Ha! Keep fighting that lost cause, old cur. You won’t live to see it destroyed.” She switches to video of backstage incident at Bumbershoot, with unwilling Minty trapped in Shira’s arms. “Now I’d give anything to see Shira actually molest that girl...”

meeting room. “I don’t get how this ‘story of a murderer’ affects us,” says Polly.

“Polly darling,” replies Jennifer, “I’m glad you take it as satire, but I get the sneaking suspicion Herr Süsskind never actually intended it to be satire, not for his intended readership.”

“So who did he intend to read it?”

“Didn’t you pay attention to that last Next Top Model episode? The producers, designers, and photographers were trying to recreate that movie in the ‘serial killer’ shoot. The murderer’s supposed to be their hero, and to them he is. They all wanna be Grenouille. C’mon, he even got the Final Girl.”

“I still don’t see how it affects us women.”

Leila says grimly, “You’ve never been to Pretty City, Polly.”

“What does Pretty City have to do with slasher movies?”

She sighs. “You know the Fashion-Industrial Complex fad for models made up like they’re victims in a slasher movie? I bet you don’t know some of those models really are dead.”

Polly gasps. “Oh my—”

Rob snarls, “The Fashion-Industrial Complex is renowned far and wide for driving its prettiest but lowest-paid workers to suicide.”

“The Fashion-Industrial Complex,” Leila adds, “has a policy of tormenting pretty people into thinking they’re ugly so they think it’s really the makeup and the clients’ products that make ’em look good on camera. That policy’s caused some very beautiful people to commit suicide.”

“Then they drop the corpses in preservative and drop ’em into a horror shoot. They’re cheap ’cos they no longer need paid, and they can even earn money renting ’em out to Corporate perverts as sex dolls. Win-win.”

“We couldn’t live like that, so we got out as fast as we could.”

Polly asks, “What about you, Shira?”

All the Bremeloes stare at Shira. Some hold their breath. She looks around the room. A wicked grin slowly emerges on her face. “The Fashion-Industrial Complex don’t know what’s about to hit ’em.”

music room. While band class goes on, Jennifer shuffles songs on her smartwatch and Leila sets up remote speakers while Shira does voice exercises, preparing to practice her songs. Debbie pulls rank as Student Council vice president to skip class so she can barge in and bug Shira. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna play that song.”

Shira walks over to Debbie and flirtatiously strokes her ear; Debbie flinches and stares back threateningly. “Debbie darling,” Shira purrs, “if you think I’m that predictable, you don’t know me.” She puts her hands on Debbie’s shoulders and brings her lips dangerously close to hers. “But I know you, Debbie. I know who your heart really belongs to. If you want me to play that song, I want you to request it.”

Debbie blushes several shades of red. Her tongue ties itself in knots. She casts a glance at Leila’s unforgiving face. She growls at Shira and makes a quick angry departure. Leila laughs her way into Shira’s arms and kisses her.

locker room. Period 4: no swim class. Shira and Leila take advantage. For two more hours they have the boys’ pool locker room to themselves. Their clothes are off even before the door closes.

At a urinal Shira holds Leila from behind to give her a pissing lesson. “Open your labia,” she instructs.

“Do I have to?”

“If Rob doesn’t draw back his foreskin when he pisses, he’s a fool. Now open them.” Leila turns to look at Shira sheepishly. Shira smiles sweetly. Leila looks down and opens her labia with her fingers as Shira instructs. “Excellent. Now aim your pelvis...” Shira gently guides Leila’s pelvis in the right direction. At last the stream comes out. When Leila’s done, Shira says, “Now that wasn’t so hard.”

“Now will you reward me?”

Shira winks. “I thought you’d never ask.”

In the nearest shower stall Leila kneels to receive Shira’s warm piss all over her body, breasts belly hips legs cunt, turns on all fours so Shira can piss on her back and buttocks, kneels again to drink the yellow liquid; they rub it all over her body into the skin; Shira licks it off her moaning body, off her butt and breasts, moves down to her cunt, makes her scream — they soap each other up, wash sweat and piss off each other’s skin; their hands wander down to their cunts — soap gone, they lock their cunts together to make love standing up — Leila lies down on the towel-padded bench, cries out every time Shira brings Mobley’s paddle onto trembling red buttocks, begs “harder!” — Leila on her back, Shira on her, lips and tongues exploring each other’s cunts, hands caressing squeezing soft buttocks, so into each other they lose all track of time—

One more time in the shower, but this time the exhausted girls merely enjoy fondling each other with soapy hands, up and down their bodies. Soon enough they are clean, dry, and dressed. They delay at the door. They slip into a soft embrace and gaze into each other’s eyes. Shira asks, “How long before your grandfather decides to crack down?”

Leila sighs sadly. “Who knows? Any time, I figure.”

They say nothing for a long moment. They kiss. They dash out the door. Before the sixth-period boys can see them, they’re off to the arena.

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[Revision 4.0, 9/17/12: Heavily revised for Final Revision continuity with new scenes added. Now with the title of 10.3 Revision 2 (original title: “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”).]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/19/12: Two new scenes added.]

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Spanner 10.3: She's Got the Look

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 3: She’s Got the Look (Final Revision)

principal’s office. The Principal tells Shira sternly through his smirk, “You know that disrespecting your betters is against the Law. We have a hierarchy to maintain and a System to preserve.”

Shira answers with a mocking look. “Now, Principal Principal, that doesn’t sound very American at all. I thought this was supposed to be the land of the free and all that.”

Falconer barks, “America is God’s nation now! Insubordination is rebellion against God!”

“And possession of politically incorrect skin is eugenic insubordination, so saith the Law. So where’s the whip?” Mobley smirks, chuckles evilly, and brings out The Paddle. Shira laughs. “You try that on me, and I’ll like it.”

The principals stare at her strangely. Even Principal Principal’s smirk disappears.

college. In the student center, an older student asks Jennifer, “Where’s Shira?”

“Oh, this one pop idol Challenged her to a song war, so she won’t be back till Friday.”

