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Destroying Angel: A Spanner Side Story

(Note: I've recently thought of loads of ideas as to how to improve this story, so I intend to revise it soon. Stay tuned...)

This is the first of the side stories set in the world of my (still) proposed cyberpunk webmanga Spanner and of the “Dictel trilogy” of novels I’m writing which currently include Bad Company and Black Science. This story takes place a decade after the events of Spanner. I took the technique of telling the story from the villain's first-person point of view from Bruce Sterling, but the "infernal epiphany" theme (I hope this isn't a spoiler) comes from Camille Paglia's passage on Matthew Lewis' gothic novel The Monk (a major influence on the English Romantics) in Sexual Personae; in homage to her, I shall conclude with a resounding "Carthago delenda est".

After the short but brutal Israeli civil war of 2016 that put the ultra-Zionist extremists in control of Israel and sent the surviving Palestinians and secular, liberal, and moderate Jews into exile in the Diaspora, merciless Israeli agents bearing the names of the angels of punishment and destruction hunt down Jewish and Palestinian exiles in hopes of exterminating them. Desiree Richter-Thomas, the almost-tragic heroine of Bad Company and (under the codename "Livewire") a major player in Spanner, is one of the exiles' fiercest and most prominent protectors. In the summer of 2025, shortly before the economic crisis and subsequent war that destroys the State Capitalist system of "Imperial" dictatorships, the two forces collide. Who is the destroying angel: Agent "Hasmed", or...Livewire?

A necessary disclaimer: The “Israelites” in this story are not Jews, but an anti-Jewish nationalist “master race” cult resulting from the merger of the Zionist branches of ultra-Orthodox and Messianic Judaism with the Evangelical Christian cults of Christian Zionism and Anglo-Israelism, the product of the Israeli civil war that so many prominent Israelis are right now warning against. The victorious "Israelites" attempt to exterminate all the secular, Reform, Conservative, and less extreme Orthodox Jews as "false Israelites" or "Amalekites", not bothering to distinguish them from the hated Palestinian Arabs. This story is not "anti-Semitic"; post-civil-war "Israelism" is, and so is the fanatically theocratic Israel it controls. (Note: The narrator has censored the name “God” according to the standard Orthodox Jewish practice.)

  1. 7/15/09: Corrected the dates to 7/12/2025 and its equivalent in the Hebrew calendar, 16 Tammuz 5785. Added relevant epigraph to the beginning of the story.
  2. 7/18/09: Changed most occurrences of the narrator's name to his codename.
  3. Also 7/18: Finally explained why the narrator is hunting Desiree, and made the villain's narration harsher.
  4. Also 7/18: Various grammatical and story corrections.
  5. 7/19/09: The final story revisions, starting with a new opening line from Desiree, who delivers her captors a blow they don't expect. Plus: major plot clarification and intensification, condensation of Desiree's concluding narration (which was too long), and a few grammatical corrections that mainly involve verb tense.

Destroying Angel
A Spanner Side Story

By way of deception, thou shalt wage war.
Former motto of the Mossad, taken from Proverbs 24:6

Editor’s Note: This document was found on the body of one of four suspected spies from the Mossad, or Israeli Secret Service, killed during a shootout with Europol agents on 19 July 6025 (2025 New-Style Christian). It had blood stains throughout and showed signs of smoke damage, but was otherwise perfectly preserved. It was written by one of the Mossad's most dangerous assassins, Col. Uri ben Daniel, codenamed Hasmed. (The idea of angelic codenames was taken from the the Dead Sea Scroll The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness.) We have inserted explanatory notes throughout the text.

Report of Agent Hasmed of the Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations [Mossad means "institute"] to the Great and Holy Messiah of Israel on the Interrogation of the Terrorist Agent Livewire on 16 Tammuz 5785 [12 July 6025] (translated from the original Hebrew)

Your Holiness:

