Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Cyberpunk World: Punch You Dead with My Electric Gauntlet

2011 Invention Awards: A Crime-Fighting Armored Glove (Popular Science)

You think fascist tech isn't advancing? Soon, the cops, starting in LA, will be wearing their own zap gauntlets. The inventor of the BodyGuard is saying it'll be used for catching crooks. But we cyberpunks know better. It's going to be used when the shit comes down, to electrocute dissidents. At least that's what COPCO, the private police monopoly in Spanner, uses them for.

Now for the Law of Unintended Consequences: soon the crooks will start getting their own zap gloves on the black market, and then the never-ending war between the cops and the gangs will start getting scary...

And no, civilians can't have it. It's being sold to police departments and the Pentagon only. Which is why I call it fascist tech: its intended customers intend to use it against us.

Author's note to himself: the BodyGuard combines 1) stun gun 2) video camera 3) laser pointer 4) armoured gauntlet. Now watch JT take down a gang of steroid-maddened klownz by himself with a souped-up set of these things. And those work gloves Jennifer turns into datagloves? She could just as easily turn them into zap gloves by adding stock stun gun components...

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