The word spreads like wildfire.

downtown bremerton. click! on the unmade bed, photographer hovering over her, Shira sporting black lacy bra and panties, black fishnet stockings, high-heeled black patent leather boots, white salaryman dress shirt wide open, hair wild and tousled, macaw-feather earrings and barbaric gangster-tooth necklace; lying on her back, caressing herself with blankets and sheets, she makes love to the camera — click! she turns on her side, bends her waist and legs, gazes sideways keeping seductive green eyes on the lens — “Beautiful,” says the man behind the camera, name of Pierre Moretti, owner of this studio. click! she sits up and braces her arms on the bed behind her; click! “Perfect.” raises her leg so her foot rests on the bed, puts her arm around it and rests her head on her knee—

click! standing in dramatic severe light before the expressionist-painting backdrop, wind machine blowing generated fog and simulated rainstorm into her from the side and whipping her wet hair sideways; sporting: see-through salmon-pink shirt, green bustier, tartan microskirt, black thigh stockings, gangsterskin boots, gangster-tooth necklace, gold coin earrings; posing pouting dancing like a girl gangster trying to scare away a rapist on drugs—

click! back against the brick wall outside, flannel shirt shrugged off her left shoulder, snarling-beat-up-punk-rocker-bitch tattoo showing under the red bra strap, now wearing the microskirt from her videolog; click! facing sideways, giving the camera a diva sneer; click! facing forward half kneeling, snarling punk, giving the camera the Rocker middle-finger salute—

Pierre shows Shira the raw photos on his. “Wow,” she gushes, “that’s some wicked-ass evil shit!”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Damn sure is in English. Minty Fresh, eat my dust!.”

“But she has her company’s legions of publicists and style consultants...”

“Four producers and ten writers give her what? lamest bubblegum since Twilight went musical.” She winks.

As soon as the pictures are processed, Shira posts them to her Profile. Several million enraged Minty fans and troll sockpuppets attempt to vandalize them. She laughs at them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spanner 10.2: Exploding Youth

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 2: Exploding Youth (Final Revision)

ferry terminal. Beneath the main platform, near the elevator, where the foot-ferry pier meets the boardwalk, there is an espresso cart with three nearby tables. Two high-school-age college students wearing Bremerton High uniforms, a boy and a girl, sit at one table. Shira, Leila, and Brandi take another while Jennifer orders their coffee at the cart. The Bremerton girl joins them. The barista is another college student, age 20. She makes their drinks efficiently, but she is not in a good mood. “You hear the Party wants to shut down all the community colleges and restrict university to the rich?”

The Bremerton girl gasps. “What’ll we do for skills then?”

“Robots can do ’em,” Jennifer says. “The only skills the Party recognizes are fascist management and conjuring money out of pure whim. They consider human resources cheap and disposable.”

There’s a slight panic on the deck. Tutors and commuters look toward the stairway and see four angry musclebound Klownz in Badd Boyzz gangster gear descending rapidly. The tutors stand up. Shira says, “Speaking of cheap disposable resources...”

Brandi asks the barista and Bremerton tutors, “Can you fight?” They shake their heads. “Then take cover.” They hide behind the cart. The four Bremeloes run to the nearest wide-open patch of boardwalk. The four Badd Boyzz quickly surround them. Any nearby commuters and tourists scatter.

The biggest of them says, “We been fuckin’ lookin’ fa y’all, fuckin’ bitchizzzz!”

Another Badd Boyyy says, “Fuck yeah! Li’l Badd want’ch’all fuckin’ daid!

“We gonna fuckin’ rape y’all, then we fuckin’ keell y’all, then we rape ya pretty carcasses, then we cut’ch’all, eat’ch’all, an’ take ya fuckin’ haidz ta Li’l Badd as a present!”

“Sucks ta be pretty, beeeyotchizzz!”

“Get ready to die!”

Shira flashes them a mocking shitface grin. “Bad, d-d-d.”

Brandi reaches into her backpack to extract a wide-nozzle spray can. The klownz laugh. The one behind her says, “She gonna fuckin’ tag us?”

The big one says, “Fuck that. Let’s fuckin’ fuck ’em up.”

Shira sighs. “Oh, well. Your funeral.”

The Klownz unsheathe their evil-looking Special Forces survival knives and rush the Bremeloes. Brandi tosses the can to Jennifer, takes out another, dodges Klownz, smokebombs two in the face; Jennifer sprays the others right up the nose. They cough and flail and cut each other. “Fuckin’ hoez!” roars the big Klown. “We gonna fuck y’all up!

“An’ eat’ch’all!” shrieks his second. They attack again. Leila takes Jennifer’s kubotan and flicks it out to full length; Shira flings out her Go-Yo; they “ninja” the bloated gangsters’ joints and tendons. Jennifer and Brandi spray a cloud of pure pain around the Klownz; one blindly charges Shira and gets thrown over the railing.

The Klownz’ muscles start to twitch violently. They start to panic. The big leader blurts, “Aw, fuck—”

Brandi shoos away screaming commuters; the tutors form a quick wall out of the cart and tables. The Klownz try to give chase, but their muscles spasm so violently they can no longer move. She slips around the corner and disappears. Their muscles start to burst open. One by one, the Badd Boyzz on the boardwalk gruesomely explode.

The carnage flies several dozen meters, splatters walls and cars; the barista, the Bremerton tutors, and several commuters scream and vomit at the horror. Shira holds the AntiMeth spray can in front of her and stares at it in disbelief. “Oh — my — what the hell is that shit?”

“Anti-Meth,” says Brandi.

A wave of sirens approaches. Sparks skips down the stairs. The tutors stand up to meet him. He surveys the carnage. “How in burning blazes did this happen?”

Shira says calmly, “Apparently super steroids and Anti-Meth don’t mix.” The water off the boardwalk bursts red: the last Badd Boyyy exploded. “See?”

principal’s office. Shira, Leila, Jennifer, and Brandi face the principals. “You’re late,” says the smirking Principal Principal.

“We came by cop car,” replies Shira.

“And what would be your excuse this time, Miss Thomas?”

“If you kept track of the news, Principal Principal, you’d know that four gangsters from Dictel Park attacked us and then exploded. Went splorch in the middle of a crowd of commuters. It was gross.”

“Our cop’s on the same case,” Jennifer adds. “We’re having a strategy session after school.”

Spiekerman says, “I don’t believe you.”

“Check the news. We’re in it.”

“Speaking of news,” says Principal, “did you know, Miss Thomas, that Minty Fresh has issued you a Challenge?”

Shira’s mouth falls open. She stares at Jennifer, then Leila. “Well, well, well! I thought she’d never ask.”

“Her management has scheduled your song duel for five o’clock sharp on Thursday. You may skip classes and soccer practice if you like, but do not miss this. Our sponsors depend on it.”

“I am so there!”

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Spanner 10.1: Song for Minty

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 1: Song for Minty (Final Revision)

Fashion springs from absolute necessity,
unbounded by the constraints of conscience, mercy, pity...