Your humble servant, Agent Hasmed, was commanded to capture, interrogate, and terminate one D.B. Thomas, whom we know as the secret identity of the dangerous international terrorist Livewire, who has committed countless aggressions against the Chosen People of G-d in order to protect the worst of Lord G-d's enemies, the sons of Amalek, poisonous spirit of evil, who falsely claim the name of Israelite [by which convoluted Zoharic formula he means Jews], whom the true Sons of Israel rightly purged from the Holy Land, but who continue to plot against God from their places of exile. For this purpose, Sayeret Matkal [the Israeli special forces unit that provides support troops for Mossad operations] assigned ten of its best men to me. We had to infiltrate that Amalekite-infested cesspool of depravity that is the land of the godless Kittim [an ancient Hebrew name for Western Gentiles taken from the War Scroll and now used to demonize the Euro-American Union] and snatch our target from the protection of their demon king Belial, prince of lies. We carried out the operation on the night of 16 Tammuz. Livewire proved quite difficult to capture and subdue. We had to use thousands of rounds, several bombs, and four sonic disruptor weapons before we could capture the enemy. Your humble servant is proud to say that we took out several dozen Amalekite-loving Kittim scum [shqotzim, “blemishes,” the viciously racist Hebrew term used against Gentiles by Israelites] in our battle to capture and subdue this most dangerous enemy of G-d’s Chosen People out of the midst of her fellow Sons of Belial.

The terrorist turned out to be a deceptively beautiful red-haired woman whose official name in the records of the Kittim is Desiree Blythe Richter-Thomas. We looked into her ancestry and discovered in horror that she too is of Amalekite blood [i.e., part-Jewish]. On further investigation, it turned out that she was openly and shamelessly living in sin with her own sister, a singer of decadent pop-music filth; furthermore, the two were brazen enough to document their vile couplings in video for all to see, even impressionable children, on the public internet — yet another reason to put an end to that subversive medium that threatens the purity and obedience of our race, and to smash the monstrous kingdom of the evil Sons of Belial who created it as a weapon against all that is moral and right before G-d.

Livewire was defiant and uncooperative throughout the interrogation. She guessed rightly that I had once been an American, so she spoke in her own degenerate tongue, which had once been mine before I performed my sacred duty of aliyah ["ascent", i.e., moving to Israel] and made my vow to subject myself wholly to the defense of the ancient Covenant of Israel as a soldier in Lord G-d's service. My men and I felt defiled by the profane language at once. She started attacking us the moment she opened her mouth:

"You people must be the Elders of Zion spoken of in the Protocols, out hunting the Jew. At last we meet."

My men howled in fury at the insult. My laugh silenced them. "If the Jew, so called, had not turned his face against Lord G-d, betrayed the Chosen People, and entered unholy cohabitation with the whore Babylon, He would not have sent his angels of destruction against him."

“Which means you must be the Mossad agent codenamed Hasmed. The angel of annihilation. Your nasty reputation precedes you. In fact, you're rising fast on Interpol's most wanted list."

I sensed no fear in this insolent woman. Already she was determined to frustrate our sacred mission. I had to proceed carefully if I didn't want a disaster on my hands, and this particular terrorist has a long history of inflicting death and worse on those who fail to put a stop to her terror. I knew I had to defile my tongue, but I needed to speak down to this horrible shiqtza in her own vile language. "Thou art right, Agent Livewire of the vile Kittim scum. Which is why mine is the last face thou shalt see before I send thee to Lord G-d's eternal punishment in Hell."

The creature smirked. "You can tell a lot about a people by studying their languages. For example, primitive tribes in the wild typically class human outsiders with the edible objects.”

“Thy Universalism is touching, Agent Livewire. Such foolish ideals mean nothing when man remains stubbornly at war, as by nature he must. In the struggle for existence, only one race can prevail. The Law of Evolution decrees this, and Lord G-d Himself commands that His Chosen People alone shall be the one. This truth is absolute. Thy humanism, as thou callest it, is nothing but a foolish delusion.”

The sheer insolence of the terrorist’s response nearly made me vomit in disgust, for from this point on she defiled the Holy Tongue by speaking it: “Obviously you people have evolved hardly at all.”

This horrible woman was calling us cannibal savages! To remind this terrorist who was in command, I hit her. She only laughed at me and continued mocking the Holy Race: “I’m afraid you know nothing about evolution, Agent. The Law of Entropy determines that a closed system which does not replenish its energy from outside must dissipate its energy until its entropy becomes absolute. Thus, any society that isolates itself for the sake of purity is destined for decline, decay, and collapse. The purism of your Imperial ‘racial hygiene’ ideology makes inbreeding unavoidable, which inevitably makes avoidable genetic disorders common. Look at the Dictel clan, and you see your future.”

