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Spanner Chapter 14: When the Cat's Away

So far, most of the action following Chapter 1 has been a series of fight scenes that I've had a hard time translating from comics script fragments into unvisual prose. From now on, it's no longer going to be just a series of Challenges in the never-ending "Tournament" that invaded the schools from the streets. Now we leave the high school corridors and go back to the mean streets where the gangsters, terrorists, and cops rule. And the cops have just gotten their bloody hands on the very latest in bleeding-edge law enforcement technology. Expect the crooks to steal it from the cops soon, just like they always do.

So far, the yuri fans have gotten all the fun. Now at last it’s time for them to take a back seat for once and make way for the yaoi fangirls. The girls have gotten to throw themselves at each other since Chapter 2; now the boys get to go at it. Face it: the boys want beautiful Robert Shelley just as badly as the girls do. But to balance this out, I’m going to introduce another of the great clichés of manga and anime, the Evil Bishounen. Arvid Shield is starting to get too ambiguous, so I need a beautiful boy who can incarnate pure hideous evil. So, from the pages of my unfinished prequel Bad Company, I bring you one of its major villains.

Scenarios taken from my Project Notebooks of the early ’00s: the Law of Plausible Deniability, the coed shower scene, the band called Gang and their frontman Eddie Evil, the interrupted sacrifice, and the police raid on the pit bull fights.

Fasten your seatbelts, faithful readers! The pirate ship Spanner is about to shift into warp drive, and the real chaos is about to begin...

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 14: When the Cat’s Away

The more I see of man, the more I like dogs.
Madame de Staël

The better the gambler, the worse the man.
Publilius Syrus

1 October 2014
Charlie and Desiree take Aira home with them after the picnic. While Desiree drives, Charlie has Aira sit naked in her lap and holds her tight against her bare chest. “We fell in love with you,” she says, “so we decided we want to keep you.”

“But I’m in love with Shira.”

“So are we, darling.”

“She’s our kid sister,” adds Desiree, “and we love her with all our heart.”

“I didn’t know sisters could get married.”

“In most of Europe, sisters can.”

Charlie adds, “There, you can make love to your own father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, and it’s perfectly legal. In all those countries, a brother can marry his sister, a father can marry his daughter, and a mother can marry her son. Same-sex marriage is legal in a growing number of those countries, so a father and son can marry, or a mother and daughter, or two brothers, and of course two sisters.”

“On our last trip to Europe, one of our gay friends married his own father in Barcelona.”

“We went to the wedding. Oh my god, they’re such a gorgeous couple.”

“They’re both beautiful, and they’re totally beautiful together. They were naked at the wedding, they kissed so passionately and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they made sweet, sweet love right in front of everybody. They’re so in love with each other, and we all fell in love with them. It was so beautiful!”

“We’re going back to Europe soon to make our marriage fully official, and we insist on having a wedding just like that.”

“Did you know Shira has loved watching people make love since she was a little girl?” Aira nods happily.

“We’ve always let her watch us make love. It’s one of the coolest things about her.”

“It’s one reason why we love her so much.”

“Can I watch you make love?” asks Aira.

“We were hoping you’d ask that question.” Desiree winks.

“Of course you can watch! It’s one of the reasons why we’re bringing you home with us.” Charlie kisses Aira sweetly on the cheek.

“We’ve heard a lot about you, and you’re a lot like Shira.”

“We knew we’d fall in love with you. And we did! We fell totally in love with you. We love you so much, we want to make you ours.”

Aira says, “I love you. Both of you.”

Together, Charlie and Desiree say, “We love you too, Aira.” Charlie holds Aira tight and kisses her on the cheek. Aira giggles in joy.

2 October 2014
morning, Shira’s apartment.
According to the official news outlets, nothing happened in any Bremerton park yesterday afternoon. No police reports were ever filed. Drusilla Becket AMERICA! paid them to suppress it after receiving a phone call from lawyer Angela Coyne on behalf of her clients, Charlotte and Desiree Richter-Thomas.

Leila says, “What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they have any sense of objectivity?”

“No, not the way the investigative reporters mean it, and certainly not in the pre-coup corporate-media sense. But you have to admit they’ve got a lunatic devotion to truthiness.”


“If it feels true, it’s true by definition, especially if it’s actually false. But if it doesn’t feel true, then it’s untruthy, whether it’s true or not. Truthiness.”

“Can’t they even deny what happened?”

“Now there’s a whole other can of worms entirely. One of the laws of tyranny, you see, is the Law of Plausible Deniability, which states that if the government and its official media outlets deny something, that something’s true by definition. You can pull off some serious social engineering if you can get the government to deny it. That’s how the Red Empire got kicked out of Czechoslovakia two years before it died.”

