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Spanner 6.6 R4: The School Invasions

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 6: Teenage Wasteland
Part 6: The School Invasions (Final Revision)

cafeteria. A gang of huge muscle-boosted adult men beat their way through the guards and past the front door: Polynesian gangsters, or Mokes. They find their target at the point where the main hallway and the cafeteria meet, a black kid named Trey Phelan with a gambler father unable to pay off his debts to their mob. Shira maneuvers Trey into a corner and stands in front of him, blocking the gangsters.

Their fuhrer, Antwaan Rockamora, is pained to see her again. He gets in her face and barks, “Get the fuck out of our way, bitch! We gotta teach this worthless nigger’s daddy a lesson!”

Shira shrugs. “Sorry, Rockhead. I’m afraid old Deuce is too brain-damaged to learn any more lessons. You’re doing this just to swing your dicks. Just ask all my friends. They’re behind you.”

The gangsters look behind them and find themselves surrounded by three pretty boys (Connor, Cory, and Rob), one big guy (Kio), and two scary-looking girls (Jennifer and Leila). “Yo dawgz,” says Cory.

“Looks like all you Mokes are surrounded, massa.”

Rockamora snarls, “Fuckin’ bitch! Your pretty boys ain’t nothin’, and you is just a stupid-ass girl!”

“Sure, we’re way prettier than you ugly mugs. But any one of us is ten times the fighter as all y’all combined. All’s you got’s big and mean. Big and mean don’t beat MMA.” Shira smiles.

Team Bremelo’s pretty boys hit their left palms with their right fists and smile. Jennifer and Leila glare menacingly at the big men; Jennifer punches the palm of her hand. Gangsters and fighters stare each other down for a minute that feels like hours. Silently, Rockamora gestures for his gang to leave. They walk away, stopping at the front door to glare back threateningly. Then they leave. Trey puts his arms around Shira, collapses onto her back, and lets out a massive sigh of relief. The gathering student crowd cheer.

Jennifer walks up to Shira and looks back at the gangsters. “Looks like Team Bremelo have passed our first test.”

“But not the first big one. Ross hasn’t made his move yet.”

“True...” Jennifer leads her fellow tutors down the hall. The other Bremeloes go back to their lunch.

laboratory. The Blair and Shelley siblings and Shira file in to find Sana bitterly snipping pieces of paper with scissors as a worried Harumi looks on. Steve runs over to greet them. “Are we glad to see you!”

Jennifer puts her hand on Sana’s shoulder. “What’s wrong, Sana?”

“Everybody thinks I’ve got cooties or something. They even got my boyfriend to run away screaming.”

Shira throws her arms out and paces. “I keep telling ’em, ‘Don’t call people what you are,’ but they just scream that I’m a devil person. Moral morons.”

“I don’t trust feelings. You throw away all your reason, and then people turn your feelings against you and people even die! What’s the use?”

“Not even love?” asks Rob.

Sana waves her scissors around. “How’s love any different from hate? In a sense, love’s even worse! Love God, crucify people!”

Leila asks innocently, “What about love between people? Surely—”

She flinches when Sana storms over to wave the scissors in her face. “Let me tell you, Miss Love-Death! You ever heard of jealousy, huh? You know how many murders are committed in the name of love? You should know. You committed several of ’em!”

Jennifer grabs Sana’s arm and gently lowers it to her side. “Sana, what motivates you to be a scientist?”

Shocked, Sana looks at her. “Curiosity. Why?”

“That’s all?”

Sana crosses her arms. “Yeah. So what motivates you, O great professor?”

Jennifer smiles. “Love.”

“Love’s what motivated Karen and Colette to risk their lives the other night,” says Shira. “They were trying to save their friends. Right, Kio?”

Kio lets out a sigh and nods sadly. “Yeah.”

She hugs Sana. “That, my friend, is what makes a hero. When Colette wakes up, she’ll be shocked at how many people love her.”

“As for your boyfriend,” Jennifer adds, “he’ll come to his senses once he listens to reason.”

Sana sighs in despair.

Mimi and Trishie burst through the door in a panic. “Guys!” says Trishie. “The whole school’s in trouble!”

“It’s the gangs!” cries Mimi. “They’re attacking the school!”

Tutors and lab assistants dash out the door. Students run around in a panic. Already they can see thugs in gang colors chasing them, trying to beat them up. Shira says, “Looks like Ross is giving us our big test now.”