Skinny Puppy Molotov House of Fashion

My heart is pure as the driven slush.
Tallulah Bankhead
fox: —pray with tongues unleashed for our heroic and holy warriors who fight to bringing the whole world under Jesus America’s dominion and destroy the Caliphate of the Evil One so that America can extend its dominion to the infinite kingdom of space—
sun: —neutralized by the heroic United States Police Force in riots allegedly caused by an alleged food shortage. — Homeland Security Secretary C. Henry Becket: “Foreign agents are agitating the traitorous rabble into insurrection.” — Secretary Becket has requested that Defense Secretary Oliver North starve the insurrectionists—
abcnn: —defense industry CEOs are turning out in force to celebrate the latest mass execution of counter-revolutionary traitors. CEOs from defense industry leaders Dictel, Yoyodyne, Roxxon, Weyland, Blackwater, Stark, Stane, and Lockheed Northrop Boeing Dynamics are seen here opening a bottle of champagne—
qvcbs: —so far killed in a cholera epidemic now sweeping poorer ares of the American Homeland. — Conservative Revolutionary Party spokesman: “The Law of Social Darwinism is selecting Jesus America’s chosen. Let the unfit filth die.”
espnbc: —“Rebel Styles” epidemic claims the lives of several more Conservative Revolutionary Party leaders, including two at today’s mass execution of counter-revolutionary traitors and one prominent Party spokesman—
23 september 2014.
The Conservative Revolution has left its mark on even the weather report. Here’s the morning forecast from QVCBS:
Forecaster: A storm is coming to the upper West Coast this weekend courtesy of the Pineapple Express, bringing torrential rains and gale-force winds like the wrath of God. . .
shira’s apartment. Shira turns out the bathroom light shuffles groggily back toward her bedroom and sleeping Leila when she hears a knock on the door. She looks toward the door and tilts her head. Normally, no one knocks on her door this early. Someone knocks again. She shrugs, goes to the door, and takes a peek through the peephole. An unfamiliar naked woman with long brown hair? She opens the door just enough to show her face. Tall, slim, athletic-looking: this woman is beautiful. No need for the robe. “Hi. Can I help you?”

“Hi,” she says shyly. “We just moved in...”

“You’d like breakfast.” The woman nods. “We can spare a few.”

The woman smiles. “Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.”

Shira winks. “You’re welcome.” She opens the door all the way.

The woman gasps when she sees her as nude as she is. “Are you...?”

“Oh, I’m Shira.”

She sighs in disappointment but keeps smiling. “For a second I thought you were another one of us.”

Shira tilts her head curiously. “Hmmm. So what do you do?”

“Let me put it this way... we don’t have names.”

Shira’s eyes widen. This woman has piqued her curiosity. “Don’t use?”

“Don’t have. We left our old lives behind, and our names with them.”

Shira’s mouth drops; she lets in a deep breath. Rejectionists! They actually exist, and a few just moved in next door! “Wow! How do you tell each other apart?”

“We find a few distinguishing characteristics and describe each other with them. I’m the brown-haired girl, for example, and my roommates are the blond and black-haired girls. We could call you the redheaded girl if you like, or the cinnamon girl.”

“Hey! That’s what all the Rocker boys like to call me.”

“Great! We’ll call you that. If you want, we can explain what we’re doing.”

Her curiosity overwhelms her with glee and makes her tremble. “You girls gotta tell me everything.”

“We can invite you over, or we can come over here. Just tell us when.”

“I will. I gotta get back to my girlfriend soon, so I’ll get you breakfast quick.”

“Thanks, cinnamon girl.”

“Say, you always call each other ‘girl’?”

“That’s one of our rules. An anonymous beauty is always, first and foremost, ‘the girl.’“

“Hmmm. I like you already. Wait here.” Shira dashes off to retrieve three TV breakfasts from the emergency stash for these three sexy and fascinating new neighbours with no name.

dreamspace. Shira wanders a dark and burning land in her usual state of casual nudity. Dark clouds rumble; winds whip the flames. At the mouth of a cathedral-like cavern, she approaches a mysterious robed figure. When she gets close enough, the figure lets the robe come open to reveal a beautiful white breast she recognizes as Leila’s, lit by a beam of light from an opening in the clouds, and against which she holds a gleaming knife.

Leila lets the robe fall off; the wind blows it far away. She stares at Shira with a delirious look of absolute adoration. Shira gasps when she stabs herself with the knife and stares in horror as she reaches into the bleeding wound to pull out her heart. The heart burns hot with fire. Leila holds it out to Shira. “Please eat it before I die. I beg you.”

Shira reluctantly takes Leila’s burning heart and eats it. It affects her with a sudden shock like a powerful drug. Leila gasps, “Thank you,” and expires in ecstasy. Shira catches her as she dies—

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Spanner Chapter 9: The Girl You Want (Revision 4)

Chapter 8

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 9: The Girl You Want (Revision 4)

The first day of college for the Bangor High tutors, complete with a riot, courtesy of SPEC chairman Ross himself. There’s trouble back at the high school, too; the mean kids take advantage of the tutors’ absence, only to find that the “lesser” kids are tired of being bullied; the Student Union shows its teeth for the first time.

The first day that Shira and Leila are a full-fledged couple. But two police agents, one mad and disgraced, the other entangled with both, try to keep them away from each other by revealing their dark past. They have other ideas, though, and let the violent Corporate to whom Leila is unwillingly engaged know in the most effective way possible...

Either for Shira and Leila, or for society, this will not end well.

It may be that your whole purpose in life
is simply to serve as a warning to others...

Table of Contents:
  1. Interlude 6: The Monkeywrench Cometh (September 5, 2012)
  2. The Morning After (July 23, 2011, Final Revision 9/6/12)
  3. Dead Angel Lives (July 24, 2011, Final Revision 9/7/12)
  4. New School of Hard Knocks (July 25, 2011, Final Revision 9/8/12)
  5. Nymphetamine (July 26, 2011, Final Revision 9/7/12)
  6. Eurotrash Girl (July 27, 2011, Final Revision 9/7/12)
  7. She’s My Man (July 28, 2011, Final Revision 9/7/12)
9.4 and 9.5 remain mostly intact from Revision 2. The opening to 9.6 has been condensed, with more revelation and less expository dialogue. New to Revision 4: the Biotron Labs and Touhou Online scenes; the college and Student Union threads. From the Project Notebook: “Mr. Whitmer’s Question” in 9.2, which was in Chapter 16 in Revisions 2 and 3; “Ariel’s New Age Shop” now in 9.3.

Original chapter intro plus revision notes:
Back during JulNoWriMo, I wrote this under a different name. The final title — modified from a band, not a song — fit much, much better, even if it eliminated a chapter title drop (which also happened to Chapter 3), though I made up for it in the final section. The lesson for one ex-Interpol agent and one would-be Navy ship captain is: be careful what you ask for, you might get... something completely different...

