Thursday, April 7, 2011

Script Frenzy 2011: Chaos Angel Spanner, The TV Series?!

I originally envisioned Chaos Angel Spanner as an ongoing comics series inspired by my favorite manga and anime. I attempted to write the comic's script for Script Frenzy 2008. It turned out to be my only Screnzy winner. Yet after a few good scenes, I ended up winging it. Then I started novelizing the script for JulNoWriMo and ended up changing just about everything, including the scene order. Certain scenes and storylines, I dropped altogether.

Now I'm coming full circle. I'm adapting the half-edited novel for Script Frenzy, this time as a TV series. I kind of gave up on comics, actually. For one thing, it's actually extremely difficult to create a comic, and I failed to learn how to draw. However, scriptwriting has always come easy to me. So why not write a script for another medium?

Actually, the reason I chose comics in the first place was because I always knew whatever I wrote would be unfilmable for strictly political reasons. Then I chose to write it as a novel for the same reason: there's things you can get away with in words that no one could ever get away with in pictures. And yet I'm adapting the novelization into a TV series? What's gotten into me?

Well, there's this series running on MTV called Skins. It's about teenagers on the bad side of town who get into sex and drugs. It pushes a lot of boundaries, including even limits on what's actually legal to show on TV. Since Spanner is in effect Max Headroom meets Skins by way of Reds or similar stories about revolution, my muse figured, "Why not?" and got me thinking about actually putting this five-volume controversy magnet on TV. In fact, she had me actually write the novel as a 23-episode TV series in prose...

And so I'm entering Spanner into Script Frenzy for the second time, this time as a TV series, or at least a pilot episode. And then I'll novelize the first season back, maybe even for the novel's second draft. Who knows, I might adapt the whole thing right back into a webcomic...

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