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Spanner 10.1: Song for Minty

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 10: Fashion Meltdown
Part 1: Song for Minty (Final Revision)

Fashion springs from absolute necessity,
unbounded by the constraints of conscience, mercy, pity...

Skinny Puppy Molotov House of Fashion

My heart is pure as the driven slush.
Tallulah Bankhead
fox: —pray with tongues unleashed for our heroic and holy warriors who fight to bringing the whole world under Jesus America’s dominion and destroy the Caliphate of the Evil One so that America can extend its dominion to the infinite kingdom of space—
sun: —neutralized by the heroic United States Police Force in riots allegedly caused by an alleged food shortage. — Homeland Security Secretary C. Henry Becket: “Foreign agents are agitating the traitorous rabble into insurrection.” — Secretary Becket has requested that Defense Secretary Oliver North starve the insurrectionists—
abcnn: —defense industry CEOs are turning out in force to celebrate the latest mass execution of counter-revolutionary traitors. CEOs from defense industry leaders Dictel, Yoyodyne, Roxxon, Weyland, Blackwater, Stark, Stane, and Lockheed Northrop Boeing Dynamics are seen here opening a bottle of champagne—
qvcbs: —so far killed in a cholera epidemic now sweeping poorer ares of the American Homeland. — Conservative Revolutionary Party spokesman: “The Law of Social Darwinism is selecting Jesus America’s chosen. Let the unfit filth die.”
espnbc: —“Rebel Styles” epidemic claims the lives of several more Conservative Revolutionary Party leaders, including two at today’s mass execution of counter-revolutionary traitors and one prominent Party spokesman—
23 september 2014.
The Conservative Revolution has left its mark on even the weather report. Here’s the morning forecast from QVCBS:
Forecaster: A storm is coming to the upper West Coast this weekend courtesy of the Pineapple Express, bringing torrential rains and gale-force winds like the wrath of God. . .
shira’s apartment. Shira turns out the bathroom light shuffles groggily back toward her bedroom and sleeping Leila when she hears a knock on the door. She looks toward the door and tilts her head. Normally, no one knocks on her door this early. Someone knocks again. She shrugs, goes to the door, and takes a peek through the peephole. An unfamiliar naked woman with long brown hair? She opens the door just enough to show her face. Tall, slim, athletic-looking: this woman is beautiful. No need for the robe. “Hi. Can I help you?”

“Hi,” she says shyly. “We just moved in...”

“You’d like breakfast.” The woman nods. “We can spare a few.”

The woman smiles. “Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.”

Shira winks. “You’re welcome.” She opens the door all the way.

The woman gasps when she sees her as nude as she is. “Are you...?”

“Oh, I’m Shira.”

She sighs in disappointment but keeps smiling. “For a second I thought you were another one of us.”

Shira tilts her head curiously. “Hmmm. So what do you do?”

“Let me put it this way... we don’t have names.”

Shira’s eyes widen. This woman has piqued her curiosity. “Don’t use?”

“Don’t have. We left our old lives behind, and our names with them.”

Shira’s mouth drops; she lets in a deep breath. Rejectionists! They actually exist, and a few just moved in next door! “Wow! How do you tell each other apart?”

“We find a few distinguishing characteristics and describe each other with them. I’m the brown-haired girl, for example, and my roommates are the blond and black-haired girls. We could call you the redheaded girl if you like, or the cinnamon girl.”

“Hey! That’s what all the Rocker boys like to call me.”

“Great! We’ll call you that. If you want, we can explain what we’re doing.”

Her curiosity overwhelms her with glee and makes her tremble. “You girls gotta tell me everything.”

“We can invite you over, or we can come over here. Just tell us when.”

“I will. I gotta get back to my girlfriend soon, so I’ll get you breakfast quick.”

“Thanks, cinnamon girl.”

“Say, you always call each other ‘girl’?”

