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Spanner 8.5: Closer to the Edge

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 5: Closer to the Edge (Final Revision)

blake island. Football was cancelled today, so Dexter decided now is the time to give Shira her birthday gift. The salmon dinner prepared by the Native American cooks at Tillicum Village is as exquisite as it is expensive, but Shira and Dexter are underage so they get no wine. Dexter marvels at how Shira can get such intense pleasure from food. “Oh Dexter,” Shira deliriously rhapsodizes, “thank you so much for the wonderful dinner. I’ve fallen totally in love with you all over again.”

“Happy birthday, baby.” Dexter winks. They clink together their glasses of iced tea. “You been worrying about Leila too much lately. You need a break.”

Shira sighs. “They’re treating her like shit and it’s breaking my heart. She needs me, Dex. Me and you and everybody else, before she hurts herself.”

“I’ll do what I can to help. You need a little comforting tonight?” Dexter winks.

“Damn right I do.” Shira winks back.

red house. As soon as Charlie locks the door she strips off her sweat-drenched clothes and then Sylvia’s. A robot rolls over to vacuum up the clothes and speed them to the wash. Charlie pulls Sylvia’s bare trembling body tight against hers, violently kisses her lips then her neck and down to her breasts, sucks her breasts, bites her nipples and makes her scream in pain and ecstasy, licks and bites her nether lips, bites her clit, plunges her tongue deep into her cunt — for the first time in her life Sylvia truly feels her body explode—

In the shower the warm water soothes their skin. With her bare hands Charlie soaps up and rubs down Sylvia’s quaking body with expertise of long experience; she tickles her gently, then gives her breasts special attention, caressing them, squeezing them, gently torturing her painfully hard nipples till she starts to scream, then squeezing her soft shapely buttocks, finally caressing and squeezing her nether lips, caressing in between, making love to her with her fingers, inflicting sweet torture on her hard sensitive clit and a new place she can feel within her vagina, suddenly her mind blows the world disappears all is violent bliss — she collapses into Charlie’s arms and lets out long soft sighs; Charlie holds her close and kisses her deeply and inserts her fingers into her own cunt and fingers Sylvia’s, they ride on pure love pure ecstasy while the warm water gently pounds—

She carries Sylvia over the threshold, throws her on the bed, jumps her, kisses her violently — they drink the sweet hot nectar of each other’s cunts, bite the clits, plunge their tongues deep, build to ultimate climax, ride beyond, and—

suddenly time and space cease to exist, Sylvia’s consciousness collapses into her body, her body into Charlie’s, their fused essence now one with mother earth and all life and the whole universe, God or absolute essence — she realizes she is now in eternity, this is a true mystical experience, and she belongs body and soul totally to Charlie forever...

20 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. Dexter sits up, and Shira sits on his lap. They’re back in Bremerton because making love in a campground is too public. “Shira, is it true you did Rob Shelley with a strap-on?”

“Sure. You wanna try it?”

He laughs in disbelief. “Girl, you’re even worse than your rep.”

She grins wickedly. “Happy belated birthday to me.” She winks.

Soon he’s on his back, she amorously attacks his buttocks with kisses and bites, then she penetrates him with her strap-on...

red house. She floats in an ocean of pure love and absolute peace. Angels flutter by singing music too beautiful for the world. Her body drinks in the morning sun’s warmth all the way to her heart, its light makes her glow like a sun...

And then she wakes up to the sight of Charlie’s beautiful face, turquoise eyes overflowing with love and gazing deep into hers. Charlie gently caresses her face with soft hands. Sylvia begins to cry. “I’ve never felt so adored in my life.”

“Now you know how much I love you.” Charlie gives her a long gentle kiss.

Suddenly she goes cold with realization — she remembers the terror — Frank — she shudders with a shock, gasps and pants.

“Sylvia, what’s wrong?”

“He wanted to rape me, didn’t he.”

Charlie’s expression turns grim. “No. He wanted to drink your blood.” Sylvia freezes in terror. “That’s why I need to protect you. You’re a Factor Positive, one of the very few still living, born with a healing factor so powerful, some believe drinking your blood can make them immortal. So I bound my soul to yours. From now on, I belong to you. My love for you is absolute. We are now one.”

Unable to contain the enormity of the revelation, Sylvia’s mind goes blank. She goes into a fugue state. All that remains in her consciousness is the reality of their love.

downtown bremerton. Warren Avenue is desolate this late at night. Shira stands above a freshly beaten Slasher just as a dark van stops beside her. The window rolls down to reveal a familiar face framed by a familiar shock of bleached blond hair. “Yo! Shira!” shouts a young Asian woman with a Brazilian accent.

Arisa?!” Arisa Saionji, ex-juvenile delinquent she knows from Japan.

The sliding door opens to reveal Jennifer and Brandi cuddling in the middle seat, still in their school uniforms, smiling at her. Brandi says, “Come on in.” Jennifer winks. Shira jumps in and sits next to them. In the back seat are two large men in black leather jackets and glasses too dark for the night. “So what’s going on here?”

Brandi answers, “Ever heard of the Slasher Hunters?”