Leila snuggles up against Shira. “That was ten years before we were born, lover.”

“The Roman Empire collapsed fifteen hundred years ago and they still make TV shows about it. Long after Holy City and Pretty City are ancient ruins themselves, they’ll be making holovids and stimsims about the decline and fall of the American Empire. Thing is, empires have been dying the same way for six thousand years and so the lessons are always the same, but still nobody with any power learns anything. Which is why all those empires suffer the same fate.”

“Well, if you say so. Let’s go make love.”

school. Nothing interesting happens on the next to last school day before the king descends on the city. The school is unnaturally quiet. People have already started fleeing the Seattle metropolitan boundaries, to Portland and Vancouver and the exurbs in between. Half the students are gone; so many teachers call in sick that the school runs out of substitutes. Those remaining keep to themselves or talk quietly and in code as if the king’s spies were already there.

The distractions make it easier for Shira to sneak in lovemaking sessions with Leila, Jennifer, and Cory. They have sex in the closets, locker rooms, study rooms, music practice rooms, and empty teacher offices with little chance of getting caught, though they remain watchful.

after school. In the boys’ locker room next to the pool, sixteen students of both sexes shower together with little chance of getting caught. In the gym locker rooms, the football team are changing into their bulky uniforms and the cheerleaders are switching into the workout clothes they will wear in their practice in the gym, while in the girls’ pool locker room Charmian showers alone. No one thinks to check for anybody in the pool locker rooms. Girls present: Shira, Jennifer, Karen, Leila, Fiona, Polly, Brandi, and Mimi; boys present: Connor, Cory, Rob, Kio, Steve, Kenny, Eddie, and Dexter. They all stare at each other’s beautiful naked bodies. Most of them are gleeful about it or treat it as a perfectly normal situation, but a few are still quite embarrassed.

“Why are you looking at me, Cory?” asks Dexter, blushing.

“You’re beautiful, Dex. Everybody’s looking at you.”

“C’mon, Dex,” Shira adds. “Everybody looks at you in the boys’ locker room, and you were never embarrassed at that, not that I could tell. I think it’s the girls.” She winks. Dexter rolls his eyes and blushes deeper.

“I love this,” says Polly. “We should do this a lot more often. Everybody here’s so beautiful.”

“It’s not that we’re so pretty, it’s that people need to be naked together a lot more.”

“So how come we’re not?”

“If we were, armies of priests and vice cops would be out of work and probably joining gangs.” Everybody laughs except Shira, who remains deadpan.

Dexter turns off his shower nozzle and hastens to the towels. He picks a towel and starts drying off. “Sorry I gotta ditch this party, but there’s football practice today and I gotta get in uniform before coach finds out.” He throws his wet towel into the bin, goes to his locker, and dresses in T-shirt and athletic tights.

Karen finishes her shower and takes a towel. “The cheerleading squad’s got practice tonight, so I’ve gotta run too.” She changes into her gym clothes and meets Dexter at the door. They embrace, share a kiss, and walk arm in arm out the door.

“Woo!” squeals Cory. Everybody turns their attention to him as Eddie runs his soapy hands up and down Cory’s bare backside and makes him giggle like a girl. All the girls cheer him on except Mimi, who stares wide-eyed and blushes furiously.

“Oh my god what are you doing?” she squeaks. She flees the shower, grabs a towel, and hides from the sight.

Kio stares at them suspiciously. “This is too much.” He turns off his shower and leaves to dry off with Mimi. They dress as fast as they can, then quickly walk arm in arm out the door.

“Well, I guess that leaves the rest of us,” says Shira. “Now that they’re gone, let’s pair up.”

Eddie holds Cory tight from behind. Cory’s erect penis tells everybody it turns him on. When Eddie kisses him on the cheek and shoulder, he says, “Turn me around. You’re kissing me wrong.” Eddie lets him spin around so they can hold each other tight. They look into each other’s eyes for a second. Then they kiss each other lustfully. The girls scream their approval.

Connor says to Rob, “I wanna pair up with you.” Jennifer is especially ecstatic to see her brother soapily caress his body. Rob melts into his arms. Connor washes his genitals so the squealing girls can see it, scrubbing his erect member and uncut foreskin and gently caressing his tender testicles. After washing the soap off, he soaps up and washes his backside, making sure to give extra attention to his beautiful butt, caressing and squeezing it.