This is the last chapter I actually began writing during JulNoWriMo and AugNoWriMo. Everything that comes after this will be new — except, of course, unless I take it out of the Project Notebooks from the last decade and a half. (The beauty pageant scene is excerpted from a longer script in the Notebooks; the love scene and the morning after reappear here nearly intact.) And this is the first scheduled to be published during December 2010 — that is, during NaNoFiMo, when of course I’ll write 30,000 words for the win finish Spanner Book 1.

Second Revision Update: Here’s the introduction to the originally posted Chapter 9, then called “Checkered Pasts”. The “different name” is now the permanent name for 9.4, “Nymphetamine”. Note that I never managed to finish the first draft, since the plot imploded by the time I got to Chapters 22 and 23. First drafts sometimes do that. That’s why we edit...

Shira and Leila are in love now, and the central relationship of Spanner has finally been established. Sure enough, neither the school establishment nor the cops are able to take it well...

Third Revision Update: ...much less Oliver Thorwald, the evil man to whom Leila was arranged to be married, nor her grandfather, Governor Brinkman, the clan patriarch who arranged her marriage. She belongs to Shira alone now, she defiantly tells them, and they can do nothing about it. Leila’s all-consuming love for Shira threatens the entire fabric of Conservative Revolutionary society, and it will only be a matter of time before society fights back...
Chapter 10

Copyright © 2011, 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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Spanner 9.3: New School of Hard Knocks

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 3: New School of Hard Knocks (Final Revision)

classroom. In the dusty unused room, Jennifer and Brandi share a passionate goodbye kiss as Shira and Leila watch on. Jennifer asks, “Can you keep the wild beasts under control while we’re gone?”

“I don’t know if anybody can,” Brandi replies

Shira says, “Ask Karen. She can get the Student Union on your side.”

“Student Union?”

“Nobody’s told you about that yet? Jen, tell her.”

“Now that the coup made it illegal for employees to protest abuses,” Jennifer explains, “only customers can do it. So we started a Student Union. Once we get enough students and especially parents to join, we’ll be able to force changes by threatening to demand our money back.”

“It’s the only way it’ll work.”

Leila says, “It won’t work against Grandfather.”

“Yet.” Shira kisses her.

olympic college. The Bangor High tutors arrive on the Bremerton campus in their black and silver high school uniforms and their military-looking black berets and join the other high-school tutors in the Bremer Student Center to the standing ovation of the older college students. A corporate grant from the technology companies of the Consortium that is the official owner of the Metropolitan City of Seattle allows high-school-age college students to work as tutors in the high schools in exchange for free tuition. Naturally, the banking, military, media, and resource-extraction companies that own the Imperial American government oppose this program because it helps the allegedly unhelpable. A gang of terrorists smashes windows and throws smoke bombs to reinforce their point. Over the screams of the panicked crowd and the enraged howls of the Moral Enforcers, Shira grabs the microphone to declare, “Hey! It’s that supervillain, the Terrorist!”

Team Bremelo spring into action, throwing silverware, flinging heavy textbooks, using the smoke and fleeing bodies to their advantage against the Enforcers. Shira spins the mic around like a yo-yo. Stan Green screams, “You bitch, I’m no fucking supervillain!”

“I know you are, but what am I?” She hits him in several places with the mic, creating a series of loud pops on the PA system. Green tries to strangle her with the cord, but she slips away like a hyperactive snake.

Vince Corson barges into Leila’s way. “You’re that poz Lady Dru—” Leila kicks him in the groin to double him over, then unleashes a vicious back kick to knock him out.

Bizarre sounds blare over the PA. After beating up several Enforcers, Rob, Connor, and Cory run over to Shira and see Green trying to pull the microphone out of his nose. Shira isn’t there; she’s declaring to a line of agitated COPCO agents ordered by Everson to support the terrorists, “I want this registered as an official Challenge with the victory going to Team Bremelo!”

student council room. The entire Council, all of Team Valiant, and nearly two dozen of their hangers on are crammed into a surprisingly small room. Bart heroically proclaims, “The tutors have gone back to their college! The enemy team is weak! The traitorous muggles and mudbloods are defenseless! Now is the time to strike!” Raised fists and a deafening roar fill the room.

Standing above him, surveying them all from above, Charmian smiles with malicious pleasure.

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Spanner 9.2: Dead Angel Lives

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 2: Dead Angel Lives (Final Revision)

technosphere. Posted to LocaFantoma99’s Profile on September 22, 2014:
[Shira is dressed in her Bangor High school uniform without the hat. In the background she runs a slideshow of the Facebook pictures of half-naked drunken spring-break revels that helped ruin Amanda Currie’s journalistic career. Strategically censored, of course.]

I know this girl who’s way hot, in and out of a bikini. All the guys want her in the worst way possible. Gangsters wanna own her, Slashers wanna rape her body parts, Corporates wanna force her to have their babies.

You might have seen her. Have you touched her? Who knows, if you’re especially bad, you probably already have. She’s the girl you want.

But did I touch her? you ask. [smiles mischievously, comes closer to the camera] I tell you what... if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. [kisses the camera]
school lobby. “Say, weren’t you dead?” says the wide-eyed front-door guard when he sees Leila arrive with Shira, Jennifer, and Brandi.

“I don’t look dead,” Leila replies, “if that’s what you mean.”

The guard says nothing more and lets her in with the group. Once they pass the front door into the lobby, Leila holds out her hand so Shira can hold it. Shira takes it and smiles at her. Leila beams happily back. They walk hand in hand into the lobby.

When Fiona spots Leila, she screams and throws herself into her sister’s arms. “Leila!” she sobs. “Why do you keep doing this to me?”

Leila holds Fiona as tight as she can and cries. “I’m sorry. I hurt too much.” Fiona kisses her gently on the cheek. Rob embraces Leila from behind and kisses her. Shira, Jennifer, Connor, Cory, Polly, Trishie, Daisy crowd into them — classmates who love her from afar, who she never knew love her, join the group hug. Others stand around and watch, who know her self-destructive reputation or are simply curious. The advertising server cannot parse this cluster, so the propaganda weirds out. Several guards try to break up the reunion but fail.

cafeteria. Charmian and her sister Christian confer with Bart. “I hope you girls have brought me good news,” says Bart.

“She just threw herself off the bridge last night,” Christian replies proudly.

“Good. That dirty whore’s out of our hair at last.”

Shira laughs at them.

Bart and the Fleer sisters turn toward her. Shira grins in triumph. Leila stands next to her — alive, Rob and Fiona at her sides, desiring revenge. “I saved her myself,” Shira declares “You lose.”

Leila tries to rush them, but Fiona grabs her from behind. “Leila! Please don’t!” Leila falls limp in her sister’s arms and lets out a huge sigh of frustration.

Rob steps in front of Christian. She feigns innocence. “What did I do?”

He punches her. She hits the wall behind her hard and slumps to the floor, staring back at him in disbelief.

