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Spanner 17.1: No God But Mammon

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 17: Power, Corruption, and Lies
Part 1: No God But Mammon

Knowledge itself is power.
Sir Francis Bacon

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, I won’t get fooled again.

George W. Bush

8 october 2014.
Shira’s apartment.
Leila paces back and forth in the living room. Shira sits on the couch, flipping back and forth randomly through the latest Civet novel. “Don’t tell me you bought that piece of rubbish,” says Leila scornfully.

“Would I pay scarce greenbacks for this? Somebody left it on the bus. As short as it is, it’s about ninety percent author filibuster, and seeing as seventeen different meddling executives wrote it, the rants have an amusing tendency to contradict each other. On the rare occasions when we get back to the idiot plot, you sigh with relief that you can look down at the characters again, even though they’re based on us.”

“I don’t see how they can be based on us. There’s no way in hell I’d let that Magical Negro character convert me to Jesus like he did Reina, with no preparation for it in all the previous books.”

“Correction: idiot plot with seventeen different flavors of character derailment.” Someone knocks on the door a bit too insistently. Shira tosses the book across the room. She flits over to Leila, steals a kiss, then opens the door.

A deranged Amanda Currie in a wet raincoat is pointing a gun at her.

Shira gently moves Amanda’s gun arm aside. Amanda slaps her. Then Shira locks her into a hard embrace, locks her lips with hers in a hard passionate kiss, and takes her inside the door and closes it. Amanda tries to resist and protest, but Shira won’t let her. Shira slams the door behind her and slams Amanda against it. Without breaking the kiss she slips off struggling Amanda’s coat, unbuttons and removes her coatdress, and smoothly removes her underwear until she is as nude as herself and Leila. Amanda gives up and collapses sobbing into Shira’s arms. She turns Amanda around and holds her tight from behind, caressing her breasts. Then Amanda goes stiff when she sees Leila—

And Leila smiles sweetly and tells her, “I forgive you.”

1 may 2011...
After the death of Carlos O’Riordan, Amanda Currie reports from the hospital where Leila is being held under sedation, listing the names of all the men linked romantically to her who died and all but calling her a serial killer:

Eight men alleged to have carried on affairs with teen model and nude beauty queen Leila Shelley have died in the past two years. Is it a coincidence, or is Leila Shelley a “lethal Lolita”?

10 may 2011...
When Leila is finally released to her parents, she finds out about the character assassination Amanda has been pulling on her, now joined by media vigilantes Ann Rule and Nancy Grace. Realizes to her horror that someone has launched a conspiracy to destroy her, she vows to destroy the conspirators, or at least survive them, and bring down the unknown person using them against her...

bathroom. Shira and Leila share their bath with Amanda. They caress her body all over with their hands and with soft sponges. Amanda is still crying. Shira holds her from behind while Leila kisses her lips gently.

After the kiss ends, Amanda asks her, “Why are you doing this for me?”

Shira says softly into her ear, “Because you desperately need it.”

Leila gently caresses Amanda’s breasts simply to pleasure her. She tells her, “Because we need each other,” and kisses her again.

23 july 2007...
Red House.
Shira and Kira bathe together in the upstairs bathtub with their beautiful babysitter Amanda. They beg her to pleasure them. She kisses them one by one, turns them around so she can embrace them from behind, and gently rubs their clits to send them into the sweet ecstasy they crave for what seems an eternity...

Shira’s bedroom. Amanda lies on the thick soft bed and gives in completely as Shira and Leila suck her breasts and gently bite her nipples until she explodes into orgasm. Then Leila sits up, puts her cunt on Amanda’s mouth, and directs her to bite her clit, stick her tongue up her cunt if she feels the urge, and drink deeply of her nectar. Shira mounts her hips, locks their cunts together, sticks a finger into each cunt, and rubs their clits together. Together they work Amanda into an even greater ecstasy that lasts for hours...
the high-pitched buzz tone of the Emergency Alert System

This is the Emergency Alert System. A Code Red Terror Alert has been issued for the entire West Coast in the wake of the attempt on the life of King Patriot the First on Sunday. Secretary of Homeland Security Karl Radisson is offering a fifty million dollar reward for the identification and capture of the terrorist known as Spanner. The King’s sons, Thomas, Richard, and Henry Becket, are offering double the reward to anyone who brings them the terrorist’s head.

patriotic music, flag waving in the background — this is where Litton’s propaganda begins, with a bombastic male voice

