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Spanner 9.1: The Morning After

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 1: The Morning After (Final Revision)

Feminism is a socialist, anti-family,
political movement that encourages women
to leave their husbands, kill their children,
practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism,
and become lesbians.

Rev. Pat Robertson
(defending Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda on 11 September 2001)

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Irina Dunn

22 september 2014.
It is a dark and stormy night. Leila struggles against the strong wind. She feels that she has always been struggling against the wind. Suddenly she realizes that there’s a monster following her. Right now he is the size of a man. But he is growing. When she sees him, she realizes with a shock that she is dreaming.

Wherever she goes, the monster finds her. And it grows even bigger. She hides inside a building. The monster grows yet bigger still; he tears the building off its foundation and throws it away. He reaches down and grabs her in his hand. She struggles in the hand of a giant. And the monster becomes a Spectre in the form of a huge man in dark glasses, and — Shira suddenly appears in Leila’s dream—

“Leila, watch out! He’s Traced you!”

Shira steals the dark glasses from Henry Becket’s face and throws them behind her. His ice blue eyes go wide. She lights up brighter than a thousand suns. He screams in pain like a demon-tortured sinner at the sight of the light. Leila activates her Shield and Repulses him into the next dimension—

shira’s apartment. —and they wake up together, locked into a tight embrace. The bright morning sun smiles upon them through the window blinds. Leila’s eyes are wide in shock. Shira stares deep into them. They remain motionless, staring at each other, wrapped in each other’s arms, for what seems an eternity.

Leila’s body begins to tremble. Her face takes on an expression of sweet agony. Then she closes her eyes, pulls Shira close, holds her as tight as she can, and kisses her more passionately than she has ever kissed anyone in her young life.
sun: —heroic forces of the United States Police Force have ruthlessly suppressed the evil communist insurrection of lowlife parasites who tried to loot the hard-earned wealth of America’s producers by demanding higher wages—
fox: —rotting slum was razed to end the insurrection. On a positive note, enterprising American developers have already begun bidding on the now vacant land, each one eager to build a glorious new vision of the individualist city—
abcnn: Shepherd Everson: —praying for Jesus America to purge the demon-worshipping liberal traitor scum that infest my city. If His Angels cannot do it, let us pray He sends His Police Force—
qvcbs: So what is your opinion on the recent uprisings? — Individualist Institute spokesman: America was built on the enterprise of its builders, the heroic captains of industry. Democracy only exists to rob the producers of their hard-earned wealth and give it to the undeserving masses. Democracy destroyed this country. We had to take it back from the mooching rabble in order to make it great again.
espnbc: In celebrity news, Amanda Cur— wait, that’s me! I didn’t do anything like that! (growls) This isn’t April Fool’s day, Shi—
downtown bremerton. Arvid Shield and Taylor Brinkman meet their sister Ariel for morning tea in her flat above her Sky Dancer Metaphysical Bookstore. “Shira has finally found Leila,” says Arvid.

Taylor winks. “She’s got her staying the night.”

Ariel smiles. “As it should be.”

Arvid frowns at her. “You arranged this.”

She dusts an antique ceramic lamp. “She’s the only way we’re going to keep her alive.”

“Father will not be pleased, to say the least.”

“Grand Poo-bah neither,” says Taylor. “We need to get rid of that psycho brat of his, though.”

Ariel winks at her. “That boy’s a worm. Leave him alone and let him squirm.”

red house. Sylvia wakes up from a beautiful dream to the sight of a beautiful large-breasted woman kneeling nude over her in the misty morning light, watching her, eyes full of love, hand gently caressing Sylvia’s bare breast... “Is this a dream?”

“No,” says Charlie, “this is real.” She lies down on Sylvia’s body and kisses her — Sylvia swoons at the softness of her lips and surrenders to her body... She decides that this really is a dream, but the dream has become real.

biotron labs. Dr. Tatsumi silently rages at Oliver as she enters the special secret lab even the Thorwalds are forbidden to enter. Both Biotron and its bitter rival Genom produce clone soldiers for the never-ending American war effort and vat-grown ninja for the Yakuza. But Genom’s chairman, name of Quincy, is the typically male-supremacist American Corporate. She’s convinced they’re all gay, closeted self-haters. She imagines Secretary Becket’s mighty fist, which once penetrated Michel Foucault, raping Quincy.

