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Spanner 25.1: Zombie Republic

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 25: The Public Be Damned
Part 1: Zombie Republic

To every problem, there exists a solution
that is simple, elegant, and wrong.

H. L. Mencken

9 november 2014.
Church of America Seattle.
Shepherd Byron Scofield is not happy to find out he is not automatically Mayor as well. In his infinite self-regard, he does not realize that killing his predecessor in order to steal both his positions may not have been a good idea.
Brothers, this is a travesty! Do the men of the Consortium not realize that I am the only bulwark defending the moral purity of this city? They made a non-American their mayor! This is an unforgivable insult against America!

I hereby declare a holy crusade against the traitors of the Consortium! We must take this city back and put it back under Jesus America’s dominion. If it resists, then we must destroy it!

The Conservative Revolution must continue! America bless God!
Municipal Building. Mayor Hope Reston sends out her response to Scofield’s declaration of holy war against her. Her stepdaughter Charlie Richter-Thomas acts as her bodyguard and stands protectively behind her.
Men with such power shouldn’t be putting out hit contracts on public officials like mob bosses. Many of us suspect the Party’s alliance with the Minuteman militias and the anti-Mexican drug gangs allied with them during the Revolution has corrupted them. If the Church of America is acting like a mafia, is the Party of CPMC no better? They have become a mirror of the Caliphate they crusade against.

Just more proof that we cannot trust our self-appointed masters. Any threat Scofield or Brinkman makes against me is a threat against all of us. We the people must stand together against their jihad. We must never back down for even one second. We can’t let these gangsters win.
CPMC headquarters. CEO J. Walter Brinkman is angry at both Hope’s appointment and Scofield’s call to terrorist action. “We need to get Reston out of the way, but we also need to teach Drusilla’s pit bull a lesson.”

“I can take care of the rabid dog,” says Litton. “As for Reston? The hard part’s dealing with her employer. It won’t be easy trying to take on every single damn business in the city. Personally, I think that Consortium bit’s a brilliant idea. You don’t like the state being run by one company? Team up fifty thousand. And you know what? It gets even better.”

Brinkman sighs. “How in the hell could it get any worse?”

“One, instead of giving each member the vote proportional to its size, the Roman way I personally prefer, Reston has the Consortium giving each member one equal vote. Small businesses demand an equal vote, she says, so give it to ’em if you don’t wanna be accused of conspiring with bad old CPMC.”

“What the hell?”

“That’s right, Wally, she’s using us as her blunt instrument. Two, she’s got ’em to add the unions and neighbourhood councils. Next it’s the worker councils and activist groups. Before long, she’ll have ’em give all those dirty city people an equal vote, and then we’ll be right back where we started, with the democracy we fought the Revolution to put a stop to, right back on the liberal road to socialism. You should be very scared, Wally. I sure as fuck am.”

Brinkman pounds his desk. “Damn! You’re right, R.J., I am scared. This is exactly what I was afraid of. The filthy rabble deserve nothing! I say we help Mr Scofield terrorize them. That should teach the dirty pigs a lesson.”

Litton smiles triumphantly. “I’ve got just the men to help you put the rabble back in line.”

Underground City. Night beneath the streets of Pioneer Square. Three blocks down from the techGothic, in a sleazy brothel run by Russkies and protected by paid-off COPCO agents, a screaming naked prostitute runs into the main room, bleeding profusely from the nipples. Her customer strides in, grinning wickedly as he chews the nipples he bit off. He is a Corporate princeling like Oliver Thorwald. The Law decrees that it is perfectly legal to kill sex criminals, including lowly whores. But where Thorwald took advantage of this legal loophole to wage a vigilante war against the whores and their pimps, this man simply murders his victims for fun and then welshes on his fees, citing the Law. Thorwald wanted his righteousness and his fun too. This man is only in it for fun.

He is Frank Becket, son of the former Cascadia section chief of COPCO. The dying sex slave’s owner, mobster Vitaly Rodchenko, points his revolver in his face. “You’re costing me money, pretty boy. Pay up or I’ll have my collection agents make you.”

Frank laughs. “You can afford it, Russky. Have your men clean it up. I’m untouchable, you see. I’m under Party protection.”

“Your daddy’s not COPCO chief anymore, Frankie. There’s a new chief in town, and he don’t like you. Pay up, or I might just let him have you.”