Jennifer commands, “It’s fight time. Call the team. Get ready now!

bangor high campus. Out of Dictel Park, across Seabeck Highway, onto the Bangor High campus they swarm. They beat their way through the armoured guards, knock down doors, smash windows, howling and screeching and letting out inhuman noises. They chase fleeing screaming students; they swing around bludgeons and blunt instruments; they beat up whoever they can lay hands on and declare themselves Men.

Shira, Leila, and Jennifer fight their way to their lockers. They take out their fighting gloves. Then Jennifer and Shira strip naked. Leila looks at them strangely. “What are you two doing?”

Jennifer answers, “Nudefighting.”

“Take off your clothes, Leila,” Shira commands. “You’ll find fighting’s better without ’em.”

Leila sighs. “Okay.” Reluctantly she strips naked. The girls stuff their clothes into their lockers, slam them shut, spin the combo locks, and run together toward the meeting point, trailing gangsters along the way.

cafeteria. The meeting place where the cafeteria and main hallway meet. A clot of vicious gangsters surround them: Honkies, Niggers, Spics, Mokes, Russkies, monster-tattooed Klownz. Six naked beauties with sleek hairless bodies, three female and three male, face them down with contemptuous smiles: Shira, Jennifer, Leila, Rob, Connor, Cory. Brandi joins them. She pats Jennifer’s bare butt affectionately. Jennifer looks at her in surprise. Brandi winks.

“So where’ll we get our weapons?” asks Shira.

“We’ve got a whole armoury all around us,” Rob replies. “We can take what we want.”

Little Badd, fuhrer of the Badd Boyzz Klown Syndicate, sneers, “You girl-ass bitches, y’all be fucked!

Big Baddd, standing behind him, snarls, “Yeah. Fucked!”

Shira stares at him in wide-eyed amusement. “Bad-d-d-d.”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!”

Shira laughs at him. She somersaults at Little Badd, pivots on her left hand around him, trips Big Baddd on top of him, flattening him painfully.

Inflamed by testosterone, animal fury, humiliation by a woman, and the overwhelming desire to rape, screaming madly, the gangsters of Dictel Park attack. The nudefighters of Team Bremelo charge into them, hit and throw gangsters into each other, dodge parry duck, steal weapons off the floor and out of enemy hands. Soon they’re slick with sweat, ungraspable.

Whooping and war-crying they smash their way through thugs into the cafeteria to take the tables as high ground. They kick abandoned lunches into their faces. They kick climbing goons down onto each other. They pound with bat crowbar kubotan loaded yo-yo brass knucks and gangster bodies they swing around like clubs. They give in to the joy of bloodlust so intense so terrifying that gangsters soon flee weeping like girls, wetting their pants, calling them crazy, insane, demons from hell.

Seven nude beauties drenched in sweat stand panting and trembling with high adrenaline among the broken bodies of beaten gangsters. Jennifer gets in front of Brandi to take a good look at her taut black athletic body. Brandi looks back at her tall pale deceptively slender frame. Warrior fury turns to pure lust. They throw themselves into each other’s arms, kiss violently, grope each others buttocks and breasts, as if they intend to make violent love right here in front of everybody. The boys watch them helplessly; their penises rise as one. Sensing Debbie’s presence approaching, Shira sweeps Leila into her arms and kisses her. Leila shocks herself with the violent intensity of her own desire, melts into Shira’s kiss, her wet strong embrace. They stop and find Debbie standing next to them, heartbroken. Shira reaches out to her, but she flinches, steps back, stares at Shira’s naked dripping body and then Leila’s, at Jennifer and Brandi staring ironically at her from their lustful embrace—and runs away crying.

Polly, now out of hiding, looks around in shock at the human criminal devastation, comes up to the nudefighters and gazes at them with awe. “Wowwww. Looks like Team Bremelo passed our first test.” They pull her into a sweaty group hug and cheer.

principal’s office. “This was your idea!” accuses Falconer, pointing at the screen.

“There were unforeseen circumstances,” says Ross irritably. “You four didn’t foresee them either, nor did your student representatives.”

Mobley laughs. “Yeah, we never figured on this new student fight club fighting naked.”

“We also didn’t expect you to pay criminal gangs to trash your own property,” says Spiekerman with cold anger. “You’ll have to pay for the damages.”

“And for the PR to rehabilitate our company’s damaged image,” Principal adds.