“That’s one of our rules. An anonymous beauty is always, first and foremost, ‘the girl.’“

“Hmmm. I like you already. Wait here.” Shira dashes off to retrieve three TV breakfasts from the emergency stash for these three sexy and fascinating new neighbours with no name.

dreamspace. Shira wanders a dark and burning land in her usual state of casual nudity. Dark clouds rumble; winds whip the flames. At the mouth of a cathedral-like cavern, she approaches a mysterious robed figure. When she gets close enough, the figure lets the robe come open to reveal a beautiful white breast she recognizes as Leila’s, lit by a beam of light from an opening in the clouds, and against which she holds a gleaming knife.

Leila lets the robe fall off; the wind blows it far away. She stares at Shira with a delirious look of absolute adoration. Shira gasps when she stabs herself with the knife and stares in horror as she reaches into the bleeding wound to pull out her heart. The heart burns hot with fire. Leila holds it out to Shira. “Please eat it before I die. I beg you.”

Shira reluctantly takes Leila’s burning heart and eats it. It affects her with a sudden shock like a powerful drug. Leila gasps, “Thank you,” and expires in ecstasy. Shira catches her as she dies—

shira’s apartment. —and suddenly wakes up, sitting bolt upright. She looks down at still dreaming Leila. The dream is still vivid in Shira’s mind. She sits on the side of the bed, takes her dream notebook off the nightstand, and writes down the dream.

With a soft moan, Leila turns onto her back, shifting sensuously, holding the blankets to her body to keep out an unconsciously perceived chill. Shira looks at her with a mischievous smile. The covers are in the way of her body, she thinks. She crawls back onto the bed, removes the covers from Leila, stares at her beautiful nude body. She gently caresses a soft breast. Then she lies down on top of Leila and gives her a long gentle kiss. The dreaming girl softly moans with unconscious pleasure.

Shira kisses down Leila’s body, caresses her soft white skin, kisses her breast, nibbles her hard nipple, draws the soft firm bosom into her mouth and sucks...

dreamspace. —suddenly volcanoes explode, matadors lovingly plunge killing swords into the hearts of ecstatically expiring bulls, angel feathers inflict sweet torture on sensitive flesh — suddenly Leila realizes that she is dreaming—

a burning woman invades her dream, kisses her body, sets her flesh on fire, kisses her sweet fingers, eats them, eats her tender breasts and quivering heart, sets her blood on fire, tortures her with sweet pain — Leila offers up her whole body with joy to her; Shira, consumed with love, completely eats her up—

shira’s apartment. When Shira wakes up for the third time, she senses... something. She sits up, looks around — and jumps when she sees the shrine to Leila that Ayla jealously destroyed, now restored.

And then her bedmate rolls over to face her.

No — not Leila — from the other side, someone, a young man moans, rolls against her skin, puts his arms around her waist; her right hand feels long soft hair, she looks down and sees Debbie’s face looking up amorously, more masculine yet prettier — she leaps up in sudden shock, waking up Leila — “How the fuck did you get in here?”

Frank chuckles. “I fucked the door manager. He’s happy.”

Leila screams — she hides behind Shira, glares at Frank with irrational hate, points at him — “K-k-kill that thing — now!

Shira spins around to embrace her. “Aw, c’mon, love, I’m toying with him.”

“It needs to be dead!” Leila hurries out of the room.

“He so is fired. So how’d you get past a dog and two cats?” Frank points to the open window and smiles. “Someone’s out of the security business too. I bet you’re here to steal my lady love from me.”

“So it’s true. It isn’t just Ollie the Barbarian raving. Actually, I wanted to steal her from him. That overgrown two-year-old has no idea how to treat a woman.”

“But I do,” says Shira. “I proved it to both Leila and Oliver last night.”

Leila returns with a large butcher knife from the kitchen, twitching with desire to kill. “What’s with her?” asks Frank.

“Oh, like, PTSD? Girl’s had a hard life, no thanks to you.”

Catalina and the cats follow Leila in. Spotting the intruder, Catalina growls threateningly; hair standing straight up, Mikan and Tanner leap on the bed, raise their backs, hiss and howl. Frank remains calm; he smiles sweetly at Leila. “Leila darling, I’m only here to help you.”

