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Spanner Interlude 6: The Monkeywrench Cometh

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Chaos Angel Spanner
Interlude 6: The Monkeywrench Cometh

previously on.4: ep1:protest of the masses against the evacuation of New York-TrumpCity, crushed by police armies mercenary hordes — the rich owners of the American Empire laugh at you puny humans — enter the monkeywrench

ep2:Rebel Rebel out of control — Darknet video loli of death — seize him by his testicles — kill him with his faith — looking for the monkeywrench — we — have — everything — under — control

ep3|4:take the terror to the masses — Empire crusades against the masses — Caliphate jihads against the masses — Rebel Rebel destroy his mind his body explodes — terrorists revenge against terrorists

ep5:class is now in session — rally the masses for their masters — wORSHIP — oUR — mASTERS — eVERY — nEED — knight’s blade craves blood — Student Union assemble — Scream Gems

ep7:Watch Drusilla Moon-marry the Corporate horde — SCREAM GEMS — kill your husbands, marry Jesus America — Patriot riot against the masses, fight against your rights, the people are the enemy — Todd — Palin — found — dead

ep8: reality fades away — she — melts — with — you

21 december 2012: red house.
The solstice is passed. The “cleansing of the Earth” Drusilla raved about since before they were born has not come to pass. But Shira and Jennifer, thirteen years old, still lie together naked in the spacious bed, clinging to each other for dear life, trying to cry themselves to sleep, for Kira is no longer with them.

The room begins to grow light. But it’s almost midnight, pitch black outside. The light is coming from inside. Shira rolls over to see what it could be. At first it emerges as an elliptical shape like one of their grandmother’s lingam stones: the shape of a soul; then it transforms into the abstract shape of a human, then a woman. Shira stands up, Jennifer embraces her from behind, both stare in wonder as the details of her uniform emerge and the familiar features form (making Shira gasp) and the familiar voice, now ageless, speaks:



1 april 2014: dictel tower.
Nightfall on the suburban western fringe of Metropolitan Seattle, the farthest distance across Puget Sound from the heart of the city. Bremerton, biggest town on the Westside, has been developing a heart of its own. But that heart has a disease at its core. Construction of the long-derelict forty-floor Dictel Tower, tallest building in the city, is now complete. Tonight, it opens.

Camdrones swarm the city center like killer bees waiting to strike; black helicopters flock overhead like savage rocs hunting human prey. Dictel is everywhere, and it’s out to get you.

Spotlights scour the night from the fortieth floor, reaching out over the naval base it overlooks. The giant holographic image of its founder crowns the tower: Patriot the First, King of Texas, Emperor of America, Supreme Lord of Earth, Conqueror of the Kingdom of Space — Roger Steele Becket of Dictel, Incorporated. Hailing him, bowing to him, the Cascadian synarchy known as the Fearsome Foursome:
  1. Prince James Walter Brinkman of Dictel, Incorporated: chairman, chief executive officer, and sole owner of the Cascadia Public Management Corporation (CPMC), which was personally appointed governor of Cascadia by President Goldman Sachs & Company
  2. Admiral Alan James Fleer: Fleet Admiral of the Imperial American Navy appointed supreme commander of the North Cascadia Fleet headquartered at Naval Base Bremerton for his personal, financial, and criminal contributions to the Conservative Revolution
  3. Shepherd-Mayor Ward Tremayne: ordained minister of the Church of America, appointed Mayor of Metropolitan Seattle by President Goldman Sachs & Company
  4. Prince John Cameron Becket of Dictel, Incorporated: vice president in charge of the Cascadia section of the Consolidated Police Corporation (COPCO), appointed regional Inquisitor by his aunt, Princess Drusilla Anne Becket Thorndyke Thomas Wilkinson Brinkman Draper Pernell of Dictel, Incorporated, Supreme Shepherd of the Church of America in Cascadia

previously on.2: ep8:join the Slasher Hunters — your eyes see the target, now she can see too

ep7:your mother, your wife, ravish her body in her dreams — your new dark lady, kiss her lips, taste her flesh, worship her body with yours, you are exotic too, join with her and Shira in the pool

ep6:throw off your clothes you and I are living flesh not dead ego — throw off your clothes bring death hell madness to the Shepherds of Jesus America — throw off your clothes nudefight the gangster hordes — the — chairman — hates — you

ep5:run the gauntlet, adverts command you to buy — Shiffer and Lira — meet your friends while you still can — there — is — no — class — in — class — science club ready to join — instant fanclub — the — killer — is — in — this — school

ep1:loving Willa, Hope, Shira — welcome to the Penguindrome — the sacrifice of the iPhones — terror on the plane — the — arena — burns — and the determininistic pattern of Henry Becket


“Kira...” Shira starts to cry.