Shira and Leila, Jennifer and Brandi, Fiona and Polly, Steve and Kenny all pair up and wash each other eagerly. The others giggle and squeal and play with each other’s bodies, but Shira and Leila wash each other and make love to each other with their hands like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

After they dry off, Shira takes Leila into her arms and holds her tight. She winks at the boys and says, “Now, boys, you have to kiss each other just like this.” She puts her fingers gently through Leila’s hair, looks her deep into her adoring eyes, and then gives her a long passionate kiss. The delighted boys hoot and howl. Then the girls turn to face the boys arm in arm. “Now it’s your turn. Who’s first?”

Everybody looks at Rob. Rob blushes and flinches. “No. Oh, no...”

Connor puts his hands on Rob’s shoulders, smiles into his eyes, and pleads, “Please, Rob? Let me kiss you, if only for the girls.”

Rob breathes deep and sighs. “Okay.” He grins wide and blushes. “But make sure you kiss me like a girl.”

Connor looks at Rob’s body and says, “God, you’re so beautiful. I think you’re prettier than most of the girls.” He holds Rob tight and gently kisses him on the lips.

Jennifer squeals, “Oh my god, yes!” The two boys kiss with the passion of lovers. She comes up to them and says, “You two are my dream couple. You’re so gorgeous together! Will you be a couple? Please?”

Rob blushes; he looks at Jennifer, then Connor, then Jennifer again. “You mean... you mean we should be lovers?”

“You already are lovers now. Connor, if you go with him, you’ll make me the happiest sister in the world.”

“But Jen,” Connor protests, “I’ve already got a girlfriend.”

Rob takes him into his arms and says, “Connor, I’m your girlfriend now.” He kisses Connor with all the passion he can muster, making him blush furiously, and the girls scream again. “Yes! Yes!” exults Jennifer.

Cory protests, “But I thought he was my girlfriend!”

“Okay, Cory,” says Connor, “he’s your girlfriend too.” Cory takes Rob by the arm, then embraces and kisses him long and deeply. Then he lets Eddie kiss him, and goes over and kisses Connor. The girls are delirious. Leila, feeling faint, lets herself fall into Shira’s arms.

When the boys are finished kissing Rob, he says dizzily to Leila, “Is this how you feel when you’re making love to Shira?”

“Yes. It is.” Leila takes her brother in her arms and kisses him gently on the lips.

When the twelve of them get dressed and leave the boys’ pool locker room, they do not embrace or hold hands or go arm in arm. But it is clear to Charmian that they have shared some kind of forbidden joy, so she confronts them unsmilingly by the pool. “You guys look like you’ve been having fun you’re not supposed to have. What was it?”

Shira leans too close to Charmian and gives her a lustful sidelong look, making her blush and back away. “Charms darling,” she purrs, “if we tell you, we’ll have to kill you.” She kisses Charmian on the cheek and winks.

3 October 2014
Shira’s bed.
“We’re really going to do it, aren’t we?” says Leila, worried.

Shira holds Leila tight to comfort her. “Own Grandpa Evil, you mean? If anybody needs to be owned, it’s the psychopath that owns the whole world. Worried that you’ll get hurt?”

“I don’t care about me. I’m afraid you’ll get caught and they’ll torture you.”

“You don’t care about yourself? It’s you I’m worried about.”

“They’re more scared of me than they are of you. And the one person they fear more than anyone else in the world is my aunt Ariel.”

“Why, you guys got something on ’em?”

“Ariel does, even more than you. But me, I can handle their powers. They hate that.”


breakfast. Hope and Aira are gone. Shira, Leila, and one red tabby cat named Mikan have the waterfront condo to themselves. Shira holds a fork in her left hand and thumbs the phone she holds in her right. While they eat, Leila pets the cat purring in her lap.

“ Charlie, Desiree, Alex, Nick, Deth Pussy, Evil the Cat...”

“What are you doing?” Leila eats a piece of delicious bacon-cheese omelette.

“Passing on the word. We all gotta be ready for when kingy drops by and brings the hammer down.”

school. At least two thirds of the student body are absent, along with half the teachers and several of their substitutes. Nearly all that remain belong to the Student Council, Team Bremelo, and their respective cliques.

“Where is everybody?” asks Polly.

Shira smiles ironically. “Trying to get as far away from the Seattle metropolitan limits before Hurricane Roger slams this town hard.”

“You mean they’re treating this like a natural disaster?”

“Worse. It’s an unnatural disaster. Wherever the Old Man blows, devastation goes.”

