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Spanner 8.6: Melt With You

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 8: Rip Her to Shreds
Part 6: Melt With You (Final Revision)
4 july 2014: crying a desperate prayer to the Devil at Drusilla's L.A. halfway house, begging him to bring her to Shira so she can annihilate herself in her and they can become one—
1 april 2013: Marshall Brinkman's cold stare as he shuts the doors of Pretty City behind him, leaving her to the mercy of the hideous Molotov Twins now leering at her—
16 august 2012: bringing the bloody blade down on the psychopath who raped her for kicks, screaming her rage, refusing to stop even though he is already dead—
1 november 2012: screaming among the flames as the men in black take Yolanda away to her death, the scientist who rescued them to a fate worse than Hell, Frank Becket laughing at God—
31 august 2014: rescued from the death she craved by Shira, who now holds her in her arms and kisses her deeply — Satan answered her prayer—
shira’s apartment. Open the door to the empty dark flat. Carry Leila in and slam it shut; it locks automagically. Clap two times to make all the lights come on. Pull Leila close and kiss her deeply, her mind divided between surrender and struggle. She turns her head away. “Shira, please let me die,” she sobs.

“No,” says Shira, “I can’t.” She kisses her again, then gently pulls her by the hand into the kitchen, pulls up a chair, and sits her at the table. She takes two Japanese teacups out of the cupboard and—

Leila suddenly sprints toward the balcony door. Shira screams, “AEGIS! Lock!

The balcony door locks, followed by all the windows. Leila desperately tries to muscle the door open, then hits it in a futile attempt to smash through it. AEGIS calmly replies, “All doors and windows locked.”

Shira sets the cups on the table and strips off her clothes. “Fuck promises.” She runs to Leila, summons all her strength to tear the dress off her body, picks her up naked struggling and crying, carries her into the living room, and throws her on the couch — then in rage and raging lust she slaps her beautiful soft arse over and over; Leila screams and cries and begs, “Stop it! Please stop!”

“No! I promised!”

She spanks her as hard as she can, lies down on her to keep her from escaping and feels her pain transmute into unbearable pleasure, spanks her until her body convulses and she cries out overwhelmed with orgasm, and she doesn’t stop! over and over she hits the sensitive buttocks red and slick with sweat, hits the trembling screaming girl, hits her and hits her with unrelenting fury into violent shudders of shattering ecstasy — and finally she stops. Leila collapses into convulsive sobs.

Shira rests her body on top of exhausted panting Leila’s sweat-drenched body so she will be unable to struggle out of her embrace. Leila trembles with desire and love and hatred and sobs. “Shira... please don’t...”

“Your wings are mine, sweet angel,” Shira whispers. “My love will burn them to dust.” Gently she nibbles Leila’s neck and ears. Leila resumes her struggle, tries to fight her way out of Shira’s arms—

—and finds herself on her back, Shira on top of her holding her tight, staring deeply into her eyes, deep into her soul. “It’s been four years,” says Shira. “Four years I’ve been waiting for this. Four years ago, I lost my heart to you. Leila, I love you more than my life. I won’t let you break my heart!” She attacks Leila’s lips with violent kisses of raging passion, unleashes four years of frustrated consuming desire on those soft sweet lips, plunges her tongue inside to caress Leila’s soft wet tongue, feels her body surrender and fight, bites her ears hard enough to hurt, drinks in her screams of pain and pleasure, bites her neck till the bites turn red,

suck the sweet soft breast, kiss and suck and bite, Leila surrenders to the urge to shudder and scream, “hurt me! please!” bite the hard sensitive nipple oh how it hurts “harder! bite harder!” bite down harder, oh yes! the pain feels sweet turns to pure concentrated pleasure till she can bear it no more; suck the other breast, bite it bite the nipple harder harder drink the milk drink the blood oh my god no

drinking from each other’s cunts drinking the hot sweet nectar bite the soft tender nether lips bite hard clits till they hurt scream in pleasure pain bite till they lose all reason their minds obliterated they plunge their tongues inside dance convulse until—

They lie together on the couch, cuddling and crying and kissing, conscious only of their love. The your-mascara-is-running voice in Shira’s head says you fools, the upholstery needs a serious cleaning now. After a seeming eternity, Leila struggles out of the kiss. “No, please don’t do this.”

“I need you, Leila.”

“You’ll die!”

“I’ll die happy.”

They won’t let you.”

“We’ll die together, then.”

“They won’t let us.”

“We’ll find a way.” She gives Leila a hot sweet kiss, slides her sweaty body off hers, picks her up, carries her into her bedroom stumbling and trying to avoid hurting her, and at last drops her onto the bed.