But Mina Tatsumi understands the true power of a woman, against which men have no defense. Because the inventor of the Bioroid is a woman, only she could create the Sexaroid. She designed it with the unearthly beauty and allure of a goddess; she designed it to produce pheromones so powerful that men succumb to them and become helpless slaves of their libido, even men with will force as strong as Henry Becket’s. Kira Thomas, the captive Charmer, proved very useful indeed. She chuckles. If Kira’s twin sister knew what she has done to her...

Ah, twins. The Sonoda twins. Emi and Ami. They were so beautiful. They loved each other deeply. They loved each other without reason. They loved each other so much, they believed they were one person in two bodies, so intensely they could not tell each other apart, nor could anyone else, not even her. They made love without guilt and told her. They loved her like the mother they lost. And she adored them. She became a second mother to them after their grandmother, head of the Sonoda mob, bumped off their real mother, her own daughter. Sakurako Sonoda, dragon lady, was the project’s first victim. But Quincy murdered beautiful Emi and Ami with the berserker virus she herself created, just to show her who was boss. He made them murder each other in virus-induced rage. They were only fifteen. His short-term victory, her long-term revenge.

In her secret lab there are hundreds of clone tanks, each containing a nude young beauty with green hair and ample breasts, cloned from the genetic material she had saved from Quincy’s murderous ambition. In them she fused the powers of Biotron’s top-selling models, the super reflexes and fighting instincts of the Ninjaroid with the irresistible allure of the Sexaroid.

These are her true daughters, Emi and Ami reborn in multiplicity, armed with the latest advances in genetic engineering, singlemindedly devoted to her mission of vengeance, the same age the twins were when Quincy and the Beckets stole them away from her. They shall destroy Dictel, Genom, the Mizoguchi Gumi, the House of Cromwell Becket, their precious American Empire, its god Jesus America, and their Race; they shall restore the power and glory of the divine-blooded Yamato race and the ancient supremacy of woman. Her one desire, their glorious destiny.

Fifteen. Shira Thomas is fifteen now. By all reports, Kira and Shira loved each other as intensely as Emi and Ami. She believes Shira will join her: if she promises revenge against Drusilla and the fulfillment of all her erotic desires? if she brings Kira back? If Shira knew...

With or without Shira, she is preparing her vengeance against America. She has the demon-summoning program she seduced away from a careless Technomancer in a Tokyo high school two years after the disaster. She has the great goddess Izanami on her side. She will slay Jesus America.

She stares at the field of clone tanks, nearly mad with anticipation. The time of their rebirth is near: their destiny is at hand. Their destiny, her dominion.

shelley house. Connor is sitting up naked against his bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face him. Rob slips out of the covers, idly caresses Connor’s penis, and says dreamily, “I hope this isn’t your first time with a guy.”

Connor strokes Rob’s hair. “No, actually. Should it matter?”

With a mischievous subtle smile Rob climbs into Connor’s lap and stares deep into his deep blue eyes. “It certainly matters to the Law.”

“You mean the Eugenics Institute that’s been trying to wipe out my family since before their Revolution? I don’t give a damn about their Law.”

“Good!” Rob kisses Connor with wild passion, they roll diagonally along the bed and then off — “Ow!” — they giggle like girls, pick each other up, kiss again, and run off to the shower.

technosphere. The doll dressed goth-loli with a gingham-checked bonnet stands in the middle of a meadow that stretches to the horizon, broken only by the occasional tree. At first Sparks thinks some programmer turned the leaves pink until the recognition hits him with a shock. “What are all those cherry trees doing here?”

AEGIS appears in steampunk-owl form perched on his shoulder. “This is the famous Sakura Plain world in the DotHack World MMO.”

“What made it so famous?”


A portal emerges in the sky. An adorably cute blond youkai in purple dress and bonnet idly descends Mary Poppins-like on her parasol. She has stars in her eyes because she has found something too cute to resist, and if she’s lucky it might even turn out to be a delicious human. Not even God can stop her from taking it. She cries out, “Ahhh, kawaiii!!! omochi kaeri.” The translator daemon displays: “OMG how cute!!! mine mine mine.”

Sparks feels his blood goes cold. “Oh. no.

“Be glad it isn’t you she wants.”

As Yukari gets closer, the doll begins to turn around — it turns out to be a girl pretending not to notice her. Underneath the bonnet he slowly recognizes the copper hair and bronze skin; and then she turns to face him, fixes him with her beautiful emerald eyes, smiles that cockeyed smirk, winks — she looks like Shira, but too young—

Rebel Styles—

“No!” he screams. “Don’t do it! Get away from her! She’ll destroy your world!” Yukari does not understand him because youkai do not speak English.

