Friday, June 28, 2013

#amprocrastinating #amediting: I Took a Break from Spanner R5, But The Procrastinating's Over Now

For the last couple of weeks, I've found myself blocked in my editing for Spanner Revision 5. For a week there, I was completely offline altogether.

I think my muse had enough and collapsed in exhaustion.

The most I got done was printing the two Chapter 1 scenes that currently have two versions. My challenge is to combine the two versions of each scene into a single version that's both shorter and consistent with the new Fifth Revision continuity. I'd already completely rearranged the entire first half of Chapter 1, completely rewritten several of the flashbacks, and composed new scenes introducing major characters and themes. But after about of month of this my muse keeled over and spent the last two weeks in a coma. The ideas didn't start really coming until today.

What broke the icelock? As I put it in my first blog post in weeks, I pretty much said "Screw this" and went online. I got back on Twitter and Google+, did a lot of housekeeping on Chrome and my blogs, and got back into the mindset. Now I'm going to take those two scenes, read them (both versions, of course), and finish editing them. At least I'm able to do it.

And so it resumes...

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