The tutors don’t bother to attend any classes. Instead, they get recreational. While Polly stays in the library to keep track of the onrushing disaster along with the librarians, six tutors sneak into the boys’ pool locker room. Girls present: Shira, Leila, and Jennifer; boys present: Rob, Connor, and Cory. Jennifer pleads, “Connor, will you please make love to Rob first? I so wanna see you two make love. Please?”

“I wanna see both you boys make love to my brother,” adds Leila breathlessly. “If you do it, I’ll love you forever.”

“Yeah, let’s go first!” says Cory.

Rob looks nervous. “Please be gentle with me, okay? I don’t want Leila to see me get hurt.”

Connor kisses him gently. “I’ll do the best I can.”

They struggle out of their clothes as fast as they can. Jennifer runs to get some towels out of the clean towel hamper, then lays them across a bench in view of the showers. “I got some lube,” says Cory, and he goes back to his locker to retrieve a tube of petroleum jelly. Rob lies down prone on the padded bench and lets his legs part so the others can enter him. Connor caresses and gently squeezes his beautiful buttocks. But Rob begins to panic.

“What’s wrong?” inquires Jennifer. “Please tell me. Be honest.”

Rob starts to cry. He tries to say something, but the sobs strangle his voice. Leila says grimly, “Our grandfather? The Governor? He raped us. Both of us. Repeatedly. Especially Rob.”

Shira gasps. “So that’s why you’ve been so suicidal all these years?”

“Before... it happened, I guess I just had a tendency to take things too seriously. But after... I couldn’t handle seeing him do that to Rob. After that, all I wanted to do was die.”

Shira hugs Leila and lets her cry. Jennifer kneels down to kiss Rob and says, “It’s all right now. You’re getting some sexual healing now.”

Connor showers Rob’s buttocks with soft kisses. He caresses them, then gently opens them. “Relax,” he says softly. “Just relax, and then everything will go just right.”

“I love you, Connor,” says Rob.

“I love you too, Rob.” Connor massages, kneads, and gently kisses the beautiful trembling buttocks for several minutes until Rob melts in pleasure. Then he opens them up and plants a long gentle kiss on his anus. Rob goes rigid and shudders in fear. “Relax,” says Connor in a soothing voice. Rob sighs and takes several deep breaths and tries to relax as Connor probes a finger gently inside him.

“I’ve got some lube,” says Cory. He hurries to his locker, extracts a tube of lubricant, and hurries back. He opens the tube, holds the nozzle close to Rob’s anus, and slowly squeezes out semi-liquid lubricant onto it. Connor fingers it in as Rob, trembling in fear and anticipation, lets his anus relax until Connor can insert two and then three fingers.

“You ready now?” asks Connor gently.

“Please don’t hurt me,” pleads Rob softly.

“Remember I love you.” Connor removes his fingers. Slowly, gently, carefully he inserts his long erect penis into the trembling boy until it goes all the way into him. Rob shudders, whimpers, sighs. “Okay now, hold it as hard as you can. Try and crush it.” Rob grits his teeth and contracts his sphincter muscle as hard as he can and Connor slowly draws out his penis and makes Rob scream with unbearable pleasure. Connor says, “Now relax.” Rob relaxes the muscle to let Connor plunge his penis fully into him again. Connor draws back and enters him again and again, Rob grabs hard and relaxes, they unite into an erotic dance and moan and shout and their overjoyed sisters scream with them till the two of them shudder together in an explosive screaming orgasm and they become one.

Connor wipes the inside of Rob’s buttocks with a wet towel, then dries him off with a fresh one. He kisses both his firm butt cheeks and says, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Thank you so much,” sighs a relieved Rob. “You have no idea how much I needed that. Now I’m really in love with you.”

“My turn,” says Cory, grinning.

Cory makes love to Rob expertly, clamping down on the base of his penis to prevent him twice from ejaculating and ending their ecstasy. The third time, he allows Rob to relieve himself and empties himself into Rob.

Shira reaches into her locker, brings out her infamous strap-on, and shows it to Rob. “Let me do it!”

“Oh my god, Shira, you’re crazy. Do it!”

Shira dons the strap-on, enters him, drives him to ecstasy till he can’t handle any more. She takes the strap-on off, sits behind him and against his butt, caresses his body from his shoulders to his buttocks. “You’re so gorgeous, Rob. I so hope you hate clothes as much as your sister does.” Cory cleans off the strap-on’s sticky dildo.

“Can I do it?” blurts Leila.

“What?” says Rob, alarmed.

Leila kisses him on the lips like a lover. He blushes furiously. “Yes, dear Robert. I want to make love to you, my own twin brother. You were my only love back in Pretty City. I want to experience that joy again with you.”

Rob smiles and sighs. “Yes, Leila. Do it, please. But you have turn me over next time.”