Charmian screams and tries to stop him. He hits her in the jaw with an upward elbow smash, sending her stumbling backward. She lands hard, barely avoiding a concussion, and stares at him like he’s a maniac.

Bart glares at him. “Is this a Challenge, pretty boy?”

Rob smiles contemptuously. “Are you a coward, Champion?” Bart stares back and says nothing. “I tell you what: if any of you even touch Leila, I’ll beat you to within an inch of your life. But at least I’ll spare you. Leila won’t be so merciful.” Bart and the Fleers look at Leila and flinch from her stare of cold hatred. They glare at Rob, then Shira. They back away slowly.

“This ain’t over, Shelley.” Bart turns his back to them scornfully and leaves. Charmian and Christian stare at Shira and Leila, then follow Bart.

Rob throws back his head and laughs. The excitedly chattering crowd of students quickly disperse to tell their friends. Shira and Leila smile at each other; Shira shrugs, Leila sighs.

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Spanner 9.1: The Morning After

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 1: The Morning After (Final Revision)

Feminism is a socialist, anti-family,
political movement that encourages women
to leave their husbands, kill their children,
practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism,
and become lesbians.

Rev. Pat Robertson
(defending Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda on 11 September 2001)

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Irina Dunn

22 september 2014.
It is a dark and stormy night. Leila struggles against the strong wind. She feels that she has always been struggling against the wind. Suddenly she realizes that there’s a monster following her. Right now he is the size of a man. But he is growing. When she sees him, she realizes with a shock that she is dreaming.

Wherever she goes, the monster finds her. And it grows even bigger. She hides inside a building. The monster grows yet bigger still; he tears the building off its foundation and throws it away. He reaches down and grabs her in his hand. She struggles in the hand of a giant. And the monster becomes a Spectre in the form of a huge man in dark glasses, and — Shira suddenly appears in Leila’s dream—

“Leila, watch out! He’s Traced you!”

Shira steals the dark glasses from Henry Becket’s face and throws them behind her. His ice blue eyes go wide. She lights up brighter than a thousand suns. He screams in pain like a demon-tortured sinner at the sight of the light. Leila activates her Shield and Repulses him into the next dimension—

shira’s apartment. —and they wake up together, locked into a tight embrace. The bright morning sun smiles upon them through the window blinds. Leila’s eyes are wide in shock. Shira stares deep into them. They remain motionless, staring at each other, wrapped in each other’s arms, for what seems an eternity.

Leila’s body begins to tremble. Her face takes on an expression of sweet agony. Then she closes her eyes, pulls Shira close, holds her as tight as she can, and kisses her more passionately than she has ever kissed anyone in her young life.
sun: —heroic forces of the United States Police Force have ruthlessly suppressed the evil communist insurrection of lowlife parasites who tried to loot the hard-earned wealth of America’s producers by demanding higher wages—
fox: —rotting slum was razed to end the insurrection. On a positive note, enterprising American developers have already begun bidding on the now vacant land, each one eager to build a glorious new vision of the individualist city—
abcnn: Shepherd Everson: —praying for Jesus America to purge the demon-worshipping liberal traitor scum that infest my city. If His Angels cannot do it, let us pray He sends His Police Force—
qvcbs: So what is your opinion on the recent uprisings? — Individualist Institute spokesman: America was built on the enterprise of its builders, the heroic captains of industry. Democracy only exists to rob the producers of their hard-earned wealth and give it to the undeserving masses. Democracy destroyed this country. We had to take it back from the mooching rabble in order to make it great again.
espnbc: In celebrity news, Amanda Cur— wait, that’s me! I didn’t do anything like that! (growls) This isn’t April Fool’s day, Shi—

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Spanner Interlude 6: The Monkeywrench Cometh

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner
Interlude 6: The Monkeywrench Cometh

previously on.4: ep1:protest of the masses against the evacuation of New York-TrumpCity, crushed by police armies mercenary hordes — the rich owners of the American Empire laugh at you puny humans — enter the monkeywrench

ep2:Rebel Rebel out of control — Darknet video loli of death — seize him by his testicles — kill him with his faith — looking for the monkeywrench — we — have — everything — under — control

ep3|4:take the terror to the masses — Empire crusades against the masses — Caliphate jihads against the masses — Rebel Rebel destroy his mind his body explodes — terrorists revenge against terrorists

ep5:class is now in session — rally the masses for their masters — wORSHIP — oUR — mASTERS — eVERY — nEED — knight’s blade craves blood — Student Union assemble — Scream Gems

ep7:Watch Drusilla Moon-marry the Corporate horde — SCREAM GEMS — kill your husbands, marry Jesus America — Patriot riot against the masses, fight against your rights, the people are the enemy — Todd — Palin — found — dead

ep8: reality fades away — she — melts — with — you

21 december 2012: red house.
The solstice is passed. The “cleansing of the Earth” Drusilla raved about since before they were born has not come to pass. But Shira and Jennifer, thirteen years old, still lie together naked in the spacious bed, clinging to each other for dear life, trying to cry themselves to sleep, for Kira is no longer with them.

The room begins to grow light. But it’s almost midnight, pitch black outside. The light is coming from inside. Shira rolls over to see what it could be. At first it emerges as an elliptical shape like one of their grandmother’s lingam stones: the shape of a soul; then it transforms into the abstract shape of a human, then a woman. Shira stands up, Jennifer embraces her from behind, both stare in wonder as the details of her uniform emerge and the familiar features form (making Shira gasp) and the familiar voice, now ageless, speaks:



1 april 2014: dictel tower.
Nightfall on the suburban western fringe of Metropolitan Seattle, the farthest distance across Puget Sound from the heart of the city. Bremerton, biggest town on the Westside, has been developing a heart of its own. But that heart has a disease at its core. Construction of the long-derelict forty-floor Dictel Tower, tallest building in the city, is now complete. Tonight, it opens.

Camdrones swarm the city center like killer bees waiting to strike; black helicopters flock overhead like savage rocs hunting human prey. Dictel is everywhere, and it’s out to get you.