Jennifer asks herself, “Are you me?”

Herself answers, “You will be.” She touches her own cheek. So young, so soft. She smiles. “I always wanted to meet myself.”

Inside the secure capsule the King’s ka stands on, the northwestern princes of Corporatism join the Fearsome Foursome in an occult ceremony led by his equally terrifying sons, his Princes Royal, the dreaded Becket brothers:
  • Col. Thomas Drake Becket: retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, architect of the Conservative Revolution that overthrew American democracy, and Chief Executive Officer of Dictel
  • Lord Richard Astor Becket: chairman of the World Bank and Chief Financial Officer of Dictel
  • Dr. Charles Henry Becket: founder and director of the federal Department of Homeland Security’s experimental Crime Prevention Division, codeveloper (with his mentor, Dr. Henry A. Murray) of the infamous American torture-interrogation system, and Chief Officer in Charge of Human Resources at Dictel
The “Dictel Brothers” stand behind and above their elderly father’s wheelchair-bound body as he receives the worship of his kinsmen and their vassals:

Brinkman, a large and brutish-looking man with a thick black beard, bows before the King and holds out his wand bearing the insignia of his office: “Hail to Your Imperial Highness, Lord of Light and Dispeller of Darkness!”

Fleer, a large and intimidating former weightlifting champion, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Majesty, Protector of the Dominion of Light!”

Tremayne, a middling and mediocre man possessed by holy hatred, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Holiness, Lord of the World and establisher of the Millennium of the Dominion of Jesus America, the one and only God!”

Jack Becket, a thuggish Dictel ex-mercenary sporting an eyepatch, kneels and holds out his wand. “Hail to Your Imperial Highness, Lord of Order and Conqueror of the Nations of the World!”

The Corporate Remnant cry out: “Hail!”

previously on.3: ep8:torment the rape victim — suicide — is — painless — you have a friend with long blond hair

ep7:school shooters pee themselves at the Charmer’s command — Dirty French — celebrate your Conservative Revolution — fake terror attack fake out — faster football player kill kill

ep6:gangster invasion: the naked kids win — say your death prayers: the naked girl wins — hang your egos out: the naked girl wins

ep5:school begins — put the students in their place — sCREAM gEMS — she — comes — down — from — the — sky

ep9+:you think it will be the same — you — will — never — be — the — same

“You’re the last to come,” says Shira, “but your end’s the first Keenan saw.”

The apparation asks, “Were they all me?”

“Nine of you.”

“I saw Kira nine times. But she was never this young...”

Shira tries to hug her, but she cannot touch her. A ghost? There’s no such thing...

“Can I call you Space Me?” asks Young Jennifer.

Space Jennifer smiles. “Go ahead.”

Shira reaches out toward nothing and bursts into tears.

In the streets below, screaming police cars screech off Burwell Street onto Park Avenue in pursuit of a ghost. In the alley up the hill, past Pacific Avenue and closer to the waterfront, a helmeted figure with a hoverboard slung over his shoulder tags the back of a building with his insignia. The helmet’s heads-up display shows the tagger the locations of all the surveillance cameras and RFID spychips in the city. An analytical says, “Warning, camdrones approching at nine o’clock.”

“Thank you, Option,” says the tagger in a low female voice. “Switch cloak on.”

His (or her?) view changes subtly. The words “CLOAKING ON” appear on the HUD.

A camdrone approaches. It does not notice the cloaked figure as it descends. When it gets too close, it gets a dose of spray paint in its lens. Blinded, it flies erratically into a wall; it takes damage as it pinballs off the buildings.

The police cars speed into the alley and skid loudly to a stop, barely avoiding a pileup. COPCO uniforms and men-in-black FBI counterterror specialists swarm out of their cars and up the alley. Last to leave is Agent Diana Shockley, who casually leaves the back seat of a police cruiser wearing FBI windbreaker and cap. She is really Princess Diana Andrea Becket of Dictel, Incorporated, but she hides her royal name behind the long-bearded Patriot Country singer and Confederate League baseball player she married.

