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Spanner 7.1: Pretty Baby

Third Revision Update: Originally Part 8.1. The Second Edition produced a huge continuity error when I placed the end of the first draft’s Chapter 7 at the end of Chapter 6. That means this installment would have to become Part 7.1, but I was neglectful with the edits at that period, so I waited to correct it till now. But now the error has been corrected. Also, Leila’s role is now more central in the leadup to the cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 8.

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 7: Love Missile
Part 1: Pretty Baby (Revision 3)

Feminism is a socialist, anti-family,
political movement that encourages women
to leave their husbands, kill their children,
practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism,
and become lesbians.

Rev. Pat Robertson
(defending Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda on 11 September 2001)

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Irina Dunn

7 september 2014.
The wolf chases Leila. If he catches her, he’ll rip her to shreds with his teeth and eat her. She runs as fast as she can and tries to avoid him. Her body is covered in blood from the wounds he has carved into her flesh with his fangs and claws. Every time she thinks she’s lost him, he attacks her again without warning.

Several times, she wakes up screaming. She tries to sleep again, but the nightmare only continues from where it left off. Reno Corson, come back from the grave for revenge, continues to rape her, again and again, in her dreams.

Nenene’s apartment. Once the drugs wear off, you wake up and reach across your bed and touch only bed. Your loli-chan is gone!

You get up with a start. “Ai-chan ga itta—” You run into the closet. The box where you keep your drugs is unlocked and open. “My drugs are gone!”

Nenene says in Japanese, “What are you blathering about this time, Koji?”

You answer in English, “Ai-chan — she’s gone!

“No remind me. She run away last week.”

She stole my drugs!

“You so baka,” says Nenene. “She flush your drugs down toilet.”

You decide it’s time to cry manly tears. “Ai-chan, why you leave me?”

Nenene laughs. “’Cos she no like you fuck her instead of me! Sukebe.”

“So where she go?”

“She run away Shira Thomas.”

You revert to Japanese — “Nani?!” — and faint dead away.

Shira’s apartment. Her name is Ayla. Ayla Izumi. She is at least half Korean. Japan’s ruling Master Race has a special hatred of Koreans. Them, and the native Ainu. Ayla is intrigued to find out from Shira that her name comes from a fantasy novel in which most of the characters are ice-age Neanderthals. The character named Ayla is a blond beauty who looks like Shira’s favorite cousin. Shira showed her the picture of Jennifer last night.

Shira wants to get up, but Ayla refuses to let go of her. She gently nudges the girl. “Ai-chan?”

Ayla says, “Please don’t leave me.”

Shira decides to charm her. She kisses her gently on the cheek. “Ayla, if you don’t let me get up, I won’t be able to start our morning bath, and then you can’t get in it with me.”

The girl looks at Shira. After a pause, she lets go.

bathroom. Shira leans back and Ayla lies on her back on top of her; she caresses the girl’s naked torso beneath the mass of bubbles. Ayla asks, “You ever make love to little girls?”

Shira laughs. “When I was a little girl, yes.”

Ayla’s eyes go wide. “Really?”

“You were Koji’s loli, right?” Ayla nods. “So how come you three are here in America?”

“Koji-kun took me away from another gang.”

“Which one?”

“Nikoniko Gumi.”

Shira gasps. Nikoniko Gumi: the infamous Smiley Gang. Yakuza klownz with a vicious reputation. “Did you know I faced the Nikoniko once?”

Aira turns over to face Shira. Her mouth is wide open. “You did?”

“Let me guess. Koji had way too much saké, went baka, challenged a Smiley to a Game Wars fight for big yen and lost. Now he’s in debt. The Nikoniko kidnap you not long after I raped him with my trusty strap-on. That’s where I come in. I distract the Nikoniko, he takes advantage and steals you back. But he’s still in debt, so Nenene brings you and Koji here, where the klownz don’t own his debt. Am I right?” Ayla nods. “Even if the Nikoniko come here, you’re safe from them now, ’cuz you’re my sweet loli-chan now, and not his.”

The girl’s face brightens. “Really?”


She throws herself onto Shira (“oof—”) and holds her as tight as she can. “Thank you! Thank you!” Shira puts her arms around the happy child and kisses her on the cheek.

hospital. No one comes to see Leila. She assumes her grandfather is keeping her friends away from her just so he can maximize her despair for his advantage. The more she knows about Walter Brinkman, the more passionately she hates him. At times, the hate threatens to consume her. She fights it back.