“‘Slasher Hunters?’ You mean as in, catch psycho killers for money?”

“That’s us.”

Arisa says, “We thought you might wanna join us.”

“Ohhh,” says Shira, “you’ve been scouting me all this time.”

The driver says, “Why don’t we try her out.” English: excellent; accent: Israeli. “If she can pull of the job, we can let her have the whole bounty.”

A surprised Shira leans forward between the front seats to look at the driver carefully. “I thought you sounded familiar. You’re Lansky.” Martin Lansky, demolition expert and former Israeli commando.
In the back seat, the black man in night-vision mirrorshades says, “We’re always looking for the world’s best fighters to help us bring down the world’s most dangerous criminals.”

Shira spins around and looks over her seat at him. “And you are?”

“John Peck.” He holds out his hand.

As she shakes it, the Mexican-looking man wearing Ray-Bans beside him says in a Scandinavian accent, “He’s our team leader.”

Peck says, “This is our surveillance expert.”

“Lars Magnus Izquierdo,” says the Mexican-looking man. “Pleased to meet you. Brandi says great things about you, Shira Thomas.”

“I didn’t know you were Swedish.”

“Yeah, I surprise people that way. They like to call me the Mexo-Arab Swede.” Lars and Shira laugh.

Shira asks her new comrades, “So what do you have in mind?”

“Have you heard of Johnny-Johnny Johnson?” asks Peck in reply.

“You mean the ‘Sleeping Beauty Slasher’? Goes through open window or unlocked door, stabs his sleeping victim a bajillion times? Partner of Oliver Thorwald, Incorporated? I owned ’em in D.C. on Spanner Day.”

“He’ll be hunting alone tonight. Do you feel up for a grudge match?”

“Alone this time? Then he’ll be easy.”

Arisa: “Huh?” Lansky: “How’s that?”

Shira grins. “He doesn’t know it, but he’s got one big weakness. What if his intended victim isn’t sleeping?”

21 september 2014.
bangor subdivisions.
Shira lies in bed in a strange dark room late at night. The night is still warm. The window is open, but not because of the warmth.

She’s expecting someone to arrive. He’s coming for her, and he’s coming through the window. But she doesn’t feel afraid. He doesn’t, either, but he should. She pulls the covers over her head. She doesn’t want him to know who she is and what she has in store for him.

The target arrives on schedule. Johnny-Johnny Johnson climbs through the window with the expertise of the professional burglar he wants the cops to think he is. His MO is to enter an open window and stab his sleeping victim till his urge subsides. His signature: he cuts off the victim’s head and takes it as a souvenir. Slowly, silently, he stalks his intended prey. Thinking she’s asleep and can’t hear him, he mutters to himself in a vain attempt to relieve his excitement.

Inside Shira’s head, her brain is working overtime. She likes to outthink her opponent. A strong intuition tells her that this one is comfortable in his killing routine. Patiently she waits for the target to make his move. The bait is the trap, and the trap is set.

As he’s about to jump his prey, Shira flings the covers over him, then kicks him in the chest with both her feet, sending him stumbling backwards toward a collision with the opposite wall. He struggles to tear himself out of the bedcovers. When at last he frees himself, he opens his eyes, only to see that the lights are on and he’s surrounded by three scary-looking men, a black woman in dreadlocks, and a punked-out Japanese kogal, all wearing night-vision shades and pointing semiautomatic pistols at him. The chill he feels is not coming from the open window nearby.

Shira sits naked and cross-legged on the bed and grins. “Hiya, Johnny-Johnny! Like my new friends? We’re the Slasher Hunters, and you’re our meal ticket!”

shira’s apartment. Shira is sitting up naked against her bed’s headboard reading a book when her bedmate rolls over to face her. Arisa rolls out of the covers, climbs onto Shira’s lap, and gives her a big wet tongue kiss. “You’re even better than I remember.”

“I told you I’m a wizard with the strap-on. Just ask Kouji-baka.” Shira winks.

Arisa laughs. “How you manage to rape baka boy?”

“Just strap it on and ram it up his ass. It helps to slam him against the wall too. I love it when big tough Yakuza wanna be helpless hentai girls. So you want a spanking? I got the paddle.” Soon the paddle is out, Arisa is leaning against the wall, and Shira hits her bare behind over and over and she is overcome with giggles of pleasure between the shouts of pain.
dreamspace. The beautiful black cat cries. She is trapped in a cage, and she longs to be released. But the world city is burning all around her. There is no way out. It is already too late. All around her as the sun goes out, the whole world burns, and she cries.

Leila watches her, sitting close by but helpless to unlock her cage. Why, when they are surrounded by fire and darkness and will only get burned? She watches the cat. She watches herself. She watches the last light fade from the crystal in her hand, polluted black with despair and rage and bitter hatred; when the last light dies, the dark witch will take over and destroy the world. She waits for the flames and the dark to close in. She can hear Oliver laugh at her.

