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Spanner 8.3: Breaking Up the Girl

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 3: Breaking up the Girl (Final Revision)

15 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. Charlie flings the covers away so Shira can have a good look at her older half-sister’s curvy nude body. “We haven’t slept together in ages,” she purrs. “I forgot just how insane you are in bed.”

“You wanna protect me, I gotta reward you.” Shira throws herself onto her sister; they wrap each other up in their arms and kiss furiously.

Suddenly they hear a girl screaming in rage. Hope yells, “Ayla! Stop it!” Shira and Charlie leap out of bed together and rush to the spare bedroom, where Ayla is destroying Shira’s shrine to Leila. “Nooooo! You love me!” She starts throwing things at Shira. The sisters duck out of the room.

“Dependent Personality Disorder?” asks Charlie.

“With bonus histrionics,” Shira replies. “We better keep your mother away from her.”

west bremerton. Shira drives Jennifer, Cory, Kio, and Polly in her beloved cherry-red Mustang down Kitsap Way toward the roundabout to Northlake Way which becomes Seabeck Highway in Bangor. “Wow!” marvels Polly, “I didn’t know you had such an awesome car!”

Shira winks. “I even named her myself. Rio, introduce yourself.”

In her Mae West-like voice, Rio purrs, “Hi, my name is Rio.”

Everybody says together, “Hi, Rio!”

Cory says, “I hope they don’t key your car.”

Shira laughs. “If she can handle serial killers, she can handle a few mean girls.”

Up Northlake Way they drive away toward Bangor.

cafeteria. Bart stands on a table and declares to an intimidated student body, “I’m having none of this love stuff! If y’all ain’t right with Jesus America, you’re down with the Devil! I’ll sink all your so-called ‘ships with my fist!

Brandi and Jennifer stand together near the hallway, arms crossed, staring back at him with ironic smiles that dare him to throw them a Challenge.

homeroom. Daisy Kwon, last of the tutors to arrive, is back after suffering the flu. Marina Reyes is no longer on speaking terms with him; instead, she’s bonding with Christina, her fellow half-Cuban American. Homeroom teacher number eight is Yasmin Khoury, the science teacher. Scotty leaps up and shouts, “You don’t look like no science teacher to me — you’re too pretty!”

Jennifer stands up and shouts, “Excuse me?”

“You can’t be no scientist, Blair!” he mocks.

“You’re the typical mindless jock, Walker. I, am a great mind trapped in a great body! It’s all because of her, and I am in love with her for it.”

Shira leans on him and purrs, “Face it, Scotty boy. If Yas weren’t brilliant and scientific enough to break away from two wacko cults, she wouldn’t be alive today, and neither would I. For that, I will adore her forever.”

Christina, Marina, Kelly, and Debbie shout, “Eww!” Shira and Jennifer laugh at them.

middle school. Elle and Melody walk together hand-in-hand. Some students around them start to gossip. Elle puts her arm around her cousin’s shoulders.

Soon Lillian blocks their way. She sneers, “Did you have a fun little adventure, Eleanor?”

Melody punches her out. She snarls, “I sure did. You want one, Lil?” The other kids stare at them in wide-eyed fear, step back slowly, then run away. Lillian slowly gets up, looks at Melody strangely, then follows the others. Elle gives Melody a hug. Melody lets out a huge sigh.

classes. Lockers: Debbie sullenly refuses to acknowledge Leila; when Shira and Jennifer call her on it, she hisses at them and storms off. The Student Council, Team Valiant, and their hangers-on give Leila the Silence. Some students worry aloud, but the Tournament fighters Challenge anybody who tries to help. Shira and Charmian come dangerously close to a Challenge.

Period one: Mr. Smith calls her Leela again. The mean girls chant “Leela! Leela! Leela!” Shira laughs at them and demands, “Who let the first graders in?” Kelly gasps in offense and storms out.

Period two: Mr. Jones picks yet another fight with Jennifer over evolution. He preaches at her that she is wrong and science is bad because it refuses to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus America. Even barely over two weeks in, the students have given up on him as an ignorant windbag. When he starts ranting about Heaven and Hell, Leila sighs out loud, stands up, declares “You fool, there’s no afterlife!” and leaves. Jennifer smiles, says, “What she said,” and follows her out to give her a hug.

Period three: Mrs Turnipseed tries yet again to larn y’all Anglish, but all her blockheaded students (and especially the tutors) persist in speaking some form of the Queen’s English. In frustration, Jennifer starts speaking like a certain character on The Fat Albert Show who puts the consonant “B” into every word he speaks, making the teacher fume and the students laugh. But Leila suddenly goes into a crying phase and leaves.

clinic. The hot new school nurse everybody’s been gossiping about turns out to be Charlie Richter-Thomas, pre-coup pop idol, scandal magnet, and half-sister eleven years Shira’s elder. Shira gasps. “Charlie!”