This “D.B. Thomas” is an infamous spreader of monstrous lies. Somehow she has deceived the filthy rabble of the Kittim into believing that she is a mere reporter, a “revealer of truth” (a contradiction; the only Truth is of G-d and is revealed only to the holy priests [kohenim] and ministers [rabbim, “teachers,” which in Judaism means rabbis] of the one true religion [Israelism]). This is the same traitorous Amalekite woman who joined the horrific Satanic menace [meaning Muslims, conflated with the Arab race] in the year 5767 [early 6008], in hopes of eradicating the holy blood of Israel from the earth. Livewire came into her own as a terrorist menace when her wanton violence helped bring down the Euro-American Corporate Empire early in 5776 [late 6016]. I knew I would have to use more drastic measures to bring her under control if we were to get anything out of her. From the many implements of the interrogator's method which I had at hand, I chose a canister of that common weapon the Kittim call Pocket Flame™ and pointed it at her. For a fraction of a second, I saw some kind of optical illusion ripple around her. I said to her, “Thou art a famous beauty, Agent Livewire. But do not forget that beauty is easily engineered, and even more easily sculpted. Yet it is a fragile thing, easily destroyed. All I need to do is press this button, and it is gone.”

The terrorist merely smiled smugly. “I can always resculpt.”

“Not if thou art dead,” I said.

“Are you already looking forward to ravishing my corpse?”

The Sayeret Matkal men were so repulsed by her rape of the Holy Tongue that they demanded I terminate her right then. I ordered them to be silent and control themselves. I fingered the canister’s trigger to remind her of the penalty for disobeying me. I said, “Beauty is fine and all that, I admit. But beauty, intelligence, wealth, morality, and idealism are all nothing compared to blood.”

“‘The blood is the life,’ as your scriptures say.” Your scriptures, she mocked! Does she not know that her nation was once faithful to the Law of God?

I drew closer to her and said, “The blood of the Holy Race, the Chosen People. The blood of G-d Himself.”

The enemy only smiled in mockery. I hit her in rage, even knocked her head to one side — I swear that I could have knocked her head clean off — but somehow she took the blow without flinching. She actually laughed!

I heard a sound coming from her vicinity. I realized that someone was speaking to her over a radio linkup. If we had recognized this voice as that of Livewire’s even more infamous terrorist ally known as Spanner, none of the disasters that followed would have taken place. The message was decoded as: “Don’t fry them yet, sister. Let them squirm some more.”

Without even bothering to look at any of us, Livewire continued to mock us. “Funny how you Imperials claim that your Social Darwinist philosophy is the king of all the sciences, yet, like primitives, in a crisis you always revert to superstition.” Once again we were appalled by the terrorist’s blasphemies. She was throwing the Chosen People of G-d in with the enemy races [the goyim, “nations,” or Gentiles] who war eternally against G-d! [Note: Richter-Thomas is on record as saying of the militantly nationalist “Imperials,” “One master race is the same as the next,” an opinion common among war-weary Euro-Americans.]

None of us expected what came next. Livewire was about to reveal to us her true identity. We would discover to our horror that Livewire was far more than a mere terrorist. In fact, she was not even human.

She snapped her head toward me and fixed me with the gaze with which a cobra transfixes its prey. All of us shuddered in sudden terror, even I. With malicious glee she cooed: “Surely thou hast heard of Black Qabalah.”

I knew from studying her case that Livewire is notorious for exploiting the superstitions of any Crusader factionists who get in her way. Now we realized that she was turning this very same tactic on us.

Livewire continued in the same vein: “If you don’t release me now, Colonel, I will use it. And I am not alone. As I speak the magic circle is already being drawn around us. Let go of me now, or I will speak the Name and summon the demon Lilith, and you will all die.” In rage, I sprayed fire from the can of Pocket Flame™ into her face. The fire did not affect her. I had been so preoccupied with breaking her that I had forgotten that Livewire is pyrokinetic, and therefore cannot be harmed by fire. Frustrated at this unpleasant reminder, I slammed the canister on the table and picked up a different one. This promised to be more effective, for it was a can of Pocket Freeze™. I held it in her face. She only laughed at me with renewed contempt. I hit her with the canister, but she did not even stop laughing. In towering fury I screamed, “Can’t thou even feel fear?