Leila trembles so violently she barely gets the words out. “All the way back to Dr. Heiler, I’m sure.”

“12/21’s in the past, and you survived. You’re extra special now. The old lady’s spirits tell her you’re the most dangerous person in the world. That means I have to save you.”

At those words she gasps, the hatred drains away, she drops the knife and stares at him in shock.

Shira slips around him, off the bed, to hold Leila tight. “That’s my job now.” She gives her a kiss on her lips, deep gentle passionate and wet, caressing up and down her body, for Frank to see. Leila’s body melts; she surrenders to her kiss and moans involuntarily with pleasure. Once she feels Frank has seen enough, Shira turns her head slowly toward him with an ironic smile. “It’s already too late, Frankie. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

Suddenly —”Cheeeeese!” — Charlie and Ada burst in, Charlie in her superhero costume, Ada wearing her usual work clothes and pointing a camera at Frank. “God you’re beautiful. Lemme get a better look atcha.”

Frank stands up to give Ada her a full view of his long lean naked body. “What’s with the welcoming party, Shira?”

Shira stands up to embrace him from behind and purrs, “Just a pleasant little demonstration of what I’m capable of. Nothing goes on in this building without me knowing about it.”

“How do I know you’re not Spanner, Shira?”

“How do you know if I am?” She puts her arm around Leila and kisses her the entire way out. Charlie and Ada stare at her warily. The animals continue to threaten. Knowing the weakness of his position, he smiles.

While Shira makes love to Leila in the shower, Frank brushes off Charlie’s offer to fix breakfast and orders one far more expensive and exotic. “This one’s on me, cousin.” He flirts naked with the delivery crew, one cute girl and two cute boys; they find him creepy and hurry out as soon as they’ve earned his 10x tip. Charlie returns from the master bedroom in her civilian clothes and bringing Sylvia, who directs a betrayed hurt look at Frank. Melody helps Ada extend the kitchen table, keeping her eyes on Frank at all times, then sits next to him still staring. Shira and Leila return in their school uniforms, drawn by the intoxicating aroma. Everybody is now dressed except Frank. All are ready to eat.

Charlie demands, “Tell me, cousin, how you knew about Sylvia.”

“I could smell her,” he purrs. “More important, Jennifer saw her, right where Debbie could see her.”

Leila says, “Debbie was trying to protect me from you, Frank.”

“And I wanted to protect you from Uncle Dick.
Charlie continues, “Now explain to me what you were doing to Leila on the days leading up to 12/21.”

“I was protecting her—”

Ada interrupts. “You were collecting Factor Positives for the Transcendental Illumination on the Day of Reckoning all New Age believers believed would occur at the turning of the Mayan calendar, 21 December 2012, 11:11 Eastern Standard Time.”

“The Positives were sacrificed before the day,” Charlie adds, “and then all the Slender Man proxies on the day itself.”

“What?” Frank stares at them, seemingly bemused. “Tell me, Charlotte, what’s so special about these Factor Positives.”

“You don’t know?” She leans over the table toward him. “Drinking their blood boosts your lifespan and gives you amazing superpowers.”

“You drink it with a special concoction that acts as a digestive aid,” adds Ada.

“You know the recipe, Frankie. I sure as hell do.”

Ada gives Charlie a conspiratorial smile. “I hear the mixture affects Dragonites like crack. Ergo, a Revolution of supermen, now without Factor Positives.”

Charlie glares at Frank. “Your Transcendental Illumination failed. All you got out of it was your precious anti-muggle Revolution.”

“But note the lack of Factor Positives. The Synarchy’s power won’t last forever. When it runs out, your Revolution ends, and the muggles get their turn.”

“He’s still hunting,” says Leila.

“Who?” asks Frank.

“Your Uncle Richard. Me, Sylvia, Lucie if she’s still alive, even Trista. How do I know you’re not helping him, Frank? You sure were keen to help Reno Corson.”

Frank smiles. “I helped him die. His terror and suffering were delicious.”

Leila stands up and leans on the table. “But did you have to let him rape me?”