“Yes! I will!” exults Leila. She kisses him on the lips again, puts on the strap-on, then plunges it into his behind for a bout of incestuous bliss.

principal’s office. Vice Principal Falconer stares down at Shira, Jennifer, Leila, Rob, and Connor with a hard face. “I have been hearing rumors that two of you boys have been illegally consorting. If this is true, you know what the punishment is, don’t you?

Shira steps up and smiles ironically. “Of course we do. Death by Islamic jihad.”

“Are you disrespecting your God?

She points at Falconer. “Major, true love has no respect for Allah. True love spits in the face of Allah if it has to. That’s why Allah hates true love with all his heartlessness. Allah is a jealous God; He Himself says so in both his Bible and his Koran. Allah’s such a jealous God, he’s everybody’s psycho stalker child-molesting father from hell, which art in heaven. Is that not why Allah’s so hot for honor killings? Am I right, or am I right?”

“Are you speaking treason?!” shrieks Falconer.

Shira puts her hands on her hips and stares at the vice principal defiantly. “Hey, Honey Bunny, we rational people have a name for the way you punish sex crimes against Allah, and that’s honor killing. And the people who indulge in honor killing can only be called one thing, and that’s Muslims.” She steps up as close to Falconer as she can get and points at her. “Face it, Major, the true Caliph of Islam is coming here to Seattle this Sunday, and he’s coming to bring Sharia to town. He’s trying to stop next month’s election not because just because it lets us dirty mudbloods pull a Guild Violation on his monopoly of power, but because there’s an Anti-Sharia Initiative on the ballot. You people used to say you were the biggest Sharia haters on the planet, and then you take over and what do you do? Same thing as with death panels. America’s the biggest Islamic country in the world, and that’s why it’s gone completely to the dogs.” She turns her back on the red-faced Falconer and walks back to the others, then turns back to face her and say, “And one more thing. What you God players call ‘treason,’ we mere humans call a Team Challenge against your lousy tribe. Sooner or later, somebody’s gonna invoke Gang Rules on the lot of you.”

library. Team Bremelo sit around the conference table they made from four regular-sized tables. Kenny takes off his hat and lets his black dyed hair sweep down prettily over one eye. “You know that if you keep that up, you could get us all suspended, expelled, or even killed.”

Shira is resting her head in her hands and braces her elbows on the table. “It’s a gamble, yes. But knowing what I know about Falconer and the student council, I’m betting it’ll pay off big dividends.”

Polly says, “I know you’ve got something on old Honey Bunny.”

Chuck says, “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be calling her ‘Honey Bunny’ to her face and still get away with it.”

A cockeyed smile grows onto Shira’s face. “I do. Her, and the football coach, and Bart’s big brother too. I can link ’em to Debbie’s big brother too.”

Leila says, “You mean Frank, don’t you.”

“Franklin Steele Becket, yes. Who’s a complete and utter psychopath. And just happens to be the Slasher Hunters’ next target.”

Polly gasps. “But he’s dangerous! How do you think you guys can catch him?

Shira grins. “Dogs. Fighting dogs. Our boy Frankie likes to cram his fighting dogs full of lots of bad drugs, all of which are highly illegal. And when his dogs start losing, he executes them. He loves to electrocute and strangle them. He’s not just a professional serial killer of humans. He’s also a recreational serial killer of dogs. And his dogs are fighting tonight in a great big canine Team Challenge. Gangland’s finest are bound to be there if they don’t wanna be square.”

“I’m in,” says Leila.

“You can handle these guys?”

‘I’ve got a few skills.” Leila winks.

Polly shakes her head. “You guys are crazy.”

“Thank you.”

Connor says, “Shira, back in the office, you were calling the Major a Muslim.”

“Hey, Al-Qaeda’s a cult, isn’t it?” adds Leila.

“No,” Shira replies, “the cult’s official name is the True Community of the Pure Monotheistic Faith of Islam and the Arab Race, the exact counterpart to our very own Church of Jesus Christ, American. That’s the cult that rules the Caliphate, and the Caliph is its guru. Al-Qaeda’s just the foreign section of the cult’s religious police, the Defenders of Pure Faith, its version of the Catholic Church’s infamous Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Office of Inquisition which today, under another name, provides Rome with all its Popes. The religious police of our Empire’s ruling cult is called Minuteman. Al-Qaeda controls the world heroin trade. Minuteman dominates amphetamines and steroids. To the objective eye, there’s no difference whatsoever, except that one cult and its messiah rule a rapidly dying empire, while the other cult and its messiah rule a rising empire, or so they think.”

