Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Dictel Trilogy

I won't start writing the actual publication version of Spanner for another few days, as Script Frenzy starts on April 1 [2008]. What I'm focusing on until then is its prequel in prose, the Dictel trilogy consisting of my three NaNoWriMo novels: Bad Company, Black Science, and this year's upcoming entry, Points of Authority.

Bad Company is about a self-destructive pop singer caught in a plot by a sinister government contractor, Dictel Corporation, to take over America by force.

Black Science is about a beautiful neuroscientist's struggle to keep her science from being used by Dictel and the US federal government as a weapon of mind control to be used against an increasingly restive public.

I have Points of Authority [working title] scheduled for this year's NaNoWriMo [2008], so I haven't finalized the plot. But I know it involves the elite's revolt against popular sovereignty and the people's struggle to save themselves from enslavement in a new dark age of feudalism. I also make heavy use of new technology: cellphones, the Internet, virtual reality, and so on. [Note 8/25/2010: The plot never coalesced, so I dropped POA, alas...]

Most of the major characters in Spanner make an appearance in the Dictel trilogy, and in other works in the cycle, including the other half of my 2006 NaNoWriMo project, The Jennifer Theory. In a sense, Spanner is the culmination of the entire cycle in the continuity, even as it's the source of all the stories that come before it.

While I work on Spanner this April, I will continue working on the second draft of Bad Company in the hope of getting it published.

More on this later...

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