Spotlights scour the night from the fortieth floor, reaching out over the naval base it overlooks. The giant holographic image of its founder crowns the tower: Patriot the First, King of Texas, Emperor of America, Supreme Lord of Earth, Conqueror of the Kingdom of Space — Roger Steele Becket of Dictel, Incorporated. Hailing him, bowing to him, the Cascadian synarchy known as the Fearsome Foursome:
  1. Prince James Walter Brinkman of Dictel, Incorporated: chairman, chief executive officer, and sole owner of the Cascadia Public Management Corporation (CPMC), which was personally appointed governor of Cascadia by President Goldman Sachs & Company
  2. Admiral Alan James Fleer: Fleet Admiral of the Imperial American Navy appointed supreme commander of the North Cascadia Fleet headquartered at Naval Base Bremerton for his personal, financial, and criminal contributions to the Conservative Revolution
  3. Shepherd-Mayor Ward Tremayne: ordained minister of the Church of America, appointed Mayor of Metropolitan Seattle by President Goldman Sachs & Company
  4. Prince John Cameron Becket of Dictel, Incorporated: vice president in charge of the Cascadia section of the Consolidated Police Corporation (COPCO), appointed regional Inquisitor by his aunt, Princess Drusilla Anne Becket Thorndyke Thomas Wilkinson Brinkman Draper Pernell of Dictel, Incorporated, Supreme Shepherd of the Church of America in Cascadia

previously on.2: ep8:join the Slasher Hunters — your eyes see the target, now she can see too

ep7:your mother, your wife, ravish her body in her dreams — your new dark lady, kiss her lips, taste her flesh, worship her body with yours, you are exotic too, join with her and Shira in the pool

ep6:throw off your clothes you and I are living flesh not dead ego — throw off your clothes bring death hell madness to the Shepherds of Jesus America — throw off your clothes nudefight the gangster hordes — the — chairman — hates — you

ep5:run the gauntlet, adverts command you to buy — Shiffer and Lira — meet your friends while you still can — there — is — no — class — in — class — science club ready to join — instant fanclub — the — killer — is — in — this — school

ep1:loving Willa, Hope, Shira — welcome to the Penguindrome — the sacrifice of the iPhones — terror on the plane — the — arena — burns — and the determininistic pattern of Henry Becket


“Kira...” Shira starts to cry.

Jennifer asks herself, “Are you me?”

Herself answers, “You will be.” She touches her own cheek. So young, so soft. She smiles. “I always wanted to meet myself.”

Inside the secure capsule the King’s ka stands on, the northwestern princes of Corporatism join the Fearsome Foursome in an occult ceremony led by his equally terrifying sons, his Princes Royal, the dreaded Becket brothers:
  • Col. Thomas Drake Becket: retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, architect of the Conservative Revolution that overthrew American democracy, and Chief Executive Officer of Dictel
  • Lord Richard Astor Becket: chairman of the World Bank and Chief Financial Officer of Dictel
  • Dr. Charles Henry Becket: founder and director of the federal Department of Homeland Security’s experimental Crime Prevention Division, codeveloper (with his mentor, Dr. Henry A. Murray) of the infamous American torture-interrogation system, and Chief Officer in Charge of Human Resources at Dictel
The “Dictel Brothers” stand behind and above their elderly father’s wheelchair-bound body as he receives the worship of his kinsmen and their vassals:

Brinkman, a large and brutish-looking man with a thick black beard, bows before the King and holds out his wand bearing the insignia of his office: “Hail to Your Imperial Highness, Lord of Light and Dispeller of Darkness!”

Fleer, a large and intimidating former weightlifting champion, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Majesty, Protector of the Dominion of Light!”

Tremayne, a middling and mediocre man possessed by holy hatred, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Holiness, Lord of the World and establisher of the Millennium of the Dominion of Jesus America, the one and only God!”

Jack Becket, a thuggish Dictel ex-mercenary sporting an eyepatch, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Highness, Lord of Order and Conqueror of the Nations of the World!”

The Corporate Remnant cry out: “Hail!”

previously on.3: ep8:torment the rape victim — suicide — is — painless — you have a friend with long blond hair

ep7:school shooters pee themselves at the Charmer’s command — Dirty French — celebrate your Conservative Revolution — fake terror attack fake out — faster football player kill kill

ep6:gangster invasion: the naked kids win — say your death prayers: the naked girl wins — hang your egos out: the naked girl wins

ep5:school begins — put the students in their place — sCREAM gEMS — she — comes — down — from — the — sky

ep9+:you think it will be the same — you — will — never — be — the — same

“You’re the last to come,” says Shira, “but your end’s the first Keenan saw.”

The apparation asks, “Were they all me?”

“Nine of you.”

“I saw Kira nine times. But she was never this young...”

Shira tries to hug her, but she cannot touch her. A ghost? There’s no such thing...

“Can I call you Space Me?” asks Young Jennifer.

Space Jennifer smiles. “Go ahead.”

Shira reaches out toward nothing and bursts into tears.

In the streets below, screaming police cars screech off Burwell Street onto Park Avenue in pursuit of a ghost. In the alley up the hill, past Pacific Avenue and closer to the waterfront, a helmeted figure with a hoverboard slung over his shoulder tags the back of a building with his insignia. The helmet’s heads-up display shows the tagger the locations of all the surveillance cameras and RFID spychips in the city. An analytical says, “Warning, camdrones approching at nine o’clock.”

“Thank you, Option,” says the tagger in a low female voice. “Switch cloak on.”

His (or her?) view changes subtly. The words “CLOAKING ON” appear on the HUD.

A camdrone approaches. It does not notice the cloaked figure as it descends. When it gets too close, it gets a dose of spray paint in its lens. Blinded, it flies erratically into a wall; it takes damage as it pinballs off the buildings.

The police cars speed into the alley and skid loudly to a stop, barely avoiding a pileup. COPCO uniforms and men-in-black FBI counterterror specialists swarm out of their cars and up the alley. Last to leave is Agent Diana Shockley, who casually leaves the back seat of a police cruiser wearing FBI windbreaker and cap. She is really Princess Diana Andrea Becket of Dictel, Incorporated, but she hides her royal name behind the long-bearded Patriot Country singer and Confederate League baseball player she married.

The tagger appears down the alley just so the cops can see him. One COPCO agent points at him and shouts, “There he is! That’s him!” He runs up the alley toward the waterfront; a crowd of cops armed with tasers and sonic disruptors follow in pursuit. Then as suddenly as he appears, he vanishes. The cops gasp together in collective shock.

previously on.5: ep8:she tries to die: grab her hand, pull her from the abyss, bind her with a kiss — she — is — now — yours — spank her to unbearable bliss, touch kiss suck bite her flesh, love her like a man, burn her wings to dust-#ep|9:and her master to ashes

ep7|8:your birthday party — she — gives — her — self — to — you — they rape her, the slender man he comes — alone in a dark empty room, praying the Doktor will not find her — mean boys cruel girls pale empty suits torment her make her long for death

ep5:come to her in the school lobby, radiant sparkling in her tear-filled eyes — she tries to die: slay the bloodthirsty Blade Knight to win her love-#ep|9:smoke drink kiss in the hot bubble bath

ep3:see her in the corner of your eye while you and Minty kiss — Fashion Assassin — she tries to die: save her from watery oblivion with a kiss — the moment she dreads and longs for is at hand

ep2:6/21/10:she dances nude for the eyes of the world, only eleven — you — are — now — hers

ep1/i5:alone in a dark empty room, waiting for the Doktor to steal her special blood, longing for oblivion in your breast-#ep8:Satan — answered — her — prayer—

“DOWNLOAD COMPLETE,” says the notification app. The ship-AI construct now resides in one of the 256GB Companion Cube earrings Shira wears, transmitted electrically through her body in her personal area network. “Tansie” is her name. Stored on the other earring, a full set of intel files on the twenty-second-century Corporations and the Terrors without SCP Foundation redaction or Imperial War Department censorship. Shira marvels at the monstrosities the files depict. Space Jennifer says, “You already know about Cold War research on super soldiers and mind control, or soon will. But the true occult purpose of both the Soviet and American Empires involved extruding the bicameral mind to give the gods physical form. Crowley and Lovecraft already saw them in their future.”