She knew that nothing we could do to her would break her. Some people live by the saying of Nietzsche, “Whatever does not kill me only makes me stronger.” We realized that Livewire was one of them.

When she was done laughing, she said, “I thought you guys wanted to extort something out of me. You went to all this effort to try to break me, all for nothing. Now I’m going to ask you: what the fuck do you want?

“You’re going to tell me,” I said. She nodded. “You will tell us what we need to know so that we can destroy your foul unholy brethren of the accursed sons of Amalek." For emphasis, I yelled in her face. "Now, where is that mind control machine?!

The evil woman laughed at us! Oh, how she laughed! The mocking tone of her voice told us that she falsely believed she had already beaten us. “All your efforts, your whole body count and everything, were for nothing. All you had to do was do a simple Internet search to find out that the Psychotron is being built in the same Dictel Research facility in Colorado Springs where it has always been built. You could have easily found out where, and what the phone and fax numbers and the email address was. Then you could have assaulted the Psychotron factory directly. You still can. But now you’re going to have to go through me. And I’m not convinced you can. Right is on my side this time. Your victims scream for your blood. You know what your scripture says about that? ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.’”

I threw away the canister of Pocket Freeze™, picked up the Pocket Flame™, threw it at her, and shot it. It exploded in her face. But when the explosion cleared, she was still unharmed. In terror we knew at that moment that she was being protected by demons.

One of those demons immediately revealed its presence. The computer we were using exploded. Spanner was here! My support troops readied their weapons for the battle that was now inevitable.

She locked her eyes on mine once more and chanted the invocation of the seventeen names of the demon queen Lilith. I screamed the Twenty-Third Psalm as an emergency countermeasure. But I could not stop her. I tried to strangle her with my hands; but no matter how much force I applied, I still could not stop her. I knew right then that Livewire was not human. She was about to reveal her true demonic form.

Suddenly Livewire let out a blinding burst of unearthly flame, burning me. We all screamed in pain from the flash of light that scorched our eyes. When we were able to see again, we looked toward her, but saw a the kind of horror I would wish on no one, not even my worst enemy.

Her red hair was now a pillar of demonic flame. Her eyes glowed like emeralds from the crown of Satan. Her white skin glowed with unearthly pale fire.

Lilith had appeared before us, unbound and unbindable.

Instantly, ten battle-hardened super soldiers died in absolute terror.

Hate and fear overwhelmed me. I picked up my Uzi and fired clip after clip into the demon. I screamed as I myself were demon-possessed. When my gun jammed, I wrested one from the nearest corpse and fired into the demon’s body again. Nothing fazed her. You cannot harm an evil spirit with gunfire.

The ceiling fell down around me. I barely avoided being crushed by the landing gear of a helicopter. It was Spanner! The monster Livewire was finally in my grasp, but now Spanner had come to take her away from me. I fired another clip from my Uzi and shattered the window. Safety glass assaulted me and cut my face to shreds.

The helicopter door opened. Right there, next to me, was Livewire. The demon had resumed the illusion of human form. She was completely naked and drenched in sweat. I raised my Uzi once again, but she knocked it out of my hand and broke my wrist. Then she kneed me in the groin and hit me with an uppercut that broke my jaw. She entered the helicopter and slammed the door. The last thing I saw before I blacked out, as the helicopter rose into the sky and abandoned me to the darkness, was the grin on the face of Spanner, the dark angel of chaos.

We had lost utterly. The evil angels had destroyed us.

When I came to, the air was choked with smoke. I was surrounded by fire. The whole building was aflame. I had to get out. So I fought my way past the ghosts of my soldiers, past the beckoning shades of the dead, through fire and smoke and bursting glass and flying debris. The building we had made our base camp was falling down right on top of me. I fought my way out of the gigantic pyre that was trying to make itself my tomb. It was as if I was digging my way out of Sheol [the realm of the dead].

A brother agent found me there. I refused to allow him to take me to a hospital, for I would have been turned over to the local police and executed as an enemy terrorist. Instead, I ordered him to take me to a sleazy low-rent motel on the far side of the city. It is here that I am writing for Your Holiness this report of my utter defeat at the hands of the evil terrorist Livewire.

The true identity of Livewire is not one Desiree Blythe Richter-Thomas. Such a woman as her cannot exist. She is impossible, in idea and in reality. Her true identity is Lilith, queen of Hell, the bride of Satan.

