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Spanner 18.3: Rage Against the People

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 18: White Riot in the Streets
Part 3: Rage Against the People

12 october 2014.
Mudlark House.
Instead of going to Shira’s place as usual, Shira and Jennifer bring Leila, Amanda, Charlie, and Desiree to Jennifer’s, where the basement has the huge bathtub that can hold six, and which is much closer to the KCUF studio anyway. Tansie happily watches them bathe together; as a gynoid, she doesn’t sweat and her skin requires a different method of cleaning, so she doesn’t join them. The women soap each other thoroughly with their bare hands, wash each other’s hair, run their hands across soft skin, caress soft flesh, kiss lips and breasts, pleasure each other. For the Richter-Thomases, communal bathing is a special pleasure they made a family tradition and share often; but for Leila and Amanda, it is something they have never experienced before.

“You guys are so beautiful,” says Amanda deliriously. “I feel like I’m on drugs. I’m falling in love with you.”

“I’ve been on drugs before,” coos Leila, “and this feels so much better.”

Tansie asks innocently, “Is this what happiness feels like?”

“Oh yes,” Jennifer answers. “It reminds us how much we need each other.”

Charlie looks at Tansie and asks Jennifer, “Speaking of which, how good’s her emotional circuitry?”

“State of the art. Her moral processor’s the best that AI research has come up with yet.” Jennifer winks.

“She’s so beautiful, and she’s a total sweetheart. I’m falling in love with her already.”

“We all are.” Still bathing together, the women coo over Tansie, who turns her head away bashfully and blushes realistically.

Desiree clears her throat. “As for us. We need to ask ourselves, why do we need each other so much.”

Leila’s face goes pale with fear. “If we don’t find a reason...”

“We still need each other, Leila. We just need the strongest reasons we can find.”

Amanda embraces Leila from behind and puts her hands on her breasts. Leila melts into her. “Leila’s suffered so much...”

Leila sighs in despair. “In The Civet, I’m a villain whose despair turns me into a horrible monster. But you’re a hero, Amanda.”

“I don’t feel like a hero right now. I need you guys because I’m the one tempted to give into despair and the dark side.”

“We’ll need to help each other, then.” Leila turns around and lets Amanda sit on her lap; they embrace and kiss.

“It feels so much better to love you.” Leila smiles and giggles with pleasure, then kisses her. Then the others take turns hugging and kissing both of them.

Charlie says, “We learned in our family that everybody needs each other. We’re all interdependent, everybody in the world. We’re social animals, after all. It’s the nature of our species.”

“We also live interdependently with the entire natural environment,” Desiree adds, “because we’re part of nature and we can never separate ourselves from it.”

“All that ‘all-American rugged individualism’ that turns out to be the dog-eat-dog of Tournament? That’s no mere lie. It’s denialism, the same way creationists deny evolution, technocrats deny entropy...”

“AIDS denialists, ‘vaccines cause autism’ conspiracy theorists...”

“So-called ‘rugged individualism’ denies the social nature that’s part of our human essence.”

“Even more important, we need to protect each other from people who would hurt us, especially male predators like the ones we hunt.”

“So Leila and Amanda, do you realize why it’s so important for us to love and trust each other?” Charlie puts her hands on their shoulders.

Leila and Amanda are leaning against each other, breasts touching. They nod enthusiastically. Leila says, “Amanda, I want you to be the good person Rebecca Street is.”

“And I swear I’ll protect you from the darkness that consumed Reina Sterling,” says Amanda. They hold each other close and share a long sweet kiss. Then Amanda turns around, leans back against Leila’s body, and puts her hands on her breasts. “Your turn to hold my breasts.” She squeals in delight as Leila squeezes and kneads her breasts and kisses her shoulder and ears. Shira says, “Oh god, I’m in love with you two,” and floats out of Jennifer’s embrace to give Amanda an open-mouthed kiss.

Leila says, “So we should give our bodies to each other, worship each other’s bodies, give sexual healing whenever we need it, and love each other with all our heart no matter what?”

Charlie, Desiree, and Jennifer cry out in unison, “Yeah!” The six of them combine into one gigantic embrace, caress and kiss each other, share their love, enjoy the beautiful moment for its own sake until the water grows lukewarm and they realize it’s time to dry off...

13 october 2014.
CPMC boardroom.
“You’re taking your time, Alan,” says Everson.

“I need time to plan my strategy, Luke,” says Fleer.

“Your job, Alan, is, and always has been, to smash the un-Americans wherever they are, for the glory of the Empire. You are letting your troops sleep and letting the enemy regroup. I have already directed the faithful to unleash terror upon the infidel. Now all you can do is watch.”

