Monday, May 30, 2011

Spanner: The Second Draft Starts Tonight!

Starting in March, I've been writing a whole lot of revision notes. Of course, March was NaNoEdMo, and Script Frenzy came right afterward. But since then, I've done very little editing and a whole lot of note writing. I say it's about time I stop writing notes and start actually editing.

This time, I'm giving myself a reason to finish the second draft of Spanner. Today I'll get rid of the links to the first draft of Book 1, and then post the revised chapters in parts, one new section each day. These sections, at least in the early chapters, are based mainly on the TV script from this year's Script Frenzy, since the script for a television episode is generally in four to six parts. I'll start today by revising the Intro and reposting it right after I post this.

The link to the now revised Intro is here:
Chaos Angel Spanner Intro: Press the Reset Button

Tomorrow: the first part of a massively revised Chapter One!

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