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Spanner 10.4: For Unwanted Carnal Knowledge

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 4: For Unwanted Carnal Knowledge (Final Revision)

25 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira and Hope summon Ric, Charlie and Desiree for a family conference. Hope muses, “So today’s the day...”

Ric says, “Quite the risk you’re taking there, cub.”

“That’s why I don’t want you two there,” says Shira. “You’re too conspicuous to the mob bosses in the box seats.”

Desiree adds, “We’ll be preoccupied with playing, so we won’t be able to focus on you.”

“If you say so,” says Hope.

Charlie says, “What I’m worried about is how they’ll cheat this Challenge.”

Shira grins wickedly. All eyes fall on her. “Well then, let’s show ’em the true meaning of Rock ’N’ Roll.”

warren avenue bridge. A cool early-autumn morning. A beautiful sunrise. Four days since Shira saved Leila’s life and took it over. Leila’s memory of the last four days is a blur of sex, ecstasy, and defiance: making love on Shira’s couch, in her shower, in her bed, in as many places in the school as they can get away with, in front of Oliver to tell him she is no longer his. The wind whips her hair and skirt. She strolls soberly homeward.

Suddenly she finds herself at the place midway across the bridge where she tried to end her life only for Shira to save it. Now she can divide her life cleanly into two parts: before then, and after then. The sunset over the Cascades was beautiful then. The sunrise greets her over the Olympics now.

She strips off her backpack and opens it, takes out the big plastic bottle of antidepressant pills and opens it, shakes the jar: still half full. Two hundred capsules of suicide remain. She reaches across the railing, holds the jar over the water, tips it so that the pills fall out until it is empty, then lets go of the jar and its lid. She watches them fall until they disappear. Had Cascadia state law been in effect, she’d be fined for littering if anyone bothered to report her. But what’s one more minor crime on her record?

For the first time in her life, it feels good to be alive.

None of the preoccupied motorists speeding by her notice a thing. She walks north as if nothing had happened.

A car stops next to her and auto-opens its door. A red Mustang. Shira says over the loudspeaker, “Get in.” Leila grabs the railing, gracefully vaults the barrier, enters the car and shuts the door in one motion: the Mustang speeds away.

school lobby. Shira and Leila find the rest of Team Bremelo staring astonished at the monitors. As soon as they get past the guards and go through the door, they find out why.

Every single speaker and monitor gives the song-war victory to the reigning Pop Princess of Seattle long before it has even started, with ultra-slick audiovisuals that glorify DisneyPop as if it were a god and throws gleeful anathemas at her challenger for Challenging its champion instead of selling her own soul. Shira laughs. Leila asks, “What’s so funny?”

“They’re claiming victory already?

Jennifer shrugs. “Typical Corporates. Get used to it.”

principal’s office. The Principal tells Shira sternly through his smirk, “You’ve been pushing it as far as you can, Miss Thomas. You know it’s illegal to speak ill of the corporations that make America number one. It is illegal because it is against everything that is moral. But since you have made it into an official Challenge, the authorities have decided to let it pass.”

Spiekerman adds, “But you know there’s no way you’re gonna win.”

Shira asks, “How come you’re so certain about that?”

“You Challenged DisneyPop,” Mobley answers. “Ain’t no way some amateur can beat DisneyPop.”

“Never say never.” She gives them a parting wink before returning to her team.

hallway. Shira walks down the hall like the Tournament fighter she is, her team behind her, fans cheering and haters jeering as they pass. Akane marvels, “This reminds me of Bart taking on Mad Tad!”

“Akane-kun, this is bigger than that,” says Shira. “Bart wasn’t going up against one of the world’s most ruthless corporations.”

Team Bremelo’s rivals get in her way one by one. Charmian says, “I can’t beat Minty. Karen can’t beat Minty. Neither can you.”

Debbie gloats, “I bet money on Minty. You know I can’t lose.” Jennifer pats her on the head. “Hey!”

Lucy sneers, “You’re such a fool to challenge DisneyPop. You’re just an amateur. They’re professionals.”

Scotty flips a bundle of greenbacks in her face. “♫ I’m in the money! I’m in the money! ♪“

Kelly goads, “What do you have to say to that, amateur?”