She feels sweat ooze hot from every pore, Shira turns her over, kisses caresses and licks her smooth soft arse, squeezes her soft buttocks and showers them with soft kisses, opens them up wide to kiss the tight dark bud of her anus and lick the sensitive rim, making her giggle and squeal from the unfamiliar sensation, gently opens the anus with her fingers and gently snakes her tongue in deep savoring the sharp taste, slowly pulls out her tongue and slips it back in faster and faster making Leila tremble and convulse and moan and scream and lose herself

Leila falls flat on the bed and giggles uncontrollably. “Please hurt me.”

“I’ll bite you then I’ll spank you.”

“Thank you.” Shira squeezes her butt cheeks hard, jams her face between them, plunges her tongue up her anus with force, reaches high reaches deep, till she feels the sweet explosion go off inside her body; squeeze her arse cheeks, squeeze them till they hurt, put the squeeze on put the bite on, “yes! oh yes!” bite her harder, harder, oh yes the pain, open handed blows fall hard on her arse like hail, hurting her “oh my god it hurts!” she screams cries begs for more, Shira spanks her harder till it’s as hard as she can, Leila screams and shudders from the pleasure of pain, pain is pleasure she begs for more pain, hurt me hurt me harder oh my god she explodes

Back on her back, drenched in sweat, Leila pants in exhaustion. Shira lies atop her and kisses her. She gently runs her hand through her black hair, sleek and wet. “Do you love me?”

“I’m in love with you,” Leila gently sobs.

“Will you give yourself to me, heart and soul and body?”

“I belong to you.”

“Will you die for me?”

Leila smiles and trembles. “Gladly.”

Shira feels down her body, caresses her downward, reaches under her to caress her hurt-hot arse, lowers her head to plant her sweet soft lips on her nether lips; Leila moans gently, feels the warm wet tongue caress her lips, caress inside her lips, the teeth on her lips, biting them she shudders, teeth tenderly caress the hypersensitive clit she screams, bite down hard oh yes! bite harder the tongue slips in slips around sets off landmines inside her no please no yes

tickle inside her lips with her nipple, tickle the clit, tickle it gently oh my god it tickles stop it don’t stop, it reaches inside her, she wants to suck it deep inside her deep inside crush it, the breast reaches inside her reaches as far as it can go stick it in jam it oh my god oh no harder please harder

hard black phallus pumps into her, tortures her tender wound sweet torture hurt me please harder, pumps her like a piston, impales no yes more harder sweet hurt, impale her wound her, can’t bear the pleasure language dies self dies reality dies only pleasure darkness light pain hurt me harder harder yes no yes I love you forever let it go on forever don’t stop don’t stop don’t let it

hours and they drink each other’s cunts, conscious only of each other’s bodies, dream invading reality, day fusing dreamily into night, flesh turning into light, unable to tell if they are awake or dreaming or if this is real or even if they are real, awake in their dreams as the mighty tiger slaughters and eats the spectres that cling to the cat’s sleek black body and drain her life force, dreaming awake in a state of unending orgasmic ecstasy all night and into the day for what seems several aeons till a chorus of alarms and crowing cocks sing their wake-up call and—

boston. Mrs. Abernethy falls out of her chair overwhelmed by the vision, convulses on the floor shouting in spiritual agony. Her son Henry Becket rushes over to her, kneels, takes her in his arms, shakes her out of her seizure. “Mother! What is it?”

She breathes heavily, eyes wide in horror, body rigid with fear. “The angel of chaos—”

“What did she do!”

“She captured the maiden of sacrifice, the maiden of apocalypse — she captured her, bound her, and shall pledge her to our destruction!”

The Secretary is struck speechless. He can only stare forward through the thick glass barrier of his glasses at the onrushing future.

keenan’s apartment. Keenan suddenly sits up with a start, waking up Ada. She sits up next to him, stares at him, waves her hand in front of his face. He continues to stare forward in amazement. “Keenan, what is it?”

“I saw...”

“Saw what?”

“I saw them.”


“Shira took her. Took Leila. Made violent love to her and stole her heart, like the pirate hero of a romance novel, if the pirate were Mary Read.”

In panic she demands, “Keenan, do you know what this means?

He turns to her with a huge grin. “Bad Ending Number One is impossible.

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[Revision 4 Final, 9/4/12: Originally the final scene of 8.6 in Revisions 2 and 3, now expanded into its own section with elements of 9.6 R3 and revised for Fourth Revision continuity. Style of the love scenes inspired by Surrealist and Beat poetry and the last chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Two new scenes added.]

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