People of America, Our Nation is in danger. The terrorists sent by Satan to destroy the Nation have struck again, and the Devil has sent his deadliest agent:

still frame of a black motorcycle helmet with mirrored faceplate and skull-and-crossed-wrenches insignia

...the man known only as Spanner. His words betray that his only goal is chaos, destruction, and anarchy. His destruction is our holy patriotic duty—
We interrupt this message
montage of stock news footage of labor strikes being ruthlessly suppressed, accompanied by an increasingly frenzied free-jazz soundtrack and the robotic voice of Spanner

Why are the workers always forced to fight in the streets? Because the Corporations put them in crippling debt but refuse to give them a living wage, for their basic needs steal from the all-important profit needs of the Corporate élite. The people are the Conspiracy against America. The people are the enemy of the State.

old black and white film footage of stereotypical “fat cat” Robber Barons gleefully throwing money around

There is no god but Mammon...

silent film footage of workers being trapped in a factory’s giant gears and ground to bloody pulp

...and Jesus America is his only-begotten son—
9 october 2014.
For the first time since last week’s evacuation of the city, all the teachers and most of the students have returned. The teachers prepare their classes, the students and tutors greet their friends with hugs, kisses, sobs, gossip...

And then Colette Rosewater enters.

Everybody stares at her in shock.

Physically, she looks no worse for the wear. She even looks a bit younger than she was last time everyone saw her. But all her cheerfulness and enthusiasm are gone. Oliver Thorwald and Johnny-Johnny Johnson destroyed that; not even the most perfect clone resurrection could bring that back.

Debbie stomps up to her. “What in the name of Jesus America do you—”

Colette punches her in the jaw, knocking her out cold.

principal’s office. Principal Principal and Major Falconer flinch at the look of sheer hatred directed at them by, of all people, Colette Rosewater. Standing behind them, Spiekerman sneers, “Another juvenile delinquent, eh?”

“Miss Nicolette Rosewater,” says Principal nervously, “was once our most cheerfully determined liberal pacifist. Apparently someone beat the pacifism right out of her.”

“You cured me of pacifism, Comrade Spiekerman,” Colette says coldly, “when you sent your rich serial killer friends to rape me to death. Unfortunately for you, I got better.” Karen and Polly, on either side of her, stare at her in horror.

Leila steps around Karen, smiling ironically. “Funny thing is, if our good friends Ollie and Johnny-Johnny hadn’t had their way with Colette and then me, she would have remained harmless and I would still have been merely someone’s psycho ex-girlfriend. But then, you people have always had a talent for trying to destroy monsters but creating them instead. I believe it’s called the American way.”

“In other words,” Shira adds, “that means ‘no more Miss Nice Guy.’”

student council room. Charmian presides over the emergency meeting. “Colette Rosewater is back.”

“Wasn’t she dead?” gasps Lucy.

Bart stands up and yells, “She shoulda been!

Debbie rubs her bruised jawbone. “Well, either she ain’t, or she came back from the dead.”

“If she’s back from the dead,” says Charmian, “that means she’s got either a rich family or rich friends.”

“Which makes it worse. Bitch just punched me out.”

“Maybe she’s signalling she’s open to a Challenge?” suggests Lucy.

Scotty shakes his head. “Try getting past Team Bremelo first.”

library. The Peace Committee hold their own emergency meeting at the same time. Karen says, “Let’s welcome back Colette!” Everybody cheers. Karen hugs Colette, but Colette oddly refuses to embrace her back. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re calling this a Peace Committee?”

Karen nods her head enthusiastically. “Mm-hmm!”

“Shouldn’t this be more of a ‘Self-Defense Committee’? Pacifism is suicide!”

“Colette darling, we can’t let our traumas defeat us. Our revenge is what they want. Violent revenge is their way. Nonviolent resistance defeated British imperialism in India, apartheid in South Africa, and racial segregation here in America.”

Lorelei adds, “We’re fighting the same people we fought during the struggle for civil rights over forty years ago, and they were just as violent then.”

“We beat their violence with nonviolence then, and we can do it again today. We will do it again.”

“You sound awful confident about it,” says Colette in despair.

Karen hugs her again. “You know that stereotype about liberals being wimps? Those liberals died out in the coup. Some of ’em were close friends of my family. If we want to bring democracy back, we need to be strong. Okay?”

Colette sighs. “Okay.” She collapses into Karen’s arms and cries. “I’ so sorry...”

Polly embraces her from behind. “We love you, Colette.” The others cheer, then crowd her, each taking turns hugging her, until for the first time since the attack, she is happy at last.

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