Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012 Approacheth; Plus Spanner Chapter 12 Fridays in November

NaNoWriMo 2012 starts tomorrow! It'll be my seventh, and this time I'm determined to make sure there will be no Panic Time. Also, I'm doing something completely different for a change: writing by the seat of my pants, and something non-Spanner-related. So no Chaos Angel Spanner volumes, prequels, or side stories. All new characters, none having anything to do with the "Spannerverse" or engaging in its typical political, criminal, and sexual shenanigans. The reason is so I can get it published through something like Smashwords or Lulu as a first novel I can make a few bucks from. With those bucks I'm going to buy the ISBN numbers that will allow me to keep full creative control over all Spanner publications (those that aren't fan publications, anyway; the fan publications will naturally belong to the fans). So expect something new and hopefully fresh. The editing into something readable is what NaNoEdMo is for.

As for Spanner itself: the new Interlude 8 and the Final Revision version of Chapter 12 will resume on a weekly schedule for November. As it stands now, I've been able to write the new Interlude 9 (which comes before Chapter 14), but the already written Interlude 8 (it was originally an incomplete short story from AugNoWriMo 2010) has been a bitch to edit. Chapter 12 has been no less difficult because the Revision 2 version (Revision 3 stopped at Chapter 10) is more a crude outline than a finished story, and a large number of elements new to Revision 4 are absent. Writing a new and unrelated NaNo novel naturally cuts down on my editing time. And so I'm posting new installments on Fridays at the usual time (5pm PST) until sometime in December when I feel I can catch up.

The first Spanner Friday installment will be the new Interlude 8, which I've finally managed to finish! Taking its cue from Interlude 7, it (and Interlude 9 after that) is written in a song-derived structure. Spanner's still a going thing, faithful readers!

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