Your Holiness, I and my men have failed utterly in our mission. We have failed our Holy Race. I take full and total responsibility for this failure and for the death of ten of Lord G-d’s most devoted warriors. I do not expect the forgiveness of Your Holiness, the Chosen People, or Lord G-d for my betrayal. I can only pray that no one may face such a horror in future. May Lord G-d forgive me.

These shall be my last words. I am dying as I write this. I am barely able to type this. Soon I will join my men among the shades in Sheol. Lilith and her evil angels have made an unholy vow to Satan, eternal enemy of G-d, to destroy His Chosen People and subject the world to the eternal reign of evil and death. In my last breath, I shall pray that someone will find a way to destroy them and put an end to their terror.

I shall remain forever Your worshipful servant,

Agent Hasmed of the Mossad

Editor’s Note: On 7 August 6035, a badly burned body was found in a motel room registered under the name of Mossad agent Uri ben Daniel, codenamed Hasmed. The body was identified by dental records as that of Ben Daniel. The remains were forwarded to the Israeli Embassy for proper disposal.

That day, the intended victim, Desiree Richter-Thomas, provided us with her side of the story:

“On 12 July 6025 I was minding my own business when a gang of Israelite extremists led by one of the Mossad's top terrorists, aptly codenamed "Hasmed", attacked the whole neighborhood where I was staying, brutally murdering as many people in the area as they could. In the end, over 40 people were killed and almost 500 injured. It was only because I long ago created a symbiotic power daemon for myself that I eventually escaped physically unharmed. But my heart will always hurt for the victims.

The Israelites are classed as Imperial rather than Crusader because of their State Capitalist political structure combined with a Social Darwinist obsession with racial purity, which drives them to attempt to annihilate the so-called "Amalekites" they see as "impurities" in their "blood". Their Crusader-like "Israelite" religion is only the excuse, for the irreligious Russian Kombinat and Chinese Black Dynasty are the same way. The Israelites were determined to destroy me because of my determination to protect the Jewish and Palestinian people the Israelites are hellbent on exterminating in the name of "racial hygiene".

“The Israelites used guns, rockets, lasers, sonic disruptors; yet they barely managed to capture me. My sister Shira got worried enough that she found their transmission and intercepted it. She then rented a helicopter and pilot from a low-rent mercenary shop and flew toward my GPS signal.

“The Israelites took me to an abandoned industrial warehouse they’d been using as their base. Then they attempted to break me before interrogating me. This is the standard Imperial practice, based on their Social Darwinist ideology. They must break the individual at every opportunity because their ideology preaches the supremacy of the race. And sure enough, when I asked them what they wanted out of me, they told me they wanted to know where Dictel was hiding its latest Psychotron, which they plan to use to turn their race into a collective superbeing and enslave any outsider they bother to let live. And of course I told them. But there was no way I would let them get any use out of it. As their holy scripture says: 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.' I wouldn’t allow them to take any more innocent lives.

“Then they tried to kill me, another standard Imperial practice. In the Imperials’ racist version of Social Darwinism, the individual is useful only as a human sacrifice to the master race — whatever that is. I knew that all too well, so I came prepared. I'd already programmed my daemon symbiote to project the holographic images of various evil spirits in case I got in trouble and had to use them on superstitious enemies. Sure enough, trouble found me. As my enemy was Israelite, I projected their demon Lilith. Ten hardened killers died at once. "Hasmed" tried to kill me and failed.

“When I dismissed the projection, I found myself trapped in a burning building. Shira arrived just in time to get me out. "Hasmed" had to escape through the flames, and he succumbed to his burns a week later.

“All the Israelite Jew-hunters’ efforts were for nothing. All they achieved from their little terror war was further ostracism and sanctions for their shitty little ethnarchy. The Jews have long since disavowed their former homeland. The Israelites’ vicious assault on me only gave them yet another reason. How can Israel claim to be any different from its Imperial and Crusader enemies anymore?

“Shira and I emerged from this battle relatively unharmed. But we still feel horrible for all the innocent people the terrorist Jew-hunters murdered. For their sake, I will redouble my struggle to wipe Imperial tyranny out of existence forever.”

Dedicated to the memory of Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)...

Copyright © 2009 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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