She struggles to remember who raped her. He treated her viciously. As he raped her and beat her, he ranted endlessly. Even then she got the impression that he thought her femaleness a mortal threat to his manhood. The voice sounds like Reno Corson’s.

She realizes why Oliver had Reno rape her. It wasn’t just payback for what she did to him and Bunny Strakeljahn at Bumbershoot. Oliver blames her for his father’s death. She wishes she had delivered the bomb herself. Who could get Shira to send Lars Thorwald of Biotron a bomb without her knowing it? Only one person could have done it, she realizes: her own mother, trying to protect her from Oliver and from her own grandfather. For a moment she hates her mother for not protecting her from Oliver and Reno this time. But then it occurs to her that Oliver betrayed her to Reno deliberately, to prevent Taylor Brinkman from protecting her, as an act of revenge for cheating on the one man she hates more than her grandfather.

Oliver Thorwald, she vows, must die.

Despair and hatred seep through her body, consume it, caress it, fills it with hideous blackness. She tries to shock it away, but remembers the last bed she destroyed that way. She gains control of herself, pushes it back slowly, reclaims herself from the darkness.

The memory of Shira’s kiss touches her lips, her body. The darkness flees. Leila sighs in relief. She won’t turn evil. At least not now.

breakfast. The soft pink towel robe covers her body securely, but still Ayla holds it to her body as if it might fly away at any time. She cannot bear to be naked in front of anyone but Shira. She holds her breath in fear and hope as Shira and her mother argue over her. “We can’t keep her,” says Hope.

“We have to keep her,“ says Shira.

“She’ll bring us unwanted attention.”

“From the Yakuza? Not anymore. Koji-baka lost her, so sorry, his bad. Boss Mizoguchi’s son’ll have to answer to daddy now, not just the Nikoniko yakuza he owes.”

“I meant the INS. You know how much trouble we’ve been having with them already, just because we ourselves are insufficiently white. If they find out we’re in possession of a nonwhite alien, they’ll either kick us out of the country or throw us in jail in no time flat.”

“I say we adopt her.”

“That means going through the Eugenics Institute first, and they don’t look kindly on nonwhite adoptions, to say the least.”

“Angie’ll have to open up some loopholes, then. Bottom line is, we keep her, or her blood’s on our hands.”

Hope stares at her daughter. Shira remains unyielding. After several seconds, Hope sighs. “Very well, then. I’ll call Angie.”

Shira smiles. “Thank you.” Ayla sighs in relief.

hospital. Fiona throws herself on Leila in her bed and cries for her with all her heart. “Not again!” she wails. “How could they do this to you again?!”

Leila cannot answer with words. Her body convulses with sobs; tears flow freely from her eyes. She cries as much for her sister as herself. She feels like she is torturing Fiona with her black despair.

Her twin brother tries to dry her tears. She feels she does not deserve a brother as sweet and dedicated to her as Robert. She tries to tell him, but she chokes on her own tears.

Soon they make way for their mother. Taylor Brinkman is dressed in a sleeveless short black dress that exposes the tattoos on her arms and legs; her short black hair is razor-cut rough, her face and body almost like her own, her eyes the same rare color. “It was him,” she says in cold rage, “wasn’t it.” Leila nods sadly.

Fiona and Rob make way. Taylor throws herself on her daughter’s bed, on her body, holds her tight like a protective mother panther. Her body shudders with bitter sobs, with love for her violated daughter, with hatred for the evil man who tortured her yet again and for her own father, who forced that monster on her daughter...

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[Revision 2, 7/16/11: Unchanged from first draft, unfortunately.]
[Revision 3, 10/2/11: Heavily edited to fit Third Revision continuity, greatly expanded to make Leila more central, and placed in its proper order (originally 8.1 as in the first draft, now 7.1 as it should be after the events of 6.6, which was originally the end of this chapter) with the chapter’s epigraph quotes placed here. Ayla’s name corrected here for the first time, to match Third Edition and later Second Edition continuity.]
[Revision 3.1, 10/22/11: Corrected all remaining instances of Ayla’s name, changed “Bart Green” to “Reno Corson” to match 6.6, edited for style and to fit revised Third Revision continuity, corrected text errors.]

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