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Spanner 9.5: Eurotrash Girl

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 9: The Girl You Want
Part 5: Eurotrash Girl (Final Revision)

evergreen park. “H-how did you get here?” says Niemeyer, panicked.

Sparks quietly chuckles. “Well, Agent Niemeyer, I just happen to have been shadowing you the entire time.”

Leila sashays up to Sparks and says defiantly, “You were going to drop some more dirt about Shira?”

“Actually, I was going to tell your new friends about you. Agent Niemeyer, you don’t realize who you are speaking with.”

“So,” says Niemeyer, “what about Miss Shelley could be worse than what I have just told her about her new friend here?”

“Apparently, Agent, you were so obsessed with putting an end to this Rebel Rebel thing that you missed out on the many scandals surrounding our pretty companion. It’s been all over the press for the past five years or so.”

“So tell me, Agent Sparks,” says Niemeyer grimly. “I’d like to know.”

Shira strides up to Sparks. “Yeah. Tell me.”

“You asked for it.” As Leila looks on in dread, he raises his phone, and they watch...

14 february 2008...
Leila wakes up to find herself bleeding from between her legs. She runs naked and screaming into her mother’s bedroom, convinced that she is dying.

Taylor Brinkman gets herself out of bed to hold her terrified daughter close against her nude tattooed body and comfort her. “Oh, darling. You’re not dying. You’re starting to transform into a beautiful woman. I had the same reaction when I was your age.” She showers Leila’s face with kisses.

Leila Shelley is only nine years old.

5 november 2008...
When Leila and her twin brother Robert turn ten, her body has already changed into a stunning sylphlike form. All the adults and teenagers attending their birthday party praise her beauty. On a whim, she decides to take off all her clothes and appear to them nude for the rest of the night. She captures their sole attention and learns that beauty is power.

After everyone else has gone home, a fifteen-year-old lover of her mother’s named Brian takes her into her bed and puts an end to her virginity. She is so overwhelmed by the intensity of the sexual experience that she makes him swear to be her lover and teach her everything he knows about sex.

12 january 2009...
“Leila, I can’t live with you anymore,” says a desperate Brian.

Leila panics. “Why? You can’t! You still love me!”

“Yes, I still love you. But I can’t handle you. If I stay with you any longer, I’ll go mad!”

“What’s wrong with me?” she wails.

“It’s the drama, Leila. It’s the drama. I just can’t handle your drama anymore. I don’t know if anyone can handle you.”

She throws herself into his arms and holds onto him for dear life. “No! Please don’t leave me! You can’t! I love you!”

He struggles as hard as he can to escape her death grasp. She stares at him in terror as he says, “Leila, please don’t. I still love you, but I’ll hate you if I stay with you any longer. That’s why I have to leave you. Goodbye.”

She screams, “NOOOOOOOO!” She runs into the street, trying to get hit by the first car that comes by. He runs after her and drags her kicking and screaming to safety.

21 june 2010...
Leila stands proudly on the stage, totally nude in front of a huge outdoor crowd but for the white sash that says “Miss Junior Nude Europe 2010.” She waves and blows kisses at the crowd as they cheer, scream, and howl in absolute adoration. Right now the crowd exists only to love her and worship her beautiful naked body. They hail her as the most beautiful young woman in Europe. To her the pleasure feels more intense than any sexual experience she has had so far in her still very young life. The love she feels for them right now is so intense it verges on spiritual ecstasy. She wants it to last forever. She hopes that millions more throughout Europe and the world are watching her on television.

5 july 2010...
The young beauty queen attracts the attention of a youth-obsessed oil billionaire from Texas named Billy Joe Steele. He hides her away in a cottage on one of his properties. He showers her with wealth, luxury, and comfort. He makes her feel wanted. He makes love to her as much as his schedule permits. When he is gone, he leaves specially sworn employees to watch over her and keep her from getting bored or homesick. He chooses men and women he can blackmail.

He is a former CIA man, a master of keeping things secret. He vows his personal employees to absolute silence about her, on pain of death. He convinces the American government that he is working on a top secret project important to national security. His wife suspects nothing.

He has reason to keep his affair with her a secret. The federally mandated age of consent in America is eighteen. Sex with a teenager is legally considered child rape; the punishment is merciless. In less than a year and a half, the crime will be punished only by death, without exception. The Law is absolute and without mercy.

Leila is only eleven.

1 november 2010...
Billy Joe Steele is found dead by a personal employee, having hanged himself after getting drunk at the previous night’s huge Halloween costume party. Leila became increasingly demanding on him, to the point where even his wife could not ignore the stress she put on him. Eventually, his jealous fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Deborah Becket, found out and blackmailed him: she threatened to tell the world about his affair with the younger girl if he did not end it and banish her. He had grown too attached to her. Emotionally, he was her slave. He sent her back to Ireland, then chose to end his life and take his secrets to the grave with him.

But then, driven half-mad by grief, Debbie herself becomes obsessed with the idea that she can save Leila’s soul through pure love alone...

5 november 2010...
Overwhelmed by grief, Leila loses control of herself and attempts suicide by slashing her wrists at her own birthday party. She is taken to the hospital under sedation.

25 december 2010...
Taylor Brinkman takes her three beautiful children Leila, Robert, and Fiona with her to a record company Christmas party in London, attended by rock ’n’ roll royalty decked out in full regalia. In place of their footballer father Ian Shelley, their godfather Rat Scabies goes with them and makes a complete nuisance of himself as usual.