“If I had to, I’d have let him rape me. It kept Uncle Dick away from you, didn’t it?” Leila stares at him in fear and confusion. “Leila, he was there.”

Shira crosses her arms. “So now we know the Revolution and 12/21 weren’t enough for Dick. He can’t be that thirsty for Factor Positive blood. He’s gotta be working on a bigger plan.”

“Shira, you should join me.”


“We make a perfect team. We can worship Leila together.”

Ada makes a phone call. “Hello, Keenan?”

Keenan’s voice comes through the speaker. “Hi, Ada. Leila okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine. Frank Becket’s here too, so the speaker’s on.”

“Oh, boy.”

“I wanna know exactly made Reina turn evil. That was when Dorinda killed Rafe, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, no. It was when Rafe hooked up with her in the first place, with no Melinda to stop ’em. You see, Melinda — I mean, Shira — was dead. The one-eyed man got her during the Revolution.”

Frank gasps. He looks at Shira, then at Leila. Suddenly he gets up to return to the bedroom for his clothes as the others stare on.

technosphere. Posted to LocaFantoma99’s Profile on 23 September 2014 at 6:00 a.m.:
[Shira is wearing: parti-colored feathered headdress that makes her hair stick up; short blue and gold matador jacket, open; black bustier.]

I know you’re asking the question, “Will she or won’t she?” [grins evilly] Molest Minty Fresh on camera, that is. Yes, yuri fangirls, I’ve been reading your comments. No, I won’t do Minty on MyTube. Sorry to disappoint you, fangirls. But don’t flame me! I’ve got the consolation prize right here. It’s a song I wrote during 50/90 just for her. Here it is! [winks wickedly]

[She reaches back to pick up her left-handed acoustic guitar and straps it on as she turns forward again. The camera pulls back to show that she is wearing a “Catholic schoolgirl” themed microskirt and fishnet pantyhose. She strums the opening chords enthusiastically and dances with the funky song.]
She’s the hot pop idol on the Internet
She’s so damn pretty she makes me sweat
I’m so obsessed I blew my game
And Minty Fresh is her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
She’s so pretty she makes me scream
I wanna get right into her flesh
I wanna make love to Minty Fresh

I’ll make sweet love when the sun is bright
I’ll love her harder in the dark of night
I’ll love her and love her till she exclaims
And then I’ll scream out her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
I wanna love her hard and make her scream
I wanna bite her butt and suck her breast
I wanna make love to Minty Fresh

She sings those songs so sweet
She makes me break down and cry
Sweet agony of defeat
But I can’t lie
She makes me fly

Her songs make her sound so innocent
But she knows how much she makes me wet
She’s so hot she ignites my flame
And Minty Fresh is her name

Minty is the teen queen of my dreams
I want her so bad she makes me cream
I’m the only one who can do her best
I’m gonna make love to Minty Fresh
[She extends the final chord into a full Rock Ending, then blows a kiss at the camera.]

tour bus. Minty Fresh screams. Her manager and her many handlers race to her sleeping compartment. They find her fully dressed, staring angrily at her laptop, listening to Shira’s song.

“What’s wrong?” asks the manager.

“I hate that woman!” rages Minty, “hate her, hate her! We’re going back to Bangor! I’m gonna show that filthy little slut who’s the real star around here.”

“No you can’t—”

“Shira Thomas is openly lusting after me! Do you want her to keep insulting me without any consequences? You do what I say. I’ll beat that bitch at her own game.”

The manager sighs. “If you say so, Minty. But you can’t say we didn’t warn you.” The bus makes the detour off I-5 at the Bremerton exit in Tacoma.

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[Revision 4.0, 9/14/12: Final two scenes (the entire original section in Revisions 2 and 3) slightly modified for Final Revision continuity. All other scenes are new to the Final Revision.]
[Revision 4 Final, 12/10/12: Two new scenes added (weather report, new neighbours) to complete this section and Chapter 10. The “new neighbours” scene begins the important new thread in Fourth Revision continuity, “Anonymity Is Freedom.”]

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