“So what does Al-Qaeda have to do with Frank Becket and his fighting dogs?”

“Everything! Minuteman versus Al-Qaeda is the big event in gangland. And this particular dogfight is a big event in its own right. Notice it’s the dogs fighting and not the gangsters themselves. It’s a big gathering of the tribes. And when you have several rival gangs getting together and a serial killer like Frankie Becket as their leader, that can mean only one thing. Namely, a rescue mission.”

“Rescue mission? Who are you guys rescuing?”

“Human sacrifices. Beautiful and naked Muslim virgins sacrificed as Satanic offerings to Jesus America, by none other than Prince Franklin Steele Becket of Dictel, Incorporated, grandson of Patriot the First, King of Texas and Emperor of America, third in line to the throne of the world, on the list of Europol’s five most wanted criminals, worth a cool five mil’s worth of euros. Cash in a terror lord like that, and you’re set for life.”

“And his father just happens to be Metropolitan Seattle’s chief of police, and he’s in charge of security for when his grandfather stops by...”

5 October 2014
Ole-Ole’s property.
BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM pounds Barney SATAN! like a cyborg piledriver. The guitars roar and scream and howl like demons being tortured for the Devil’s pleasure. Eddie Evil, self-proclaimed vampire, growls and yowls in some infernal dialect of the Unknown Tongue.

They call it teknoDeth. This is hate metal set to 300+ bpm piledriver at volumes beyond deafening. Hate metal is the sound of the New Confederacy’s vast criminal underworld. There is no hate metal band more infernal than Gang: Eddie Evil on vocals, Elvis and Jesus Hitler on guitars, Sikki Sykopath on bass, Barney SATAN! on drums going BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM.

Below them in the arena, maddened pit bulls rip each other to bloody shreds. Gangland dogfighters cram their pits with steroids, methamphetamine, canine growth hormone, and PCP to turn them into perfect killing machines they soon intend to turn against the Wogs. Prince Franklin Steele Becket of Dictel, Incorporated, beautiful and evil, presides over this canine Tournament like a depraved Roman emperor. For he is gathering the criminal gangs of North Cascadia together to fight the bloodthirsty Israelite-eating hordes of Islam that are coming to Seattle to sacrifice King Patriot I to their god, Satan. King Patriot is his great-grandfather. Frank Becket is fourth in the line of succession. He owns the property serial killer Ole-Ole Olson used as his base of operations; after the Slasher Hunters got to him, Frank converted the warehouse into a fighting arena.

The canine gladiators fight to the death below as the gangsters crowding the arena scream for blood. The blood they scream for is that of not the dogs but the Jew-eating Arab savages of Al-Qaeda, the world’s most violent criminal gang. Soon the Satanic priest will arrive for the three beautiful naked Muslim virgins now trembling in Ole-Ole’s dungeon. Once this all-dog Tournament ends, the real show will begin.

The gangsters’ excitement and Gang’s ear-shattering industrial apocalypse distract them from the four intruders who have sneaked beneath the shaking and thundering arena stands. Shira, Leila, Rob, and Brandi wear sound-cancelling headphones to protect their ears and hard soundproof masks to keep their communications secret. “Shira, are you sure about this plan?” asks Brandi. She wears the Slasher Hunters’ pragmatic uniform of black slacks, long-sleeved shirt, winter cap, and fighting boots.

Shira wears spiked leather biker jacket, reflector-striped black tights, buckled and spiked fashion combat boots, and open-visored black motorcycle helmet emblazoned with the death’s head logo of Dark Side Choppers. “I’ve been keeping track of darling Frankie since ‘07 Did you know he raped Desiree, his own cousin? She burned down her Mommie Dearest’s first boot camp school trying to kill him for it. She killed several gangsters and nearly got Frankie and his Russian boyfriend too. We’ve kept our eyes on him ever since. We know his weaknesses intimately. So trust me.” She fingers her Go-Yo impatiently.

Leila came dolled up in combat-quality yet fetishistic black “sexy kunoichi” gear. “Me, I’m just waiting for the Man of Satan to come,” she purrs. “I’m desperate to show him my love.” She caresses her naked katana.

“Between two gorgeous goth ninja, one guild-certified Tracker, the fighters and sound crew outside, and you, I think we’ve got ourselves a party.” Shira winks.

Rob wears his black school uniform with its officer’s hat. “Well, the party had better start soon, ’cos we’ve got a rescue mission to do.”

