Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad Company: Revealed at Last, Dictel Corporation's Deepest Darkest Secret!

JulNoWriMo approaches, and it's almost time to write again. Meanwhile, my muse has started preparing me for it by providing me with the final key to Bad Company: the deep dark secret that Dictel Corporation wants to keep secret at all costs. And yes, it involves Dictel's late-1940s origins in the infamous Nazi Ratline. Idly thinking about how Triumph of the Will was the true sequel to Birth of a Nation, I realized the connection: 1) The KKK's burning of crosses is an ancient Satanic rite called "Christ burning", or the symbolic sacrifice of Christ to Satan as a fire offering or (in the technical term of sacrificial rites) holocaust. The Holocaust was Hitler's attempt to do the exact same thing — sacrifice Christ to Satan — by offering up Christ's entire race, the Jews, as a fire offering to the Dark Lord in the tradition of Aztec mass human sacrifices. After the Seven-Day War of 1967, when Israel proved the "true manhood" of the Jewish race (as Dictel founder Roger S. Becket put it) by clobbering all its invading Arab neighbors, Dictel dropped the anti-Semitism. After 9/11, Dictel picked up the old anti-Semitism once again, only aimed at the Arabs instead of the now revered Jews. This time Islam is considered the Satanism, and Dictel wants to force America to destroy Satan by annihilating all Muslims. For Roger Becket and his sons, this is Armageddon. Literally. And there's more...

If you read The Stargate Conspiracy, you'll find that the politically connected cult whose secret doctrines and political schemes Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince are exposing has an official doctrine, encoded in its divinely revealed scriptures, that states that Islam is the true Satanism. Various members of the "Pyramidian" cult to which the Beckets belong hammer this point over and over, and turncoat Desiree, in her trial, claims she turned to Islamism precisely because she was taught by her mother, cult leader Drusilla Becket, that Islam is Satanism. The Beckets abandoned their previous Nazi connections in 1967, leaving their old Nazi guru R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz behind. Schwaller is the link between the Beckets' current right-wing New Age cult and the Nazi Ratline origin of Dictel. It hasn't been all that long (just a little over 40 years) since the Beckets turned away from the Nazis toward the Israelis. Thus, in a scandal-obsessed family like the Beckets, the exposure of Dictel's Nazi origins ultimately strikes a devastating blow.

Why is Dictel's origin so embarrassing to the company? For the religious reasons already stated. You see, the same Pyramidian cult that broke with Schwaller on the Jews has also come to see Nazism as a Satanic cult. The key is in the intimate connection between the "Christ-burning" rite and the Holocaust. The Arabs were ardent allies of the Nazis during World War II, providing proof for Drusilla that Islam and Nazism are the same thing, at least according to her doctrine. (Dru likes to quote Alice Bailey, or rather the "Tibetan" she channelled, that Hitler tried to "initiate humanity into the earth", i.e. abolish all human evolution by destroying civilization.) Also, the Beckets are longtime devotees of the "Anglo-Israelism" cult, which claims that the Western European nations are direct descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel by way of the Scythians (or the Sarmatians who assimilated them), making Westerners and Jews basically the same race; furthermore, it claims that the Anglo-Saxons (as the "Tribe of Ephraim") or the Scots-Irish (i.e. Confederate-Americans as the "Tribe of Manasseh") are the true inheritors of the Covenant of Israel. Anglo-Israelites also believe that the British Royal Family (or, in Laurence Gardner's alternate "theory", the Scottish Royal House of Stewart) are descended from King David through Jesus. But the Beckets despise the Christian Identity cult, which is also theologically Anglo-Israelite, as Satanic because Nazi. The terrorist gang known as The Order, for example, united Christian Identity cultists with members of Hitler's own religion (Black Odinism, which worships Odin/Wotan as Satan) in a war against America. Certain of the Beckets (including Dru) openly state that Nazism, Islam, and Christian Identity are nothing more than sects of Satanism; Dru may even be plotting to kill her husband, Dictel chief lawyer Clayton Starr, because he retains certain Nazi sympathies that all the Beckets (except renegades such as Dru's grandnephew Frank, the psychopathic gangster) abandoned in 1967.

With this background — New Age Egypto-Christianity, old-fashioned Anglo-Israelism, Kabbalah, hero-worship of the Israelis — the origin of the Becket family business in the Nazi Ratline and the old family connection with Rudolf Hess' personal guru (Schwaller) are bound to be an embarrassment to a company and family that have forsaken both. Problem is, Dru has vowed to use the celebrity scandal press to destroy her own daughters, "red-headed stepchildren" Charlie and Desiree. She and her older brothers who run Dictel don't realize that Charlie has had enough and has sworn to fight back using her own mother's underhanded tactics. She is determined to destroy Dictel by exposing the deep dark secrets the company wants to keep secret forever. Hence the "closed mystery" nature of Bad Company: Dictel committed the crime (murdering Charlie's investigative-reporter fiancé Bob) and can't keep its role in the murder secret, so the mystery revolves around how to bring the criminal (in this case a giant corporation whose very business is crime) to justice. Solve the mystery of Dictel, and its plot to take over America collapses. If Colonel Becket can only answer the charges with "plausible deniability", then he and Dictel are screwed. Screw Dictel, save America — for now...

Meanwhile, the disaster now brewing in the Gulf of Mexico courtesy of British Petroleum is bringing the evil of giant corporations (Big Oil in this case) front and center into the mass consciousness. I'll write a new "Real-Life Bad Companies" post about BP and Big Oil soon. But my next entry will be about the even crazier ideology that drives the Corporate villains of Spanner.

Back to Spanner’s World...

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