“Funny, I just met him today. He’s awful pretty. Too bad he’s a total bitch. He knows I got him by the short and curlies over the Alabaster case. Raping that invisible girl was a bad, bad idea. You’re paying, Vitaly. I had my fun. I gotta go now. Go clean up your mess. ’Bye.” Frank walks away, out onto the street, not paying.

Vitaly’s lieutenant Stanek says, “I hate those Corporate creeps.”

“It’s that stuck-up entitlement mentality of theirs, Boris,” says Vitaly. “They think the world owes ’em everything. They owe us their revolution. They couldn’t have done it if we hadn’t taken out their liberals. They keep treating us like this, it’s gonna come back to bite ’em in the ass.” He stares at the still body of the dead whore, lying in a pool of blood, bled out through the breasts off which Frank Becket ate her nipples. “The Corpos owe us, Boris. One of these days, we’re gonna collect.”

Mudlark House. After they take turns in Willa’s big bathtub, they dry themselves off and do not put their clothes back on. Present: Willa, Jennifer, and Connor; Hope and Shira; exchange students Anna St. Cyr, Régine Coury, and Bobby Visser; and children Ayla and Lucie. They meet in the living room. Anna and Régine let the children sit on their laps and shower them with affection. Bobby flirts with an interested Tansie.

“America doesn’t seem very civilized these days,” Régine sighs.

Willa says, “One of the marks of civilization is peaceful cities not being destroyed by terrorists.”

“There’s other markers that make it even easier to tell if a society is fully civilized,” Jennifer adds. “Acceptance of ethnic minorities, acceptance of gays and lesbians, generally an easy tolerance of diversity. Anna, are the Americans cracking down on public nudity in Germany yet?”

“Cracking down?” sighs Anna. “They seem to be trying to establish some kind of Sharia. Believe it or not, they’re asking us why we hate Hitler so much. Apparently they won’t take ‘the little shit destroyed our country’ for an answer.”

“Figures. You’ll be pleased, so to speak, to find out that Nazi drug gangsters helped the banksters overthrow American democracy two years ago. They wanted to keep their turf free of Mexicans, you see. The Party helps them keep a monopoly over the meth trade.”

“The so-called ‘Real Amurricans’ pride themselves on not being civilized,” Shira says. “It must be some sort of redneck thing. They don’t even shower or take baths out of fear of being called girls.”

“Don’t forget, Shira. All civilized people are sodomites by definition.”

“That’s what they say in the Caliphate.”

Hope interrupts. “The question is, how do we keep these self-described enemies of civilization from destroying ours?”

“Plenty of ways, Mom. One just came to me right now.”

Everybody stares at Shira, including Tansie.

“I’ve got a few friends I want Byron to meet. If you know what I mean by... friends.”

Seattle streets. As his chauffeur drives the bombproof black stretch Hummer, Scofield stares through the tinted bulletproof windows at the city and does not like what he sees. He cannot help but think of what kinds of horrible sins go on behind the scaffolded walls of the city buildings now under repair. He prays once again for God to deal to all cities the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Four armed men in decadent-looking business-type suits make themselves visible as the Hummer passes them. They wear wraparound shades in defiance of the darkness of night. They stare at the Hummer; silently they speak to him and warn him to fear them. He can tell they are Russkies, mobsters connected with the ultra-rich oligarchs obsessed with resurrecting the lost glory and dominion of the Russian Empire. They warn him that they will not make his crusade easy.

Scofield stares back at the mobsters. He is no girl. They will not take him down or even distract him from the holy mission commanded unto him by Jesus America. His glare answers theirs.

The stretch Hummer leaves the Russkies behind. He snorts and adjusts his top hat.

telesphere. Chairman Richard Becket delivers his closed-circuit message to the men of the United Corporations.
Chairman Becket:
Last week the insolent rabble of the traitorous liberal state of Cascadia decided to defy us. They defy the natural order of things. God established Nature as the strictest hierarchy, on earth as in heaven.

We must not treat this as an isolated thing. We must remind them all that we are the chosen ones of God and they are nothing. I will order the Imperial government to double all taxes on mass consumption. This will double our revenues, and put the fear of God into them. If they do not obey, I will order them to use maximum force.

We cannot allow the authority given us by God himself to pass out of our hands. Our Revolution is in danger. We must defend it to the death. Theirs.
KCUF studio. “And they call this a republic?” marvels Deth Pussy as he watches the intercepted video.

“They use ‘republic’ to distinguish their system from democracy,” Desiree replies. “Their problem is that, like the dinosaur corporations of their Cartel, their precious republic is a zombie. One good push, and the whole house of cards will all fall down.”

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