A thirtyish glampunk rocker known as Johnny Dead, notorious for his self-destructive behavior and criminal addiction to jailbait, sweeps Leila off her feet and takes her home with him. They jump into his bed and make passionate love all night long.

1 january 2011...
At the strike of midnight signalling the coming of the new year, Johnny ties her up and introduces her to bondage games. He drips hot candle wax onto her sensitive skin, ending with her nipples and clitoris. He whips her till she screams with pain. He humiliates her. She realizes that she is hardwired for sexual masochism: her nerves turn pain into pleasure. It turns her on so intensely that she begs him to do it again.

20 january 2011...
Johnny Dead crashes his black Ferrari into a wall, hoping to kill both himself and Leila. His corpse is unrecognizable. Leila somehow survives. Maddened by grief, she begins to cut herself.

17 march 2011...
Leila does not like self-identifying Irish-Americans. She does not like their corned beef and cabbage, nor their green beer, and she certainly does not like their Saint Patrick’s Day. She gets herself drunk on unpigmented Guinness ale and finds herself in bed with an Argentine Formula One race car driver named O’Riordan. First name, Carlos. In the morning, she discovers that he prefers his women as dangerous as his cars. She promises to be dangerous for him. He makes love to her until her hangover is gone.

1 may 2011...
Carlos O’Riordan dies in a spectacular crash that kills three drivers and twelve spectators. Leila is nearby when it happens. She tries to get to him in hopes that she will find him alive. When the medics tell her he did in fact die, she breaks down completely in a frenzy of grief. She has to be taken to the hospital under sedation.

18 july 2012...
A man breaks into the Shelley family home in Dublin, rapes Leila, and gets away before she can pick up a knife and kill him. Taylor demands he be brought to justice. Leila coldly vows to murder him.

21 august 2012...
A man who had served time in prison for multiple rapes and was suspected in several more is found dead in a trash-strewn alley in the worst section of Dublin. He was stabbed to death and then fed to rats. Everyone knows Leila killed him in revenge; she had stalked him the entire previous month. Everyone knows no one can prove she did it.

1 april 2013...
Taylor, facing obliteration by legal problems, gives in to her father the Governor’s demands and sends Leila and Robert to a newly opened arcology built on the outskirts of Los Angeles as a new center for the fashion and entertainment industries, called Pretty City. Their extreme natural beauty makes them the favorites of the fashion designers and photographers. But from the day they arrive, the other young residents of Pretty City, who merely possess the anonymous beauty of the surgically Resculpted, envy them bitterly. A group led by two of its leading models, Ian Woon, his sister Marni, and his eccentric girlfriend Lala Sun-Microsoft, welcome them with an especially cruel prank.

14 february 2014...
The resistance of the Resculpted against the Shelley twins for their extreme natural beauty and high emotional volatility becomes so violent that Leila and Robert are forced to choose between full-body Resculpting that would destroy their natural beauty and individual character, and expulsion. They choose to leave.

Sparks puts his phone away. “See? Now consider what happened to Bunny Strakeljahn.”

Niemeyer gapes at Leila in horror. “I... I see...”

Leila stares at Sparks in disbelief. “But that was self-defense! And just because I’ve had a hard life doesn’t mean I’m a menace to society.”

Sparks slowly walks uncomfortably close to Leila and leans into her. “Then explain my face.”

“Jim, you destroyed it trying to kill me.”

“I was stupid then. I’ve changed. But have you?” He turns to Shira. “I’m warning you, Shira. She’s a crazy-maker.”

“That’s what Agent Niemeyer just said about me,” says Shira. “You know why.”

He gets in Shira’s face. “Stay away from that woman.

“Or what? You’ll leave me? kill me? arrest me on the spot?”

“Do you actually love me?

“Of course I do. But there’s one very important little detail you’re forgetting about me.”

“And what might that be?”

“Polyamory, Jim. You should already know that. It’s in my Profile, for dawg’s sake.”

“Okay, I remember now. But do you think you can handle that woman?”

“I might just be the only one who can. But if you insist, I can keep her away from you. Come here, love.” Leila runs into Shira’s arms.

Niemeyer points at Shira and Leila and wails accusingly, “It’s too late! You’ll destroy everything!”

“We don’t have to destroy a thing, Agent. The whole System’s based on a contradiction. Entropy itself is destroying it, and there’s not a thing in the world you or I can do to save it.”

His arm quivers. He stares at them for several seconds. Lost for words, he turns around and runs toward the parking lot.

She says to Sparks, “Maybe you could tell her about Amanda Currie sometime?”

He rolls his eyes, spins around, says “Oh, no...”

“Sorry, J.T., but I gotta take my girl home if I wanna love her tonight.”

“You know she’s arranged to be married to Oliver Thorwald.”

“We’ll inspire him to correct that mistake soon enough.”

He stares at them dumbfounded. He sighs. “Well, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Have fun.” He shrugs, then turns to walk away.

Shira kisses Leila. “Shall we?”

“Let’s go,” says Leila.

The two young lovers walk arm-in-arm down the walkway to the boardwalk, toward the waterfront access to Shira’s street.

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[Revision 2, 7/27/11: Edited to fit Second Revision continuity.]
[Revision 3, 10/13/11: Added Shira and replaced Will with Sparks, replaced most of the final scene and expanded it.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/23/11: Added callback to 3.1, made text revisions and corrections.]
[Revision 4 Final, 9/7/12: Final scene and one flashback revised for Fourth Revision continuity. Text errors corrected.]

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