Ross glares down at them. “I am the head of this company! Now that tailism has entered a Team into Tournament, it is your job to defeat it! Goodbye.” He abruptly ends the call. The principals stare up at the screen blankly.

telesphere. Shira said, “You’re gonna report this story, or I’m gonna tell.” Sometimes blackmail works even on the official media.
Amanda: Amazing news out of the Seattle suburb of Bangor! A mob of gangsters from the gang-infested Dictel Park crossed over to Bangor High School to bust in and terrorize the students. One of the school’s fight clubs took off their clothes and fought naked! The naked fighters beat the crap out of the vicious thugs and sent ’em running away with their tails between their legs! Real Americans must admire those who’ll do anything for the sake of victory.

Now for breaking news about reports of a homeless man who’s allegedly been beating up suspected criminals in the subways and sewers of Manhattan—right after these messages from our righteous sponsors!
6 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
In the darkness of early morning, someone knocks on the door. Shira, trying to sleep on the couch despite adrenaline still raging through her bloodstream, tries to ignore it. But the visitor knocks persistently. With a sigh Shira gives up, claps twice to switch on the lights, staggers groggily to the door, throws on her robe, opens the door—

—and finds a young girl, styling frilly goth-loli, clearly Japanese, a look of total adoration on her face. “Honto — Shira-chan...” She launches herself into Shira’s arms. “Suki desu yooooo!” Shira’s jaw drops.

Shira’s phone rings on the end table. The caller ID says Nenene Sasakawa, video. She takes the call. The notorious neopunk kogal, Shira’s bitter Styler archrival back in Japan, wears trashy black goth-loli slut gear with matching eyepatch and grotesque makeup. Location: Union Station, downtown Seattle.

“You Shira Thomas?” asks Nenene. Her accent is Kanto, her native dialect Shibuya Styler, her English fashionably yet genuinely broken.

”And you’re Nenene Sasakawa. Long time no see, Ne-chan. So what goes?”

“Where my Ai-chan?”

Shira gives the interloper a skeptical look. “What about your Ai-chan?”

”Ai-chan mine, and she gone. I want back my Ai-chan.”

“Oh, you mean her?” Shira points the phone camera down so it points at Ai-chan.

Nenene’s jaw drops. “What?!” Furiously: “Shira, you bitch! You steal my Ai-chan!

Shira looks into Ai-chan’s face and recognizes it. Ayla Izumi is the adorable half-Korean superstar loli the Yakuza child pornographers replaced the uncontrollable Aya Shibata with after Shira reached puberty and returned to America. Nenene Sasakawa, it seems, has imported her and now claims to own her. Ayla, it turns out, worships Shira. At only ten, she already speaks English much better than Nenene. Shira kisses the adoring girl hard on the lips.

Nenene screams in rage. “Why you steal my Ai-chan?!

Shira holds out the phone so its camera shows both her and Ayla. “Steal? Who said I stole anything? I’ll bet money that her heart belonged to me long before she even met you.”

Ayla holds Shira close to her and happily exults to Nenene, “Rabu rabu neeeeee!

Give back me my Ai-chan, bitch!

Shira grins mischievously. “Sorry, Ne-chan. Life’s a bitch and so am I. Ai-chan, will you be my loli-chan?”

Ayla gasps in shock and nearly faints. “Yes! Yes!” Ayla and Shira kiss passionately.

They’re still on camera. Nenene lets out another furious scream. Shira and Ayla turn to see the videophone picture spin chaotically. Nenene is throwing her phone onto the station floor. When the call disconnects on impact, Shira switches to one of the station’s security cameras. She watches Nenene stomp on her ruined phone with her punked-out hooker boots and scream obscenities in Japanese and English.

She switches off the video and tosses the phone into the nearest recliner. “Now that you’re my sweet loli-chan, let’s go take a long hot bubble bath. We’ve got a whole weekend ahead of us.”

“Mm!” Ayla struggles out of her clothes as fast as possible and skips happily to the bathroom.

Shira lets the robe slide off her body. She takes her time walking to the bathroom to join Ayla. Would she have done the same thing had she been in Ayla’s situation. Yes. As she strolls into the bathroom to join Ayla, she gazes upon the ecstatic child in the hot bubble bath and revels in the realization that she has found herself a Rebel Rebel of her own. With a little training she could be dangerous indeed...

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