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Spanner R4 - The Story So Far: Rebel Rebel's Rampage (Chapters 2 and 3, Interlude 2)

How do I follow up Spanner's spectacular pilot episode? With terrorists, rock 'n' roll, and the video girl of doom! (Note: some parts contain NSFW material.)

Chapter 2: Sex Bomb (chapter index)
2.1: Lethal Lolita
Just as the authorities (and our heroines) are trying to deal with the Spanner incident and its aftermath — enter one Rebel Styles, evil video loli, luring the leaders of Conservative Revolutionary America into madness, murder, and suicide!

2.2: Ghost Hunting
Never fear, the FBI is now on the Styles case! But one senior agent finds out to his horror just how dangerous Rebel Rebel really is...

2.3: Shockley on the Case
Yes, Diana Shockley (Homeland Security Secretary Henry Becket's daughter) is on the Styles case! However, the FBI Director's put scandalous ace detective J. Locke Holmes on her case. And Shira tells them only that Rebel's appearance is an omen of the American Empire's impending doom...

2.4: Rebel's Game
Rogue cop J.T. Sparks keeps track of the Spanner Incident aftermath and Rebel Rebel's ravages, revealing to no one his mad infatuation with Rebel — and Shira. Then in Seattle's Underground City, he confronts serial killer Oliver Thorwald, who Shira already beat — and who is also arranged to be married to Leila Shelley. Meanwhile, Shockley claims Rebel and Spanner are the same, and Shira lets her Buddhist cousin Karen seduce her...

2.5: The Rebel Sell
At the new Game Wars, Shira causes a riot for the sake of marketing and a cheap buck. At COPCO's Seattle field office, the cops on the case discuss Shockley's claim. At the suburban squat called the Penguindrome, Shira and some Wrecking Krewe friends discuss, well, the cops, and the oligarchs known as the Fearsome Foursome. Jennifer picks her up and takes her downtown to... a battle with tattooed gangsters called "Klownz" — and to Sparks.

2.6: The Dangerous Type
Shira and Sparks make love — and trade shocking revelations about each other. Then Secretary Becket goes to his mother, an eccentric old seer, who gazes into Shira's soul — and barely survives...

Interlude 3: The Brown Note
A chapter from the book Shira was reading in 2.5 and 2.6. Reckless reporter Becky Street falls into evil media lord Walter J. Wells' trap and is rescued by the sexy teenage cat burglar called the Civet, and — let's just say it lives up to its title.

Chapter 3: Rock Is Dead (chapter index)
3.1: The Call
The moment Leila dreads and longs for is coming closer: the moment Shira finally claims her for her own. Shira's love moment with her own mother is interrupted by an old enemy: Secretary Becket. And those self-proclaimed heroes, the terrorists of the Socialist Revolutionary Organization we met on the way to New York in 1.3, release a statement to the world, and the official media spread it...

3.2: Stalking Minty Fresh
After a flashback to the pre-coup days when Shira and her twin sister Kira owned their babysitter Amanda Currie (now a perky lamestream news presenter), victory over the SRO terrorists and Caliphate suicide bombers is declared — but who crashes the victory party but Rebel Rebel... And at Seattle Center, Shira stalks bubblegum pop star Minty Fresh to save her life and steal a kiss — and finds Leila...

3.3: Her Name Is Rio
That's the name of Shira's new souped-up, AI-equipped cherry-red Mustang that she'll be able to drive starting on her birthday (coming in Chapter 7). Introducing Shira's sisters Desiree and Charlie, who kill cult recruiters with only their passion for each other. Introducing Willa's brother (and Shira's dad) Ric, and their legendary glampunk band. And introducing Drusilla's acolytes, top-hatted Byron Scofield and Patriot Metal star Jeremiah Light...

3.4: Party Crashers on the Boardwalk
While Shira and Jennifer make love in the back seat, Willa gets some bad news from family lawyer Angela. Flashback: the first Moral Enforcer Willa and Jennifer battled. A Moral Enforcer strike team of muscular bullies attacks the boardwalk festival — and meet their match in Shira, Jennifer, and Leila, who finally meets Shira...

3.5: Your Next Trick
At the ferry terminal, Shira introduces one of the Caliphate suiciders who escaped from Bangor Jail in 3.2 to Rebel Rebel. On the bus, she defeats another and steals a kiss from blonde aristocrat Charmian Fleer (who we'll be seeing more of starting in Chapter 5). At the library, Shira and Jennifer hold a magic show for the kids and make a new friend backstage.

3.6: You Don't Know What Is What"
At the new Winkie's restaurant where a Denny's used to be, Shira and friends have lunch only to get caught between Scofield's Patriot militants and the SRO terrorists — and then a bomb goes off...

Tomorrow: Chapters 4 and 5! Thursday: Chapter 6 begins!

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