The hatemusic stops. The arena crew clean up the blood and scattered pieces of dismembered dogs. The rattle and rumble of the stands add bass and percussion to the loud male roar of the assembled gangsters. Frank Becket, lord of them all, stands up from his Roman emperor’s throne in his expensively embroidered white Black Jesus robe and holds his arms outstretched to the sides in an imperious gesture of authority. He crosses his arms in front of him and stretches them back out to signal the hardmen to be silent. The crew take away his throne; ten of them carry in the stone altar of sacrifice and silently place it behind him.

“My god, he’s beautiful,” coos Leila.

“He looks a lot like Debbie,” notes Brandi.

“Frank’s her big brother,” Shira explains. She snaps the faceplate shut.

“O my brothers, we are gathered here today to gather together our tribes to unite them against the forces of Antichrist!” The assembled gangsters roar their approval like Spartans. Shira sneaks into the crowd unnoticed. Frank gestures quiet again. “The Wogs are using their evil voodoo magic against our holy nation. We have captured three of their own purest virgins, and We have brought here the priest of darkness to send them back to the darkness that spawned their infernal race and use their own magic against them!” The underworld roars again. The roar becomes deafening when Frank moves out of the way so that the priest of Satan can make his epiphany before them, clad in sparkling vestments woven from emerald, ruby, and sapphire, crowned with a feathered and horned demon’s mask. Leila and Rob slip into the shadows of the corridor behind him as several burly gangsters bring in three struggling, sobbing young beauties with long black hair. They are clearly sisters, overwhelmed with horror at the fate that faces them before the altar and shame at their nakedness. Leila stares at Frank and the priest with undisguised hatred and caresses the hilt of her katana.

“In the name of the one and only true God—”

The crowd rabidly chants, “CSA! CSA! CSA! CSA!”

“—I curse thee, Antichrist, and thine accursèd race, and thy god Satan and its unholy idol, the Black Cube of Darkness, and I bind thee and banish thee and cast thee back down to Hell whence thou camest!”

The priest raises the sacrificial knife. The girl stops struggling, closes her eyes, and silently prays for God to save her with a miracle. The crowd chants “Satan! Satan! Satan! Satan!” The priest, amplified over the arena’s PA system, intones, “Virgin of Allah, I offer thee in sacrifice to the powers of Hell, to curse the Leper Messiah and — GUCK!” A katana blade suddenly emerges blood-drenched and dripping through his chest. He looks down in horror at the ninja blade now drinking the blood from his heart.

His assassin draws the sword out of him with equal suddenness. Dying, he spins around to see his murderer. Standing there, wielding the dripping katana left-handed, grinning at him in the blood warrior’s wicked triumph, is Leila Shelley, unmasked. He stares down at her in horror and weakly protests: “You—”

With a sweep of her sword, Leila cuts off his head and upraised arms. Head, arms, and blade fall to the stage floor; the corpse spurts a stream of blood, then gurgles, then collapses twitching until its remaining life drains away and it moves no more. She licks the blood off the blade of her sated sword.

The criminal crowd storms the stage to try to kill her. Rob runs up behind her, tosses her a Tec-9, and throws a pair of grenades into the raging horde while she shoots into them. Shira sneaks to the altar to pick open the handcuffs binding the half-dead girl to it. Frank’s praetorian guardsmen try to shoot the other girls only to be mowed down by rifle-wielding Peck and Brandi, entering the corridor at the head of a small force of Bremeloes and Slasher Hunters. Shira unshackles the girls; Brandi, Cory, Jennifer, and Connor whisk them out to the waiting vans.

Frank wrestles his Colt 1911 .45 pistol from its holster to try to shoot Leila. She whips out her Beretta 9mm and shoots his hand. Kio grabs him from behind and backdrops him hard onto the wooden floor.

The surviving gangsters and Satanists flee in mortal panic. Shira, Leila, and Rob go down to the dog pens and shoot them open. Drug-maddened fighting dogs speed out the gates and rip at anything that moves. Behind the pens, a long-haired and winter-capped slacker girl cries out, “Help! Get us out of here!” She and her two male companions are bound seated with duct tape; the men are reduced to helpless grunting by the tape holding their mouths shut.

While Shira runs back to Frank, Leila shoots the lock off the gate. Cory and Kio run in to replace her. The four rush in, untape the prisoners, and take them out of their cage, through the excretion and stench of the dog pens, and out of the building.

The fallen Frank struggles to sit up and tries to look into the chaos, only to see a black-helmeted figure standing over him. “Oh Jesus America save me,” he mumbles in horror.

Shira flips open her helmet’s faceplate. “Hiya, Frankie. I missed you terribly.”

He leaps up onto his feet, points at her accusingly, and stutters, “You — y-you — you’re Spanner? Why the hell are you saving them?!

