Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charlie & Desiree's Crazy Idyllic Plans

Charlie and Desiree have big plans for when they get back together after the Beckets stop picking on them. The scandals surrounding Dictel and the Becket clan in the wake of Colonel Tom Becket's disastrous coup d'état attempt give them enough of a breather to be able to at least attempt to make them a reality. These include:
  1. Getting married, of course, despite the fact that they are sisters.
  2. Adopting their little sister Shira as their own daughter. Their oldest sister, Ruby Shears, suggests they adopt their cousin Jennifer Blair as well, in order to keep her and Shira together so they can become as inseparable as Charlie and Desiree are.
  3. A special "body positive" method of childrearing they long to try out.
  4. And so on...
Nearly everybody who finds out about these plans call them crazy. You probably will too. But they're sticking to them.

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