Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 Approaches, Spanner Shall Be Written

It's been a while since I've posted here. But it's not that I haven't been working on Spanner — just that I haven't been writing it. I lost AugNoWriMo yet again, this time because I got obsessed with TV Tropes and limited myself to writing a huge list of tropes that fit Spanner in a now bloated MS Word document rather than writing any actual story after the middle of August. Now NaNoWriMo approaches, and I find myself having to replot and try to finish Book 1 while I'm plotting Book 2. Now that my TV Tropes obsession has died down, I can finally get back to writing.

I have, of course, chosen the novel I'll be writing for NaNo '10, and it will be Spanner: War of the Prophets (a.k.a. book 2). Consider this the official announcement.

After the events of book 1 (now officially Rock City Blues), the corporate/religious government of Reverend Mayor Luke Everson, which the New Confederacy imposed over Seattle in a futile attempt to extinguish its liberalism, collapses in an orgy of scandal. A bloody war of succession for control over Seattle and the "liberal ghetto" state of Cascadia follows inevitably, as Everson has many extremely ambitious would-be successors, including several fanatical "Prophets" and a shadowy "Consortium" of secretive and power-hungry big businessmen. Sure enough, both sides see the people as their common enemy and intend to crush them.

For Spanner, bringing down an increasingly corrupt tyranny was relatively easy. But this new crop of would-be tyrants is all but immune to scandal. Round two will be a much bigger challenge for the Angel of Chaos.

I still plan to post the first chapter of book 1 (the Intro, or "chapter zero") on November 1. Here I shall officially announce the publication schedule: I will post a new chapter every Monday and Friday at 5:00 PM Pacific time. I intend to keep my schedule even if writing and editing new chapters of Book 1 cuts into my NaNo word count for Book 2. I've learned my lesson from the Image Comics disaster of the 1990s, when the superstar superhero cartoonists who founded the company (especially Rob Liefeld) couldn't be bothered to meet a deadline. You will get a new Spanner chapter every Monday and Friday no matter what!

I've finally brought out the index cards, and the deck is already getting big even after only one day. I'm also ready to write the final versions of the Intro and the first several chapters, and get them ready to post.

This time I'm giving you some real fiction to read other than the occasional short story. For once I'm serializing an actual novel! I hope you like it.

Meanwhile, back to writing...

Back to Spanner’s World...

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