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Spanner R4 - The Story So Far: School and the Single Slasher (Chapters 4-5, Interludes 3-4

Before I start posting the now complete Final Revision Chapter 6, here's the last in this week's "trilogy" of recaps, following up on the "pilot episode" and Chapters 2-3. So now, the totally revamped Revision 4 final versions of Chapters 4 and 5, getting us all the way to the beginning of the School Arc. As always, some parts contain NSFW material.

Chapter 4: Special Delivery Service (chapter index)
4.1: Public Service Announcement
The self-styled King of America and Emperor of the World, once known as the superhero Super Patriot, has a word with his three sons, the Becket brothers. FBI Director Radisson's televised message is hacked to reveal the revolutionary government's true belief and agenda. And the former Band with No Name lead guitarist who now runs pirate station KCUF pre-empts a Shira love moment with her mom to reveal a shocking MKULTRA-related secret behind the Conservative Revolution as Oliver's High Corporate father, the chairman of Biotron Corporation (makers of the Bioroid), singlehandedly foils an SRO terror attack.

4.2: She's Trouble
Shira's Touhou Online fan-MMO avatar ties up celebrity NPC Marisa and ends up catching a coveted Glitch mon before Marisa's angry BFF Reimu comes to rescue her. "Great Detective" Locke Holmes tries to pin the Spanner Incident on Shira yet again. Radisson faces the wrath of the corporations that make up the Media Industry Association of America (MIAA). The Becket brothers intimidate the chairman of COPCO. And introducing: the Style Underground, the Dictel Park Slasher, and the MIAA's most dangerous Intellectual Property Defender.

4.3: Last Day of Freedom
Shira and Hope discuss their personal strategy against the Seattle Public Education Corporation (SPEC) after what may be their last love moment. At Mudlark House (Willa's house), the Student Union organizers (including Shira and Jennifer) and Teachers Guild dissidents (led by Hope) their collective strategy against SPEC and the self-destruction of trade unionism. At a downtown Bremerton coffee house, two marketing evangelists Shira dubs "John Nike" interrupt a get-together with her friends, so she pranks them. And the future (as of 6.1) fight club "Team Bremelo" make their first tour of gang-infested Dictel Park and meet a couple freakish gang "fuhrers" they'll be messing with in the future...

4.4: The Hand-Off
Remember that Gnostic gospel Team Spanner stole back in Chapter 1? Shira's redheaded sister Desiree delivers it to the Beckets' stripe-haired nemesis, Ariel Shield, who gives her an affectionate reward...

4.5: New Pony Express
Shira's turn to deliver, as a hoverboard courier. She thinks she's delivering human eggs to the Biotron chairman. Little does she know she's delivering someone else's revenge...

4.6: So Much the Worse
Drusilla Becket holds a meeting at her cult headquarters for those most affected by the incident in 4.5, including of course Oliver. At Leila's house, her family try to work out a plan to disentangle her from the marriage arrangement to Oliver forced on her by their clan patriarchs. She remembers the Minty Fresh incident in 3.2 from her perspective. And at Bangor High, Shira has her first battle with the Dictel Park Slasher and rescues a girl, while foiling terrorist bombers...

Interlude 3: One Nation Under Copyright, All Rights Reserved
My first big style experiment since Chapter 1. And the story of two IP Defenders sent after one Rebel Styles, who gives them much more than they bargained for...

Chapter 5: I Lerned Alot In Skool (chapter index)
5.1: Sky Surfer Goes to School
The School Arc begins here! Shira drops in on her hoverboard for the first day of school at Bangor High. Sure enough, she and Jennifer fight their first bullies and meet Leila's twin brother Rob. Also introducing the black English girl named Brandi, who will play a major role later.

5.2: Meet Your Friends While You Still Can
First, Shira and the tutors have to face the condescending Principal Principal and his vice principals. Shira and Leila finally come together for the first time. And of course they meet their friends. Introducing the janitor, Zac Finney, who is much more than he seems...

5.3: The Grand Introduction
In Dictel Stadium, the Student Council are introduced as if they're sports celebrities. In the school's Nike Arena (yes, SPEC signed an exclusive contract with that company), the sports captains are introduced in a way that keeps the company as the star and celebrity — until its logo gets hacked into a scary roaring "Scream Gem", a prank that gets our heroines thrown into the "doghouse"...

5.4: You Think You're All That
The tutors' homeroom teacher is — the Dictel Park Slasher? He disses Leila for pronouncing her name the politically incorrect way ("Layla"), then tries to convince Shira to join him in the Conservative Revolution — but Shira counters that he got hacked. Jennifer confronts Student Council VP Debbie for the first time. Shira and new student Akane (a guy, despite the female Japanese name) duel with mons in the lobby in front of a big crowd. She and Jennifer meet their instant fanclubs. Rob and Connor (Jennifer's brother) flirt. And the Slasher-teacher makes a call to his old Special Forces commander — United Corporations boss Richard Becket...

5.5: The Battle of Dictel Park
In Chapter 5's big action climax, Shira hoverboards a pizza delivery to a mysterious woman with connections to her past — and the Slasher's. The Student Union meet for the first time in a downtown Bangor coffee shop run by anti-Caliphate exiles. The Slasher tries to stop it by brutally attacking its leader, Shira and Jennifer's cousin Karen, leaving her friend Colette in a coma — but she succeeds in luring him back to Dictel Park, where he faces all three cousins — and a deadly surprise...

5.6: In Too Deep
The aftermath of 5.5. Shira gets a major new piece of information from the Buzz. Colette's friends hold a vigil for her at the hospital. Shira takes Leila home for the night, shares a bath and a cigarette, and confesses her love. The villains lick their wounds and plot revenge. And Brandi makes a call of her own...

Interlude 4: The Rules of Tournament
Everything you need to know about the so-called "Law of Social Darwinism" and the Conservative Revolutionary institution or tradition called "Tournament". Cut to the school fighting tournament that created Team Valiant. But Shira is already working to ruin their rep, with the help of unscrupulous school gossips...

There! That brings us up to date. Tomorrow, Chapter 6 begins!

Copyright © 2012 Dennis Jernberg.
Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

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