Mudlark House. Sandwiched between Charlie and Desiree’s bodies, Amanda feels like a conduit for their electric communication with each other. Her body seems to have transformed into pure light. She surfs a wave of pure bliss. She hasn’t felt anything this beautiful since before she was forced to sell herself to the coup plotters. In fact, she can’t remember feeling anything at all between then and her breakdown. She remembers how much she loved these people before. She will cry for them later; right now all she wants to feel is gratitude that they have never stopped loving her.

Their tight smooth bodies feel so soft against hers. In their sleep they hold her tight, Desiree from the front, Charlie from behind. Their silence soothes her. She kisses Desiree softly enough to not wake her up.

Desiree’s phone wakes everybody up. They sit up together, three nude young women leaning on one another. Desiree reaches for the phone and looks at the screen. “It’s the station.” She puts it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Everson’s making his move,” says Simon. “He’s mobilizing his Moral Enforcers and bringing more in from outside. He plans to smash the city.”

“Consider us here five minutes ago.” She ends the call.

Desiree, Charlie, and Amanda look at each other for a few seconds. Then they leap out of bed together and put on their clothes as fast as they can.
A Conservative Revolutionary Party propaganda piece begins with scenes from the Great Patriotic Martyrdom of 11 September 2001.

On September 11, Islam attacked America. The liberals let it happen. On August 19, America atoned for the liberals’ treason by destroying the liberal humanist dictatorship of democracy forever and establishing a Conservative Revolution that restored America to moral absolutes, free-market principals, her rightful dominion over the world as decreed by God before the beginning of time, and the truth of Jesus’ return on July 4.

As the End Times come near...
school. “Where’s the adverts?” asks Leila as the girls of Team Bremelo pass the screens at the entrance.

Jennifer frowns. “Looks like the Moralist faction’s got the advantage over the Corporates right now.”

“So they’re advertising ‘morality’ right now, I see,” Leila sneers. “Propaganda only convinces the stupid and the blind.”

“Hey you guys,” says Shira, “strawmen burn easy.”

Marina rubs a spot on the back of the neck. Shira puts her fingers on it and discovers a slight lump like Mr Whitmer’s. She syncs her PAN to it without her noticing it.

By the time they reach homeroom, the school has been locked down by direct order of Shepherd-Mayor Everson. In fact, he has declared an emergency of order and ordered the entire Metropolitan City locked down.

Polly asks, “Why does he have to lock down the whole city?”

“There’s still liberals in it,” Shira snarks. “Remember?”

CPMC boardroom. “Now, Alan, is the time to strike,” says Everson.

Fleer sneers. “You command amateurs, Luke. Terrorists. Glorified gansters. Not professional soldiers. Not real warriors.”

“Your ‘real warriors’ are not willing to commit the ultimate sacrifice, Alan. My men are men of absolute faith who vowed before Jesus America himself that they would give up their lives in selfless service to him. Your warriors still live. We, the men of faith, know that in Jesus America we are already dead.”

“If you are so confident then, Luke, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt. For now. But... if you fail, I will be forced to correct your mistakes.”

“Very well,” says Brinkman. He turns to Everson. “Now show me your crusaders can succeed where even COPCO has failed.”

KCUF studio. “Glad you girls are here!” says Deth to Desiree, Charlie, and Amanda as they hurry in.

Desiree orders, “Get me some boards and a Scope, boys, we’re heading out now!” Crew members scramble around the studio in seeming chaos. Soon a crewman brings two hoverboards, and Billy Hunter appears with camera mounted on his head and viewfinder over his uncovered eye. Desiree affectionately flips back his hair to uncover the other eye. “I like blue eyes.” He smiles. Without a word, they take their hoverboards and leave.

Simon directs Amanda and Charlie toward the big screens. Taking up the entire monitor bank is the face of Shepherd-Mayor Luke Everson. “What’s he doing?” asks Amanda.

“Cancelling next month’s election ’cos it blasphemes Messiah U.S. Government and all that bloody crap. Says the people are quote-unquote in apostasy and Jesus America ain’t pleased.”

“In other words, the usual.” Simon and Charlie stare at Amanda. “You gotta remember, the Chief Shepherd’s job is to keep the people down.”

“Well, the people ain’t tuning in to watch him.” To the line producers: “Start the piratecast in three, two...”
Don’t you get what Duke Luke’s saying? Can’t you pick out the symbols and signals? He’s ordering the faithful to riot. Right now, the Conservative Revolutionary Party has begun to riot against the people.

What the hell’s wrong with the people, anyway? They don’t belong to the Party, that’s what. Virtue, morality, profit, and all the rest of that shit come only through the Party. It reminds me of good old-fashioned Communism...
homeroom. Shira stands next to Mr Whitmer’s desk when Spiekerman bursts in, wearing his drill-instructor uniform. She thrusts out her right arm rigid with clenched fist in salute. “Hail, Comrade!” The students fail to suppress giggles.

He points at her. “You’re behind this Spanner! I know it!”