Shira pats her on the shoulder. “Don’t feed the trolls.” She winks. Her team follow her out of the crowd and into the library.

meeting room. Under a full moon shortly after midnight on November 5, 1998, Irish gothpunk singer Suzanne Taylor Brinkman (daughter of Governor Wally, though they have been on strictly screaming terms for years) gave birth to twins fathered by her lover and then-husband, footballer Ian Shelley. First, a beautiful little black-haired baby girl popped out of the womb of Taylor Brinkman. Already she strongly intuited that the newborn would grow up to be an exotic creature, so she gave her the exotic name Leila Renata, blatantly neither Gaelic nor English. An equally beautiful little boy followed her; she named him Robert Louis after her favorite literary Scot whose name is not Byron. (Taylor laughs at the rumor that she named her son after Robert Smith, lead singer of the Cure, whenever it inevitably comes up.)

Taylor Brinkman is the sister of Ariel Shield, a big smoke in the Grail Conspiracy who, ashamed at her neocon father, takes her family name from their scandalous Irish mother. This makes her a Black Princess, descended from Jesus by the female line (or “bar sinister” in the ancient language of heraldry now understood only by historians and Anachronists). The Black Princesses are closely associated with the legendary Holy Grail and are considered by some to be the Grail Family itself. Legendary punk rocker Rat Scabies is more famous today for Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail than he ever was for setting drumkits on fire while playing on stage with the Damned, so of course he became godfather to Taylor’s newborn twins and the redheaded younger sister named Fiona who arrived a year and a half later.

“It sounds weird,” says Leila after explaining it to the rest of Team Bremelo, “but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and everything I’ve just said is true.”

“So why are they calling you ‘Eurotrash’?” asks Polly cheerily.

“’Cos I don’t act American, that’s why.” Her teammates laugh.

“Shira,” Akane asks, “how come Minty was so quick to Challenge you? It’s not like she has Ne-chan’s temper.”

“Yeah,” Jennifer adds, “I was wondering that myself.”

Shira gives them a huge mischievous wink. “I kissed her at Bumbershoot. Remember?”

Leila’s jaw drops, her eyes go wide, she takes in a deep breath. “Oh yeah, I saw that! I thought you were gonna take me away right then.” She sighs.

Charlie side-hugs Leila. “Well! Now we all know you’ve got the Rocker bona fides to run with our pack.” Leila blushes. But then Charlie crosses her arms and her smile disappears.

“But first, we gotta plan our moves.”

“Which one, A or B?” asks Cory.

“A through Z if we have to.”

“These are all potential moves depending on what they do,” Shira says. “What we’ll actually do is what they least expect.”

shelley house. The Governor tries to call his wayward granddaughter. He gets her mother. Taylor says, “What do you want, old man?”

“I want your eldest daughter on the line, right now.”

“Sorry, Daddy-o, you’re calling at the wrong time. She’s at school.”

Brinkman glares at her in a rage that could make him turn full werewolf at any second. “Suzanne, I order you to keep her away from that creature and obey her patriarch and future husband—”

Taylor laughs at him contemptuously. “Really? Just the other night she tried to kill herself so you couldn’t enslave her to that psycho loser you and your priest are trying to force on her.”

“Are you letting her commit sex terrorism, Suzanne?”

“It was kill herself, kill Ollie-Ollie, or this, and she still may kill Ollie-Ollie if I don’t get him first. I say she’s made the right choice. I say if she marries anybody, it’s Shira Thomas or nobody. That’s what I say, thou patriarchal piece o’ shit.” She smirks at him triumphantly.

He glares at her. “Very well. I am forced to hereby disinherit and deny thee, my prodigal, along with your lowborn spawn. Fortunately, your eldest brother still knows his place in the order of things, and so does his daughter. I must arrange a more suitable alliance that will strengthen Our Nation. Go to hell, thou filthy whore! May thy daughter’s corpse be the last thing you see when I come to eat thee alive!” He abruptly cuts the call.

“Ha! Keep fighting that lost cause, old cur. You won’t live to see it destroyed.” She switches to video of backstage incident at Bumbershoot, with unwilling Minty trapped in Shira’s arms. “Now I’d give anything to see Shira actually molest that girl...”

meeting room. “I don’t get how this ‘story of a murderer’ affects us,” says Polly.

“Polly darling,” replies Jennifer, “I’m glad you take it as satire, but I get the sneaking suspicion Herr Süsskind never actually intended it to be satire, not for his intended readership.”

“So who did he intend to read it?”

“Didn’t you pay attention to that last Next Top Model episode? The producers, designers, and photographers were trying to recreate that movie in the ‘serial killer’ shoot. The murderer’s supposed to be their hero, and to them he is. They all wanna be Grenouille. C’mon, he even got the Final Girl.”

