Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spanner R4 Update: Taking the Week Off to Plot Phase 2

Phase one of the Spanner Book 1 final edit is over (mostly): all 10 chapters that got a Third Revision are now upgraded to the Fourth. Now, to avoid burnout and serious continuity errors, I'm taking this next week off. The first thing I did was avoid the story altogether this weekend, except to take a few notes. Here's the rest of my agenda for the week:
  1. Reread all 10 of the chapters I've finished so far. I will use this as an excuse to convert to ePUB-compatible XHTML those chapters I haven't yet converted.
  2. Correct any continuity errors I see during my reading. This includes reinserting forgotten characters that got lost in certain scenes where they should have been important (e.g. Ayla in Chapters 9 and 10). If I see any opportunities to insert foreshadowing for later events, I'll take them.
  3. Plot Chapters 11 through 15. Work out an outline. I'll be working from that. I need to make sure all the plot elements follow from what has gone before (i.e. in Chapters 1-10); this may mean editing previous chapters yet again to make sure all plot threads lead up to the events of Chapter 15.
  4. Draw up a quick outline of Chapters 16 through 23, continuing the threads from the previous chapters. This may also require edits on the first 10 chapters.
Once all that's done, I'll start work on Chapter 11, and resume posting new Revision 4 installments on October 1. In the meantime, I need time to catch up with the story so I don't lose it (i.e. allow careless continuity errors to sneak in).

Chapter 11 R4 starts October 1. But right now the real work begins...

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