“What do these gods call themselves?”


The naked young girl in the bulky virtual reality goggles looks frail against her technology. What she sees:

their faces, the logos form before her, multiply, devour each other—

their true forms, malevolent data patters connecting thousands of robot bodies—

human flesh powers their bodies, human souls feed their brains—

they feed on each other till at last one logo is left, the unmistakable circle-D of Dictel Corporation—

It appears on the holoprojector. “The old slashed circle just won’t do. They need to know there’s an angel of chaos in town.” She concentrates, she thinks, and the new image appears over the old and obliterates it—

previously on.1: Chaos Angel Spanner — Series 1: Rock City Blues — Part 1: Enter the MonkeywrenchrapidRecap:

ep8:Shira and Leila — bodies entwined — souls hearts dreams fuse — dream and reality become confused — night makes way for day, the world fades away

ep1:under the blinded Eye — over the head of the Scarab — the Angel of Chaos — throws his monkeywrench — into the third eye of the ka — of Steve Jobs

ep15:in the empty city — two become one — the prophecy fulfilled — tonight someone dies

ep1#8#15:as the black crystal glows bright—

Tansie asks sadly, “Is this goodbye, Mother?”

“No, my child.” Space Jennifer points toward her younger self. “I’m still here.”

“I’m still here,” says Young Jennifer, tearful and smiling.

Space Jennifer fades away. “The future is yours. Please prevent mine.” She waves at them in the split second before she disappears.

AEGIS studies the ship AI’s hologram carefully. “You don’t look too much more advanced than me. I take it innovation stopped long before the forty-first millennium?”

“Third,” says Tansie. “Corporations were never creative.”

Shira stares at the holograms. “So what do we do now?”

“It’s like Yasmin says,” Jennifer replies. “One little choice can change the whole future.”

“I choose Leila.”

“And I choose Kira.”

On the wall, dwarfing cops and crooks alike, a giant graffiti logo:
  • a shield in the shape of a police badge with a rainbow edge
  • two wrenches, one adjustable, the other not, crossed behind it
  • superimposed, a white gothic “S”
In shock, Shockley inquires: “Who could have done such a thing?”

“They talk about him all over the Darknet,” a veteran agent grimly replies. “They call him: Spanner.

ep8!Keenan: Bad ending number one is now impossible.
ep1!Shira: Make way for bad ending number two...

to be continued...

New Chapter 9 index coming soon...
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Copyright © 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

[Revision 4 Final, 9/5/12: The “Dictel Tower grand opening/first tag” sequence originally written for Interlude 12 in Book 2 Revision 1. Everything else is new to the Final Revision. The odd text of the “Previously On” segments was inspired by Surrealist and Beat poetry (incorporating Linux and fandom notations) and the 1961 avant-garde film Very Nice, Very Nice.]

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Spanner 8.6: Melt With You

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 6: Melt With You (Final Revision)
4 july 2014: crying a desperate prayer to the Devil at Drusilla's L.A. halfway house, begging him to bring her to Shira so she can annihilate herself in her and they can become one—
1 april 2013: Marshall Brinkman's cold stare as he shuts the doors of Pretty City behind him, leaving her to the mercy of the hideous Molotov Twins now leering at her—
16 august 2012: bringing the bloody blade down on the psychopath who raped her for kicks, screaming her rage, refusing to stop even though he is already dead—
1 november 2012: screaming among the flames as the men in black take Yolanda away to her death, the scientist who rescued them to a fate worse than Hell, Frank Becket laughing at God—
31 august 2014: rescued from the death she craved by Shira, who now holds her in her arms and kisses her deeply — Satan answered her prayer—
shira’s apartment. Open the door to the empty dark flat. Carry Leila in and slam it shut; it locks automagically. Clap two times to make all the lights come on. Pull Leila close and kiss her deeply, her mind divided between surrender and struggle. She turns her head away. “Shira, please let me die,” she sobs.

“No,” says Shira, “I can’t.” She kisses her again, then gently pulls her by the hand into the kitchen, pulls up a chair, and sits her at the table. She takes two Japanese teacups out of the cupboard and—

Leila suddenly sprints toward the balcony door. Shira screams, “AEGIS! Lock!

The balcony door locks, followed by all the windows. Leila desperately tries to muscle the door open, then hits it in a futile attempt to smash through it. AEGIS calmly replies, “All doors and windows locked.”

Shira sets the cups on the table and strips off her clothes. “Fuck promises.” She runs to Leila, summons all her strength to tear the dress off her body, picks her up naked struggling and crying, carries her into the living room, and throws her on the couch — then in rage and raging lust she slaps her beautiful soft arse over and over; Leila screams and cries and begs, “Stop it! Please stop!”

“No! I promised!”

She spanks her as hard as she can, lies down on her to keep her from escaping and feels her pain transmute into unbearable pleasure, spanks her until her body convulses and she cries out overwhelmed with orgasm, and she doesn’t stop! over and over she hits the sensitive buttocks red and slick with sweat, hits the trembling screaming girl, hits her and hits her with unrelenting fury into violent shudders of shattering ecstasy — and finally she stops. Leila collapses into convulsive sobs.

Shira rests her body on top of exhausted panting Leila’s sweat-drenched body so she will be unable to struggle out of her embrace. Leila trembles with desire and love and hatred and sobs. “Shira... please don’t...”