“I still don’t see how it affects us women.”

Leila says grimly, “You’ve never been to Pretty City, Polly.”

“What does Pretty City have to do with slasher movies?”

She sighs. “You know the Fashion-Industrial Complex fad for models made up like they’re victims in a slasher movie? I bet you don’t know some of those models really are dead.”

Polly gasps. “Oh my—”

Rob snarls, “The Fashion-Industrial Complex is renowned far and wide for driving its prettiest but lowest-paid workers to suicide.”

“The Fashion-Industrial Complex,” Leila adds, “has a policy of tormenting pretty people into thinking they’re ugly so they think it’s really the makeup and the clients’ products that make ’em look good on camera. That policy’s caused some very beautiful people to commit suicide.”

“Then they drop the corpses in preservative and drop ’em into a horror shoot. They’re cheap ’cos they no longer need paid, and they can even earn money renting ’em out to Corporate perverts as sex dolls. Win-win.”

“We couldn’t live like that, so we got out as fast as we could.”

Polly asks, “What about you, Shira?”

All the Bremeloes stare at Shira. Some hold their breath. She looks around the room. A wicked grin slowly emerges on her face. “The Fashion-Industrial Complex don’t know what’s about to hit ’em.”

music room. While band class goes on, Jennifer shuffles songs on her smartwatch and Leila sets up remote speakers while Shira does voice exercises, preparing to practice her songs. Debbie pulls rank as Student Council vice president to skip class so she can barge in and bug Shira. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna play that song.”

Shira walks over to Debbie and flirtatiously strokes her ear; Debbie flinches and stares back threateningly. “Debbie darling,” Shira purrs, “if you think I’m that predictable, you don’t know me.” She puts her hands on Debbie’s shoulders and brings her lips dangerously close to hers. “But I know you, Debbie. I know who your heart really belongs to. If you want me to play that song, I want you to request it.”

Debbie blushes several shades of red. Her tongue ties itself in knots. She casts a glance at Leila’s unforgiving face. She growls at Shira and makes a quick angry departure. Leila laughs her way into Shira’s arms and kisses her.

locker room. Period 4: no swim class. Shira and Leila take advantage. For two more hours they have the boys’ pool locker room to themselves. Their clothes are off even before the door closes.

At a urinal Shira holds Leila from behind to give her a pissing lesson. “Open your labia,” she instructs.

“Do I have to?”

“If Rob doesn’t draw back his foreskin when he pisses, he’s a fool. Now open them.” Leila turns to look at Shira sheepishly. Shira smiles sweetly. Leila looks down and opens her labia with her fingers as Shira instructs. “Excellent. Now aim your pelvis...” Shira gently guides Leila’s pelvis in the right direction. At last the stream comes out. When Leila’s done, Shira says, “Now that wasn’t so hard.”

“Now will you reward me?”

Shira winks. “I thought you’d never ask.”

In the nearest shower stall Leila kneels to receive Shira’s warm piss all over her body, breasts belly hips legs cunt, turns on all fours so Shira can piss on her back and buttocks, kneels again to drink the yellow liquid; they rub it all over her body into the skin; Shira licks it off her moaning body, off her butt and breasts, moves down to her cunt, makes her scream — they soap each other up, wash sweat and piss off each other’s skin; their hands wander down to their cunts — soap gone, they lock their cunts together to make love standing up — Leila lies down on the towel-padded bench, cries out every time Shira brings Mobley’s paddle onto trembling red buttocks, begs “harder!” — Leila on her back, Shira on her, lips and tongues exploring each other’s cunts, hands caressing squeezing soft buttocks, so into each other they lose all track of time—

One more time in the shower, but this time the exhausted girls merely enjoy fondling each other with soapy hands, up and down their bodies. Soon enough they are clean, dry, and dressed. They delay at the door. They slip into a soft embrace and gaze into each other’s eyes. Shira asks, “How long before your grandfather decides to crack down?”

Leila sighs sadly. “Who knows? Any time, I figure.”

They say nothing for a long moment. They kiss. They dash out the door. Before the sixth-period boys can see them, they’re off to the arena.

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[Revision 4.0, 9/17/12: Heavily revised for Final Revision continuity with new scenes added. Now with the title of 10.3 Revision 2 (original title: “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”).]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/19/12: Two new scenes added.]

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