Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spanner R5 Update: Putting Omitted Scenes Back In, Plus Even Crazier Ideas

It's been a while since I last posted. Hell, it's been a while since I last did any editing. Well, now the editor's block is over, the crazy ideas are returning, and I'm finally putting back into the final version of Spanner Book 1 the long-planned scenes I left out of Revision 4.

This session's first edit involves a radical change in the story thread revolving around the mad bioroboticist, Dr. Mina Tatsumi. I've been doing a lot of brooding about transhumanism and the ultra-rich lately; it's a major theme in Spanner, but one I don't really go into in Book 1, at least among the High Corporates. So now the "Oliver springs Mina out of the madhouse" scene I planned for Chapter 13 and put in Chapter 19 is now in Chapter 4 as the first scene in the thread, and its "Oliver brings Mina back to Biotron Labs" sequel is now in Chapter 6. Mina has all those green-haired Sonoda-twin clones for a reason: she dies at the end of the "Raid on Biotron Labs" sequence in Chapter 13 and comes back in Chapter 16 as all the Sonoda-twin clones at once, a collective entity and the story's first genuine transhuman. All the "transhumans" up to that point are merely superhuman. This will have major consequences, mainly from Chapter 25 onward.

The first of the omitted scenes I'm returning to the story is one I plotted out long before I started writing the novelization and originally planned to put in Chapter 18: the scene with the murderous bikers (vat-grown ninja in the final version) who emerge from a tunnel only to all get their heads cut off by a monowire stretched out at the portal. I'm also restoring that Revision 4 scene I left out of Chapter 23 in which Radica's hoverboard gets shot by one of the superhero antagonists and Liz makes a desperate flight to save her.

And so the editing resumes. And it's about damn time.