“Your wings are mine, sweet angel,” Shira whispers. “My love will burn them to dust.” Gently she nibbles Leila’s neck and ears. Leila resumes her struggle, tries to fight her way out of Shira’s arms—

—and finds herself on her back, Shira on top of her holding her tight, staring deeply into her eyes, deep into her soul. “It’s been four years,” says Shira. “Four years I’ve been waiting for this. Four years ago, I lost my heart to you. Leila, I love you more than my life. I won’t let you break my heart!” She attacks Leila’s lips with violent kisses of raging passion, unleashes four years of frustrated consuming desire on those soft sweet lips, plunges her tongue inside to caress Leila’s soft wet tongue, feels her body surrender and fight, bites her ears hard enough to hurt, drinks in her screams of pain and pleasure, bites her neck till the bites turn red,

Spanner Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds (Revision 4)

Chapter 7

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds (Revision 4)

The events leading up to one of the major turning points of the series. Shira tries to deal with her unwanted secret admirer from Japan. Jennifer and Shira prove themselves to the Slasher Hunters. Clique war threatens to break out openly at Bangor High. A dangerous new surprise player appears on the scene. And devastated by the events at the end of last chapter, tormented by the Student Council provoked by a jealous now-ex-girlfriend, and trapped between slavery and certain death, Leila attempts the most desperate means — only for Shira to interrupt in the most emphatic way...

Stick around as the plot darkens...

Table of Contents:
  1. Black Caturday (July 10, 2011, Final Revision 8/30/12)
  2. All in the Cards (August 31, 2012)
  3. Breaking up the Girl (July 17, 2011, Final Revision 9/1/12)
  4. Hide in Plain Sight (July 18, 2011, Final Revision 9/2/12)
  5. Closer to the Edge (July 20, 2011, Final Revision 9/3/12)
  6. Melt With You (July 21, 2011, Final Revision 9/4/12)
Moved from Chapter 7: all of 8.1, originally 7.3 “Caturday” in Revision 3. From the Project Notebooks: Ariel’s tarot card reading for Shira.

The original chapter introduction with revision updates:
I only got around to outlining this chapter before I burned out on AugNoWriMo for the third consecutive year [i.e., 2010]. The name is one of the first I came up with for the original Spanner comic, back in the late 1990s; the final scene (before the Interlude) is one of the first scenarios I scripted for the proposed manga back in the early ’00s. (Another scene I wrote during that period is the one in which she wakes up with Dexter.) As I ended up actually writing it, it’s bookended by two of the series’ biggest turning points. Like Chapter 7, it turned out to be a “theme” episode, though still entirely within the plot. Of course, I had to throw Shira’s birthday into the mix, with a surprise new character...

Second Revision Update: This chapter ended up being easily divisible into six different chapters (plus one Interlude); thus it was during the editing of this chapter that I realized I’d be doing the third draft differently. But that deserves an entire post of its own...

Third Revision Update: The order of sections in this and Chapter 7 has changed, with the Second Revision’s 8.1 now in its proper place as 7.1, and the former 7.6 taking its place here. Leila’s role is now greatly expanded, as she is really the star of this chapter (as the chapter and Parts 3 and 6 titles should tell you), though I neglected that when I posted the Second Revision. The plot is now much stronger, as a major turning point deserves. Thus ends the first “light novel” of Spanner Book 1.

Chapter 9

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Spanner R4 Update: The Hard Work Done So Far, The Easy Stretch Begins

Editing Chapters 4 through 8 for the Final Revision turned out to be harder than I thought. Turning Interludes 3 and later into neo-modernist storytelling experiments didn't help. I barely finished Chapter 8 and Interlude 6 in time. But now the hard work's done for now; after this, it's smooth, uh, editing for the next four or five chapters. Parts of Chapters 9 and 10 were substantially finished in Revision 3; even in Chapters 11 through 13, which only made it to Revision 2, have large sections that won't need much editing. I'm hoping to speed up the edits because...

I've decided to completely revamp Chapter 14. Some of the Revision 2 scenes go on way too long; some scenes I can put anywhere between Chapters 9 and 21. Chapter 14, now called "Plots and Plans" for the Final Revision, will have two parts, intercut using yWriter5 like so much else in Revision 4: the present-day (i.e. 10/4/14) "plots and plans" of the title, each one followed by a series of flashbacks to previous chapters and even the still unplotted Book Zero and running backwards. This should make Chapter 14 an impressive enough lead-in to the monumental Revision 4 version of the pivotal Chapter 15.

It continues...

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Spanner 8.5: Closer to the Edge

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 5: Closer to the Edge (Final Revision)

blake island. Football was cancelled today, so Dexter decided now is the time to give Shira her birthday gift. The salmon dinner prepared by the Native American cooks at Tillicum Village is as exquisite as it is expensive, but Shira and Dexter are underage so they get no wine. Dexter marvels at how Shira can get such intense pleasure from food. “Oh Dexter,” Shira deliriously rhapsodizes, “thank you so much for the wonderful dinner. I’ve fallen totally in love with you all over again.”

“Happy birthday, baby.” Dexter winks. They clink together their glasses of iced tea. “You been worrying about Leila too much lately. You need a break.”

Shira sighs. “They’re treating her like shit and it’s breaking my heart. She needs me, Dex. Me and you and everybody else, before she hurts herself.”

“I’ll do what I can to help. You need a little comforting tonight?” Dexter winks.

“Damn right I do.” Shira winks back.

red house. As soon as Charlie locks the door she strips off her sweat-drenched clothes and then Sylvia’s. A robot rolls over to vacuum up the clothes and speed them to the wash. Charlie pulls Sylvia’s bare trembling body tight against hers, violently kisses her lips then her neck and down to her breasts, sucks her breasts, bites her nipples and makes her scream in pain and ecstasy, licks and bites her nether lips, bites her clit, plunges her tongue deep into her cunt — for the first time in her life Sylvia truly feels her body explode—

In the shower the warm water soothes their skin. With her bare hands Charlie soaps up and rubs down Sylvia’s quaking body with expertise of long experience; she tickles her gently, then gives her breasts special attention, caressing them, squeezing them, gently torturing her painfully hard nipples till she starts to scream, then squeezing her soft shapely buttocks, finally caressing and squeezing her nether lips, caressing in between, making love to her with her fingers, inflicting sweet torture on her hard sensitive clit and a new place she can feel within her vagina, suddenly her mind blows the world disappears all is violent bliss — she collapses into Charlie’s arms and lets out long soft sighs; Charlie holds her close and kisses her deeply and inserts her fingers into her own cunt and fingers Sylvia’s, they ride on pure love pure ecstasy while the warm water gently pounds—

She carries Sylvia over the threshold, throws her on the bed, jumps her, kisses her violently — they drink the sweet hot nectar of each other’s cunts, bite the clits, plunge their tongues deep, build to ultimate climax, ride beyond, and—

suddenly time and space cease to exist, Sylvia’s consciousness collapses into her body, her body into Charlie’s, their fused essence now one with mother earth and all life and the whole universe, God or absolute essence — she realizes she is now in eternity, this is a true mystical experience, and she belongs body and soul totally to Charlie forever...