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Spanner 17.5: The Rape Tapes

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 17: Power, Corruption, and Lies
Part 5: The Rape Tapes

10 october 2014.
Shira’s bed.
Shira and Leila lie next to each other, bodies touching, arms around each other, but not moving. “I thought I’d left this kind of shit behind when I told Drusilla to fuck off,” says Shira.

“Debbie’s lucky.”

“Really” After her own mother just tried to faith-heal her gayness in front of everybody?”

A hint of anger slips into Leila’s voice. “Did she ever get raped by her own grandfather?”

“The old eunuch? Hardly. But dear old dad, the one-eyed man? Knowing Ol’ Blue Eye, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.”

“You mean the police chief?”

“Who got his eye sporked out when he tried to publicly strangle my sister Charlie, yes.”

Leila stares at Shira. “You’re not serious, are you.”

“Dead serious. The spork broke when he tried to take it out. That gave Charlie, Desi, Kira, and me time to escape.”

Leila rolls over, half on top of Shira, and smiles seductively. “Can I take a look at Uncle Art’s card? I wanna see.”

Shira kisses her. “I thought you’d never ask.”

office. Shira makes sure her laptop is completely offline before she slides the card into its reader slot. Avast detects no viruses, Windows or Linux, that can infect the laptop, not even its Wine installation. She opens a Dolphin window to the card’s root directory, then navigates to the “Wally Loves Art” directory and picks a video. She double clicks; the window opens, and the video plays. Leila gasps in horror when she sees her grandfather, the Governor, rape and torture his own son.
A naked young Walter Brinkman, slim and beardless and driven by hate, rapes a young boy from behind. The boy screams in terror, pain, rage, unwanted pleasure. By his long black hair and beautiful face, one can recognize the child Arvid Shield...
Leila screams. Shira holds her pale trembling body tight. “If you really can’t handle this, I’m terribly sorry.”

“Don’t. I need to see this.”


Leila nods. “Play ’em all. Please.”

“If you say so.” Shira closes the video window. “Now I know why Artie’s so eager to nuke the Governor. This is just the thing that’ll do it.”

Leila points to a particular file. “Play that one.” Shira opens it:
Brinkman, a hirsute muscleman in his usual half-transformed state, mercilessly beats two beautiful children with long black hair, a boy and a girl: the Shelley twins. Screaming in terror, they desperately try to escape him; but with his super speed and strength, he catches them with no problem. Then he throws them together onto the bed, Rob on his stomach and Leila on his back — and rapes them both at the same time
Leila nearly faints. Even Shira is appalled. “Jesus H. Fuck! I thought wolfmen were bad enough, but this redefines the word ‘monster’!”

“Play more!” sobs Leila. “I wanna see more!”

Shira closes the window and grins maliciously. “More is overkill. Any one of these’ll be as deadly to the old cur as a silver bullet.” She switches directories. “Now let’s see what Art’s got on One-Eye. She opens a file called sporkme.mp4 and watches:
In grainy early-phonecam video from 2008, Jack Becket straddles Charlie Richter-Thomas; in absolute rage, he wrings her neck. She reaches out, desperately searching for something to use against him, finally settles upon a spork barely within her reach. She jams it into his left eye. He lets go of her, stands up, and shouts obscenities at her. When he tries to take it out, the handle breaks off, leaving the spork body still stuck in his eye. He screams. Charlie struggles to her feet; Shira and Kira grab her and pull her away as hard as they can. With Desiree, they run off while the now one-eyed Jack screams curses down upon the sisters...
Shira laughs. “I never get enough of that one. Now you know why we call him ‘One-Eye Jack.’” She closes the window and plays the shorter videos. Each one has him having sex with a bizarre-looking female thing that is obviously a sexbot, each satisfying one of his many perversions. “I bet these are the ones his ex-wife and her divorce lawyer hired their PI to take. Too bad they didn’t get to use ’em themselves before he railroaded ’em. But now they’re mine, heh heh heh.”

“We should give the Slasher Hunters copies of these.”