“Hey, me and all his other squeeing fangirls. If only we could get our hands on his manly bod.” The giggles turn to outright laughter.

“You will pay for this! I will punish you!”

“First you gotta try and prove it. Then you gotta get past my lawyer. Get on her bad side, and she’ll eat you for lunch in court.”

“You’re just a mudblood girl! The power of Jesus America will prevail against you!”

She just stands there and says nothing. Her contemptuous smile says, Bring it, loser.
Shepherd-Mayor Everson has just ordered his Moral Enforcers to riot against the city. Not just because it still contains a majority of big-city liberals, but because it is a city. Down below us, many Party members and rank-and-file Church of America faithful are joining the rioting militants in their crusade to destroy the city. Reliable sources tell us that Everson issued the order in direct defiance of CPMC CEO Brinkman.

The network news presenters declare Desiree out of line, wrong, etc. yet again.

Attention all wiseguys! Godfather Jesus America commands you to plunder the faithless liberal rabble. Steal everything they got. The looting continues. Let’s have a crime wave! Riot, riot, riot!
Seattle streets. Rioting Corpos smash any window in range, beat up pedestrians and bicyclists, throw stones at buses and trains, try to set fire to every building in every neighborhood that looks blasphemously urban. KCUF piratecasts scenes from the riots to the (illegal) accompaniment of the song “White Riot” by the Clash (owned and suppressed by Sony Corporation).

cafeteria. Half the students can’t bear to eat. Half the students cower in hiding, well inside the building, in fear of the rampaging Moral Enforcers outside.

Surprisingly, it’s actually calm inside the school. Valiant Team are keeping control of themselves, despite Spiekerman and Falconer’s urges to unleash their fury. Shira made it perfectly clear to Bart that any Valiant Team attack constitutes a Challenge against Team Bremelo, which the Bremeloes will of course accept with pleasure. Instead, Bart’s father, Colonel Braddock Green, arrives with a detachment of Minuteman militia.

The militiamen shoot down the guards and blow up the front door. The Bremeloes are about to rush to the door armed with pop cans and popguns when Leila stops them. Her voice is filled with contempt for the invaders. “I can handle these guys myself,” she purrs.

Leila runs alone to the front door, stops in the militia’s way, holds out her arms, and yells “Stop!”

“Get out of our way, girl!” commands Green.

A sinister smile grows on Leila’s lips. “You know what I am, Colonel. Leave now, and I’ll let you live.”

“Kill her!” Several militia point their guns at her; but their aim wavers, their arms tremble in fear, and then they drop their weapons and flee in panic. The Bremeloes form a circle behind Leila.

A big Slasher tries to shoot the deserters in the back. Green barks, “Not now!” The Slasher points his gun at Leila and flashes her a twisted scornful smirk. “Say yer prayers, bitch,” he snarls, “’cuz I’m gonna whack you and then your Slasher Hunter friends.”

“Your funeral,” says Leila.

The Slasher shoots at her. Leila still stands, arms crossed, contemptuous smile still in place. And the bullet hovers in front of her face

Debbie dashes through the Bremelo line, snatches an abandoned pistol with long magazine, fires while retreating — and shoots the testicles of every one of Green’s militiamen

The bullet disappears from in front of Leila. Green yells in pain; his right hand bleeds from a fresh bullet wound. He laughs. “So you got your mama’s powers, eh? Well, that ain’t gonna protect y’all one bit!”

Shira steps in front of Leila and Debbie, walks up to Green, and gets into his face. She stares hard into his eyes for several seconds. She says, “Go away.”

Without thinking, Braddock Green turns around and leaves the school through the bombed-out front door. His wounded men pick themselves up, stare at Team Bremelo in superstitious terror, and scurry out after him.

The students behind the Team Bremelo line explode in cheers and swarm Leila, Shira, and Debbie.
The people of the city are fighting back against the rioters. They’re fighting back with everything they can get their hands on, and with their fists if they have nothing, without any help from the terrorists, anarchists, or street gangs. They’re taking back their city from what they call foreign invaders.

COPCO refuses to get its anti-riot agents involved. Political analysts, including Cold War-era Kremlinologists, suspect a rift between COPCO CEO Brendan Sparks and Church of America in Cascadia Supreme Prophet Drusilla Becket AMERICA!
CPMC boardroom. Fleer grins at Everson in triumph. “See? Your crusaders of faith failed, Luke. They’re amateurs trying to do a professional’s job. This time, I’m gonna do it right.” He points at Brinkman. “And don’t interfere, Wally. You failed the first time. Leave it to me and get out of my way.”

to be continued...

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[Revision 2, 9/21/11: The Team Bremelo vs. Minuteman scene is heavily modified from the original concept in the ’00s Project Notebooks (e.g., Shira was originally going to use her Go-Yo rather than her Charmer power). Everything else is new material.]

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