She snaps the helmet shut, takes it off in a flourish, shakes her copper hair out, and says almost casually, “Objectively, one gang’s no different from any other. Cult messiahs? They’re all the same, theirs and yours.”

Frank throws himself at her to try to strangle her. Laughing contemptuously, she kicks him in the groin and uppercuts him with her helmet. He falls hard onto his back; his head bounces off the floor; his vision blurs and swims. Shira straddles him and bends down, hands on knees, to stare down into his face. The Shelley twins, Brandi Quinn, and John Peck assemble around her. “Frankie darlin’, it ain’t just personal anymore. I’m bounty huntin’ with the Slasher Hunters now, and you’re our biggest catch ever. Next stop, Interpol!” Bremeloes and Slasher Hunters mob him, gag and hogtie him with duct tape, and carry him out the door.

They run out to the vans without Shira, who stays behind for the debriefing. When all the raiders and rescued prisoners cram into the vans and shut the doors, they speed down the driveways and spin out westbound onto Northeast Eightieth toward Seabeck as a police expeditionary force rushes in from east.

Bangor Police. While Angela Coyne watches on, Shira slams a packed folder onto the table of the interrogation room in front of Diana Shockley and her super soldier brother, LCDR Will Becket. “Princess, this is what your nephew’s been doing behind your back. Drugs, prostitution, dogfights, devil worship, human sacrifice, serial thrill killing. If you let him get away with any of it, the reputation of your House and your Empire is bound to take a big hit.”

Angela adds, “Agent Shockley, Commander Becket, are you willing to give the Caliph a victory right before your grandfather, His Imperial Highness, comes right here? It won’t look good in the history books.”

Will takes a long slow drag on his cigar. Diana watches him blow out the smoke in rings. He says, “It certainly won’t look good for his father.”

“I’m really starting to worry about our brother, Will,” says Diana.

“It doesn’t look good on a police chief’s résumé to have a psychopathic gang lord for a son. Jack will have to publicly disavow and disown him if he wants to keep his power.”

Will Becket and Diana Shockley stare back at their clan’s flame-haired nemesis and her dark-skinned cousin. The cousins have the upper hand in this game. Diana says, “So what do we do with them?”

Will smiles enigmatically. “We pass on their warning, pay them their full reward, and plan for their next move.”

6 October 2014
Shira’s apartment.
Shira lies on her back on the bathtub’s incline, and Leila rests atop her so Shira can gently caress her breasts. “So they let you two go?” says Leila softly.

“Mm-hmm. They had nothing on us but a questionable violation of one wayward royal’s sovereign immunity, while we had a ton of evidence against said wayward royal. Frankie baby’s dead meat once his daddy One-Eye finds out.”

“I want to see Debbie kill him,” purrs Leila. “It’ll be a pleasure to see her shoot him into little pieces.”

“I wanna see News broadcast that.” chuckles Shira.

“Will you do something special to me?”

Shira flashes a cockeyed smirk. “Hmmm. So what do you want me to do this time?”

bedroom. Hot molten wax drips from a candle onto Leila’s hard sensitive nipple. She shrieks in pain, then moans in pleasure. “Oh my god, I love this. Thank you.”

“God, this turns me on.” Shira kisses Leila on the lips, then her nether lips, then holds the candle over her other nipple so it can drop another bit of molten wax onto it. Leila cries out and flinches, then melts and moans.

After several minutes of exquisitely painful pleasure, Shira peels the wax off Leila’s erect nipples, kisses them profusely, bites them gently and then hard to send her into yet another screaming orgasm. She blows out the used-up candle, replaces it on the holder with a fresh one, lights it, and holds it in her right hand while caressing Leila’s soft wet cunt with her left. In overwhelming excitement and hope, trembling Leila coos breathlessly, “Are you doing it? Will you do it?”

Shira gently opens Leila’s nether lips wide, holds the candle over her moist trembling cunt, and lets the hot wax drip onto her labia. Leila screams and moans and shudders as the molten wax drips and drips onto the soft flesh of her open labia, and then the even more sensitive inside of her cunt where it mixes with the sweet sticky fluid flowing out her vagina. Shira lies on top of her lover to keep her from shaking too much, kisses her sweet cunt long and passionately, drinks the erotic nectar, and opens the beautiful flowery cunt once again. She holds the candle close enough for Leila to feel its heat, and drips wax directly onto her hardened clitoris. Molten liquid drips onto the hypersensitive organ, making Leila scream and shake in a series of shattering orgasms that last for over two hours, until the candle is gone.

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