“Now that you mention it, you bet they’ll get a kick out of this. Come to think of it, I will make ’em copies, them and the Krewe. Gotta make sure our defense systems are redundant like the Internet was before the Infowar.” She changes to the directory “Kid Lovin’ Clown” and plays a file. “But wait, there’s more.”
A monstrous cackling clown rapes a little girl [next video] and another little girl [next video] and a little boy—
“That must be Everson before he got Saved. He got caught up in a Wop-connected pedo ring years ago, but got acquitted when he conveniently found Jesus and ratted on his buddies. Helps that the feds already had La Cosa Nostra on the ropes.”

“Can we use these against him?”

“Sure we can. He can say he’s all over that all he wants. But he’s trapped in a political scandal now, and he won’t fool the people. Today, he only screws them.” She switches to the directory “Al’s A Dog” and picks a video. “Now let’s see what we can use against Big Al.”
Alan Fleer takes a series of sexy blond women into his bed and makes love to them in locations he believes are hidden from his wife. They aren’t. Eden Becket Fleer has paid the owners to put hidden cameras into the rooms. Most of them are famous and highly connected conservative socialites and the wives of several of his colleagues and allies. These women are already known to be attracted only to politically powerful men, the same way certain women have a fetish for serial killers. The surprise comes near the end: the woman he is having the best time with, a young blond with long wavy hair, turns out clearly to be his own daughter Vivian...
Leila gasps. Shira laughs.

“What’s so funny?” scolds Leila.

“Now I know how Edie keeps the old bastard under control.”

“But watching this makes it clear to me that not even his wife can control him.”

“Apparently Al’s got something on Edie too, then. But if this got out, it would destroy him, and Edie knows it. Especially when he’s fucking his own daughter.” Shira laughs again. “Boy, I’d love to see the look on Charms’ face when she sees this. Or Christie, better yet. Here’s the last five.”

They’re contained in a folder of their own, cryptically called “Al B. Sure”. Shira opens it. The filenames hint at adultery. She picks a video at random and plays it.

Leila gasps slowly. “Oh. my. god—”

Shira grins wickedly. “Bingo!”

The woman the Admiral is having sex with on those last five videos is Honey Sue Falconer.

11 october 2014.
The weekend officially begins around the dining-area table. Shira, Leila, Hope, Selene, and Ayla eat together for the first time since they left last week in the evacuation of the city. Outside the big picture window, they can see Navy and COPCO security boats speed impatiently back and forth across the bay and Homeland Security camdrones flit all over the sky in desperate search of something. Shira says, “The Man’s been awful jittery this last week. It’s like they expect Spanner to pop in at any moment to clock ’em upside the noggin with his big ol’ monkeywrench, just because.”

Ayla asks innocently, “Why did we have to leave the city?”

“’Cuz the bullies who rule us and own the government could trash it,” Shira answers bitterly.

Leila says, “They could at least have been more tactful about it.”

“You don’t understand ‘Real Americans,’ then. To them, tact is a mortal sin. It reeks of democracy.”

“Speaking of democracy,” Hope interjects, “there’s supposed to be an election coming up next month.”

“Correction. CPMC management officially denies there’s an election coming up next month. Too democratic. Interferes with management’s god-given right to screw the people.”

“They know they’d lose their crony-capitalist profits if they allowed it,” says Selene.

“They know that if we actually succeed in holding it, they’ll get their asses wiped from here to Texas.”

“I don’t get all this political stuff,” Ayla confesses.

“Ayla darling, it’s like this. You have a king, and he has a court. And everybody in his court tries to stab each other in the back so they can get in position to stab the king in the back and take his throne for himself. When the people don’t get to vote on things and take control of their own destiny, that’s what politics turns into.”

Ayla blinks. “Okay.”

Selene sighs in despair. “I don’t see any way we can stop those bastards from cancelling the election and selling public offices to more of their corrupt cronies.”

Shira looks into her eyes. “Oh yes we do.”

“And what might that be?”