The tagger appears down the alley just so the cops can see him. One COPCO agent points at him and shouts, “There he is! That’s him!” He runs up the alley toward the waterfront; a crowd of cops armed with tasers and sonic disruptors follow in pursuit. Then as suddenly as he appears, he vanishes. The cops gasp together in collective shock.

previously on.5: ep8:she tries to die: grab her hand, pull her from the abyss, bind her with a kiss — she — is — now — yours — spank her to unbearable bliss, touch kiss suck bite her flesh, love her like a man, burn her wings to dust-#ep|9:and her master to ashes

ep7|8:your birthday party — she — gives — her — self — to — you — they rape her, the slender man he comes — alone in a dark empty room, praying the Doktor will not find her — mean boys cruel girls pale empty suits torment her make her long for death

ep5:come to her in the school lobby, radiant sparkling in her tear-filled eyes — she tries to die: slay the bloodthirsty Blade Knight to win her love-#ep|9:smoke drink kiss in the hot bubble bath

ep3:see her in the corner of your eye while you and Minty kiss — Fashion Assassin — she tries to die: save her from watery oblivion with a kiss — the moment she dreads and longs for is at hand

ep2:6/21/10:she dances nude for the eyes of the world, only eleven — you — are — now — hers

ep1/i5:alone in a dark empty room, waiting for the Doktor to steal her special blood, longing for oblivion in your breast-#ep8:Satan — answered — her — prayer—

“DOWNLOAD COMPLETE,” says the notification app. The ship-AI construct now resides in one of the 256GB Companion Cube earrings Shira wears, transmitted electrically through her body in her personal area network. “Tansie” is her name. Stored on the other earring, a full set of intel files on the twenty-second-century Corporations and the Terrors without SCP Foundation redaction or Imperial War Department censorship. Shira marvels at the monstrosities the files depict. Space Jennifer says, “You already know about Cold War research on super soldiers and mind control, or soon will. But the true occult purpose of both the Soviet and American Empires involved extruding the bicameral mind to give the gods physical form. Crowley and Lovecraft already saw them in their future.”

“What do these gods call themselves?”


The naked young girl in the bulky virtual reality goggles looks frail against her technology. What she sees:

their faces, the logos form before her, multiply, devour each other—

their true forms, malevolent data patters connecting thousands of robot bodies—

human flesh powers their bodies, human souls feed their brains—

they feed on each other till at last one logo is left, the unmistakable circle-D of Dictel Corporation—

It appears on the holoprojector. “The old slashed circle just won’t do. They need to know there’s an angel of chaos in town.” She concentrates, she thinks, and the new image appears over the old and obliterates it—

previously on.1: Chaos Angel Spanner — Series 1: Rock City Blues — Part 1: Enter the MonkeywrenchrapidRecap:

ep8:Shira and Leila — bodies entwined — souls hearts dreams fuse — dream and reality become confused — night makes way for day, the world fades away

ep1:under the blinded Eye — over the head of the Scarab — the Angel of Chaos — throws his monkeywrench — into the third eye of the ka — of Steve Jobs

ep15:in the empty city — two become one — the prophecy fulfilled — tonight someone dies

ep1#8#15:as the black crystal glows bright—

Tansie asks sadly, “Is this goodbye, Mother?”

“No, my child.” Space Jennifer points toward her younger self. “I’m still here.”

“I’m still here,” says Young Jennifer, tearful and smiling.

Space Jennifer fades away. “The future is yours. Please prevent mine.” She waves at them in the split second before she disappears.

AEGIS studies the ship AI’s hologram carefully. “You don’t look too much more advanced than me. I take it innovation stopped long before the forty-first millennium?”

“Third,” says Tansie. “Corporations were never creative.”

Shira stares at the holograms. “So what do we do now?”

“It’s like Yasmin says,” Jennifer replies. “One little choice can change the whole future.”

“I choose Leila.”

“And I choose Kira.”

On the wall, dwarfing cops and crooks alike, a giant graffiti logo:
  • a shield in the shape of a police badge with a rainbow edge
  • two wrenches, one adjustable, the other not, crossed behind it
  • superimposed, a white gothic “S”
In shock, Shockley inquires: “Who could have done such a thing?”

“They talk about him all over the Darknet,” a veteran agent grimly replies. “They call him: Spanner.

ep8!Keenan: Bad ending number one is now impossible.
ep1!Shira: Make way for bad ending number two...

to be continued...

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Copyright © 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
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[Revision 4 Final, 9/5/12: The “Dictel Tower grand opening/first tag” sequence originally written for Interlude 12 in Book 2 Revision 1. Everything else is new to the Final Revision. The odd text of the “Previously On” segments was inspired by Surrealist and Beat poetry (incorporating Linux and fandom notations) and the 1961 avant-garde film Very Nice, Very Nice.]

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