Charlie smiles wide-eyed. “Shira!” They fling themselves into each other’s arms and dance around.

Jennifer taps Charlie’s shoulder. “Charlie, what about me?” Charlie pulls her blond cousin into her hug; Shira lets her have Jennifer all to herself.

“I didn’t forget you.” Charlie squeezes Jennifer tight and kisses on the cheek.

Polly points at Leila sitting depressed on the table. “What about her?”

Charlie steps lightly behind her, climbs a little footstool, and holds Leila close. “I’m here to protect her.” She winks.

Mimi asks, “But what about that slender guy?”

Charlie glares. “Girl, that’s an urban legend.”

science lab. While Jennifer and Brandi make love in the office, Shira and Yasmin share a long kiss just outside. Yasmin takes a pair of wraparound mirrorshades out of her lab coat and puts them on Shira. “Happy birthday, Shira.”

“Oh, thank you! I love you.” Shira stands back, syncs the augmented-reality goggles to her personal area network, and tests them with the random-labels app she kludged up one day when she was bored.

Yasmin smiles mischievously. “Try the nudifier app.” Shira grins wickedly and chuckles like a cartoon supervillain. “Wait! I wanna see” Yasmin dashes to the desk to get a matching set of AR goggles and put them on, then returns. The app makes it look like Yasmin suddenly lost her clothes, but there’s detail missing. Shira adds it: Yasmin’s nipples, the the stud in her navel, the mole on her left breast, the birthmark below her right breast, the slit of her cunt, the exact placement of her pelvic ridges, the exact details of her tattoos. Yasmin takes in a breath at Shira’s demonstration of just how familiar she is with her mentor’s body; she shakes her head and laughs sadly. “You know teacher-student love’s against the Law.”

Shira raises both their shades and winks. “So what isn’t?” Yasmin follows her glance in the direction of the office where Jennifer and Brandi continue their lovemaking. They take it as a hint to themselves — they throw off their clothes, leap onto the counter shoving scientific equipment around, and make love into the next period.

locker room. Elsie is doing unpleasant after-school paperwork when she feels a hand on her shoulder. Sylvia. She stands up. They stare into each other’s eyes for too long. Then they hold each other as tight as they can and cry together.

dictel stadium. Beneath the stands, Marina Reyes joins Christina Lopez and Bert Smith to meet with a shadowy long-haired man. Behind him stand Ron Tremayne and Don Murphy, expelled for trying to shoot up the school. “Report,” Frank Becket commands.

Christina says, “Blair’s getting lovey-dovey with Quinn.”

“Peck’s involved now.” Christina responds with a terrified look.

Bert says, “Charlie’s the new nurse.”

“She knows about Plame.” They stare at him uncomprehendingly.

Marina says, “Debbie’s acting like Shira stole Leila.”

Shira!” The kids cringe. Silence. Then Frank says, “Keep it quiet. We don’t want anybody escalating it into a full Challenge.”

16 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. Yasmin slides out of the covers and toward Shira so she can put her arms around her waist. Shira gently strokes her favorite teacher’s hair. “I don’t see,” says Yasmin, “how those girls think they can put a girl who’s just been raped through such hell. Victim-blaming much?”

“Hey, they pick on us just for our natural tans and suspicious names.”

“What about Lopez and Reyes?”

“Right-wing Cubans get a pass, so they get to pass. Us? We look Caliphate and think Western-decadent.”

“Don’t they know about love?”

“Can’t. Their hearts are too full of God to not hate people.”

Yasmin sighs in despair. Shira slides down to wrap Yasmin in her arms and kiss her deeply.

ferry terminal. Stan Green is taking a leak in the lower-level men’s restroom when Shira bursts in, Furby perched on her hat. “Yeek!” he squeaks as he hastes to hide his small and still-dripping penis. Shira laughs.

What the hell are you doing here?!

“I thought you guys were Straightedge, Stan.”

What? Are you stupid? We just say No!”

“I’m talking about steroids.”

Stan looks at her funny, then smugly smirks at her. “That’s no ‘drug,’ it’s the very essence of manhood itself!”

Shira gives him her “gotcha” smile. “Well, I caught you selling this quote-unquote ‘man essence.’ Take a look.” She whips out her phone, holds it in front of Stan’s face, and plays the surveillance video of him and Falconer. Stan’s jaw drops and his eyes go wide.

“You bitch!” he screams. He tries to knock the phone out of her hand with his huge fist, unconscious of the urine still squirting wildly out of his exposed penis. She pulls back the phone; he punches air.

Shira skips out of the men’s room laughing. “Die young, die strong, Dianabol!” she taunts.