“Nukes. You wanna kill gods, you gotta use the weapons that kill ’em.”

“Like what? Sexcrime vids?”

Shira snaps her fingers and grins. “Exactly.”

ferry terminal. Team Bremelo’s #24 Outbound group huddle at the end of the terminal. Jennifer says, “You need to share it. We can’t afford to have a single point of vulnerability.”

Shira smiles and says nothing. When they switch their phones to the same encrypted channel, she copies the contents of Arvid’s card to the phones” hard drives.

bus. The Bremeloes remain silent all the way to school. A thick-bearded Caliphate suicider with a Mexican accent and prison-gang tattoos stands up and tries to detonate himself. Shira stands up in the seat behind him grinning mischievously and slips her phone into his face to interrupt him mid-Shahada with the image of Rebel Styles. “Holá, amante,” says Rebel. The suicider dies screaming and does not explode. The passengers applaud. Shira gives them a sheepish smile and shrugs.

school. Not every student has returned to the city, and even some teachers and tutors remain absent. But the front-door vidscreens continue to loudly push their products till the products merge into mush, and the dreary, dreary test preparations resume with a vengeance.

In the library, Seika says, “This feels more like juku than high school.”

“School here’s supposed to be all test hell,” says Jennifer. “That’s how the Law defines it.”

“It’s a wonder anybody even bothers to come back,” says Polly.

Shira frowns. “Sooner or later, somebody’s gonna break.”

period 4. With Mr Whitmer still absent, a substitute teacher takes his place, a short-bearded Arab-looking man. As soon as the bell rings and everybody who will be there is there, he pulls a gun on the students and screams the Shahada—

—and his war cry is immediately interrupted by a hardcover textbook thrown hard into his head. Shira, Leila, and Jennifer leap up to jump him. He disappears in a swarm of yellow sailor suits. When they have beaten him up, Leila and Jennifer hold him by the arms. Blood flows freely from his nose. Shira sits on the desk and purrs, “I admire how you managed to sneak your way in, crusader.”

He tries to yell at her, but she casually kicks him hard in the jaw, shattering it and knocking out teeth.

“You’re here to ‘Columbine’ us, of course. Consider your mission failed, same as your fellow crusaders who tried to destroy the city last week.” Come to think of it, you’re no different from those other aliens, the ones from America.” She stands up, picks the big textbook off the floor, and raises it above her head. “When you get back to Hell, tell King Patriot that Rebel Styles says hi.” She brings the book down hard on his head and knocks him out.

thirteenth street. The police evacuate the school, ending today’s round of test prep. Crowds of happy teenagers leave for home and play. The School Council lock themselves away in their conference room. Out on the street, blue-clad students crowd around Shira to thank her for saving the day.

Instead of taking the bus, Shira and her cousins decide to walk. Courtney asks, “How did a Caliphate agent manage to get in a position to attack students so easily?”

“Pretty simple, really,” Shira answers. “Some non-educator named Pete Ross managed to get a monopoly on education in this town through sheer pull alone and decided to cut costs ’cuz that’s the Corporate thing to do. That makes guild-certified teachers unqualified ’cuz they cost too much and threaten to strike. So they hire low-quality work for low wages. That’s how a terrorist managed to sneak in.”

Jennifer gets in front of the group and stops. “Teachers can’t strike anymore ’cos they get fired immediately, right?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

A smile grows on Jennifer’s face. “They can fire as many teachers as they want, but they can’t fire students. No students, no school system.”

“We have been neglecting the Student Union for a while,” says Schuyler.

A light goes off in their minds. Four girls surround Karen. Shira says, “Well, fearless leader?”

Put on the spot, Karen sighs. “I get what you’re trying to say, Jen. We should put it up to a vote.”

Jennifer smiles. “So strike it is?”

“If we need to, yes.”

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[Revision 2, 9/16/11: Penultimate section of the first draft’s chapter heavily modified to fit into the new continuity. New school sequence added, including the teacher attempted shooting drawn from the later Project Notebooks.]

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