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Spanner Chapter 2: Sex Bomb (Final Revision)

Chapter 1

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 2: Sex Bomb (Revision 3)

Another chapter greatly expanded from the first draft, and even that version was expanded (see original introduction below). This time, we meet another menace to the Conservative Revolution, one who lives on video, and witness the damage as it happens. Even your television set may be rising up against the New World Order...

Third Revision Update: Several plot elements from later chapters now make their first appearance, or are at least foreshadowed, here.

Fourth Revision Update: All six sections are now expanded and improved, and sometimes even moved, with a much stronger Fourth Revision continuity.

Table of Contents:
  1. Lethal Lolita (June 6, 2011; Final Revision 7/2/12)
  2. Ghost Hunting (June 7, 2011, Final Revision 7/5/2012)
  3. Shockley on the Case (June 7, 2011, Final Revision 7/5/2012)
  4. Rebel’s Game (June 8, 2011)
  5. The Rebel Sell (June 9-10, 2011, Final Revision 7/5/2012)
  6. The Dangerous Type (June 11, 2011, revised 10/25/11)
  7. Interlude 2: The Brown Note (June 12, 2011, Final Revision 7/5/2012)

The introduction to the original chapter, called “Brown Note”, is largely obsolete by now, though the very last sentence is entirely accurate:
Here's my third semiweekly installment of Spanner. As you can see, the story is still episodic at this early stage, looking more like a series of interrelated short stories strung together. This is because it’s still really early in the story, and I’m still establishing all the major plot threads. Once I’ve done that, the full continuity will kick in, and the story will shift into overdrive.

The original version of this chapter was posted on the AugNoWriMo forums (now closed). The version now posted is the official 2.0 version, greatly expanded from the original [and posted during NaNoWriMo 2010]. It was originally intended to be a post-chapter interlude, but grew into an entire chapter with a coda interlude of its own. Except for the section with Diana and her daughter Belle at home, everything up to the line “Prove it!” was written during AugNoWriMo, as were the first two paragraphs of the Interlude; these were first posted here as the original version 1.0. Everything else in this expanded version was written for the 2.0 version during NaNoFiMo.

Here's where the real controversy begins. You've been warned...
Chapter 3

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