“Look at the time!” AEGIS points to the date stamp: 1 April 2014. Yukari doesn’t even hear him! He’s in the future looking at the past — he can only watch helplessly as a giggling Yukari picks her up, flies away, and takes Rebel with her back to Gensoukyou. Before she disappears through her portal, she flings a bullet train into his face while Rebel smiles—

Sparks suddenly sits bolt upright in his bed, realizing he has just seen how Aya Shibata sneaked her way into Gensoukyou. Rebel Styles, Trojan horse — he shakes his head at the thought. Exactly the kind of thing Shira would do. He lets himself laugh. And then the realization hits him hard: “How did I see into the Technosphere in a dream?

mudlark house. Jennifer and Brandi drink deep from each other’s cunts, bite their clits hard while plunging tongues deep — they don’t remember waking up, only making love.

In the shower, impatient hands reach for inflamed cunts and rub hard; soon they rub them together, and it feels like fire—

Even drying off they cannot keep their hands off each other. They are about to go at it again when Willa comes in cross-armed and shooting an impatient look. They sigh, finish towelling each other dry, and start getting dressed.
naval base bangor: Walter Brinkman tells his uncle, “I won’t let you murder my granddaughter, Uncle Richard.”

Richard Becket replies, “I cannot let allow her to fulfill the prophecy. The angel of chaos is the catalyst. She sought her out herself.”

drusilla’s temple: Lovie Thorndyke, blindfolded and Tracing, says, “There are three Factor Positives left, Mother. I can feel it clearly.”

Drusilla Becket replies, “I thought there were only two.”

“Two are at the school. One was somehow undetected all this time.”

“That is the one the prophecy spoke of.”

“Leila is. She doesn’t care if she lives or dies or who she hurts. She scares me to death.”

fort lewis: FBI Director Karl Radisson gives his directive. “I want you to bring Leila Shelley to us.”

Locke Holmes asks, “Can I sleep with her?”

“The Secretary will grant you immunity. But first you must steal her from Shira Thomas.”

bangor jail: Richard Becket warns his grandnephew Frank: “I am above the Law.”

Frank replies, “I’m beyond it.”
shira’s apartment. Shira and Leila cuddle together in the hot bubble bath, taking deep drags on Leila’s cigarette between languid kisses. Shira no longer coughs, but her head still goes light. Leila says dreamily, “I wanna make love to you so hard, we’ll both die from pure ecstasy overload.”

“But if we die now,” Shira reminds her, “they’ll win.” Leila sighs in despair. Shira gives her the cigarette to smoke, then kisses her. She smiles mischievously. “Did you know they’re all conspiracy theorists?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding.”

“No joke. They’re paranoid like you’d never believe. Like, say, the people are nothing but an evil conspiracy out to either steal or destroy wealth. It’s either greed or resentment, no idealism, the Remnant can’t conceive of ideals other than theirs. Money’s like the mark of divine election in their cult. So, to protect their God-given money from the evil muggle conspiracy, they had a Conservative Revolution and inflicted a dictatorship of the deserving on us mooching muggles.”

With a mischievous subtle smile Leila looks into Shira’s eyes. “You know you’re breaking the Law by fornicating with an Imperial Princess.”

Shira winks. “And you, Your Imperious Highness, are breaking four laws.” Flush with the thrill of transgression, they giggle like naughty children. They silence each other with a delicious kiss.

“I’m so happy we’re lovers now, Shira. I love you so much it hurts.”

“You value our love more than your aristocratic heritage or your future in the Imperial hierarchy?”

“I’d gladly destroy the world for our love.”


“’Wer geboren werden will, muss eine Welt zerstören.’ We live in a world that’s trying to destroy us.”

“The world doesn’t care. The System’s trying to destroy it. Chairman Rove said, ‘We make reality,’ remember?”

“Then we destroy the System.”

“Taking down those paranoids would give even Superman a hard time. Think about it.”

Leila tosses the cigarette into the bath water. It extinguishes with a sharp hiss. “My choice was either slavery or suicide. You gave me another choice, and I took it. One choice: our love — and their destruction.” She brings her lips dangerously close to Shira’s. “They’re the same thing.” She kisses Shira gently, playfully inserts her tongue; their kiss becomes passionate, violent...

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