“See ya!” adds Freddy as she leaves. “Wouldn’t wanna be ya!”

lobby. While the students gossip about her new car, Shira enters wearing her new mirrorshades and a plush hat with her Furby enthroned on it. Freddy Freakbeak’s presence throws the ad server into confusion. Excited gossip spreads like wildfire throughout the student body. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones stare at Freddy strangely as they muscle Shira into the principal’s office. Freddy insults, “Lamers!”

principal’s office. “I want you to get that thing out of here at once,” says an obviously creeped-out Principal.

“You mean you can’t take being insulted by a toy? I so feel sorry for you, Mr Principal.” She leaves with her Furby.

“Loser,” says Freddy.

homeroom. Homeroom teacher number nine is Gar Smith, who enters wearing his beloved Confederate Army uniform. Jennifer bursts out laughing.

“What do you think you are,” he snaps, “a Paultard?

Jennifer turns to Shira and says conspiratorially, “Excuse me while I shift into Evil Fräulein Mode.”

She sashays up to him and declares in an exaggerated German accent, “I em callt Ilsa, Zshe-Volff uff Hollyvoodt!” The tutors and students laugh — even Christina, Marina, Kelly, and Debbie.

“We’re not here to play games, Miss Blair!”

“Zen vhy are you playing zilly cosplay like a dummkopf? Coult it be — you are a Chew?” Mr. Smith’s jaw drops to the floor in shock. The others fall to the floor, rolling and laughing uncontrollably.

lunch. Shira and Jennifer spot Kelly and Debbie failing to hide the fact that they’re pulling some prank, from the “Hi! I’m a spy!” way they’re running to the malicious giggles. They notice the two are carrying some of Leila’s things. They look at each other. “Is Debbie all right?” asks Jennifer.

Shira stares at Debbie. “I don’t know...”

hallway. Shira finds Charmian blackmailing Leila. Charmian suddenly feels a presence and turns to find Shira frowning at her, hands on hips, Furby staring down from his perch. “And what is that supposed to be?”

“This,” Shira replies, “is my spy. You and your gang had better behave in his presence, ’cuz he can see for miles and miles. Now stop picking on Leila and go to class.”

Charmian glares at her for a second, then harrumphs and flounces away. Shira looks at Leila with concern and places her hand gently on her tear-soaked, mascara-smeared cheek. “Leila, what happened?”

Leila shakes her head violently and runs away sobbing. A chill comes over Shira.

weight room. Marina walks in while Jennifer and Brandi do their workout together. She looks at Jennifer’s slim frame, then the unusual amount of weight she’s lifting. “Damn, girl, how do you do that?” Brandi stares at her suspiciously.

“Bone structure,” says Jennifer.

“Looking for a new fighter?”

Jennifer interrupts her workout to size up the newcomer. “You wanting to join?”

“I’m in whether you like it or not.”

She lowers her glasses, studies her even more carefully, and frowns. “Right now I see a dagger in your aura and it’s aimed at my back. So no.”

“What are you talking about!”

“We’re just a couple of friends in it for the ego trip. Now report back to Charmian.” Jennifer resumes her workout; Brandi continues to stare. Marina stands there shocked for a few seconds. Jennifer continues to ignore her. Angrily she storms off.

17 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. She has bronze skin, copper hair, green eyes — she looks exactly like Shira. And her twin sister Kira opens her eyes, smiles at her reassuringly, and says, I’m still alive, Shira... I love you...

She sits up suddenly. She catches her breath. She looks beside her and finds Mimi still sleeping, caught in an uneasy dream of her own. Shira is nude and Mimi is not. She decides she won’t ruin the occasion by seducing her. She gently strokes the sleeping girl’s blond hair.

homeroom. Homeroom teacher number ten is Miss Stableford, the prim mystic. She glares bizarrely at Leila. The classroom is dead silent. Shira and Jennifer stand up and stare at each other in disbelief.

Suddenly Leila panics and flees the room. Shira runs after her — “Wait!” Brandi scowls at Jennifer, who frowns at the smug self-satisfaction on Miss Stableford’s face; they get up and hover intimidatingly over Debbie. “No! It’s not my fault!” protests Debbie. Jennifer and Brandi silently stare down at her.

restroom. Leila stares at the beauty in the mirror. She does not see herself as beautiful. She can no longer see beauty at all. She hardly even feels a thing.

She looks down at the antidepressant pill. If she takes it, it will make her a dull blur and she will want to kill herself again. If she doesn’t take it, she will descend into black despair so that she will want to kill herself again. She sees no way out of the hell that her life has become.

What’s the use? she thinks. She takes the pill.

She turns around to leave, and suddenly she’s in Shira’s arms. She stares at the beautiful worried face looking at her. Shira asks, “You all right?” She shakes her head violently, pulls herself tight into Shira’s embrace, and cries as hard as she can.

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[Revision 4 Final, 9/1/12: Heavily revised for Fourth Revision continuity, with old scenes deleted and new scenes added.]

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