The helpless cat’s cries grow weaker, and the fire races closer, and things get blacker, and the flames turn black attack burn her flesh which starts to shift its shape into deep black horror, and the mocking raging voices of Oliver and Debbie combine and chime to laugh in triumph—

Suddenly, everything goes perfectly calm. She is at one with the void. For the first time in her short stormy life, she feels at peace...
leila’s bedroom. She opens the window, not caring who sees her nude. The morning is beautiful and warm. The birds serenade her with their song. The leaves have barely started to turn beautiful bright colors. The flowers kiss her eyes with the psychedelic intensity of their color.

She feels the crushing burden lift from her shoulders. The lightness makes her feel almost dizzy. She has made the right decision, so she believes. For once, she can call herself truly happy. The sight of the sunset over the mountains will greet her once she reaches the bridge as the day touches the edge of night.

She slips into a little white dress she got when she was younger and believed she was destined for a beautiful romantic wedding. But there is not even the promise of romance in Oliver, only the eternal gray tyranny of lordship and binding. He will not see her until it is already too late. She will gaze down upon him and laugh at his despair. On this first day of fall she shall pluck his tail.

Atop her dresser she has neatly constructed a stack of stamped envelopes, each containing a neatly written note to a friend or a classmate. The note reads: If anything happens to me, mail these at once. She closes the window, pulls the curtains shut, leaves the room and then the house into the caress of the warm sun and cool wind. Today is a good day.

theatre. Willa called on a whim and asks them if they can dress up fancy, go out with her and Jennifer and the boys, and see a play at the Community Theatre, just across the Warren Avenue Bridge on the east side of town. Karen agrees to drive Shira and Jennifer, and pick up Ayla from the Tachibanas’ house. Shira sits Ayla on her lap and holds her tight. She also brings Freddy Freakbeak in case the play is bad enough the Furby wants to riff.

The play: template-standard, Party-approved; the actors, earnest but bad, the lines they read so clunky the earnest sincerity feels fake. You already know the moral of the story. Freddy makes fun of it, gets all the laughs, and steals the show.

After the play, in the parking lot, some of the playgoers glare at Willa and company, blaming them and their obnoxious little Furby for ruining their morality play. Willa, Hope, and the girls say nothing; the boredom was too crushing till Freddy dispelled it. They look at each other for a minute or so. They get in their cars and drive off.

warren avenue bridge. The sunset is beautiful. The sun shyly hides over the mountains and paints the sky lovely hues of pink, yellow, and purple. Leila walks up the bridge and watches the spectacle. Its beauty takes her breath away and reminds her of love.

When she reaches the middle of the bridge, she stops. For several minutes she watches the sun set. Then she climbs up onto the outer railing and holds her arms out wide to embrace the sky. She stabilizes herself against the wind on her bare feet; this must be no accident. Today is a good day to die...

Karen drives Rio back toward the bridge with Polly in the passenger seat, Shira and Jennifer in back, Willa and Hope ahead of them with Ayla, Freddy, and the boys. Polly groans in frustration. “Why does everything have to suck anymore?”

Shira says, “The Party censors out good stories ’cuz they distract from the all-important anvil dropping.” Jennifer groans.

As they drive down the bridge on their way home, Shira spots a familiar figure in a white dress, on the sidewalk mid-span. Leila is looking sad, looking down at the water. Then she puts one leg over the railing — Shira flings her book — “Stop the car! NOW!

Karen slams down on the brake pedal. The Mustang skids and spins half sideways. Polly screams. When it stops, Shira bursts out the door and runs out toward Leila as she jumps off the bridge. She leaps over the inner railing, catches the outer railing between her feet, right beside her, and together they descend—

—they see each other — time slows down — their eyes make contact — they stare deep into each other’s souls — they fall together, the world turns upside down, Shira reaches out to her, reaches as far as she can—

and catches Leila by the hand. They slam against the side of the bridge. Shira holds on with both hands, Leila involuntarily reaches up, Shira grabs her other hand, holds her securely by both hands—

Leila wails, “Let me die! Please let me die!

Shira shouts, “No! I can’t!

Karen and Jennifer pull Shira back up by the legs. Polly stares over the railing and holds her breath. When Shira is back up, her cousins take a sobbing Leila by the arm and pull her up and onto the bridge. Shira embraces Leila violently and holds her as tight as she can. The others let out a massive sigh of relief.

The five stunned girls go back to the car and get in, Ayla joining Karen in the front seat. Only when Karen gets back behind the wheel does she notice that her car’s blocking southbound traffic and that it’s been running all this time. Jennifer checks the time: it all happened in less than a minute and a half. Leila collapses into Shira’s arms and cries.

“Shira?” sobs Leila.


“Please don’t leave me.”

Shira stares deep into Leila’s eyes and fixes her with unusual intensity. Jennifer takes off her glasses and gasps when she sees Shira’s reality distortion field. Shira commands, “You can’t kill yourself.” Realizing what she is doing to her, Leila stares at her, open-mouthed, stunned. Shira turns off her power and lets herself cry. “Please stay with me.” Leila nods. Shira holds her close and kisses her as Karen drives them to Shira’s home...

to be continued...

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[Revision 4 Final, 9/3/12: Contains both 8.5 and part of 8.6 from Revision 3. Sylvia/Charlie scenes originally written for Book 2 R1 with Desiree instead of Charlie.]

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